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The Weekend - Part Seven

Gail experiences teasing and anal
I woke with Gail nestled next to me.

“I’m awake,” she said

“How are you feeling?”

“I panicked a little, sorry,” she admitted. “I’m a little embarrassed.”

“That’s okay,” I said, “You’re okay now.”

“I know,” she said, lifting her head off of my chest and rolling onto her back.

“I’m sorry I cried. I’ve never done that before. I must have put on a good show. And now my pussy does hurt.”

“Well, when you’re up for it, we can watch it on video,” I suggested.

“I’m not sure I want to see myself on video just yet. Maybe later.” she said.

“We’ve done just about everything on your list. Why don’t we have some dinner and watch a movie or go into the city?”

“I’d like something to eat, but do we have to get out of bed?” she asked.

“Okay, room service it is.”

Gail was satisfied with just a sandwich and something to drink. I was hungry and ordered dinner and a bottle of wine. A glass or two of wine would be good for both of us.

We stayed in bed until room service knocked on the door. Gail jumped out of bed and into the bathroom to shower. I put on some pants and a shirt and answered the door. This time I tipped the guy right at the door and moved the cart into the room myself. I set up the food and poured us each a glass of wine. Out of the bathroom she came, wearing her robe and drying her hair.

The wine, as I had hoped, mellowed us out.

After dinner, we lay on the bed and Gail snuggled against me.

“What do you say?” I asked, “Want to watch a movie?”

“I want to do what you want to do,” she responded.

“I know you’re sore. Why don’t we just relax and watch a movie?”

“Is there porn?” she asked. “We could watch some porn.”

I handed the TV remote to her. “Find us something good to watch.”

I got up and showered. When I returned, Gail was already watching a movie. I got on the bed, sat with my head against the headboard, and she nestled in between my legs and laid her head back on my chest. We joked with each other as we watched the movie.

“Mmmmmm, he’s bigger than you,” she said pointing and laughing.

“She can do three guys at the same time. Can you do that?” I joked.

The movie had the mandatory facial. Gail looked back at me and said, “Did you ever take a picture when you came on my face?”

“No,” I said. “If you remember, I could hardly get up off the floor. I wasn’t thinking of a picture.”

“I want a picture like that,” she said. “I also need to take some pictures that I can show my girlfriends; something that proves that we were really here.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” I said. “Pictures that….”

She cut me off, jumped off the bed, rummaged around in her bag and brought back a silver ring with a blue oval stone and yellow diamonds on either side.

“This is my girlfriend’s ring; it’s one of a kind,” she explained.

Gail wanted that ring in a picture so her friend would know the picture was real.

“And showing her the pictures of you naked on the bed isn’t enough?” I asked.

“I’m not showing them those pictures!” she said with a laugh. “I’ll show them pictures of you and pictures that include this ring, but I’m not going to show my friends the pictures you took of my pussy and tits.”

“Pictures of me?” I asked, with more than a little bit of curiosity.

“Yeah, I want to take pictures of your cock,” she said, like it was something we had planned all along.

When the movie was over, Gail slid over to my side, slipped her robe off her shoulders exposing her tits, and slid her hand under my robe, grasping my erection. She squeezed the shaft which caused a small stream of pre-cum to ooze out and run down over her fingers and hand.

“We could take pictures tonight,” she suggested.

“We could take pictures of your cock tonight, and when you’re ready you can cum on my face again and then take some pictures,” she said, excited about her plan.

I got out of bed, found the camera on the floor next to the bed, sat on the side of the bed and showed Gail how to use the camera. She took a couple of practice pictures, and then told me to sit on the sofa chair and just relax. My love muscle had wilted and needed some attention before it was ready to be photographed

Gail lightly stroked my manhood, and then licked and sucked on the head and shaft, making the head and about one-third of the shaft all red and shiny. When I was fully erect, and pre-cum was dribbling out of and down the head, she took her pictures. There were close ups of my fully erect cock; pictures of the swollen head; my cock and balls; and pre-cum running out and down the shaft. I watched her enthusiasm and excitement taking pictures of my cock from every angle for her friends.

“Here, put my vibrator next to it so they can see how big you are.”

“Take a picture with my hand around it.”

Then she wanted her “proof” picture. I suggested we take another picture just like the one we had just taken.

“Put the ring on your finger, wrap your fingers around my cock and we’ll take a picture of the ring on your finger encircling my cock.” She put the ring on her finger and wrapped her fingers around my shaft. Several pictures later, she had her “proof” shots.

I put the ring on the coffee table, took her hand and led her to the bed. As she lay on the bed, I arranged my “supplies”, my erection bobbing around as I moved.

Tossing the blindfold to her, I said, “Put this on and lay on your stomach.”

I knew Gail was sore, and that her body was telling her to take some time off. But I also knew that wanted her, I was turned on by her taking pictures of my cock, and that she was turned on by taking the pictures and the thought of showing the pictures to her friends.

Gail had wanted to explore the subject of teasing again, and this was a good time to slowly explore her limits. What worked and what didn’t work. And, how long could she last before she had to get her release?

A massage with the knit gloves helped her to relax, and eased her into an evening of blindfolded pleasure.

Her sense of sight having been removed, her body was now very sensitive to touch. The slightly rough texture of the knitted gloves brought a wonderful, relaxing tingling sensation to her whole body. For the most part, I stayed away from her sensitive parts. But brushing the fingers of the gloves over a nipple, or along the crack of her ass, or along her pussy lips, generated a moan and let her know where we were headed. Massaging her tits and nipples with the rough material of the knit gloves brought more moans of pleasure.

While she was on her back, I dragged the silk-like scarf over her hard nipples, again and again. She arched her back and neck with pleasure.

“Oooohhhh,” I like that.

I bent Gail’s legs back, folded the scarf into a long, thin strip, about an inch wide, and slid the scarf between her pussy lips. Holding each end of the strip, I slowly slid the scarf up and down the length of her slit. The scarf rubbed over her clit, eliciting even more moans of pleasure. When I stopped, she asked for more and pinched and pulled on her nipples.

“That feels so good. Do it some more.”

“Do it faster.”

“Do it harder”

“Fuck that feels good”

“Faster! Do it faster!”

“Aaaaaahhhh, yes, yes”

I stopped to let her calm down and because the scarf had become soaked with her juices.

I rolled her onto her stomach and teased her with the big feathers. Slight touches along her neck, in the small of her back, and along the back of her knees and legs.

“Mmmmmm! That feels good!”

Spreading her ass cheeks, I tickled her hole with the end of the feather. She pushed her ass up to meet the feather tip and moaned loudly with pleasure. She liked having her ass played with, and wanted more. The tip of a feather playing on her asshole tickled, but her loud moans indicated that it also brought her great pleasure.

For several minutes I spread the cheeks of her ass with one hand while I continued to tickle her asshole with the tip of the feather. She grabbed at the bed covers with her hands, moved her ass up and moaned loudly.

“Fuck, yes. That feels so good.”

“Are you going to fuck me in the ass again?”

“I can’t stand it anymore. Fuck me in the ass! I want your cock in my ass!”

Ignoring her, I used the feather on Gail’s hole until the tip of the feather was all wet. Tossing the “ass feather” aside, I slid a wet finger into her ass, and then two fingers, and slowly fingered her hole. She pulled on the bed covers, and told me over and over how good it felt.

After several minutes of fingering her hole, Gail was breathing heavy, moaning, telling me how “fucking good” it felt, to go faster and harder, and to stop teasing her and fuck her in the ass.

Again, I ignored her, turned her onto her back, and ran the remaining feather over her nipples, around her breasts, and over her stomach. I pinched and pulled on her nipples, something I know Gail liked.

I bent her legs back and teased her pussy with the feather. Lightly touching the inside of her thighs, running the feather along her lips, and opening her pussy to lightly flog her clit with just the tip of the feather, brought a big response.

“Yes! Yes! That feels so good. So fucking good.”

Her juices were seeping out of her wet opening. I ran my hand over her pussy and swept up a handful of thick pussy juice. Spreading my fingers, threads of her liquid strung out between my fingers. I slid my fingers into Gail’s mouth letting her taste herself.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned as she eagerly sucked on my fingers.

Finally, I grabbed the little vibrator I had brought. When I turned it on and it started buzzing, Gail knew exactly what it was.

“Oh yeah!” she said with a smile of anticipation. “Is that your vibrator?”

“Yes.” I said. “Are you ready for it?”

“Yes! Yes!”

“Let’s see how much of it you can take,” I said. “How much longer can you last?”

She bent her legs back and spread them as far as she could. I wet the tip of the little “bullet” with some of her juices and ran the lipstick size buzzer over and inside her slit. She moaned and contorted her body.

“Put it on my clit,” she demanded. “Just put the fucking thing on my clit.”

I slowly worked my way up to her love bud, moving the vibrator tip around her clit, but not touching it. Gail was pushing and rotating her hips, and moaning louder, telling me how good it felt.

I stopped and let her calm down.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” she implored.

When I started with the vibrator again, I brushed it over her clit a couple of times and then went back to circling the swollen button. She arched her neck and back.

“God, yes! That feels so good.”

We went back and forth like this for quite some time, getting her near the edge; stopping; then bringing her back to the edge.

Each time, it took a little less time to get her to the point of no return. Each time she begged me not to stop.

She needed release. She needed to cum. Every part of her body that I touched caused a moan of pleasure. The problem was that she was now grabbing and clutching at my arms and hands trying to get me to put the vibrator where she desperately needed it to be. I told her to stop, but she didn’t care anymore about what I wanted or was saying. She had only one need now, and only one focus. She had to cum.

Her grabbing at my arms was getting in my way. I was going to let her cum. That was always my intention. My interest was in how long she could last. Her grabbing at my arms was getting in the way.

Using the belt of my robe, I tied one of her wrists to the bed post. She didn’t protest, and even offered me her other hand to tie to the other bed post.

Now, the little vibrator moving around her clit, but not on it, was making her writhe in pleasure; she swore at me; she pleaded with me; she pulled on her restraints.

“Let me cum. Please. Please. Let me cum”.

Gail was sweating; taking quick, deep breaths; her nose was running; and she was shaking; Back and forth I went, all around her clit, until her pleading became guttural demands.

“Make me fucking cum! Make me fucking cum!”

I ignored her and continued.

When she couldn’t take any more and was swearing at me, I put the vibrator right on her swollen bud and slid a finger into her asshole.

I tried to keep her near the edge as long as possible.

After only a few minutes, however, Gail went over the edge; got the release she desperately needed; and enjoyed a rocking, shaking, grunting, long and loud orgasm.

I turned her limp body over onto her stomach and slid my hard cock into her ass. She took all of my cock willingly and without hesitation.

“Yes.” was all she said. “Yes. Fuck my ass.”

I pulled on her hair, fucked her ass hard and fast, and rode her until I was ready to cum.

“Yes. Yes. That feels so good.”

I flipped her over. She had the look of a woman who had just been fucked and was now enjoying the pleasure weaving through her body.

Again, all she said was “Yes.”

“I’m going to cum on your face,” I said.

“Yes, yes.”

I exploded with a loud grunt that came from deep inside me.

My gooey white load splashed on her forehead and over her hair, across her nose, her lips, and her chin. Cum was everywhere. I milked the last few spurts out, and spread it over her lips and chin.

I grabbed the camera, a little unsteady on my feet, and took several pictures. Gail opened and closed her mouth so that strands of cum draped between her lips

I untied her wrists. As she wiped the cum off her face with her fingers and then sucked on her fingers to clean them off, I took more pictures.

Gail went to shower; I put the “toys” in the bureau draw; threw away the feathers; and joined Gail in the shower. She exhausted; the hot shower felt good.

It was late; we shut off the lights and talked for a while. She had two thoughts: we should have taken more pictures with the ring; and, she thought that she might make a good sub. She was asleep in minutes.

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