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The Wet Vibe

My boyfriend leaves me with instructions to wait for him with the vibrator turned on max.
A soft moan escapes my lips as I sit at the computer. I try to concentrate on what I am doing but it’s proving difficult as the vibrator teases the fleshy insides of my tight pussy with its soft buzzing. I can’t help another small moan escaping as I shift in my chair from arousal, the vibrator sending tingles all over my sensitive body. I look at the clock on the wall and realise with a mix of eagerness and anxiety that it has only been 5 minutes since Jon walked out the door. I groan a bit loving and hating the anticipation at the same time.

I shift again feeling my wetness growing, drops of it sliding down my legs and onto the seat as I once again try to concentrate on the document I am supposed to type up. Instead I find my attention drifting back to the conversation I’d had with Jon just moments ago.


I feel Jon walk up behind me as I face the computer screen.

“Hey baby,” he says as he wraps his arms around me from behind.

“Hey there,” I say with a small smile. “What’s up?”

“Nothing really… I have a few errands to run right now, but I’ll be back in about an hour.”

“Oh alright, I have to get this done anyway.” I motion towards the screen with my hand.

“Mmmhmm,” he says. “But …. I had an idea,” he continues in a deep sexy voice.

I moan softly, cursing at how easy it is for him to turn me on.

“Go on,” I say seductively, knowing that I would always give him what he wants when he uses that voice.

“I thought… that maybe you could do something for me while I am out…?” he whispers hotly into my ear.

“And what would that be?” I ask, my breathing getting heavy.

Jon pulls an arm back and pulls something out of his pocket, he drops it into my lap. Looking down, I realise that it is a long skinny vibrator. I pick it up tentatively, feeling myself even more aroused.

“Would you put that in, and keep it in till I get back babe? I’d really appreciate it,” he says in that seductively sexy voice.

My breathing is really heavy now, I know he can tell that I am getting really aroused. I swivel around in my chair to look up at him. He smiles down at me with his cocky grin.

“Well babe? Would you do that? For me?”

“Jon… I need to work on this…” I say feebly.

“You still can… Just have that in while you do,” he says as he closes my hand around the cool plastic of the vibrator and kisses me softly on the lips. “Please?” he says softly with those amazing smouldering eyes.

I feel my resolve break as I knew it would.

“Anything else?” I ask, with a soft smile.

“Can you be wearing my favourite?”

I sigh, smiling and nod.

“Okay, anything for you baby.”

“Thanks babe, oh and I want that turned up to full… the whole time I’m gone,” Jon nods towards the vibrator in my hand, his cocky smile is back.

I watch him as he walks out the door a smile playing across my lips.

“Well, this is going to be an interesting night,” I say to myself.


I let out a deep guttural groan as my pussy clenches around the vibrator that is now coated with my arousal. I look down at my large breasts protruding through the wire framing of the black lace bra I have on. My hard nipples are seen clearly through the soft mostly see through fabric.

I squirm again, feeling the chair slick with my juices against my bare bottom; the black lace G-string holding the vibrator in place. The material tickles the smooth shaven skin of my pussy as it moves with the vibrations. I look back at the clock with a longing expression, my long blonde hair matted from arousal induced sweat, my moans now coming more frequent and more like a whimpering needy sound. Jon’s only been gone 10 minutes now… another 50 minutes to go.

Authors Note: More to come. Stay tuned for part 2 ;) Hope you enjoyed.


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