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The Unexpected Salesman

Casual Encounter

She sipped her coffee by the window and watched the people pass by, contained in their own busyness. Then, from out of nowhere, she spotted a smart looking stranger coming up her driveway carrying a small case.

"Oh Lord, I hope it isn't another one of those Jehovah's," she mumbled to herself. "I'm not up to that this early in the morning."

Despite the prayer , she saw him approach her door and ring the bell. She considered not answering it and even hiding, but after taking another look at him, she let temptation get the better of her. Despite a broken nose, he was good looking and had an air of confidence and a smile that intrigued her. Through the screen door she caught a slight hint of his cologne . She wasn't sure of the brand, but like his coat, it was obviously expensive. Rich and good looking probably meant he was safe to talk to. At least it was sufficient enough reason to continue standing there. She smiled and waited for him to speak and state his business.

"I am here as a follow-up to your enquiries for on-line toys. Our company records show that on certain dates, you have accessed web pages, featuring our latest toys. I'm here to demonstrate them, and if you are interested, give you a special . . . by the way, my name is Alan."

Making a quick decision, she invited him in. She couldn't have her neighbours listening or seeing what he was selling. Leading him to the dinning room, she invited him to sit down. She was curious to see what he had to offer and so was the suddenly aching juncture between her thighs. ‘But surely,’ she thought, ‘he can't possibly mean he is going to demonstrate his toys on me. Or could he?’

Excusing herself, she headed for the kitchen to make up a tray up with some coffee and biscuits. All the while, her mind was racing and she wondered if she should dig out her credit card and have it ready just in case. After all, he was here to sell product, not satisfy her usual early morning secret cravings.

Returning, she poured him coffee and took his brochure as he explained, that despite the prices listed, today, he could make her a special offer. Just thinking about what he meant by that, made her hot, and that was a massive understatement. As she handed him a biscuit his hand held on to hers, and he gazed deep into her eyes as if seeking permission. She nodded in the affirmative as her pussy began to do somersaults and her nipples became erect and hard. She could not recall ever being so aroused from so little. It took only one look at the gleam in his eye to fully convince her that this man had more than selling product on his mind. As if to confirm her thoughts, he pointed down at the big bulge in his trousers. She moved close to him, and whispered in his ear.

"I want you to demonstrate your toys for me. Teach me all about them."

Looking down her satin blouse he got a full view of her black lacy Victoria Secret's push-up bra. His leg bumped hers knowingly, as he stroked her matching silk stockings and worked his hand up under her garter belt to explore her bare flesh. Through it all, he carried on smiling and talking in a business like tone of voice. The ultimate salesman she thought. Getting up from the table, she attempted to regain her composure and asked him a question about the popularity of his products. Rather than giving her a direct answer, his reply was that he would demonstrate all the products and that would answer all her questions.

"Show don't tell," is our company motto he proudly told her. "That's our company policy. But what I need you to do is to show me the toys you already own. Then I can properly demonstrate the differences."

"Of course. They are upstairs in my bedroom, give me a minute and I will pack them in my overnight bag and bring them down."

Upon returning, she found he had covered the dining table in a black velvet cloth and had laid out an array of his company's toys and exotic lubricants. He had closed the dinning room drapes and lit the candelabra in the middle of the table. Taking the bag from her, he sat it on a nearby stand and proceeded to examine each one briefly and listen to her comments about what she did and didn't like about each one. Within a few minutes, he had a good idea of what products in his line, to show her, ones that could do a better job. He zipped her case back up and sat it under the table and tenderly took her by the arm to walk her around the table.

"The best way to gauge the products best suited for you, is to have me demonstrate our comparable products . . . "

Taking her hand, he helped her up onto the table. Then putting a cushion under her head, he walked around and unzipped her skirt.

Placing his finger on her damp panties he said, "I can see, we better get these out of the way, by the looks of them, I don't think we will need any lubrication, but let's see . . ."

With her panties discarded, he began to introduce the toys to one by one. Immediately she found herself simply lying back and enjoying it all. Any inhibitions she originally felt, disappeared. As he demonstrated their various uses, she blissfully lost count of her orgasms. Occasionally she found his fingers inside her, and when he demonstrated the anal one, he used his lubed finger with such proficiency, that she hadn't even noticed the toy inside her or was that both holes. But it was when he removed her bra, when he tried the latest nipple arouser, that she lost total control. She moaned loudly and reached out for the fly of his trousers and made a grab for his zip. Released, and his thick rock-hard erection was free, he helped her down from the table, where they settled into the velvety plush carpet. There he tenderly spread her legs and removed her stockings, sopping wet from her cumming over and over again.

"I needed you to get those off," she moaned placing the flavored condom he handed her on his cock with her teeth.

"Baby, I can't wait any longer to feel you inside me, you make me feel like I’ve won the lottery. Let me collect my winnings. Fuck me now for real . . . don't make me wait any longer . . ."

She was so moist, at first, she could hardly feel him, but as she dug her nails into him she had one final earth-shattering climax and clamped down hard on him and thrust hard over and over again. That did it. He lost all control and let loose.

"Oh fuck, yes, yes, oh yes, gawd yes! Ohhhhh yeah, just like that, baby. Yessssss!"

On his final groan, his Blackberry started to hum. Collapsed against her hot wet body, he reluctantly raised his head to take a glimpse and found he was at the wrong house. His boss was looking for him. As he put himself together and threw together his salesman's kit, he leaned over and kissed his newfound lover goodbye.

"Darling, I am going to have to complete your order another day . . . "

Watching him walk down the path to his car, she smiled and sat back down by the window with another cup of coffee, the best one she had ever drank.

"What a great day," she whispered. "And it's barely begun."

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