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Up in Vermont ( The toys of winter)

This is a true story from the days I lived in New York and had this 'thing' with Adrian.
oops, I should at least change his name, but what are the chances of him reading this site or even remembering me, or the things he did to me 5-6 years ago???


 It's 5 to 6. I walk to the corner watching my steps on the frosty sidewalk. I pull my hat down and my scarf up, not only to protect me from the glacial wind, but to make sure no one recognises me when I get into your car.

 You pick me up from our usual spot with your black Landrover. This always means outdoor fun...Like last time when you took me to your friends lakeside house and played all romantic with me. I look out of the car's window, watching the falling snowflakes, wondering where you are taking me this time and thinking it's too cold to have sex on the shore now. I could ask you of course, but there is a very slim chance, you will tell me. So I decide to let you concentrate on the driving till we leave this damned busy town behind.
  For a while you are quiet, and you didn't even say hi. But you never do. You just place your right hand on my thigh and smile at me and at my thick, brown winter-thights. Yeah, they are not very sexy, I know, but they keep me warm. I take off my hat and fold down the sun visor to look into the mirror and brush my hair with my fingers. You are busy trying to see the traffic lights, as the busy wipers battle to keep the thick flakes away from the windshield.

 "You have the whole weekend off, right baby?" you look at me as we leave the last intersection before turning onto the highway.
I nod, my hand still fiddling with my hair.
"We are going to Vermont." you announce turning to me again with a faint smile
"Woohoo." I go bouncing on my seat as a feverish kid.
"Ohh, don't be so excited,'"you laugh " you are not to leave the house."
I stop bouncing and curl my lips to a mysterious, suggestive smile .
 "Even better...I can still admire the scenery and the snow through the window, while you are..." You look at me questioning the end of the broken sentence with a raised eyebrow and an almost know it all smile.
"While I'm what...?" you ask, but I just continue grinning at you.
"While I'm what, Annie???"
"If I tell you, you might have to pull the car over and... and have me here in the woods."  I point outside, my fingernail knocks on the window.'
"I can't stop here, it's a highway, although, I know, that is exactly what you want. So go on, tempt me, little witch'"you smirk.
I love that excited spark in your eyes.
"I just pictured a scene where I stand in the living room, half naked, bending over the sofa looking out of the window, while you are busy behind me, trying to rub my frozen backside warm."
"I would make you hot in no time baby. I have my moves." you smile
"I know." I sigh "I wish we were there already." It's the longest 5 hours of my life.

As we are getting closer to the house you tell me to duck under the dashboard. Although the neighbours don't know you, you can never be careful enough. I'm pretty much used to my secret mistress status by now.
"Damn" you say when you stop the car.
I look up and realise you had to stop on the street as the driveway is covered with at least 20 inches of snow. I am told to stay in the car while you are getting the shovels. I laugh as you make your way towards the house, walking like a penguin with great difficulty in the high snow. But my amusement and smile soon turns into utter surprise and dismay when you return with the giant shovels; and I am expected to help you clean the road.
"I can't believe you make me do this" I grumble."I am a fragile woman, you know...I belong to the kitchen or...or more desirably to the bedroom."
"Yes, you do belong to the bedroom, but you have to work hard for the attention, you're about to get, miss...(ahh you and your sweet promises)And besides we have to pull the car up. We want to hide it from the neighbours, before they decide to come over for a chat. So shut your pretty mouth and get back to work."
"This is 21st century. I wonder if they (your friends, the owners of the house) ever heard about the heated driveway." I continue fuming. "I don't even like the snow that much anymore. It's pretty, but its heavy and very cold...'"

A deep, loud ' thump' as a pile of snow lands on my head and shoulders. I shake it off quickly and I turn to you.
You are standing there with a mean smile on your face, your arms confidently folded on the shaft and one of your feet relaxing on the blade.
'"If you don't stop whining, I will roll you into the snow and build you into a snow-woman, with your tits hanging out."
 That cries out for a snowball fight. Once you turn your back thinking, I've gone back to work I bombard you with quickly made little balls trying to hit your naked face and neck. You, as always just laugh at my pitiful effort as you slowly, with a confident smile on your face walk towards me. I know there's no point running away, especially me being so short, the snow -is up to my knee- would make it impossible to run, so I let you pounce me. You rip my jacket and cardi apart, pull up my shirt and cover my tits with a handful of snow. You are forcing my arms down, deep into the snow. You wear gloves so you don't feel how cold it is, but the snow is going into my sleeves and its unbelievably cold on my breasts.
"Let meeee goooo" I scream. I try to wrestle you off me, with all my strength, using my feet to try to kick you away, but you kneel down on my thighs and keep me forced to the ground, I mean into the snow.

 "Shush" that's all you say. You seem to take great delight in my sore, erected, snow covered nipples. And you bend closer to kiss them.
"Please, don't. " I yelp, as your warm mouth touches and quickly leaves my nipple. You throw some snow on it again bringing even more pain to it with the radically changing temperature. My instinct is to roll into a ball and try to keep myself warm; but you are pinning me down, pushing me deeper and deeper into the snow, which is going underneath my clothes . No matter how nicely you lick and suck my nipples, I just can't enjoy it like this. It's way too cold.
"Baby, it's too cold" I try to bring you around. "Let's go inside, please."
 I turn my head to the side showing my displeasure and try to kick you away again.
You think you can calm me down by sucking on my nipple, but my body is getting numb with cold, so I don't feel a thing. Then you start kissing my face softly, licking my lips..
"I love your purple lips." you say and finally showing some mercy, you lift me up in your arms. I love this feeling, you know, I love being in your arms so much that sometimes I wonder, whether I have father complex issues. You carry me towards the house but half way, you stop at the corner of the house, just underneath the gutter.
You tell me to break three of the icicles that are hanging in front of us.
I want to please you so I go for the thickest, longest ones and I laugh under my breath about this cliche. I know for sure why I need 3 of them. But as I find out later I could not be more wrong.

 When we get inside the house you put the icicles into the freezer in the kitchen and you tell me to get a towel from the bathroom and make myself comfortable on the sofa. I manage to find a huge towel that covers half the sofa and sitting on it, I undress, till you get something out of the car.
 When you return you take one of the icicles from the freezer you hand it to me, sitting down it front of me. I still have my underwear on; I'm holding the thick icicle in my hand and I wonder what you want me to do with it.
 '" want it inside you. What else, silly girl?" you are reading my thoughts.
"And do it quickly, its melting already." You're tapping your fingers on your thigh impatiently
I take off my panties quickly, leaving my bra still on, opening my legs with my back resting against the wall.

 I'm ill at ease. I do not like masturbating in front of anyone. Especially not you, especially not you when you are still fully clothed and especially not you, fully clothed staring at me with your hungry eyes. But I will do it. My desire to please you is high above my shyness. I open my lips with my fingers and slowly insert the thinner end of it. Of course it won't go in full length, its at least 10 inches long.
"It's so cold" I hiss. I am also having trouble pushing it because of my sitting position.
"You can kneel if it's easier" you say seeing my troubles, with the disinterest of the director of some adult movie.
I wish I could say, I get any kind of pleasure, but it has already frozen my insides and I do not feel anything at all.
"I love to see the water running down your thighs"  At least you are enjoying what I'm doing.
"It's not only water, you know" I lie.
"Hmmm. If you manage to take all of it in, I will hold it in and plug you with my tongue"
Now I will just have to try.
Inch by inch I press it deeper. The burning sensation spreads inside me, the cold water is tickling down my fingers, dripping on the towel and running down my thighs. It's almost in now... I turn my fingers to hold it inside from the front.  My chilled fingers are brushing my lips and clit; I jump from the sensation and the icicle slides straight out.
You stand up from the floor tutting.

 "I will do the next one" you announce and head to the kitchen.
When you walk back in, your jumper, jeans and shirt are missing. I wonder why you still have your boxer on ? It's not like I haven't seen it before...
"Go on all fours and spread your legs wide'"you command. I do as you say with my knees in the middle of the towel. I face the patio door and I smile; as it's almost the scene I fantasized about in the car. Almost.
 You slowly thrusting the ice dildo into me. I can only feel the coldness burning my skin both inside and outside. I have no idea how far in it is. But as I feel the coldness even in my stomach now, I only guess it's pretty deep in.
"Hold it in." you say and you release my penetrator and place your fingers on my lips.
I'm trying to work my muscles, but have no idea whether I'm doing what you asked for.
You are playing your cold fingers on my lips and clit and I definitely like that.
Then you are back fucking me with the icicle or whatever is left of it. It must be fully inserted, as I can feel your fingers pressing against my opening.
"Good girl." you murmur and I feel your tongue between my lips, you are lapping up the water that's running out of me, as it was the sweetest nectar and not some filthy water from the rusty gutter. But whatever tickles your fancy, as long as you keep your tongue on me.
From the amount of liquid oozing out of me I guess, the icicle is all melted already.
I think you have the same question in your head, as you thrust your finger deep inside me.
"I am so stupid."  you say "I've just made you frozen inside. There is no way I'm putting my cock in there!" you laugh.

 I know that this is just a really lame excuse to make me suck you. You spin me around on my knees and kiss me.
"Your mouth is warm and inviting" you say getting rid of your boxer.
I smile as I take you into my mouth, just playing with my tongue on it's head. When you start moaning I harden my lips and slide them up and down on your, now full sized cock.
I still only swallow you halfway in yet though, gently massaging you balls with my hand. I have this silly paranoia that if I  take all of it, you will cum in my mouth, which 1., just doesn't taste nice 2., usually means the end of fun (yeah, bad experience-not with you though)
 So I just play gently, lubricate it with lots of saliva. My slurping sounds excite you and you want to thrust it deeper and I let you do it a few times. But then I curve my butt towards you, to remind you to check my temperature again, in case I'm good to fuck now.
But you don't get the score. Maybe you didn't even notice my movement through your closed eyes.
"Do you think I'm still too cold inside?" I ask. I'm sure you only pay attention now because I stopped sucking you.
"Hmmm. '"you moan as you slide your fingers into my pussy.

 "All good now." you say and I am happier now, with you inside me, filling me up nicely in a doggy pose. I notice how quiet you are today, but I just put it down to the long drive.
I work my inner muscles hard to wake you up from your half asleep state and as a result your thrusts are faster and deeper, good enough to nicely pave my way to my first little orgasm. I usually like to close my eyes just before I cum, but this time I am transfixed on the falling snowflakes outside.
Just before I reach the final point of my journey you jerk me back.
"Do you want to do it outside?" you ask catching your breath.
"Are you crazy?" but you are too stubborn to listen
"You are out of your mind?" I scream as you push me through the patio door.
You spread the towel, so we can stand on it not that it makes any difference at all.
I am on my tiptoes, in the snow, pinned against some outdated rotten rattan patio table thing, as you thrust your cock back in.
 "Are- you- o- ut- of- your -mind?" I keep screaming into the dark winter night, my voice echoing back from the hills and trees as I cum. You fill me up with your welcomed hot cum at the same time.
"Come on, quick, let's get back inside!" I say hopping from one foot to the other


 "Fuck." you curse. "The door is locked."
"What???"  I scream at the top of my voice. If the neighbours haven't heard us before, I am pretty sure we are heard now.
"Go and check if we left the front door open by any chance. Go, run!" ' you say your breath clearly visible in the cold air. "And I check the windows or anything on the other side of the house."
I see you rushing off around the corner, so I run to the front door myself. I am grateful for the cold falling snowflakes as they cover my naked body from being seen from the street.
Of course the front door is locked. I say all the three thousand swear words, that came to me suddenly and I already picture the small broken toilet window, we have to gain access though.
But as I reach the backdoor, I see you sitting inside, on the sofa already, with a chesire-cat smile.
When I press the handle down I realise, it's not that kind of door that locks itself behind one at all. How could I be soo stupid I think, rolling a big, hard snowball with my frozen hands...

 "No snowballs in the house!"you raise your voice.
I throw it at you anyway. But you duck and I miss.
"Do you want to get locked out there for real?" you warn me menacingly.
I know, that you are capable of doing just that, so I withdraw my troops.

 You are so nice to me for the rest of the night, making me tea and toast and we are just lounging in front of the fireplace cuddling for hours. But I swear, I will never forget this night, but not because of the great sex we had, but because of the evil trick you pulled on me.
(see, I still do remember)

First time in our relationship we spend the whole night together. I fall asleep with my head on your chest and when we wake up just before midday, we are still in this very same position and with your hand on my shoulder, caressing me. I make some French toast for breakfast and then we have to clean the house quickly and vanish all the telling signs of my presence before your wife and kids arrive. But before we head out to the car to take me to the train station, you hand me an envelope.
"Your Christmas present, baby." I feel a bit disappointed having to find out that I won't see you any more before x-mas, as its almost two weeks away.
"I didn't get you anything yet." I say opening up the card.
It's a booking in a fancy spa hotel for three days, in the first week of January.
"Ohh my generous sugar daddy." I giggle.
"Not exactly." you correct me. "Check that booking again. It is for two. I am going there for a meeting and thought you could join. But then again, you are not to leave the room for some jacuzzi or anything like that, as all my colleagues will be there."
"Not that I mind." I giggle.

 We get in the car, my medium sized travel bag resting on my lap, so I can get out quicker and as the train station is only a 5 minute drive away. I am glad it wasn't snowing for long during the night and we don't have to dig the car out.
As you are backing the car something catches my attention.
"Adrian stop, stop! Stop the car!"
"What is it?"
I jump out without a word and erase my fat, tortured snow angel imprint from the snow from last night.
"We nearly got ourselves busted there." I grin at you getting in the car again.
"You are my sweet guardian snow-angel." you say
"Thanks for the flattering promotion" I say giggling "But I think I'd just like to stay your dirty slut."

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