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The Arts Festival

Sasha and Grey are married, know each other completely, and are completely bored. Not for long.
Sasha awoke to the sound of her husband brushing his teeth. She tuned over in their soft, warm bed and curled the blanket around her hands and pulled them to her face. The bathroom door was open enough to allow her to see him standing in front of the mirror and the twisting motion of his body as he moved his hand back and forth. She was comfortable with him. Sasha knew his body and felt she knew his thoughts. They had been married long enough that Sasha knew what he would say before he said it and she felt he did as well.

She knew he would finish brushing his teeth and then he would walk back into the bedroom and begin picking out his clothes and after his clothes were picked out he would return the bathroom to put on underarm deodorant and because it was Tuesday he would use cologne. Tuesday's were when the marketing manager met with his department to hear an update on projects. The marketing manager's name was Lauren and her husband wasn't the only one with a fascination for her, all the men at her company pined after her and all the women wanted to be her. Sasha had only met her twice and both times she felt that Lauren was obviously playing every man she met. Her husband was aware of that. They were both aware that Lauren was by no means straight. Sasha knew that out of the two of them she would have the best chance to fuck her if one of them were going to be unfaithful.

Sasha threw down the sheet and lay there completely nude. Her husband walked back into the room, gave her body a cursory glance and then began laying clothes along his side of the bed. She felt a slight warmth in her body at being seen naked and she knew she would have to masturbate as soon as he went down stairs. She masturbated more and more each year. She had never masturbated as a child and only a couple of times through college. Her body was slim and she worked to keep it fit but now that she was approaching her mid-thirties she was softer than she used to be but a long way from unattractive. Her breasts were larger than most of her friends and far larger than Lauren's, the subject of her husband's lust, with firm round pink nipples that were perfectly firmly pointed out and not down as some of her friends had started to migrate. Her nipples were also extremely sensitive and her husband had once enjoyed teasing her and driving her to orgasm by playing with them. Now, if they had sex at all, it was short lived and to the point. She watched him finish dressing and then he left the room. Sasha would need a shower and she looked at the clock to see how much time she had to masturbate. Ten minutes. She reached in the back of her nightstand and pulled out her vibrator and she stuck it in her mouth. Without a pause she pushed the wet vibrator into her pussy and turned the little dial. Sasha knew where to place it, how to move it, and she quickly reached orgasm with three minutes to spare.

On the way to work they hardly spoke. It didn't matter if they talked, they knew what each other would say. Sasha could still feel the sensation of the vibrator down inside her. She could still feel the pleasure of orgasm. She looked at her husband and wondered what it would be like to fuck another man. She sat for a moment and wondered what it would be like to BE a man. Would she grow bored of women as fast as they seemed to? Would she enjoy stroking herself? Would she care if a woman came? The corner of her mouth twitched into a smirk she didn't think she was showing until Grey looked at her and asked, “What?”

“Huh? Oh. Nothing, nothing.” Sasha turned and looked out the window as they turned into the company parking lot and searched for a unfilled space closest to the door, the same as every other morning.

Grey sat at his desk and thought about the morning. His wife had been lying there naked, she had given him that look that meant she wanted sex and he had considered it for a moment. But sex with her would be the same as it always was, boring. Sasha was beautiful and he loved the new softness of her body, especially her breasts but it would be the same routine as always; she would open her legs and he would smell her faint and slightly sweet scent, she would want him to perform oral on her so that she would be wetter and he could penetrate easily, he would either lick her a few times or finger her until she became wet, he would penetrate her with his half erect cock, he would grow harder as they fucked and she would wait until she was about to cum before she would even move. There seemed to be little need to try to vary this routine, she would only go back again the next time. Grey loved his wife but he was just completely and utterly bored. He was bored with her firm but rounded ass, he was bored with her soft belly, and most of all bored with her big tits.

Grey heard Lauren's voice and he perked up. He felt his heart beating a little louder and harder in his chest. What would she be wearing today? Would she be wearing something that showed off her firm little breasts? He loved her breasts. They were almost like a teenage girl's breasts. He also loved her petite little frame and the fact that she worked out enough to actually have stomach muscles. Most women didn't have stomach muscles. He stood and thought of a reason to go greet her. When he saw her his heart nearly leaped out of his chest and his cock grew to chase after it. Lauren was wearing absolutely skin tight pants and a very tight top that included support for breasts and that apparently meant she didn't need to wear a bra! For the first time ever Grey could see the outline of Lauren's nipples! They were small, protruding, and slightly oval. Puffy nipples! Grey never knew he liked puffy nipples until this moment. God, now he fucking LOVED puffy little teenage looking nipples on tiny little teenage looking breasts on a tight little body with a ripped little stomach. Grey tugged his dick and made room in his pants for his erection.

“Dude, did you see the Bitch?” Pogue asked.

They all called her “the Bitch”. The reasons were obvious. Grey looked over at him and said, “Dude, her tits are even smaller than I thought. Fuck, I think I'm in love dude. Did you see the outline of those tiny little morsels?”

“She has tits?” Pogue asked rhetorically.

They both laughed but Grey knew they both would drop their pants in front of everyone if Lauren asked them to, shit, they would probably suck each other's dicks if it meant they got to fuck the bitch.

Lauren waved and greeted them both with a saccharine smile and a little remark about seeing them at the meeting and that was it. Grey watched a tight little teenager-looking ass move gracefully away from him and thought to himself how nice it would be to run his hands along that little ass while he shoved his cock inside her. Grey went back to work thinking of poking that snotty bitch and how tight an uptight cunt like that must be. He realized he was absentmindedly jerking off and stopped.

Sasha looked at the clock and reminded herself that watching the clock only made time go by slower. She hardly even realized she had entered mental paralysis until her friend Amy came over and asked her something.

“Huh?” Sasha asked as she looked up. She may as well have been drooling the way her jaw hung open. The walls of the cube seemed to have closed in around her.

“Do you want to skip out for lunch?” Amy asked again louder.

“Sure.” Sasha said, happy for a reason to get out of the office.

The two of them were pleasantly surprised when they saw that an arts festival had entered town and set up booths all down the street. They squealed with delight as they grabbed their imitation design handbags and hurried toward arts and crafts bliss. The booths were mostly the same as every year with every other booth being a slightly alternative looking woman who makes her own jewelry, always silver, always hammered and with stones. She quickly passed those mundane pathetic excuse for creativity booths with their spirals and their cheesy bead work and looked for something unique.

In looking she almost passed by the alley. It was filled with boxes and crates from other people's booths and looked like it shouldn't even have another booth, but tucked back at the end of the alley was a dark and beautiful booth. It looked like something out of the old world with thick deep red walls and old strong wooden supports. Elaborately decorative tapestries hung from the walls and the interior seemed larger than the outside could support. In short, it looked magical and Sasha was in love. She danced and ran for the creative splendor of its exotically smokey depths.

Inside was even more wonder than Sasha could have dreamed for, beautiful rare bolts of cloth, oriental clothing and beads, and the most interesting and enticing crafts she had ever seen. Sasha's friend Amy seemed almost afraid to touch anything and she knew they were both thinking that this was more like a museum than a craft fair booth. Should they even be in here? Oh God, they should definitely be here. She touched a little finely detailed lamp and moaned with pleasure.

“Beautiful ladies, oh beautiful, beautiful ladies, how may I help you?” An old oriental or perhaps Indian man asked.

“Oh, we are just looking.” Sasha said and moved instinctively away from what she was touching.

“Well, perhaps there is something I can interest you in? What is your pleasure?” The old man asked.

Even the way he spoke was exotic and dreamily smooth and so she found it wasn't difficult at all to follow him back behind some hanging cloth to yet another room! Sasha almost asked how this could be back here, how there could be such space in so small a tent but he spoke before she could open her mouth.

“You seem like someone looking for something rare, something that...well that isn't perhaps appreciated by your friend?” He asked.

Sasha looked behind her to see that Amy was no longer with her. For some reason this filled her more with relief than fear. She looked back at the old man and then down into a glass case to see every sort of sexual device and toy imaginable but not a latex or rubber toy in the collection. These seemed to be made of polished ivory, bone, and glass.

“Oh my God!” Sasha exclaimed and actually clapped her hands like a little child.

“Yes.” He said and moved closer to her.

“I don't think I could afford one of these. Oh God, I KNOW I couldn't afford one of these. But...but they are all beautiful. Oh my. Oh MY! God could I use that one.” 
“Don't be so quick to dismiss your pleasures. How much is it worth to you to have your most carnal desires simply at your fingertips? When you are lying in bed and he gives you one of his placid glances, what would you give to have a toy that makes his touch seem like passing wind?”

Sasha opened her eyes wide and looked at the beaded and curved toy the man held. This one didn't have a cheaply made dial at the bottom like most sex shop toys, it had a series of knobs and at its end she could see gears, gears! The man moved a knob with his fingertips and she heard the metallic click of a spring or switch coming to life and then the tinkering of little bells as the gears moved and the beads twisted and the curved dildo rotated moving in ways that seemed more organic than stiff and bone and glass like.

“My God!” Sasha exclaimed and felt the warmth between her legs and she longed to feel the toy inside her. She was ready to take it from him at that moment when she noticed the other toys. There were ones that looked like tongues, ones that looked like fingers, and others that she had no idea what they would do but she could tell they penetrated more than one hole at a time.

“Would you like to try one out?” The man asked.

Sasha closed her eyes and suddenly she felt more anger than desire. This whole thing had just been a plot for this dirty old man to get her alone and try to see her fuck herself. She looked up and saw nothing in his eyes, no desire, no fear, no perversion, just a weather worn face with a completely serious question still lingering unanswered.

“Is that legal?” She asked.

“It is your pleasure.” Was all he said.

Sasha took the toy from his hands and looked around the room. There were pillows and cushions behind her and the old man didn't show any sign of leaving. Sasha touched another knob at the bottom and the gears moved in a different direction and the beads rolled instead of twisted and the oddly organic phallus moved in ways that she didn't know possible. The old man moved toward her and she should have been afraid but she was oddly enticed and extremely turned on. He reached out for the toy and took it from her hands and then touched a button on the side and said, “Off.” She nodded. Then he touched her shoulders which sent off every female alarm bell in her mind and she knew she should be running but she allowed him to turn her around toward the gypsy-like bed, with its cushions and silk, and slowly, so very slowly, undress her.

Sasha stood holding the phallus toy and for the first time in her entire life knew she was about to give herself over to complete fulfilling pleasure. The man removed her clothing like she imagined servants had done a hundred years ago. His hands were oddly deft for his age and she hardly needed to move for him to have her standing in only her bra and panties in moments. Her bra came away without her even having to move her arms, something she didn't think was possible and when her panties slipped down her thighs she noticed they did so with a sticky creaminess that embarrassed her because it made clear her obvious excitement. Then he turned her and lay her back on the pillows and cushions and she allowed him to open her legs wide. Her sex was completely exposed to him. The room came alive with scents both exotic and relaxing and a music played from speakers she couldn't see. She relaxed and allowed him to touch her thighs and push her legs open wider than she thought possible. She touched her own breast, feeling the familiar and smoothly soft mound move in and then fall back with gravity. Her nipples grew erect and firm while the old man held the toy up in front of her.

“There are many combinations and I have three toys to try on you. The first is the one you saw and I will only use two of the options.”

Sasha felt the tip of the toy press in between her labia and part her soaking wet pussy. As soon as the tip was inside her she felt the sensation of what can only be described as fingers spreading out and then more and more entered and moved inside her. This was unlike any toy she had ever felt and she was already moaning and writhing with the sensations before he had even finished pushing it down deep into her cunt. She didn't think he would be able to get it inside her but finally the last few inches sank down with a sticky wet sucking sound. Then the toy really opened up. Sasha screamed out in pleasure! Her pussy exploded with sensations that she never knew were possible. Her first orgasm racked her body in seconds! Her second orgasm was stronger than the first and Sasha cried!
“Stop! Oh God! Please stop! I'll take it, I'll take it, just please stop before I loose my mind!”

“I have only set the first option, are you sure you do not wish to try the second and..." He leaned in and whispered, "...there are eleven more.” 
“Oh God...oh...fuck” Sasha twisted and lifted as he pulled it out of her and she closed her thighs. Then she relaxed for a moment and her body began the craving. She looked at the old man and saw he was pleased.

“Ok more, you dirty old man, give me more.” Sasha said.

“Then perhaps we will try another.”

“No, I need that one again, I want to buy it. I want it inside me. Fuck me with it. I want that big fucking toy in my pussy. Please.”

“I will give you a deal on all three. Trust me. I know what you desire.” He said and Sasha believed him. In fact Sasha was already touching herself in a craving for the next toy. She opened her legs wide and spread her own vagina open and between her fingers she could feel her clit hard and throbbing. She was completely ready for anything he wanted to do to her.

“Ok. Just please hurry.” Sasha said.

He took out another toy which seemed more like an oversized cashew nut than a sex toy. He moved his fingers down the curve of the toy and she saw it open and move. Sasha felt a moment of fear before he placed it over her dripping little cunt. The toy gripped her like it was alive! It attached to her pubis like a mouth and with the same feeling as a warm tongue it entered her pussy and her ass in the same moment. She tried to pull it away from her but it was firmly attached and didn't move a centimeter. Sasha stopped fighting it the instant the tongues or fingers or whatever the fuck they were moved against her clit and rectum. Why was it warm? Why did it feel so fucking good? Oh fucking Lord, did it feel good. This was gentler than the dildo and slower, so, so much slower but she was building up and it was moving deeper by the moment. Oh! A little deeper! Oh my! Even deeper! How deep would this fucking thing go!? Now something warm circled and sucked at her clit while another tongue moved inside her and licked her creamy wet cunt and the tongue in her ass seemed to split in two and move inside her deeper and deeper while also massaging and moving around her anus. She was going to cum again. Dear Lord! She was going to fucking cum like she had never cum in her life! In the distance she heard the old man's voice say, “This one responds to your desires and you can wear it all day if you like.”

Sasha couldn't respond because she was lifting off the cushions and fucking the air and she didn't care what she looked like. She was going to cum like an earthquake. She only wished that something were playing with her breasts... and then, as suddenly as she had thought it, she felt pressure on them. Her nipples were covered by a warm suction and then teeth biting. Sasha screamed and came and as she felt the orgasm shuddering through her body a stronger and second orgasm shook her deeper than the first like layers on layers and made her tremble from her toes to her teeth. When she thought it couldn't possibly get better a third orgasm stronger than the first two flowed over her like waves crashing over each other at the beach and this one took her under the water and she felt her soul leave her body and for a moment. There was only a drowning of pleasure as she came. She was gushing, literally gushing as her hips shook and pumped at the empty air. At that moment she would have done anything with anyone and she craved cum, why wasn't she at home sucking cock? She needed cum!

“Oh...please...dear God...Lord...oh please, please help...oh God...I...I can't...I need...Oh fuck! Oh Fuck! Please...dear God, oh Jesus...PLEASE! I can't...I have to...oh God I'm cumming again!”

Then it stopped and the old man held the odd shaped and completely smooth toy in his hand. It was wet and dripping as was his hand. She looked down at her sex expecting it to be stretched open beyond repair and was surprised to find it soaked with white sticky creamy cum but otherwise tight and hardly used. It was as if the entire thing had been only in her head. She flushed with embarrassment at the thought that she had cum all over his hand and the toy. Cum? Hell, she had sprayed like a garden hose!

“I'll take all three.” She said.

“I know, but I have to show you how to work the last one, this one is a bit more complicated.”

“It doesn't matter, I can't cum any more. I just can't. I am so horny right now that I think I would explode if you gave me another one. I just...well I don't think I can cum again. I've never felt like this in my LIFE! Trust me, I'll just take all three. Just wrap them up.”

“But I know your pleasures and there is one more to show you and there is something you have to know about my toys, very important. Each one only lasts as long as this center dial has notches.” and he showed her the round dial at the center of each toy and she saw that it looked a bit like the design of a clock but with no numbers, only lines carved into the odd metal dial.

“Once you take them from me they will start to wind down and when the notches are gone from the dial the toy is used and will be finished, no more. So use them wisely and sparingly because when they are used up, they can never be used again.”

Sasha thought about it and wondered where this man came from and for a moment she realized she was still completely naked in his tent and somewhere outside Amy was still looking for her. Would she even be able to walk when this was done? She wanted the last toy. She was craving it now. She had to know. She had to experience it even if it killed her. She could handle another orgasm couldn't she? She caressed her large soft breasts and looked at the old man with wild lust.

“Fuck me.” She said and laid back on the bed and opened her legs again. She didn't care. Fuck me was all she wanted. Her pussy was open. Her legs spread wide. Never in her life had she wanted to be fucked so badly. She moved around on the bed, running her fingers over her body. Her only thought was how wonderful a cock would feel inside her right now.

She heard laughter and then he pulled her up to sitting. She was aware that her nipples were tight and stiff and she had an odd thought about grabbing the toys and using them on herself right now. She wished someone would fuck her right then but the old man seemed completely disinterested and he showed her the last toy. At first she thought this was an elaborately decorated Yin-Yang symbol but looking at it closer she saw that it was almost like two circles split neatly in half and damned if she could see how they were being held together. She wondered how he would fuck her with this one. She started rubbing herself in anticipation, plunging her fingers deep in her sopping wet little pink hole. She didn't care what the old man thought of her. Slut. Whore. She didn't give a fuck as long as he hurried up and fucked her with this thing.

“Now, your real pleasure. The reason you found me.” He said.

He touched the two small circles near the outside of each half circle and they opened, moved and then Sasha was no longer in the tent. Sasha suddenly found herself looking at a white wall and heard the unmistakable sound of urination. She felt off. Wrong. Something wasn't right about this and someone was talking to her.

“So?” A man's voice asked.

Sasha's eyes went wide, her body rigid, and she didn't answer because standing next to her was a man and he was pissing in a urinal! Sasha immediately fell back away from him. Embarrassed she tried to apologize, “Oh God! I'm...” but the voice that came out was a man's, it was her husbands! She recognized it and reached up for her throat to feel whiskers and a man's thick neck.

“Dude! What the fuck! Have you lost your fucking mind!” The man across from her yelled and looked down and then turned away in disgust. Sasha looked down to see her fly was unzipped and hanging out was a flaccid and dripping penis! She had been peeing in a urinal with a penis! Hanging from between her legs was a penis! She screamed.

Sasha first covered it and then she pushed it back inside the pants and carefully zipped it up. She could feel it! She could feel what it felt like as she pushed it back inside! The other guy...wait...she recognized him, it was Pogue, her husband's friend at work. Well Pogue was zipping up quickly and then he walked toward her and looked at her like she had lost her mind. Sasha agreed. She had absolutely lost her mind. She tried to make sense of what was happening. A moment ago she had been in a tent getting the best orgasms of her entire life and the next moment she was in a bathroom peeing in a urinal and tucking a dick in her pants. A DICK!

“Are you OK? Pogue asked.

“I...” there was her husband's voice again, coming out of her mouth, “I...yeah. I think so.” Sasha said with her husband's voice.

“Well get your shit together, you have to give a presentation to the bitch, Lauren, in like fifteen minutes and she is the last person you want to have a fit in front of. Remember those little titties? She is going to be standing there right in front of you dude. You don't want to fuck this up.” Pogue said.

“Why?” Sasha asked in her husband's voice.

“Because! Dude! It's Lauren! Remember the tiny little teenage looking tits with those puffy nipples you talked about all day at lunch? Did you piss your brain out your dick? I swear man. You are fucking losing your shit.”
“Puffy nipples?” Sasha asked in Grey's voice. She wasn't making any sense of how she was in her husband's body but she was getting a little pissed off by the moment.

“Yeah, you feeling ok man? You don't look right. You look like something just jumped your skin.” 
“Yeah, I'm fine, what did I say about teenage breasts and puffy nipples?” Sasha asked with little effort to mask her fury.

“That you...uhhh...LIKED them. Duh!” Pogue said and shook his head. “Man, you really burst a vein back there huh? I'm not sure if I should tell you this in your present state of mind but I talked with David and he said that if she stands to the side and the light is right you can see right through her top and her breast is completely visible. Dude! She is going to be turning and standing all during the meeting! We are going to totally be able to see her tits! Lauren tits! Do you know what that means?”

Sasha didn't reply. Inside she was furious and also fascinated by this conversation. Her mind spun, her legs didn't feel right when she walked and when she moved to the meeting people didn't look at her. In fact no one gave her smiles like they usually did. She waited for someone to open the door for her and it didn't happen. When she smiled at Katie and Christine they gave her an odd protected smile instead of the warm greeting she usually got. She reminded herself that she was Grey and thought to herself that being a man must be very lonely. She almost sat next to the girls when she saw Pogue and another guy giving her waves to come sit with them. She realized they wanted her, well...her husband, to sit close to the front where they knew Lauren would be standing. Sasha rolled Grey's eyes and sat next to them and crossed her husband's arms. They didn't speak but the guys elbowed each other and grinned like boys about to uncover their Dad's porno mags.

Lauren entered and Sasha didn't want to look but the guys kept elbowing her each time Lauren would turn to the side. Finally Sasha looked up and sure as day there was Lauren in a shameless top that even outside the right light would have left little to the imagination but when she turned just right the top became transparent and it was true, she saw Lauren's breasts. This wasn't that big a deal for her but oddly enough she felt something happen. Sasha felt it, her husband's penis, first as a tightening, then she felt pressure, and then warmth and finally she knew she was getting an erection! Sasha looked back again and this time she found herself transfixed by Lauren's tiny breasts with a protruding and rounded areola. What Pogue had called a "puffy" nipple. Her erection continued to grow until the head of Grey's penis pushed uncomfortably against her pants and she felt some degree of pain. How do men deal with this all day? She realized she needed to do something she had seen guys do a hundred times! She needed to adjust! Sasha couldn't. Everyone would see! Sasha tried to move, tried to cross her legs but that just put more pressure on it and so she quickly uncrossed her legs and reached down.

“Dude, be a little more obvious would you.” Pogue said in a whisper.

Sasha tried to not move again but she couldn't stop looking at Lauren's breast each time it came into view. The little nipples were so sweet. Her little perky breasts were so cute. Something was happening in her brain, well, her husband's brain that made his dick get even bigger! She looked over at her friends, Katie and Christine, and they were watching her and the other guys with obvious distaste. They knew what was going on and they weren't pleased. Katie turned her head from Sasha, well Sasha in Grey's body, and smirked. But worse yet was the way Lauren flirted with the guys. She batted her little eyelashes, she smiled and that whore, that LITTLE WHORE was actually turning her breast toward them on purpose! No wonder she had been promoted to marketing manager! The slut was practically begging the guys to look at her little perky teenager tits. That FUCKING BITCH!

“Grey.” Someone said.


“You are up.”

For a moment Sasha thought they were talking about something else and she felt her face flush and then she realized they were talking about the presentation and she blanched. She had no idea what Grey was supposed to be talking about. They didn't work in the same departments or the same field. She had no idea about marketing. She had no idea what the fuck she was going to say!

“I...I don't think I feel so well.” Sasha said and ran out of the room.

Grey saw the old man sitting in front of him and at first he didn't know what the fuck was going on but quickly he realized he was in a strange place and something was wrong. He had no idea how he got here but all alarms went off and he knew he was in trouble. He leaned forward and tried to punch the old geezer in the jaw but the man was fast and he grabbed his wrist. No, it wasn't that the old man was fast, it was that he was slow. Not only was he slow but he was weak. When he saw the fist the old man was holding it was small and fragile, like a girls!

“What is your pleasure Sir.” Said the old man in a funny accent.

“Fuck you!” Grey said but then quickly dropped his hands to his mouth when he realized the voice was a woman's. Grey looked down and saw tits! Big tits! It was a woman's body he was looking at and it was naked.

“Wha...what the fuck dude!” He said.

“You only have five minutes my friend. I suggest you relax. You think you have had pleasure but you have experienced nothing. Lay back and I will show you. You will know that this is only the beginning of your heaven, and your hell.”

Then the old man pushed apart his thighs. Grey tried to struggle but he had neither the strength nor the will to resist and so the girl thighs parted and Grey felt cool air rush past wetness between his legs. It felt good. Then he felt something solid, something slightly soft but hard push between his legs. Grey had once pushed a finger in his asshole to see what it might feel like to be fucked in the ass. It had hurt. This didn't hurt. In fact, the more it pushed in, the better it felt. Grey felt sensations unlike anything he had ever felt jerking off or fucking. Warmth, pressure, tingling, and a sensation of fulfillment that moved all inside him and made his body loose control. No, not his body. A WOMAN'S body! His mind reeled. He was feeling a woman's body. He was feeling what it felt like to be a chick!

Then Grey came!

“Oh FUCK! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! Wha....dude. DUDE! FUCKING DUDE!” Grey came but it was a million times more sensitive than any orgasm he had ever had and it kept going. He didn't think orgasms could go on this long! His normal orgasms were over in seconds, just a big cum dump and then he would collapse in pathetic exhaustion, but this just kept going and going with waves and rolling, trembling muscle wringing pleasure. Grey thought of the energizer bunny and laughed but the laugh came out as a series of moans and giggles. Suddenly Grey knew why women did that! Grey knew! Those fucking BITCHES! Why the hell weren't they fucking 24/7 when they could have orgasms like this! What the fuck? Then finally Grey couldn't take any more and he put his hand down just like women always did after having a good orgasm and tried to stop the old man from pushing that thing inside him any more. When it was out Grey was filled with a sensation of warm joy that left his whole body consumed by pleasure but he wasn't filled with exhaustion. He wanted chocolate.

“What the fuck... who the fuck...why...I never...I mean...dude...”

“Welcome to heaven...and hell. Goodbye.” Said the old man and waved as Grey's vision blurred.

Grey found himself standing in the hallway back at the office. He turned and looked behind him to see people flooding out of the meeting room and looking at him like he was crazy. Grey stood, straightened himself up before shaking his head and walking toward the meeting room. He didn't know what the fuck had just happened. Insanity? A really gay fucking day dream? Whatever the fuck it was he was back now and he was damned if he was going to fuck up his chance to see Lauren's little tiny tits. He made his way back to have Pogue grab him and force him down the hall. Grey realized that he had missed the meeting when he saw Lauren walk out and throw him a concerned and sad little glance.

Sasha found herself back at the front of the tent but she was fully dressed. Thank God. She held a bag in her hand and inside were three small objects tightly wrapped in colorful paper and tied with string. Next to her Amy was asking her what she bought.

“Nothing.” Sasha said.

“Girl, no way. You have to tell me what you bought in there. Why did you leave me? What did you get? You look like you just got finished eating an entire box of chocolate. Is that what you bought? You better share.”

“I'll show you later, it's a surprise.” Sasha said.

When Amy wasn't looking Sasha knew she was back in her own body but she felt between her legs just in case. She finally let her breath out when she realized that she was back to normal, no odd fleshy thing hanging between her legs. Thank God! But Sasha pulled the bag tighter and her hands lovingly caressed the packages inside. She couldn't wait to get home so she could try them all out alone. Yes, all of them. Even the last one.

Especially the last one.

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