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Trying something new

Stepping into the shower was the high point of the day for her, she turned the shower on full, and feeling the power as it hit the top of her scalp. It felt good to her, washing away the day’s troubles. She closed her eyes under the powerful stream, letting the water run down her face and body.

She felt his presence rather than heard him as he stepped into the shower, his hands came round to her breasts and held them, immediately the effect was electrifying and her nipples grew under his touch. She turned around to face him and opened her eyes, he stood six feet tall and she looked up into his eyes and smiled. She put her arms around him, feeling his muscles as she rested her head on his chest. He pressed closer and she felt his hardness in the pit of her stomach as her breasts were crushed against his chest. He picked up the soap and began to soap her back; he carried on to the nape of her neck and back down to her rounded bum.

She stepped back and took the soap from him, building a good lather before placing two hands on his chest, feeling the firm muscles, she brought her hands down to his stomach and then to his hard cock, it felt enormous to her as she tried to grip it with both hands. She soaped him, pulling his skin back and gently massaged it.

Turning around she turned the heat up on the shower as he pressed his hard cock into her back, his hands reached up to her breasts, pulling gently on her nipples and kissing the back of her neck, she pushed her bum into his prick and leant forward, he bent with her and his hardness slipped between her legs. Her hands braced themselves against the shower wall and he entered her. Slowly at first, his cock eased into her wet pussy and she moaned, his hands gripped her nipples tighter, pulling and twisting them. He thrust in deeper and she gasped, she knew he was big, but it always seemed bigger when they made love, he stretched her as he thrust in and out, she pushed back on him wanting more, feeling that hard cock pummelling her tight pussy. One hand of his crept down to her wet pussy, feeling for that sensitive button, he touched it and she moaned again, his fingers worked their magic on her little clitty, it seemed to grow beneath his touch as his fingers rubbed gently.

She felt her first orgasm, as it built deep inside her, starting at the top of her legs and creating a fire in her belly, the hot water cascaded down causing their skin to go red as he pumped into her, she came. Her breathing became shallow and her legs turned to jelly as he continued to fuck her. He felt her coming as her pussy clamped his swollen prick and then it was over.

He pulled out and she turned around, kneeling in front of him she took the head into her mouth, she could taste her juices on him as she sucked that swollen head. Her mouth eased down the long and thick shaft, she knew she couldn’t take it all, but she loved the feeling as it hit the back of her throat, her mouth continued to work up and down that shaft as he held her head, the water ran into her hair and down her face, but this seemed to increase her desire and she sucked hungrily on his shaft. She sensed that he was close as his penis seemed to grow even bigger and harder in her mouth. And then he exploded into her mouth, she felt the warm and salty fluid spurt into her mouth and she sucked hungrily, swallowing that huge explosion of cum. She didn’t want to waste a drop, keeping him in her mouth until his penis started to soften. She looked up at him and she smiled.

She stood up and they washed each other before turning off the shower. Their skin tingled from the heat, and they towelled each other dry.

He picked her up and carried her into the bedroom, and laid her on the bed. He disappeared and returned shortly with a bowl of strawberries. He lay beside her and kissed her full on the mouth before picking up a strawberry and putting it to her lips, she opened her mouth and gently bit into it, savouring the juices as she squeezed it between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. She took the rest of it into her mouth and the strawberry juices ran down her chin. He leaned forward and licked her chin then put his tongue into her mouth and she sucked on it greedily.

She pushed him away and laughed, picking up the fruit, she placed one on each nipple, one in her belly button and one on her shaven pussy. She smiled that knowing smile and he needed no prompting. His head bent to her breasts and picked up a strawberry in his mouth, lingering long enough to suck on her engorged nipple, the bright red juice ran from his mouth and down her breast, he moved to the other nipple and did the same leaving a trail of juice on her breasts. He carried on down, picking up the fruit in her belly button and squeezing it in his mouth, and the juice left a pool in the pit of her stomach.

And then he reached her pussy, he opened her legs and picked up the strawberry in his mouth, he didn’t squeeze it but placed it against her lips and gently pushed it in. She clenched her muscles, squeezing it, he watched as the juice ran out and down to her bottom and his tongue licked hungrily at her pussy, reaching in to savour her juices mixed with the strawberry. She clamped her legs together around his head and his tongue worked on her tender button. He licked her wet pussy and his tongue ventured to her tight hole savouring the strawberry.

Her hand reached under the pillow, and she brought out her favourite toy, the nine inch bendy vibrator. She smiled at him and turned over onto her stomach, bringing her legs up underneath her; she turned on the vibrator and placed it between her legs, resting her head and shoulders on the pillow. It touched her button and she shuddered, running it between her pussy lips and gently pushing it inside her to find that magical spot.

He knelt between her legs, his erection evident as he watched her. She pushed the vibrator deeper inside of her and he moved closer.

The tip of his penis touched her bum and she tensed, before relaxing again. The head touched her again but she stayed relaxed as he pushed gently against that small round hole, it didn’t seem to want to give way, but gradually she opened herself to him and he eased the head of his cock into her ass.

She felt the pain as he stretched her, but gradually the pain gave way to pleasure, as he eased the hard shaft into her, she pushed the vibrator deeper into her pussy, feeling both shafts penetrate her. He was gentle, taking his time, letting her get used to it, and inch by inch she accepted him, her first orgasm came quickly, almost too quickly. Suddenly it was upon her and her muscles spasmed and contracted as the waves of ecstasy engulfed her. He continued slowly and she relaxed again, accepting him fully, the vibrator worked slowly in and out almost in time with his penis, it felt like she was being penetrated by two men and her excitement grew.

Slowly but surely, her orgasm started again, this time building slowly as she enjoyed his cock in her ass. He stepped up his movements, quickening his pace and she responded with the vibrator. He grabbed her hips, the long strokes almost in time with the vibrator; he could feel it alongside his cock as he thrust in and out. His orgasm was building too, starting deep inside of him and she felt him as it built up. He passed the point of no return and his sperm rose up his shaft to explode deep inside her and at the same time she came again. This time she screamed aloud as she orgasmed, the waves overtook her as her muscles contracted and her juices flowed.

They sank together on the bed exhausted and spent, they lay side by side together and he kissed her.


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