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Telephone Tease, Chapter 2

Telephone Tease, Chapter 2

Tags: toys, phone, bdsm
The games continued once I got home...!
When I entered our home, she was in the kitchen busily preparing dinner. The scent of a delicious dinner wafted through the air as I dropped my briefcase by the door and hung up My overcoat in the entry closet. I walked to the kitchen unannounced, and saw her standing in front of the stove cooking. Dressed in her strapless stretch-knit pink mini-dress and silver heels, she looked even more tempting and mouth-watering than the prime rib she was preparing.

Silently I slid up behind her. She stood still and I saw she'd put down the spoon she had in her hand. I spun her around quickly and wrapped My arms around her, pulling her to Me and into My kiss. Her gasp was caught in My mouth and at first I felt her tense up, but then she relaxed again, knowing it was My lips that crushed hers. She moaned and opened her mouth, inviting My tongue inside to play. Her arms were pinned to her sides by My own, so she put them around my hips as best she could to hold Me. As she relaxed, My hands slid down her soft form to cup her tight ass. I grabbed two large handfuls and squeezed them, bringing another soft moan from her.

"Oh Master! You scared the hell out of me!" she gasped as she broke the kiss.

"Well parading around in that outfit, you're lucky I didn't bend you over the table and take you right here and now," I chuckled.

"Promise, Master?" she smiled. A couple of moments of holding her and inhaling her soft scent and she spoke, "Dinner is almost ready, Master. If you want to wash up, I will get it served up for you."

I kissed her on the forehead. "I think I will and change out of these too, while I'm at it," I said. I went upstairs to the bathroom and washed my hands and face before changing my clothes and making my way back to the kitchen.

She greeted Me with a kiss on My cheek. "How was your day, Master? I hope it went well," she said.

I smiled gratefully at her. "It was very good, thank you, Pet." Small talk continued as I studied her while she put the finishing touches to our meal. She glanced over at Me sitting at the table and caught a couple of my looks and smiled back. A couple minutes later we were eating.

After a delightful dinner, she loaded the dishwasher and turned it on. While I returned to My recliner to watch the evening paper news, she went upstairs to shower. Throughout dinner I had purposely said nothing about our phone calls. The persistent light blush in her cheeks told Me she was still thinking about it, though, and it had kept her turned on. While we ate I almost relented and pursued the matter, but wanted to see how long it would take for her to ask.

When she returned from her shower, I looked up from the television and patted my lap. She was standing in front and off to one side of my recliner, hands clasped behind her back, waiting for instruction. She had put on her "comfy, around the house t-shirt" (that's what she called it at least).

"Oh, I see you changed clothes," I said, matter-of-factly.

"I um, I didn't know... what to, um, ohh..."

"But I hadn't asked you to change, had I?" I asked, understanding at once.

"No, Master," she replied. Her bottom lip was quivering.

I returned my attention to the television, smiling to myself.

"Would it you like a drink, Master?" she asked quietly, hoping I guess, to make up for her error.

"Yes, I believe I would," I replied. "And come sit on My lap when you return, little one."

"Yes, Master."

She softly padded off to the kitchen to fix Me a Jack and Coke, My usual drink of choice. I heard to click of two ice cubes in the glass and within a minute or so, she had come back with the drink. She sat it on the stand next to My chair with a coaster under it.

"There you are, Master. I hope you like it."

She was an expert when it came to mixing My drinks. She knew just how I liked them. I tasted it just to assure her that it was fine. She smiled, and then crawled up into My lap as I had instructed. She sat there on My lap, cuddling into My chest as we watched the rest of the news broadcast. As she sat across My lap, I stroked the inside of her thigh. She parted her legs a bit as My hand lightly caressed her sensitive skin. As My hand worked its way up her leg, I could hear her breathing getting faster and feel the tension in her body. My hand slipped under the bottom hem of her t-shirt

"Oh God..." she whispered almost under her breath.

I smiled. "Turn around and sit this way," I said, directing her to sit facing the same way as I was with her back to Me. I began toying with her, playing with her breast with one hand while the other teased her bare pussy. She was not wearing any panties under her shirt so her pussy was accessible and ready. It was also very wet. I toyed with her, getting her wetter and hotter as we sat together. Her moans started off as barely a whisper, but grew louder and more passionate as we sat there. Her hips began slowly rolling in time to My fingers playing over her lips and clit and she reached up to cover the hand on her tit with her own, encouraging Me to pinch her nipples harder. As I did she arched slightly, thrusting them deeper into My hand while also shoving her ass backwards onto My now hard and swollen cock.

Fifteen minutes later, after the news was over, she worked up her nerve. She whispered hoarsely, "May I please play now, Master?"

"Sure, little one," I replied, smiling. I knew the day's teasing had taken its toll on her.

"Thank you, Master. Thank you," she said, standing and heading for the stairs.

"Where are you going?" I asked. She stopped in her tracks and turned back at Me.

"To the bedroom, Master," she answered quietly, standing still and looking down at the floor.

"I did not say you could leave the room to play."

She bit her lip again. "I'm sorry, Master, I just thought... "

"It's all right, My slut," I said softly, interrupting her. "But I want you to play right here in front of Me."

"Yes, Master," she whispered, her eyes flicking up to mine. As she continued, she broke into a naughty grin. "I like playing for you, Master."

I turned off the television and put the remote on the table next to My chair. I took another sip of My drink and relaxed back into My recliner. "Why is that, slut?" I asked, smiling back at her.

"Because it turns you on, Master." Her chest began to rise and fall more noticeably as her breathing deepened. Her nipples hardened and pressed against her t-shirt. She wrung her hands together as she looked up at me in desperation.

"Yes?" I asked, smiling at her.

"My toys are in the other room, Master," she whined.

"Your toys?" I asked, feigning annoyance.

"Um, I mean, the toys you gave... I mean..." Her head dipped again and she spoke quietly. "Your toys, Master."

"I see. Did you ask if you could use my toys?"

"No, Master."

"So," I smiled, "You assumed that because you asked if you could play and I agreed, that you could leave the room and play with My toys."

"Yes, Master," she said, her scarlet blush apparent even with her head bowed.

"You are a naughty girl, aren't you My little slut."

"Yes, Master."

"Kneel," I said, pointing to the floor in front of Me. I could hear the exasperated sigh as she did as I commanded. "While you are kneeling there, I want you to consider what you want little one. I want you to ask precisely and specifically. Be honest, and tell Me what you want. Understood?" She nodded. I repeated myself a little louder. "Understood?"

She looked up at me, "Yes, Master."

"Take off your shirt."

"Master?" she asked, as her face brightened and her smile returned.

"Well, I did say it was all right to play, did I not?"

She smiled hopefully. "You did, yes, Master."

"Then take off your clothes," I repeated, smiling.

"Yes, Master."

I leaned forward and picked up My drink again, taking a sip and watching her carefully. Pet had a lovely body. Of course she worked at it. I made sure she worked out for a couple hours every day, and she was happy to do it because she knew that her appearance pleased Me. Her skin was nicely tanned, yet it blushed readily and marked easily. Her soft brown eyes nicely matched her long, dark reddish-brown hair. At dinner, in her dress, she had put her hair up. But now with more casual attire, it was in a simple ponytail down her back, with a little left out to frame her face. I liked it like that.

Pet peeled her t-shirt over her head. She smiled when she looked at Me and bit her lip once more. I let My eyes appreciate her lovely full tits. She knew that her ripe breasts were one of My favorite of her many attributes. And she knew I especially liked how her nipples looked. They were fat and crinkled and screwed into tight little balls of sensitive pink flesh. Her chest blushed as I looked at it, appearing as if airbrushed with a dusting of light pink paint. Her cheeks reddened as she knelt there naked in front of My surveying gaze.

I sipped again as I watched her. As My cock started to harden, I adjusted myself in my pants. A little smile curled at the corners of her lips as she had noticed. I winked at her and she blushed again as she rocked slightly. She trembled a little as she took a deep breath, preparing to speak. She licked her lips.

"Master, w... would it please You to have your naughty slut play with some of Your toys?"

I smiled. "Much better, slut. Yes, it would. But I will choose which ones."

"Yes, Master," she replied. I watched her for a moment, laying there naked and exposed before Me. I marveled at how such a creature could so totally give herself to Me, and how very lucky I was that she did. My eyes took in the sight of her. The skin of her chest had turned a slightly darker shade of pink. Her breathing had increased to a small panting as her passion rose within her. Her skin was beginning to develop a slight sheen from her perspiration. And she trembled with the anticipation of what she knew was to come. I watched as she swallowed and smiled a little, waiting for me to do something. Anything.

After a bit of a pause, I put down my glass and stood before her. Bending down to kiss her forehead, I placed my hands on her shoulders and eased her down into a reclining position on the floor in front of Me, facing my chair. With both feet still on the floor, her knees were bent but together. This wouldn't do. Placing a hand on each knee, I smiled wickedly at her, then made a wish and spread her legs.

Pet gasped at the suddenness of My actions, and she blushed more as she attempted to close her knees. I smiled into her eyes and pushed her knees apart again. "Leave them like that."

"Yes, M... Master," she whispered.

I took her hand and placed it on her left breast, then took her other hand and placed it on her pussy. "Just play gently, understand? I only want you to get aroused for now."

"Yes, Sir." Her eyes closed and she cooed softly as her fingers began slowly caressing herself.

"Pet," I said, getting her attention as I rose to my full height, smiling down on her.

"Yes, Master?" she asked, halting her movements.

"You are absolutely fucking beautiful."

"Thank you, Master," she said softly and smiled, closing her eyes again.

I watched her for a minute and stroked my stiff cock. She was so delicate, so beautiful. And such a nasty girl when she was worked up.

With pet busy entertaining herself, it was time to get some toys.

Her eyes flew open and she grasped at Me as I began to leave. "Master?"

"Just relax pet," I said. "I'll be back in a minute. Keep playing with that pussy. I want it wet and ready when I get back." I took a cushion off the couch and placed it behind her head as she resumed her gentle caresses.

"Thank you Master," she said. I smiled again.

Going quickly upstairs to our bedroom, I walked over and knelt down in front of My toy box and opened its lid. She had had a very hard day at work already, so I decided that tonight will be all about pleasing her. I selected a large dildo, holding it up in front of my eyes.

"This one stretches her so much she shudders," I thought to Myself. I smiled and continued "shopping". I also chose some anal beads, fancy vibrating nipple clamps, three silk scarves, and a slim, silver, three-speed vibrator. I grabbed some lube and placed all My toys onto a breakfast tray we keep in on top of the toybox, and went back downstairs to see how pet was coming along.

Entering as quietly as I could, I peered over the back of My recliner to see her still gently stroking her body, her eyes still closed, and softly moaning as she pleasured herself. I watched her for a minute, My eyes slowly scanning down between her legs. I smiled as I noticed she was not penetrating herself, rather she continued to sensuously caress her opening in small circles. The moisture surrounding her freshly-shaved slit glistened in the candlelight, evidence of her heightened passions.

"Having fun My little slut?" I asked softly, leaning on the back of the chair.

Pet slowly opened her eyes and looked up at me, giving Me that soft sparkling smile I so love in her. She took a deep, ragged breath before she spoke.

"Master, may I slide my f... fingers into my pussy? Just to... fuck it a little bit?" she asked, her voice trembling with lustful desire.

"Yes slut, you may," I answered. "But two fingers only."

"Yes, Mastoohhhgoddd..." she moaned, as her fingers slid deep into her steaming cunt and she arched her back.

I stood up and walked around the recliner and sat down in it. As I did, I leaned forward and moved my drink onto the floor, safely to the side of the chair so it wouldn't get spilled should she begin to thrash about. I set the tray of toys on the table next to Me, and took off the scarves to reveal all the toys I'd brought.

"Oh Master," she pleaded, watching Me and sliding her fingers in and out of herself faster.

I looked into her soft brown eyes. The need and desperation had returned to them. She bit her lip and she tried to control the raging inferno that was building up inside her cunt. I looked down her body then back up again. I liked what I saw. "Yes pet?"

"How do you do this? How do you... make me like this?" she panted.

"Slow down your fingers, we don't want you cumming too quickly."

"Yes, Master," she said, slowing her frenzied hand down a little.

Meeting her eyes with mine, I moved My gaze slowly down to her pussy once more. Pet has a very pretty pussy . Nestled comfortably between her thighs, it is very tight, very pink, and her outer lips redden and plump up nicely when excited. Her color contrasts beautifully with the surrounding pale skin, and she gets very wet. It is hot, sweet, and quite welcoming in her soft folds and I enjoy visiting there often.

Her fingers slowly slid back and forth in and out of herself, making a lewd but quiet sucking sound. This combined with her soft mewling whimpers, lent a nice audio accompaniment to the scene unfolding before Me. I smiled, and she spread her legs wider.

"Continue fucking your cunt," I said simply. My own breathing had become labored by now, and I barely recognized my own voice.

"Y... Yes, Master," she breathed, as the blush flared anew in her cheeks.

I picked up my drink again and sipped. I was getting very hard and quite uncomfortable. I thought about the question she had asked Me earlier. "How is it you make me like this?" I decided a question like that deserved an answer.

"Pet?" I asked.

She licked her lips before leaning up a little and responding, "Yes, Master?"

"You asked Me how I make you like this. Well, the answer is that I don't. You do this all on your own, pet."

"I'm not sure if I... I understand Master," she said, looking at Me quizzically.

"My job is to provide you with a safe place where you can be yourself, my pet. I don't 'make' you do anything."

She laid her head back on the cushion and closed her eyes. I heard her whisper, "Mmmmmm... Yes, Master," as the two fingers continued to pump more in and out of her cunt.

"Now keep your eyes closed and do as I say, little one. You know this is what you want."

She began pump in and out faster, twisting her fingers when they were fully inside her drooling cunt. Her moaning and writhing on the floor told Me that things were progressing too fast.

"Fingers out and hands to your sides, little one. Look at me," I told her. With a whimper of protest, she opened her eyes and did as I said, sliding her slick fingers from her pussy and laying them beside her body, trembling with need as she laid there. "Now play with your tits, slut. I want you to grab them hard and pinch and play with your nipples. Use both hands."

She brought both hands up to her breasts. Opening her eyes halfway, she looked at me and gave me a sexy smile. I glanced down at her chest. Her right nipple was shiny with her juices. I smiled, then looked back up into her eyes. "Roll them between your fingers and thumbs, My sexy slut."


"Make them hurt a little."




Her thighs began to close as she wanted to squeeze them together. I quickly corrected her with a slap to her thigh. "Keep your legs spread."

"Ohhh..." she moaned, then bit her lip.

"Lift your tits by the nipples."

She did, "Oh... Oh, Goddd... M... Master..."



"Release and caress them."


"Look at Me," I said. She opened her eyes and breathed hard. She was smiling like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland, and her chest was heaving. "Why are you so happy?" I asked.

"Because I am Yours, Sir," she grinned, rolling her hips and displaying herself to Me.

I chuckled and shook My head, letting My eyes travel back down her body. "You are such a dirty girl. Such a nasty, dirty, naughty slut."

"Uh huh," she replied, giggling. She cupped her breasts and squeezed, sending her nipples pointing in absurd directions. Holding her breasts firmly and squeezing inwards, in moments her nipples were again between her fingers and thumbs, being pinched savagely.

"MMmmm" she moaned.

This gave Me an idea and I looked over to the tray I had brought from upstairs and found the clamps. They had bright pink weights hanging from them containing a battery. A switch on the bottom of each pink weight set them vibrating. I tossed them onto her flat, trembling belly. "Clamps now."

Smiling, she diligently applied the clamps, one after the other. I made her tighten them until she made the small whimpering noises that satisfied Me. "Turn them on low."

"Mmmm... Yes, Master," she breathed hotly.

She turned them on and her hands fell down by her sides. Her fists opened and closed while she gritted her teeth, arched her back and spread her legs widely. "Very pretty, little one," I said, stealing another caress of My aching cock.

She closed her eyes and writhed. "MMmmm... Ooohhhh... Master... so good..."

I picked up the hot pink latex anal beads, and admiring how they progressively became larger and larger. I tested the ring at the larger end used to remove the toy and then tossed the toy and the tube of lubricant between her legs. "Lube up the beads and slide them up your ass, dirty girl."

She gulped and picked up the items. As I sipped my drink again, I watched her. She squeezed a little lube into her hand and rubbed it onto the toy, starting at the small end and working it all around each bead until she reached the other. When she was ready to press the first bead into her ass, I stopped her.

"Turn over and stick your ass in the air facing Me. I want to watch those beads disappear into that tight little ass of yours, slut. "

She nodded and flicked her eyes over to me. "Yes, Master." She turned over, got on her knees and lowered her head to the cushion as she got into the position I desired.

"That's a good girl," I said. Her eyes closed as the fingers of one hand gripped the cheek of her ass and she brought the end of the lubed toy to her asshole with the other. She pressed the two smallest beads into her tight ass easily.

"Ohhh..." she moaned softly. I smiled as she pulled one bead out then pressed again, sending the next two beads steadily into her asshole. "Oh... Ohhh..."

"Caress your clit."

She instantly reached between her legs as if not needing the direction. As if it was the most natural thing in the world to do at that point. Yes, My girl was a slut. My slut. My own personal fucktoy. I had to smile again.

Two fingertips reached for her clit and stroked slowly up and down its length. I continued directing her. "Rub it harder. Pinch your clit between your fingers. Keep pushing in those beads."

She arched her back each time she pushed them into her ass. "Ohhh...."

Finally, she pressed the last bead in. "Ooohhhhh... D... Done, Master."

I got up and moved around behind her. "Good girl," I said. I took hold of the ring sticking out of her ass and jiggled it. She wasn't expecting that little trick.

Her back arched. "Ohhh..."

Satisfied that the beads were firmly in place, I walked over and brought a wooden arm chair over to her.

"Up." I commanded, and I helped her to get up off the floor and get into the chair. I positioned her in a slouched position in the chair so that her ass stuck out with the ring showing and her legs could be brought up onto the arms of the chair. Taking a couple of the scarves I secured each ankle to the arm of the chair.

"Now continue playing with your cunt, My little slut," I said.

Two fingers of her left hand slid in and out of her cunt. Her hips rolled in a sensuous circle with each thrust of her fingers.

"Mmmmm..." she moaned, feeling her restraints. I reached down and caressed her cheek with My fingertips while admiring her body and squeezing My steel hard cock with My other hand. I almost groaned Myself. "Oh, Master..." she whimpered.

"What is it, little one?" I asked, moving back around to sit down between her spread legs again.

"I feel like such a... a whore."

"Why do you feel like a prostitute, little one?"

"Not a prostitute, Master. A dirty w... wanton s... slut!" she panted. Just saying the words made her even more aroused.

Lifting her wrist gently, I pulled her hand away from her hungry cunt. She raised her hips and whimpered in frustration.

I held it there for a moment then released it again. "Keep fucking your pussy with your fingers," I said. She did. "You look like a sexy slut in need, My dear. Anyway, what is a whore?" I asked.

"Ohhh.... me... meee... I'm a whore! Ohhh...." she cried. She was almost beside herself now.

"No, my beautiful girl. You are not a whore," I said, raising her wrist again and swapping her fingers for her vibrator, already turned on low. "You are MY whore."

"Yess... Yesss..." she said deliriously, feeling the buzzing vibe inches from her clit. "I'm your whore, I'm your whore..."

Her chest heaved and her swollen nipples throbbed. I let her press the tip of the vibrator to her clit and her body shuddered. She was almost on her back and the weights hanging from each nipple clamp hung slightly outwards, providing an extra tugging sensation. Her legs, bound tight to the chair arms prevented her from sliding any further down and kept her legs spread wide. I could see the juices from her slobbering cunt running down her crack and puddling under her on the floor.

"You are making quite the puddle under your chair My little whore! You must be enjoying yourself immensely to be making such a filthy mess!"

"Ohhh... Godddd...Masterr"

I picked up the huge, veiny, cock-shaped dildo from off the tray. Made of flexible bright pink latex, this enormous ten-inch weapon had a diameter of almost two inches. I knew that this monster would fill her beyond description. And it would also be just the thing to put her over the top.

"Does my whore want to get fucked?" I asked quietly, turning to look at her. Her mouth was open and an almost constant low moan was issuing from her throat. God, she looked so hot. Spread and tied like she was, the blush had consumed her body now, and I was delighted by the micro trembles that ran through her muscles.

"Please," she whispered.

"Please what, my whore? What do you need, little one?"

"I need to get... you," she whimpered in a little girl voice.

"My whore needs to get fucked. Say it."

"Y... Your whore... needs to... to get f... fucked, Master."

I reached up and switched the nipple clamps to medium as well. She arched her back and groaned, shaking her head back and forth wildly.

"Ohhh..." she almost cried. "Please... please, Master... I want to fuck... I need to fuck..."

"You want to fuck your hot little cunt for me, don't you, My sweet wet whore?"

"I want to fuck... please, Master... please..."

I put her big dildo in her hand. "Tease your cunt for me, little one."

"Oh, Master... ppllleeaaase..." she protested.

But she did. She inverted the big fucking toy and slid it up and down between her lips while panting heavily. "Bang it against your clit, my slut."

She bounced it against her clit. "Aahhh.... Ahhhh..."

"Such a dirty girl..."


"Keep bouncing on it."

"Ohh... Ohh..."

"Do you want to fuck your hot little cunt, slut?"

"Ohhh... fuck... hot... cunt..."

"Say it..."


"Say it, fucktoy."

"Ooohhhhh... Pleeassseee..."


"I... I want to... fuck my cunt... Master... pleeasseee..."

"You are such a dirty girl," I said. "Slide that thing up your cunt."

She let go of the vibrator and it rolled off her body. Both hands went to the base of the toy as she took hold of it. I watched mesmerized as she worked the head of it into herself.

"Ohhhhhhh..." Her thighs trembled and her hips moved in circles. Her lips were pulled inside as she worked the dildo in a little further.

"Ohh... Ohh...Ohh..."

"Deeper." I said.

"Ohhh... ffuuuckkk..."

She was sliding about five inches of its thickness in and out of herself.

"Show me how much you want it... Fuck yourself with that fat cock, little one... get it all in your cunt..."

"Ohhh... Godddd..."

She tilted her hips and flexed her thighs, impaling herself repeatedly as she rammed the huge toy into her slick hole. Slowly more and more of it was sliding in and out.

"Ohhhh... Masterr.... Ohh Masterrrrr..."

"Feel your cunt. Feel it. Feel where the toy slides into your body. Feel how wet you are, you dirty little slut. Harder."

"Ohh... Ohh... Ohh..."

"You love it don't you. Tell me you love fucking your hot little cunt."

"Ohh... Ohh... I love... Ohh... I love fucking my... Ohh... "

"Say it. Say it!"

"I love... Ohh... fucking my hot little cunt... Ohh ... yesss... Ohh... " I picked up the bullet vibrator again and put it in her hand.

"Don't you cum," I warned her. She pressed it hard against herself.

"Ohhhhh fuckkkkkk... yesss... Soooo close... Ohhhh..."

"Don't you fucking cum, you little whore," I said, standing up. "Tell me what you're doing."

"Fucking... fuckingmyhotlittlecunt... fuckingmyhotlittlecunt... Ohhh... Ohhh... Please..."

I slid my jeans down over my thighs. Stepping out of them, I wrapped my fist around my cock. "Please what? Does my little slut want to cum?"

"Ohhhh... Master... Please... let... me... cum... pleaseMaster... please..." she whimpered deperately.

"Do you want it, My little whore? Do you want it in your mouth? Turn the vibe on high. Don't use it till I say." She did as she was told.

"Harder." I stroked harder with her. "Put the vibe on your clit!"

"Ohhh! Fuckk! Please... cuminmymouth... pleaseMaster... please..."

"Put the vibe on your clit!" I said louder, and I slapped her tit hard, leaving a fiery red handprint on the white flesh.

"I'm going to cum, slut... I'm going to cum all over that dirty, slutty face of yours..." I gripped the hair on the side of her head, turning her face toward me. With one knee on the chair, I brought my cock to her face. I was closer and spoke more quietly, more forcefully. I slapped her face a few times with My cock just to let her know I was that close to her.

"Ohhh... fuck... Master... please... cum... please..."

I stroked my cock faster and harder. I watched as her body writhe and fuck back against the dildo and vibrator. She was so on edge. It was going to be a huge one. She whined and complained and begged for my cum. The tingle started behind my balls. The muscle at the base of my cock began to twitch.

"Are you ready, slut? Are you ready for My hot cum?"

"Ohhhcumm... pleaseeee... cuminmymouthplease please... I'm yourwhore... pleasee... Ohhhh..."

She gritted her teeth, moaning hard. Her left hand pumping that enormous toy deep in her cunt. Her right moving the buzzing vibrator up and down her clit. The hum of the nipple clamps was lost somewhere between the vibrator and her moans. Her nipples were so red and so swollen. She was covered in a sheen of sweat. I looked down on her and her mouth was open, her tongue flicking wildly, hoping for cum. Pulling against her hair. Trying to find my cock.

I erupted!

"Yesss... Cummmm... Mmmmmmmmmm..." she groaned, as I exploded across her face. I pushed my cock into her open mouth and held her head tight. She moaned around me and began to shudder. My cock shot hot, thick ropes of cum into her sucking mouth again and again. She was swallowing each time. Over and over.

"Cum! Cum my little cocksucking whore!" I pulled my cock from her mouth and watched as she swallowed one last time, then all hell broke loose.

"OHHHFFUUUCCCKKKMAAASTERRRR!!!!" she screamed as her orgasm slammed into her like a Mack truck. She pitched and rolled and bucked like she was being electrocuted as her orgasm took control of her body.

"Don't stop! Fuck that cunt. Fuck it harder!"

Her moans were constant as her body shook. "Ohhhh... Oohhhh... OOHHH!!!"

I wiped my cock all over her face, smearing saliva and cum from cheek to cheek. "Yeah, that's it. That's my little slut. Cum for me! Cum for me, little one!"

"Ohhhagain... Ohhh... OhhhHHHIIEEEE... Ohhh... Ohhhhh..."

"Yes! Keep going. Harder, slut! Cum again!" I stood back up and shook the cum dripping from my cock onto her face. "That's my cum, little whore. You like being covered in my cum, don't you, my little slut?"

"Ohhhccumm pleaseepleaseee..." she moaned, building to another release.

"Now cum, whore. Cum for me again."

As pet thrust the big toy harder and harder up her cunt, I took hold of the ring sticking out of her ass from the anal beads inside her. Her body arched higher and higher as I pulled first one bead then the next popped out of her. Then with an evil smile, I whipped the remaining few beads out of her, sending her body into ecstasy. Her voice burst from her chest with a scream as blasted off into another ferocious orgasm.

"OHHHH... AAAHHHHH!!" She convulsed. "AHHH!!" Again. "AAAHHHH!!!" Again.

Over and over she screamed and convulsed. I stood there watching as all the pent up tension and teasing I had built up in her that day erupted in an orgasm bigger and more intense than anything I'd ever seen from her before.

Then suddenly, she collapsed. Her once tense thighs fell loosely open, twitching occasionally as the last spasmed passed through them. The vibrator rolled out of her slack hand. Her other hand fell from the end of the dildo, still deeply embedded in her. She was utterly spent, laying in the chair panting heavily but so completely exhausted there was no fight left in her at all.

Gently I removed the protruding dildo from her, her only reaction was a soft surrendering grunt. I unfastened the nipple clamps and untied My frazzled and exhausted girl. Scooping her up in My arms, I took her upstairs and put her to bed. She had done enough. I laid beside her stroking her sweat-soaked hair for an hour as she slowly came back to Me. Finally she was coherent and rested enough and I went into the bathroom to draw her a nice hot bath. I added the bath oils she liked and then came back to her. I helped her into the bathtub and washed her tired, aching body with the sponge, eliciting a smile as she saw how gently and lovingly I cared for her.

With her bath done, I dried her off, then helped her back to bed, this time climbing in bed next to her. I pulled her up close to Me and together we fell fast asleep.

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