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The Salesman Chapter 1

Tags: toys, oral
Mark's adventure as a sex toy salesman
Michelle was a hard one to crack. She was the purchase manager of one of the largest sex shop chains in the north of England. He had met her a number of times and so far never managed to sell her anything. She appeared interested in his stock but told him if he could demonstrate how the toys and equipment worked in a more practical fashion she would be more minded to purchase some of his items. He just had to figure out how to show her that his firm’s items were better than anyone else’s. 

Let me explain, he, Mark, sells sex toys and accessories. You name it he sells it; vibrators, nipple rings, blow up dolls, butt plugs and all the bondage kit you can think of. He only got this job three weeks ago after picking up a lady called Julie at a bar. He had spent the previous five months unemployed since his last sales job for a photo-copy company fell through. They spent the night fucking each other into oblivion but found time between bouts of frenzied passion to discuss what they did. She turned out to be the owner of a new sex toys distribution firm and offered him a job; he would be the last of five sales reps she was employing.

However things had not been going too well. He was just about selling enough to keep his job but it would not be long before he got the boot if his sales did not increase quickly. He knew that if he could find a new way of displaying and demonstrating his wares he was in with a chance of scoring it big.

Mark went to bed that night in his hotel in York, North Yorkshire with one of the local girls he had managed to charm into staying the night with him. He managed this by promising that he would let her play with his demo toys. She had let him use some of the bondage gear on her. Once he had finished putting this on he stood back to look at her.

She was laid on the bed with her head highly placed on three pillows. She had a purple velvet blindfold covering her eyes and a small ball gag in her mouth. Her hands were handcuffed to the bed post and nipple clamps were tightly gripping onto her erect cherry red nipples. Leading from the connecting wire between the clamps was a thin metal chain tightly attached to a special connector on a five inch dildo, which he had pushed nearly to its limit in her shaven cunt. He could see her puffy lips trying their best to circle round the end of the dildo, dragging it in and out as her breaths became slowly heavier. Her lightly tanned skin showing beads of sweat all over that were beginning to gather between her large breasts.

Only ten minutes before he had been kissing, sucking and lightly biting her nipples to make them as large and erect as possible, while at the same time slowly inserting one, then two fingers into her tight pussy to prepare her for the dildo. Mark still had on his boxer shorts but these had been pushed out to the front due to his distended thick seven inch cock trying to force its way out.

Mark had in his hand a wireless remote for the dildo. This controlled the speed of the vibration and the twist of the movable end. This dildo was brand new to the market and one of the specific items he vehemently hoped to sell in great numbers soon. The dildo had two dials with settings up to six for each of them. The dial on the left was for different vibration speeds and the right hand dial had settings for the speed and movement of the movable end to add the extra twist. He already had both dials set for two.

He could see she was enjoying the experience, her body was beginning to undulate on the bed. Mark turned up both dials to number three and watched her reaction. Then quickly through four to five. By now she was pulling at her cuffed hands, saliva pushing its way out past the ball gag and loud moans emanating from within. Her whole body was pulsating on the bed and due to this the chain between the nipple clamps and the dildo constantly pulling and going slack adding to the experience.

He stood and watched her getting slowly closer and closer to orgasm. Mark pulled out his cock and began lazily stroking himself thinking it was one of the most erotic sights he had ever seen. He moved closer and touched the girl’s pussy, it was dripping wet and a sweet smelling musk permeated the air around her body.

He knelt next to the girl and reached out to undo the ball gag. Once it came off the girl immediately began calling out, nearly shouting how her pussy was on fire. Mark bent his head down close to her ear and began nibbling on it, taking short breaks to whisper how he was going to use her mouth as a fuck hole for his cock.

Immediately she began to moan louder and stick her tongue out as if searching for his cock. He once again placed his hand down by her shaven cunt and gathered up her escaping juices and placed them deep into her mouth. Her tongue began lashing his fingers and her lips clamped down hard as she sucked her own cunt juices off his fingers. He pulled his fingers out and smeared what was left of her juices onto her face below her nose so she could smell herself.

Mark then stood on the bed and moved his body round so that he was straddling her but slightly bent legged. He took hold of his penis with his right hand, which had begun to leak thick, creamy pre-cum, and gently continued wanking until a large amount of his juices gathered at the end. At the same time with his right hand he gathered the girls long dirty blond hair into a ball to gain purchase for what he was about to do.

Slowly he moved the end of his now throbbing rod closer to her mouth which once again had her tongue snaked out darting back and forth like a cobra searching for its prey. Mark placed his bell end just before her tongue and allowed it to find him. Her tongue swirled around his head smothering it with his own juices and hers.

Keeping his body still he slowly pulled her head forward and penetrated the entrance to her mouth. Her lips quickly clamped down on his thick cock and trapped it within her fiery hot mouth. She tried to move forward to take more than just his cock end into her mouth but he held her still.

Mark looked down at the girl he had not bothered to learn the name of. With a quiet but commanding voice told her that she was his slut and once again he was going to fuck her mouth like he was using her dildo filled fuck hole. With this he began rocking his body backwards and forwards and slowly pushed his cock further and further into the depths of her mouth. He could feel her hot breath being pushed out in short intervals from her nose as his cock took up most of the space of her mouth.

By the time he had half of his cock in her mouth he felt the back of her throat and heard her choke. Mark withdrew slightly then once again pushed his hard cock forward pulling her slutty hot mouth further forward onto his cock.

After a few attempts he could feel her throat opening so bucked his hips forward in one quick move. He felt her trying to pull her head back but held her in place. He slowly withdrew his cock from her throat and then slid it back down again. This time he could feel her throat contact against his sensitive bulbous head.

Mark continued this action for the next few minutes, feeling her hot throat muscles clenching and releasing around his shaft. It wasn’t long before he noticed the breathing from her nose getting quicker and being pushed out with more force. He knew it wasn’t because he had his slick cock jammed right down her throat, her orgasm was close at hand.

He grabbed the dildo remote with his left hand whilst continuing to pummel her mouth, his heavy cum laden balls slapping against her saliva coated chin. Quicker he went forcing his cock deeper and harder into her starving mouth.

Mark began to feel the all too familiar tingle beginning at the bottom of his balls. He looked down quickly through sweat covered eyes to see her head being forcefully thrust back and forth, the dildo deep within her cunt and nipples being raggedly pulled down by the taught cold metal chain.

Mark felt her body begin to stiffen so he pushed his cum filled cock as far down her throat as possible and at the same time pinning her head onto the head board of the bed. Turning both dials on the dildo remote to the maximum he could immediately feel her body respond.

He quickly threw the remote onto the bed, grabbed her head and like a jackhammer began pounding once again into her drool filled mouth. Within seconds he could feel her body stiffen like a board, her throat contracting around his hardened tool, gripping it in place and feel her trying to scream with nowhere for it to go.

It was at this point that he felt his cock expand outwards, thick ropey spunk exploded out and down her deep vibrating throat. He could feel her body rack with tremors as her own orgasm continued on and on, the vibrator never stopping, ever probing with its movable head.

Mark held his dick down her throat until he could feel he had emptied himself down her cum receptacle and slowly withdrew his cock. As soon as his deflating penis was removed she gave an enormous groan of pleasure. He moved back to watch what appeared to be one long never ending orgasm. Her body shook from head to toe, her tits being pulled down and inward by the clamps and chain attached to her bright red but purple ended nipples.

Looking at her well stuffed twat he saw the dildo had been fully swallowed, the only evidence of it being there the chain pulled taught along her juice smeared slit, rubbing against her massively protruding and engorged clit. A large wet area visible just below where her own pussy juice had leaked and sprayed onto the bed.

After watching for a minute this gorgeous slutty girl still in the throes of orgasmic passion whimpering loudly as her pussy was abused by the dildo a new thought entered his mind. A way in which to display and demonstrate his stock. He was brought out of this new thought by the stuttering plea to turn off the dildo.

Ten minutes later they were both laid in bed, her mouth lazily sucking on his flacid dick, his hand caressing her hair while he looked at the ceiling planning which of his sex loving friends would willingly help him show Michelle the practical applications of his merchandise.

To be continued in ‘The salesman chapter 2 “The Auditions!”’


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