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The Salesman Chapter 2 The Auditions!

The continued sexual adventures of a sex toy salesman
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All characters named and any actions taken are fictional.

Mark looked at the four girls he had before him. All of them had previously shared his bed over the past few years and he had enjoyed being with them. Two of the girls, Ingrid and Jasmine were currently unemployed and in need of money. The other two girls, Veronica and Debbie were rather better well off and did not exactly need any extra money.

Previously Mark had visited one of the largest sex shop chains in the north of England and had failed to sell any of his items (these being sex toys and accessories). He had met the purchase manager, Michelle and been rebuffed a number of times but told if he could find a way to practically display his wares she would be more minded to purchase some. Whilst having a night of fun with a girl at the hotel he was staying at he came across the idea of personally employing a couple of ladies to help him display his wares in a practical way.

He had already held a number of ‘auditions’ with girls he did not know and found it hard to gain the girls trust to allow him to fuck them and show off the many items for sale on them, so he came upon the idea of having ex girlfriends or girls he had enjoyed the ‘friends with benefits’ relationship with to help him in his business idea.

The four girls were in a pub in Barnsley, South Yorkshire not far from where he hoped to have his auditions with the girls if they were interested. Mark only needed two girls but thought he had better check out a couple more as they were not guaranteed to agree to his idea. After a couple of drinks he mentioned that he was currently working for a sex toy distribution firm, working as a salesman. The girls found it funny and joked about trying out his items. Five minutes later and two of the girls had declined his request for an audition but two had stayed. Another hour later the two girls, Ingrid and Jasmine were stepping through the front door of a rented cottage Mark had taken over for a week, he had two days left with it.

Ingrid was descended of Norwegian stock, short blond hair, beautiful smile and large breasts. Jasmine however was the exact opposite, an ebony goddess descended from Caribbean lineage, long dark hair, smallish breasts and legs that went on forever. Both girls had initially balked at the idea just like Veronica and Debbie but they both needed the money quite desperately as jobs were scarce due to the financial downturn.

After another quick drink both the girls were naked and stood in front of Mark in the living room. They had discussed in the car drive to the cottage what was needed and the first thing was for the girls to be happy with each other, both being naked and spending time with each other. Tentatively the girls touched each other, the stark contrast of the different skin colours outstanding to Mark. Within a couple of minutes they were both laid on the thick carpeted floor, kissing, sucking each other’s breasts and letting their hands explore the dark damp parts of each other’s body.

With an expanding cock Mark left them to it, to explore each other’s body and enjoy being with each other.

After an hour the girls came into the kitchen, both covered in a sheen of sweat and holding hands. He handed them a glass of wine each and watched as they both drank quickly, obviously thirsty after the fun they had had together. On the kitchen table Mark had placed a number of sex toys and accessories which the girls stared at with apparent excitement and trepidation. Both Ingrid’s and Jasmines nipples seemed to expand and deepen in colour before his eyes. Mark explained that these items were some of the ones he wished to pitch to Michelle and they would be practicing their presentation over the next two days.

He picked up two items, one pink and one black, cleared the rest of the items off the table and told the two girls to bend over it. Mark moved behind the two girls and admired the view in front of him. Both Ingrid and Jasmine had their legs slightly apart which gave an excellent view of their pussies and more importantly their little stars. Jasmines bottom was slightly bigger and more rounded while Ingrid’s bottom was smaller but very taught. The two items he had in his hands were the latest design of butt plugs. From previous experience he knew Jasmine had enjoyed having his cock in her Anus but he had never tried it with Ingrid. He moved forward to caress both of their sexy arses, one hand on each. He could feel their excitement as they both shivered at his touch. Mark felt both of their bottoms push back slightly against the pressure he was placing on them. Slowly and simultaneously he ran his fingers between the top of their bum cracks and down towards their dark stars.

Mark gently let his fingers caress each rear opening for a minute before moving on further down to their pussies. Both of the girls were extremely wet after their tryst together just minutes before. He slipped two fingers straight into their snatches and felt both girls tense for a second then relax. He could feel the warmth radiating equally from each pussy. Ingrid gave a low growl after he penetrated her pussy and Jasmine mewed like a cat.

Using the juices from their own pussies he circled each of their rear entrances putting a small amount of pressure on each. Both girls pushed back eagerly and moved their heads together to kiss each other. Mark could see their tongues duelling together as they pushed their lips forcefully on to each other. He could not believe his luck that both girls were happy for him to place these items into their dark back passage. Slowly he managed to slip a finger into each bottom up to the knuckle but struggled to further penetrate each of the girls due to the position they were in. Mark could see that he would have to take things more slowly with Ingrid so due to Jasmine sharing her anal delights previously he decided to first place a plug in her then move onto Ingrid.

Pulling his fingers out of both girls’ arses he moved behind Jasmine and told Ingrid to watch as he prepared Jasmine. Slowly kneeling down behind Jasmine, Mark once again placed his fingers in her vagina to gather more of her slick juices. He then leant forward and using his tongue slowly licked around her puckering hole. Within a couple of minutes he had manipulated two fingers fully into her star while gently kissing around both cheeks. His fingers were squeezed together tightly and he could feel her muscles gradually relaxing against the rare pressure pushing in the wrong direction. Ingrid stood transfixed as Mark played with Jasmine’s star, her own fingers had migrated down through her neatly trimmed blonde pubic hair to stroke her clit, gently squeezing and circling around.

Mark withdrew his fingers from Jasmine’s dark hole, gave it a quick kiss and lick and collected more pussy juice which he used to lubricate the pink plug. Slowly applying pressure once again to Jasmines bum hole he manoeuvred the plug to her opening. Within a minute of slow pressure and gentle tickling of her clit the plug was sucked in with a loud squelch. Mark then turned to Ingrid and looked her straight in the eyes and told her to bend over the table. Within five minutes Ingrid had the black plug fitting snugly in her bottom. Both girls stood up, Ingrid smiled coyly at Mark and then looked at Jasmine with lust in her eyes. Jasmine looked back, reached out one hand to Ingrid’s pussy and the other to her left breast and began caressing both. Mark watched them touch each other in their lustful groping, moved forward and began fondling one of each girl’s breasts himself. They both looked at him and smiled. He asked them both if they were ok with what had happened so far, wanting to make sure they were comfortable with what had gone on so far. Jasmine nodded, her beautiful dark hair swaying from side to side and a look of pure lust in her eyes. Ingrid just slowly knelt onto the floor undid Mark’s trouser belt, button and zip and pulled them down past his knees. Jasmine taking Ingrid’s lead knelt down as well and helped her to pull down his tight boxer shorts that had a large wet ring around where his cock head had been.

Ingrid leant in and slowly licked the end of Marks cock, Jasmine using her hands took his balls into her tender care, slightly squeezing and caressing them. Ingrid looking like an angel on her knees began bobbing slowly on his fully erect penis taking more and more into her mouth. Jasmine placed one of her hands onto the bottom of Mark’s shaft and slowly began moving up and down at the same pace as Ingrid’s hot mouth. Within a minute Ingrid had taken half of his cock into her bobbing mouth, using her tongue to lash the sensitive head on every pull up. Over the next five minutes both girls sucked, wanked and licked Mark’s cock until he was close to emptying his balls. Mark then took matters into his own hands literally, he pulled both girls heads pack and angled them up, looking at him.

Both girls knew what would happen next so opened their mouths and told him to cum over their faces. Within a minute and with both girls exultations in his ears Mark arched his back, took aim with his cock and let forth a stream of white cream. The first spurt missed both girls completely, landing on the floor as it shot past both of their open mouths. The next spurts he sprayed over Ingrid and Jasmine’s willing faces, using his cock like a fire hose, the girl’s tongues moving around trying to capture some of the salty liquid into their mouths. When there was only a trickle left trying to push its way out of his cock Jasmine lent forward and took the whole of it into her mouth, forcing it down her throat to allow her muscles there to milk out all that was left.

Once Jasmine let Mark’s cock go free she turned to Ingrid and smiled. Ingrid moved forward and began kissing and licking her face, cleaning up the present of salty liquid. For the next minute both girls cleaned each other’s face off, using both fingers and tongues to make sure all of the juice was removed from their beautiful faces. Once they had finished Mark led them back into the living room and had them get on all fours on the carpet, both facing the same way next to each other. Once again Mark gave them both a drink of wine which they slowly drank to replenish their sexual energy.

Mark once again took the time to stare at their bottoms noticing the plugs pulse with the girl’s obvious excitement. He had brought with him the two other items he wished to pitch in the ‘practical fashion’ at the upcoming meeting. The first was two sets of the dildo and nipple clamps he had used on the girl in York, the second was a flesh coloured bendy double ended dildo. Both girls had turned their faces towards each other and began to kiss whilst using one hand each to caress and squeeze each other’s breasts. Mark knelt behind Ingrid and began sliding his dick up and down her hot wet snatch whilst at the same time caressing Jasmines beautiful ebony rear end. After indicating his intention and getting the go ahead Mark slid his cock slowly but without stopping into Ingrid’s tight hole slowly sliding in and out seeing her silky juices coating his shaft as he fucked her. After a minute of doing this he changed positions and knelt behind Jasmine and just like before slid his hard cock into her sticky pot of honey once again watching her shiny juices coat his cock..

Ten minutes later Mark was on the verge of shooting his cum in which ever girl he happened to be in at the time. Both Jasmine and Ingrid were now kneeling with their heads down on the carpet facing each other kissing. Slowly, not wanting to finish yet Mark slid his cock out of Ingrid and move to where he had left the double ended dildo. Taking some flavoured lubricating oil he smothered each end of the dildo and moved in front of the girls. Both of them had cum at least twice since he had fucked them alternatively and were showing their enjoyment of this in their eyes. Mark asked them to move round facing each other and placed the dildo in Jasmines hands. Without saying a word both girls picked up an end of the dildo each and began sucking hard, savouring the flavoured oil on it. Mark then told them when they were ready to pass him back the double dildo and to turn away from each other but link their legs with enough room for him to place the double ended dildo in each of their pussies.

Within a minute the girls were in position and Mark carefully placed each end just inside of their pussies. Both girls then automatically began pushing back towards each other, forcing more and more of the thick dildo into their love canals. From the angle he was he could see that both girls pussy lips were stretching and contracting with each push backwards and forwards. After a couple of minutes of watching both girls rocking backwards and forwards and their arses were pushed up against one another Mark then reached down and grabbed hold of the anal plugs. He began slowly moving them round in a circle and gently massaging them in and out carefully. Mark’s cock which had begun to recover from fucking both girls minutes before once again gave him the feeling of wanting to erupt. The girls began rocking backwards and forwards slowly at first but gradually building up speed. Just by holding onto the anal plugs Mark could feel it grazing against the dildo through the thin layer of skin that separated both holes. Both Jasmine and Ingrid were moaning and hissing as their enjoyment of the experience built up inside them.

Mark carefully watching both girl’s movements and listening to their lusty noises could tell that both women would soon be ready for a massive orgasm. Letting go of Ingrid’s plug for a moment he reached between both girls and felt both of their pussies. Streams of thick liquid was leaking from both cunts and dripping onto the carpet of the rented cottage. Mark put his fingers to his mouth to taste the girls mixed juices and then moved his hand back onto the plug and carried on playing with it, which was just as well as both girls began moaning and screaming together as if the world was about to end. At that moment he pulled out the anal plugs as fast as he could. The reaction of both girls was amazing, both pushed back at the same time forcing all of the double ended dildo right up into their pussies, pushing on both of their cervixes. A loud keening sound then came flying out of Jasmines mouth while Ingrid’s face went bright red with only a large exhale of air being heard from her mouth.

Seconds later Jasmine fell forward panting heavily onto the carpet making quiet mewing sounds like a new born kitten. Ingrid was left with the double ended dildo gripped tightly in her pussy, her body still moving backwards and forward slowly lay down on her side, her face red eyes closed. Mark his cock in his hand, wanked himself off vigorously and once again unable to hold on any longer once again sprayed both girls with his thick hot creamy spunk.

An hour later all three were laid naked, worn out in the queen size bed in Marks rented cottage bedroom, quietly talking about how to incorporate the dildo and nipple clamps and possibly other items into the presentation that was two days away.

To be continued in The salesman chapter 3 “Presentation time”

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