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The Long Walk Home

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This is what happens when she brings her toys to work on a late shift...

I heard his voice in my ear, from the other side of the phone. I'd called after working my shift, a full 8 hour day, to see if he needed me to pick up anything before I headed home. I was walking, because the car has been in the shop for almost a month. I knew it would take me a while to get home, and it was late. I was hoping it would be something simple that he'd need, or nothing at all. My feet were killing me, and at this hour the lines would be horrible.

"Yes, I need some socks. Nothing fancy, just socks." I smiled to myself, he was almost always practical. I'd loved that about him when we'd met.. but tonight, I wanted to splurge. I wanted impractical. So I picked up the socks, and then went to the little section of the store that had condoms and lubes. I found what I was looking for pretty fast. It was a vibrator - small and compact.

I paid for everything and then went to the restroom before starting my long walk home. I lived in town, and the store was on the edge of town. It was about a six mile walk one way, usually took me about an hour and a half, to two hours to walk it. Depending which direction I was going, one way was longer because it was mostly up hill.

So I used the restroom, then dug my butt plug out of my backpack, and opened up the vibe. I put them both in place; the vibe on my front, where it just barely buzzed on my clit, and the plug deep into my ass. I pulled my panties (which were more like short shorts) up and changed into my jeans. Put everything else back into my backpack, washed my hands, and left the restrooms. I said good night to all the people I knew working on the registers, and quickly left the store.

I dug my phone out of my pocket and checked the time. 11:30pm. The parking lot was near empty, and I could see there were very little cars traveling on the highway at this hour. Good thing too, because I'd be walking under the street lights on the edge of the highway, and I didn't want to be swallowing a lot of road crap from the traffic. The ground was soaked, it was raining a bit, but not enough for me to dig my umbrella out just yet. I got to the edge of the parking lot, and my cell phone rang again.

I checked the ID then answered it.

"Hey Hon, I was just leaving... did we need anything else?"

"Yeah, sorry.. We need more sugar, I completely forgot earlier." I could tell he was tired, his voice was strained. He paused to yawn, then continued. "Oh, and some cheese sauce, if you can find it. You know, I like the store brand." I grimaced, this list was getting longer, and none of the rest sounded light weight. I put a smile into my voice, like I'd use at the Customer Service desk, dealing with a difficult customer.

"Sure Hun, sugar and cheese sauce. Anything else?"

"I think that's all. The rest can wait till tomorrow, I just know that you don't work tomorrow, and I have a hankering for nachos." I could hear a slight grin in his voice.

"Ok then, no problem. I'll see you when I get there. Love you," I glanced around the parking lot, there was nobody in my area, or nearby my area.

"Love you too. See you later, Sweetheart."

We hung up, and I went back to the store. The vibe was starting to migrate, and move around - I guess I had gotten myself wet down there without even noticing. I wanted to re-arrange it, but I couldn't without making it obvious , so I just did the shopping he'd asked for. When I was finally in line again the people behind me pressed closer in, and I could almost rub against them if I wasn't careful. That aroused me even more, because nobody knew what was happening below my belt. I felt dirty and a little cheap, but it wasn't enough to make me step out of the line and go back to the bathroom and fix everything again.

When I'd paid for everything, I took it all out to the entry way to rearrange my pack and see if I could make something else fit inside my backpack. Hopefully the heavier stuff. Nope, my pack was stuffed with my work clothes, and the socks I'd bought for Hubby. I was able to fit the jar of cheese in, but I'd have to carry the sugar the old-fashioned way - by hand. I was already regretting buying the 10 lbs bag. I debated taking it back and getting the smaller 5 lb bag, but I was already tired... had been through that line twice, and I was starting to get cranky with everyone.

I picked up the sugar and started out of the parking lot again. I made it to the highway, then remembered that I had wanted to reposition the vibe before I left the store. I shrugged, I'd just have to deal with it, wherever it decided to travel. I mentally checked the plug - yup. Right where it should be.

I walked a couple blocks on the highway, and was to a pretty secluded and quiet area, somewhere between stores. I could feel the vibe working its way forward, toward my clit again. I sucked in a sudden, deep breath as it pressed against my clit while I was walking. I almost stopped, the sensation hit me strongly. I managed to keep walking, but only barely, I stumbled a few steps until I realized what I was doing - I probably looked intoxicated to passing traffic - if there'd been any traffic that had passed me. I quickly looked around, making sure that I was actually alone with myself out there... Nothing had passed me, and it looked like the traffic that was on its way my direction was a pretty good ways back. I sighed, relieved.

The last thing I'd need is to have a cop pull over to check on me in this condition. I don't know if I'd get a ticket, be arrested, or what would happen. I'd never thought about that before I started this adventurous walk of mine. I forced myself to straighten up and walk somewhat normally. I told myself that since I couldn't walk straight, and keep up the pace that I'd get off the highway at the next chance, and walk the sidewalk - even though it's darker and a little more dangerous. I reasoned that this was going to be about as dangerous if not more, if I got caught with something in my pants that wasn't supposed to be there.

By the time I'd gotten to the next road that would take me to the sidewalk, two cars had passed me. I couldn't tell if they were slowing down because they saw me, or if they were in fact slowing down at all.. it just seemed to me that it took a while for them to pass each time. I could have been seeing them in slow motion as well... who knows.?

I turned myself in the direction of the sidewalk, and continued my trip. I could feel the vibe sliding back and forth between my pussy lips... Just getting to the opening of my pussy, then working its way back to my clit. Each step was pushing it one way, then the other. My breathing sped up, and it had nothing to do with the exercise of the walking... everything to do with the building orgasm that was forming in the heat between my legs.

The sidewalk curved away from the highway, and ran a little above it, so I could see clearly what was happening on the roads. But there was no lights back this far off the main highway, and that made me nervous. I'd been walking this path for a month now, and I had some awkward experiences in this area before. A couple weeks ago, there were a couple of guys I had been walking behind, that I lost track of suddenly when they got to a side road. I found them eventually, a few blocks past where I'd lost them.. they were following me instead. And I had pretty much ran to the safety of the highway after that night.

I like adventure and risk, but I don't necessarily like danger and stupidity. So I always walk the highway at night now - except for tonight. Tonight I'm making an exception. I'm not looking for danger, or trouble, but I also know that if I keep to the highway someone will notice that I'm walking weird and call the cops on me.

I get to the first set of buildings, a couple shops and a diner/hotel. The shops are long since closed for the night, and the diner is quiet as well, most of the lights are off inside, but there are a few people outside smoking. I keep my eyes on the sidewalk in front of me, knowing the area has broken pavement and large rocks. That's what I need, I think to myself... Trip over something and someone will notice, and maybe come over to help you. Embarrassing to say the least. I keep walking, but I can hear the people talking softly near the hotel entrance.

Once I'm past them, it's pretty dark and the bushes on the side of the road cast strange shadows across the wet pavement. The Vibe is still pumping across my slit with every step, and the plug is neatly tucked deep inside my ass. Thinking about it stirs my arousal even more, and I wish I wasn't carrying this sugar because I want to reach one hand down my pants and finger myself. I think about it for a few more minutes... after all, it only takes one hand to hold the sugar and one to finger.. but no, it's too risky. What if I trip over a rock or something and need the other hand to catch myself from falling... I don't want to break the sugar bag open, because I tripped.

The next curve in the path takes me right up near the highway again. I'm going to be passing a few more stores, including an all night coffee stand and an all night drive through fast food. Plus there's the 24 hour drug store - that's always busy. So I know there will be at least a few more people to possibly encounter on my walk. I shift the sugar to the other hand again, and try not to bounce too much as I walk down the steep hill.

There is more traffic now, being close to the all night places draws more people. Two cars pass me, and turn into the shopping center. I don't know if I'm walking in a casual way or not, the more I try the more obvious I feel it is that I'm trying. So I stop trying so hard to be casual, and I just concentrate on pushing forward on my journey past all the people and lights. I hear a horn sound behind me, and I turn automatically to see if I know the vehicle it's coming from. I don't, so I turn back around, figuring they must have been honking at someone else. A few seconds later, the same truck pulls over to the side of the roadway and then I know... Someone is going to offer me a ride. I ease around beside the truck on the passenger side, and the window is already rolled down. A guy in his mid 30's (I'd guess) is grinning at me from the drivers' seat. He's not at all unattractive.

"Where you headed?" He asks.

"I'm heading to Smithson Ave." I reply, even though I know I'll have to turn down the ride. I couldn't think fast enough to have given a false destination. I mentally curse myself for that slip up.

"Oh, I'm heading just past there, you want a lift?" He waves his hand inside the truck in an invitation. I look at the ground real fast, not wanting to keep the eye contact steady. I notice the rain drops splashing in the puddles already on the sidewalk. The vibe working on my clit, because I'd stopped mid-step, and shifting my weight wasn't helping to move it off. Any other time I may have jumped at this opportunity, but tonight... I wasn't going to be safe taking a ride from this attractive guy, with a vibe going, and a butt plug in. I was already really sexually excited, and if he gave a chance to make a move without it being too awkward I'd go for it. I knew I had to say no.

"Um, I appreciate the offer. I think I'm gonna walk it though. Thank you for asking." I stammer out. I know my face is reddening - I'm fighting off embarrassment, and an orgasm. And if he stays much longer I'm going to just get in the truck and go with him.

"You sure? It's a helluva night to be out walking." He gestures to the rain, and I can feel that I'm already partially soaked through.

"Yes, but thank you." I say then turn and start walking again. I don't dare look back, for fear that I'll see he watching me walk. I know I'm not walking normally now, I'm too close to orgasm to care either. I take a deep breath, and hold it until I hear his truck pulling back out onto the highway. He waves as he passes me. I wave back, though he's already gone past.

My momentum as been broken, and the rhythm has been shattered. I try to get it back, I want the vibe to go back and forth, front to back in my pussy slit again. Now I'm frustrated. I'm upset because I lost the majority of my building orgasm, and that I turned down what will probably be the only ride I'm offered tonight. And I'm frustrated because I'm only halfway through my walk, and the rest of it will be harder, because it's uphill from here. And I feel the cold wet now that the orgasm is waning. And now I'm just miserable.

I decide that I'll stop at the gas station across the road and clean up and put stuff away. It's not until I'm already inside the restroom at the gas station that I realize that there is no way I'm going to be able to fit these items back inside the backpack. It's too full of other stuff. My jacket pockets have a bad habbit of spilling things out. There's only one option. They have to go back where they were, or I risk having them seen by everyone.

I sigh, and put the plug back in. And then I stick the vibe up inside my pussy, hoping that I'll be able to keep it inside and keep my pace up and get home quickly. I have no intention of turning the vibe on, but as I'm pushing it in the vibe starts up. I figure, what the heck, and leave it alone. I pull up my panties, jeans and then wash off my hands. I gather everything back up, and head out of the gas station. When I get a few steps outside the door, I can see there are a few people around, either getting gas, or just smoking or whatever. I tuck my head down and continue. I check back several times over my shoulder, and nobody follows. I breathe a deep sigh of relief and keep walking.

The vibe keeps bumping against the plug, deep inside, sending vibrations not only throughout my vagina, but also down the plugs shaft, to my ass hole. A whole new sensation, a whole new turn on. I keep my pace up, but pull out my phone to check the time. 12:20am. I've been walking for nearly an hour, and I should be further toward home by now. Too many delays, too many errant directions. I need to pick up the pace by a lot, and take a few shortcuts to make it home before 1.

I cut across another stores parking lot, and head around the back of it. Then take a quiet side street down for two blocks, and turn toward my street. The entire trip is lighted, though some of the lights are pretty far between. There are a lot of bushes close to the sidewalk, and I've seen random people out walking their dogs at this hour, so I'm careful to watch my surroundings.

Up ahead, I see there are two people walking on the same side of the road as I'm on. I'm not too worried about them, because they're pretty far ahead still. I continue to feel the vibe hitting the plug, the sensations making it difficult to concentrate on much else. I can feel myself building toward another orgasm, and I can't believe it's happening so fast.

As I continue my walking, I notice that the two people are actually getting closer, so they're walking toward me. I'm still trying to figure out why that's important information, when all I can think about is the echoing vibrations running the length of the butt plug. Suddenly, I realize that I recognize those figures as the male variety - still too dark and too far away to see much else. Somehow that both excites me and frightens me at the same time. They have seen me, I know because they've gotten quieter in their talking. And one breaks away from the other, and crosses the street. They're still walking toward me, just now I don't have an option of crossing the street to avoid them.

For a brief minute I consider turning around and going back to the busier streets of town, but then I see the one who crossed the street turn into a driveway and I feel somewhat relieved. I could think better if I could get the vibe out, but I don't really want to make it obvious that my hand is down my pants.. plus, I'd have to stand at an odd angle to get it out now. No, I need to just get past whoever this is, and get home, so I can take care of this. Now, do I cross the street, or just continue on this side? Does it really matter anyway?

He's getting closer now, and I can see that he's about the same height as I am, and a bit muscular in build. Too late now to cross the street, we're passing each other practically. It'd be rude to cross now. So I nod to him as we pass each other, and then tuck my head down and hurry up the street. We pass so close to each other that I can smell the soft perfume of his aftershave. The smell lingers, and mixed with my already heightened sexual readiness, it pushes me over the edge to my orgasm.

I feel it hit me full on, the powerful explosion of heat and wetness that rushes out of my pussy, flooding my panties, and oozing down my leg. I bite my lip hard to stop myself from moaning loudly, and slow down my steps... My legs turning to pudding with the force of the orgasm. I'm amazed that I'm still standing, let alone walking at all.

The guy I just passed, turns and looks over his shoulder at me, and catches me looking at him as well. I'm not sure what he sees, but he smiles and then turns back around and slowly walks away from me. The vibe still inside, because there's no place to stop and take it out. I feel the mini shocks from the huge orgasm I'd just had... and any thought of the happenings of tonight, make for smaller orgasms all the way home.

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