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Toys, Ties, and Teasing.

My third story, this one IS NOT true, just a fantasy of mine.
This is my third story! I really hope you guys like it. Please keep in mind though, this is a fantasy of mine. Not fact in the least. 

I had fallen asleep in bed with my boyfriend the day before, and when I woke up my hands were tied to the bedposts, and my feet were the same spread apart. At first though, I hadn't noticed that I was naked, as there was a blanket over me.

I had always thought of myself as a light sleeper, but apparently that conception was wrong. I had to have been a very heavy sleeper to get stripped of my clothes and put in this position without waking up. However at first it didn't really bother me, though as the sound of the clock ticking started to ring in my ears I began to get more and more nervous. Was I alone? Had he left me like this without even an explanation? Right then was when I heard the jingling of his keys.

I looked up quickly to see my loving boyfriend walk through still in his cop uniform. My pussy gave a low throb, having always had a great interest in his uniform. It really got me hot, to be completely honest.

"Hey sweetie?" He muttered to me, causing a smirk to form on his features. It was extremely hot at the time.

"Jared, do you mind telling me why I'm tied up like this?" I asked, remembering that he had worked a late shift. We had gone to bed at about ten, and he left probably at midnight, but since he was going to have the next day off he didn't think too much about a shift without much sleep before hand.

My eyes turned to the clock and I rose an eyebrow. It was ten am. How had I slept in this position for ten hours? It wasn't exactly comfortable, and I began to feel the discomfort in my lower back. Honestly, being held like this was not comfortable at all.

"I figured I'd have some fun. The guys are coming over today." He explained, as if that was supposed to make some sort of sense to me. My mind swirled with possibilities. They weren't going to all take turns with me? That wasn't like Jared, he was an extremely jealous person. I watched in confusion as he finally laughed out loud. "We aren't going to all sleep with you." He muttered, silencing the voice in my head. Thank God.

I watched again as his hand slid into the drawer next to the bed and I got a little less nervous. We kept my toys there, so that wasn't a big deal. However what he pulled out I had never seen the box he was holding, but when he opened it and I saw him pull out a remote, I knew exactly what was going on. He picked up the little green bullet vibrator and showed it to me with a look of contentment on his face.

"Well let me show you what's going to happen." He explained, slowly pushing his fingers into my pussy to feel the dampness. I knew the juices were running down his fingers, and I moaned slightly as he flicked his finger expertly over my g-spot and his thumb brushed my clit. "Well, looks like you're ready."

He pushed in the vibrator slowly, and though it wasn't on the cold of the plastic shocked me, causing my eyes to slide open quickly, looking at him. He touched the remote, and held it up to show me what it was with a devilish smile on his face. He simply pushed a couple buttons and it gave a low buzz inside of me, turning it up and down he smiled, shutting it off.

"Here are the rules." He whispered into my ear. "You won't moan, because then the boys will hear you, right? And you will NOT cum, because if you do, you have to wait longer for me to come back in. I could have them stay the night if I wanted to." He said to me, which caused my eyes to go wide.

"What?" I rasped out.

"You heard me you little slut."

That was all the encouragement I needed. And just then I heard the doorbell ring, causing him to smile and he kissed me once, getting changed extremely fast into some jeans and a t-shirt --which let me get a small look at his muscular body-- and rushed off.

From my spot on the bed I could hear the door open and him greet his friends. I had seen him slide the remote into his pocket and right now he was just letting me grasp the idea of his terms, and to even work me up for what was going to happen.

I sat quietly, hearing them turn on the game, Jared called. "Boys do you want something to drink? We need to be relatively quiet, Anastasia is in bed."

"Not feeling well Jare?" One of them asked, and I quickly recognized his voice. His name was Mike, and he happened to be my best friend's fiancee. He definitely couldn't find out about this, he'd tell Jasmine at the drop of a hat.

"She's just tired, we were up late yesterday since I had to work a lot and she wanted to spend some time together." He said, making it sound innocent, as innocent as it had been really. Just some movies and such.

I suddenly heard him leave and I felt the buzz start inside, I bit my lip really roughly to keep from giving a moan out. It had been weeks since I had had any sort of contact like that from anything. Not even myself. I hadn't had any time at all as of late.

It buzzed up, making my hips buck and I could feel the liquids running down my legs, running down onto the sheets. This was not taking long at all.

I heard them settle in for the football game and within the first half he had turned it up all the way and then all the way off when I was just on the verge of cumming. I was greatful for that, because I didn't know how long I could wait anymore.

As time passed my liquids ran further down my legs and I began to get a little bit sweaty, my head thrashing back and forth as he turned things up and down again, just as I had accepted that I was going to break the rules.

He turned it all the way up just once more and I couldn't hold it anymore, I came, all over the place. My body shook, my toes curled, and my thrusting got worse. This almost resulted in the bullet slipping loose.

This continued for nearly five minutes as the liquids pulsed down my legs. I wish they hadn't, Jared was going to know, and as exciting as him punishing me was going to be, I really just wanted his extremely hard cock in my pussy, right now.

As the game ended he came in to look at me with a smirk on his face, pulling the blanket back he simply tilted his head to the side and smiled. "Oh yeah?" He questioned and my red face obviously signaled to him that I knew exactly what he was talking about.

"I think you broke a rule." He muttered, and smirked once more as he sat down on the bed. "The boys already left but I guess I can think of a new way to punish you." With that he left, and I was left sitting there again, but I didn't have to wait very long, he came back with a bucket, and a couple things inside of it.

When his fingers ran inside of me to pull out the bullet I nearly orgasmed on the spot, my hips pushed up against him and I moaned out loudly, only for him to smirk and lick the fluids away, quietly he reached back into the bucket and pulled an ice cube into my eye-line. Oh god.

He ran it quietly down my chest, stopping to let it melt a little on my nipples before pushing it into my hot cunt. I screamed in displeasure, moaning out as I tried my best to calm from the cold. He just smirked and continued working my nipples with a second ice cube. I really regretted orgasming now.

This went on for a while before he settled down to quietly lick the cold nipples and I moaned out, arching. His hot mouth felt amazing on my nipples. The cold water was pouring out of my pussy and finally he stood.

"I think I'm going to go for a drink."

He turned the bullet on once more and just left it on low, putting it inside of me and smirking.

"See you later tonight."

Well if you guys like it, I might continue.

If not, well who knows! Something new?!

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