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The Gift

The Gift

She gets a gift that keeps on giving!
He called me, His voice like a soothing liquid that washed over my whole body and seemed to pool between my legs.

"What are you wearing?" He asked. He knew the answer, He just wanted me to acknowledge it.

"Nothing Master," I said softly.

"And where are you now?" He asked.

"I'm in the living room, Master. Sitting at my desk, talking to You."

"Good. Do you still have the package I sent you?" He asked. He had sent me a package a few days ago and had instructed me not to open it until He gave me permission. He knew I was too nosy for my own good and that having a package from Him laying around unopened would drive me crazy. He was right.

"Yes, Master. I haven't opened it yet."

"That is good. Now go get it and bring it back with you."

"Yes Master," I said. I set the phone down on my desk and went to retrieve the package. I brought the package back to the phone as He had directed and sat there on my chair, looking at it while I talked to Him on the phone.

"I have it Master," I said. The box was about six inches wide, four inches tall, and eighteen inches long. It was wrapped very nicely with red wrapping paper and a gold ribbon and bow.

"Put the box on your desk in front of you," He directed.

"Yes Master," I said, and did as He asked.

"Good girl," He said, and I could feel my pussy tingle and dampen. I loved it when I was His "good girl", it always made me wet knowing He was pleased with me.

"Now, I want you to slide your hands up and down those long legs of yours. Don't you touch that pussy or there'll be trouble," He said. I followed the command almost automatically, like it wasn't even my body that I was touching.

"I’m there Master," I breathed into the microphone.

I heard Him take a deep breath before the words "good girl" came through the headphones. My mind was taken to another place.

"Open your legs wide for Me and show Me that sweet pink pussy," He commanded me next. Without even thinking, I replied "Yes, Master" and brought my feet up to place them on the desk on each side of the monitor, spreading my legs wide and pulling apart the swollen lips of my already drooling pussy.

"You have a very lovely pussy, My dear. So pink and so wet. Are you wet for Me, little one?" He teased.

"Yes Master," I panted. His words were like a drug.

"Say it. Say the words. You know I love your words," He urged.

"My wet for you Master," I moaned, very nearly cumming on the spot.

"Yes I see that. Your pussy must be hungry... hungry for a thick, hard cock, don't you think?" He said. I could see the wicked grin on His face.

"Ohh, Master!" I moaned louder. "Yes, yes it wants Your cock, Master. This pussy wants Your cock so much!"

"Ok, My sweet little slut, start sliding your fingers everywhere but on your clit. I want you to show Me every part of that hot wet pussy, Don't touch your clit - we'll save that for a little later. Play with your pussy for Me," He directed.

I did as instructed, opening my legs as wide as I could, and started to run my fingers around the lips of my pussy. I imagined it was His fingers exploring me, His fingers parting my aching pussy and touching me just where I needed it, but not so much that He would make me cum. He loved to tease me and I loved it when He did.

"Now slide your finger over your clit slowly with little bit of pressure," He said, "finger that little clit for Me."

Taking a deep breath, I answered "Yes, Master" and I began running my fingers over my clit slowly with little pressure. I could feel my clit already bulging out from the hood like it was reaching out to meet my fingers. I moaned as my body reacted to His voice.

"Pull back your clit hood, wet your fingers, and start to move your fingers side to side faster," He told me. I could hear Him breathing heavily as well.

Doing as He requested, I hissed out a "Yes, Master" as my body started to vibrate with the need to cum and to please Him. Moaning loudly as my fingers started to glide over my clit, feeling like my fingers are not able to go fast enough, my legs started to buckle.

"Stop," He said suddenly. I pulled my fingers from my pussy fast so as to not disappoint Him.

"Yes Master," I said breathlessly.

"You need to cum don’t you?" He asked.

Gulping for air, I replied weakly "Yes, badly Master". My body was humming at this point with need and frustration.

"What is it you want to do?" He asked.

I closed my eyes tightly. "I want to cum Master... please," I whimpered. I listened to His breathing never change meanwhile my mind was foggy and my heart raced.

"Start again. Wet your fingers and rub your clit as fast as you can," He commanded.

I ran my fingers down between my legs and onto my throbbing clit again, pulling back the hood. My pussy lips were swollen, as was my hood, and my clit was begging to meet my fingers again. Bringing my fingers to my mouth, I shoved my two fingers into my mouth making sure to be loud as sucked and soaked them with my saliva until they were good and wet. Going back down to my clit, I pushed my hips up again and crushed my clit hard into my fingers as I started to move them again, feeling my body tense.

"Can I cum Master please?" I asked, my voice thick with need.

"No" is all I heard back from Him.

It was getting so hard to hold on to my orgasm, trying not cum. I knew if I came without His permission I would be in real trouble. And I so wanted to please Him. My legs started to go straight out, my toes were curling up. My mind was a fuzzy, lust-filled cloud. I couldn't think, everything seemed as if it was happening to someone else. My mind was trying to process so many things.

"Please can I cum Master?" I was panting for breath and trying desperately to control my rapidly decreasing hold on reality.

"Stop," He said again, and once again I pulled my hand quickly away from my tormented pussy. I laid back in my chair, sucking in air and trying to calm the raging fire within me. I laid my head back on my chair with my eyes closed as my pussy throbbed.

"Open the gift I sent you, My sweet," He said. I sat up and took the beautifully wrapped box in my hands. I tore the wrapping off like a child on Christmas morning. I picked up the odd looking device, noting it was electrical because it had a power cord coming from one end.

Seeing the confusion on my face clearly through the computer monitor, He explained. "It's a Hitachi wand. A powerful vibrator that I have seen on many BDSM videos. It looked like a lot of fun so I got you one."

"Oh thank you Master," I said, "I love it!"

"Go get your favorite glass dildo and your nipple clamps and bring them back to the computer," He said.

Weak-kneed, I moved to follow His orders. I went a retrieved the necessary things and returned to the computer screen. "I have them, Master," I said, still breathing hard.

"Good. Now first I want you to put on the nipple clamps. You know how to do it, you've had them on before," He said.

"Yes Master," I said. I picked up the clover-style clamps and looked at them carefully. I both loved and hated these things. I loved them for the feelings they produced and the fact that He loved them as well. But I hated the power they held - the power to control me and to bend me to whatever He would have me do. They were devilish devices designed to inflict pain, pain that turned to sheer pleasure at His command.

As He watched me carefully, I began by pinching and pulling on my already hard nipples, getting them to their thickest and fullest. I knew He would want them at their maximum size, so I toyed with them until they swelled so much I thought they would split open. When my nipples were ready for the clamps, I picked them up (the clover clamps were connected together by a chain) and I squeezed the sides of the first clamp and let go, feeling it bite down on my nipple harder and harder as it settled into place. I gasped at the feeling of the clamp, as I always do. With the first one securely on my nipple I did the same thing to the second, pulling on the chain between to make sure they both held. My pussy clenched a bit as the feeling of the clamps increased my arousal.

"They're... on Master," I panted as I tried to accept the pain the clamps were producing in my nipples.

"Very good. Now pick up your Hitachi and plug it in there next to your computer."

I did as He said. "Ok it's plugged in."

"Ok now turn it on and start by rubbing it over your nipples and let your nipples feel the vibrator," He said.

I turned the device on and instantly I could feel its vibrations and power, even before I touched it to my nipples. Gingerly, I brought the large head to one of my clamped nipples.

"Oh Master!" I exclaimed as I felt its strong buzzing against my tender, sensitive bud. I began rubbing the head around my nipples and circling my areolae. The vibrations coming from the Hitachi made my nipples ache for more and sent a tingling down to my pussy. Soon my pussy wanted a turn as well.

"Ohhh Sir, this is wonderful," I mewled as the vibrator worked my hard nipples.

"Yes, it is quite the device. But now I want to see how it feels on your wet little pussy. So with two fingers I want you to spread your pussy lips, and then put the Hitachi against your pussy and clit."

I looked at Him through the monitor. He had a wicked smile on His face, as if He knew just what was about to happen. It was almost unnerving, but I trusted Him so I moved to follow His command. I am right-handed, so I placed the palm of my left hand on my slickly shaved mound and used my index and middle fingers to open my sodden pussy lips exposing the soft fleshy pinkness to Him once again. I took the Hitachi in my right hand, aiming the buzzing head at my crotch. I took a deep breath and touched the machine to my tender pussy.

"OHHH, FUUUUCK!" I screamed as the first vibrations shot to my brain like fireworks on the fourth of July. My legs reacted instinctively, trying to close, but the computer monitor between my knees prevented them from doing so. Once that first initial shock was over, something very strange happened. Instead of trying to shun this vibrating devil, my pussy seemed to take over my body, telling my hands to shove the monster deeper into my pussy!

As I pressed the device harder into my pussy, I started to grind my hips into my Hitachi. The buzzing between my legs was delicious. I spread my legs further to give my new friend better access to me. I rubbed the head of the Hitachi over my pussy and up against my clit. I captured the tiny bud between my fingers and rubbed furiously with the vibrator over my hypersensitive clit.

As the felt my body start to get close to orgasm, I used my legs to lift myself up off the chair slightly, humping up against the Hitachi even more and feeling my body shake with need to release. My thighs trembled with the strain and sweat began forming on my forehead and ran down in tiny rivulets between my heaving, panting tits.

Just when I thought I couldn't take a second more, I heard a voice from deep within the fog. His voice.

"Stop," He commanded. I pulled the vibrator away only seconds before I would come crashing down into the abyss of a earth-shattering orgasm.

I sat back, panting and drenched in sweat. I didn't know how much more of this I could take. I wanted release so badly, I was half-mad with lust. I was grateful for the respite though, because I knew He wasn't ready for me to cum just yet, and I didn't want to disappoint Him by cumming without His permission.

However, He wasn't going to let me relax for long. It was only a few precious moments before He commanded me to start again. And once again the Hitachi quickly had me moaning and writhing in my chair as I tried desperately to curtail the urge to let go and cum.

He must have edged me five or six times before I could handle no more. I was absolutely out of my mind with need. I had to cum, with or without His permission.

"Master, please, Oh god please let me cum! Let me cum for you... please, please, please!" I begged, crying now with the intensity of my passion.

"Very well, then. Take the Hitachi and shove it up against your clit and when I tell you to, shove your glass dildo up inside you. Shove it all the way in with one thrust though, don't be timid about it or I'll make you stop, understand?"

"Yes, Master, anything...anything you say..." I groaned.

"Then go ahead, I want to see you cum."

Just as He directed me to, I crammed the head of the vibrating beast hard against my clit and allowed the buzzing to bring me up to the edge again, I humped against it and spread my legs, giving Him a good show. My body was on fire with electrical impulses racing back and forth between my pussy, my tits and my brain. I was moaning incoherently and twisting in my chair so much I just knew I would fall out of it at any time.

"NOW!" He said, and I jammed the glass dildo deep into my raveous pussy in one swift full stroke.

"OHHMYYYGODDD!!" I screamed at the top of my voice as my world exploded in a flash of blinding white light. A deafening roar surrounded me as one of the biggest orgasms of my life crashed in on me like a tidal wave, and swept me up in it as if I was a tiny rowboat in a tsunami of lust and passion. My world spun crazily and I couldn't tell up from down, right from left.

I imagined Him slamming His hard, thick cock in my pussy hard and deep... doing this with my dildo and cumming again. I kept going faster as I felt my pussy milking my dildo, trying to push it out as I started to squirt, trying to keep the dildo in deep and feeling the pressure and the vibrations from my hitachi. Needing more, I ground into my hitachi harder, while I kept fucking myself with my dildo as yet another orgasm ripped through me. I squirted my juice from my abused pussy as I tried to make sure I kept the dildo in me deep. I felt my pussy trying to push it out, while juice leaked out and dripped on my hand and down my clit over the hitatchi, and onto the chair below me.

I kept the hitachi in contact with my clit and stopped moving for a moment as my pussy kept convulsing and massaging my dildo pulling it deeper in me and trying to push it out at the same time. Biting my lip as I felt my pussy keep trying to squirt, I kept pushing my dildo harder & deeper as I felt another orgasm take my whole body, my pussy pushed out my dildo hard, I felt my warm wet juices on my pussy lips and my inner thighs as the juices flowed out of me as my body kept convulsing...

Finally completely spent, I sat leaning back in my desk chair for a minute to catch my breath. Slowly I started to run my fingers through my very wet and very swollen lips… turning off my hitachi and just taking a deep breath, keeping my fingers gently playing and coming down while smiling and thinking about Him.

A couple minutes of rest and I was able to walk, feebly at first, but I got up from my desk, turning off my computer and walked down the hall. Turning the corner, I saw my Master at His computer. I watched Him from the doorway of the office as He surfed the net. Suddenly this urge to fuck Him hit me soo badly. I ached all over to feel Him inside. I walked up behind my Master and put my arms around His neck in a loose hug, as I hugged Him my cheek pressed against the left side of His face. He took one hand free from His keyboard and held both of my hands lovingly.

"Are you feeling better My sweet?" He asked, in a soft caring voice.

"Yes Master, but I’m soo horny for you," I replied with a devilish grin.

"Oh is that so? Still didn't get enough did you?" He said, still looking at His computer screen.

"No Master, I want to fuck you soo bad, I want to taste your cock in my mouth, and feel your cock thrusting deep and hard inside my wet cunt.." I implored. Now on my feet between His legs, I kissed the top of His cock through His jeans.

"Hmm, I dont know, do you deserve to fuck Me?" He demanded, a slight laugh to His question. I nodded my head yes, pleading eyes, the urge so hot and heavy I could almost feel Him pounding away inside of my wet sticky cunt. He grinned evilly. "I should make you beg Me," He replied looking down at me, and forcing my head back with His hand, forcing my hungry lips away from His cock. I trembled from the hunger, the hunger that grew deeper.

"Please Master let me taste you, I cannot hold this any longer, I need to feel your hard cock in my mouth, to feel your soft balls slap against my cunt as you fuck it," I begged.

He grinned at me and leaned me back in the chair. "Take off My jeans for Me slut," He ordered, as He stood before me, my face nearly pressing into His cock.

"Yes, Master," I answered, as I started to unzip His jeans and take them off, letting them fall to the floor with a soft thud as He stepped out of them. Now in His cotton underwear, His hard cock poking through the fabric, I could almost see it throbbing in pain, the pain He wished to relieve inside of me. I gently reached up and touched His hard erection, He moaned softly and ran His fingers through my hair. I nuzzled His cock with my nose and lips, kissing through His underwear. He leaned me back in the chair, and made me wrap my legs around His hips. He slowly took out His cock from His underwear, and took hold of His shaft, running it over my stomach.

"Mmm, ooh Master," I moaned softly, feeling His hardness against my aching skin.

"You like that huh, My little whore?" He laughed evilly. "You like being My slut when I demand it, and My love when I wish it? "

I nodded yes and ran my hands down His back to His ass cheeks, I squeezed them firmly and softly. He moaned and started to tremble with pleasure. He held my legs as far apart as they would go, and He gently slid His hard throbbing cock inside my aching wet cunt. I gasped as I felt Him enter me, so slowly and gently at first. With soft slow strokes, He kissed my neck and licked down it to my breasts. He took His tongue and licked at each nipple sucking, and licking His tongue in a circler motion. He squeezed my breasts hard with both His hands, I gasped out in pain as I felt His thrust become hard and violent. I felt Him go as deep as He could, faster and harder with each stroke.

"Ohhh GOD!" I moaned, I trembled in pain and pleasure. I started to shake as I built toward an orgasm.

"No, not yet," He demanded firmly. "Hold it as long as you possibly can My dearest." He started to pound harder, His balls slapping against my wet cunt, harder and faster with each thrust. "Oh mmm, My angel, your Master loves you soo much." He moaned, His voice trembled with pleasure. I could feel His cock tighten with each stroke inside of me, inside of my hot sticky cunt.

"Oh Master, I love you so," I moaned, shaking and out of breath. He gently took His thumb from His free hand and pushed it down on my clit, while still stroking me hard with His cock. "MASTER PLEASE LET ME CUM!" I screamed out in pain, not able to hold it any longer.

He grinned at me, "Alright, you may cum," He said as He held me tight to His chest. I could feel His heart pounding, I could feel His body tremble as He too exploded inside of me, allowing His juices to flow through me like an electrical charge. I came with Him, my juices making the chair damp and sticky, our love juices mixed together in pain, pleasure and desire to be inside and with each other.

"I love you so much Master," I sighed softly.

"That’s enough net surfing for tonight My love," He grinned, as He turned off His computer.

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