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Watching Nina

A live sex show turns to extreme teasing.
Everyone can agree that there’s nothing better than a really good live sex show. Everyone has their own preferred elements of a show that makes it extra erotic for them. For me, those elements all fall into the category of up close and personal. Unfortunately, many establishments do not allow the level of up close that I desire.

In order to satisfy my appetite for live sex shows, it requires a certain kind of girl. Currently, that girl is the voluptuous Nina. Many would agree that she is the most impressive blonde in the world, who isn’t a pornstar. She’s just a regular girl who happens to have an incredibly kinky side.

And when I say ‘regular’, I mean her life is regular. She’s a medical billing specialist. Her body is far from regular. She has shoulder length, curly blonde hair; bright blue eyes; and full, supple lips. The best part about her is her smooth, lightly tanned skin. It manages to stay young and tight despite her jiggly curvature.

Her large thirty-four D cups are, not to be modest, the jiggliest tits in the most perfect of ways. Anytime she moves; whether she’s laughing, walking, or just breathing, her tits jiggle. It’s like her breasts are overfilled water balloons. And she doesn’t really have long tanned legs, but she makes up for it with thick thighs and a plumpest of bubbly asses.

Her entire body is accented by the fact that she’s extremely curvy. Standing at a sexy five – seven, her thirty-four – twenty-four – thirty-eight figure makes her look like a goddess. Every guy that sees her immediately nuts their undies right then and there. She’s even made me spontaneously bust a nut a couple of times.

That’s part of the reason she and I get along so well. She loves the way I seem to worship her body while never interfering with her indulgences. That’s possible because I allow her to explore every inch of her kinky desires while simply admiring the show. I love watching her discover new means of satisfaction as much as she loves the satisfaction itself.

As usual, I get over to her place around nine. She’s usually off work and fixed up and ready for the night. I walk up to the front door and knock using the secret code to let her know it’s me. She answers the door in the Road Rules black slashed seamless dress and Ellie Shoes Tess six inch rhinestone strap heels with bow black six she told me she bought. My dick springs to attention almost immediately.

“You just gonna stand there all night?” she asks.

Stunned, I shake my head no; unable to answer. She waves me inside and closes the door as I take my shoes off before walking on the carpet. She watches me softly kick my shoes off before licking her lips.

“And the shirt and pants too.”

“Whatever you say,” I manage to mumble still in a trance.

I take my shirt and pants off and leave them at the front door. She slides her fingers under the edge of my briefs and leads me to our special room. I follow, dazed behind her, just staring down at her ass switch and jiggle with each step. Fortunately, neither of us is wearing socks so as the plain carpet suddenly turns to shag carpeting, it tickles the bottom of our feet.

She lets out a slight, teasing moan as her feet are tickled by the shag. She pushes me down in my chair, on the far side of the room. She sits in my lap and kisses me softly to start the teasing before getting up. She turns and slowly walks as seductively as she can towards the wall of shelves on her side of the room.

Every shelf is full of different types of sex toys. She gets over to the shelves and turns back towards me.

“I’ve got a special line up for you tonight.”

She turns back towards the shelves and starts pulling toys off.

“The old fav, the Pussy Pump,” she says while showing me the toy before putting it on the end of the couch next to her. “And this,” showing me another toy before adding to tonight’s lineup. “Most definitely this one. Can’t live without this one. This one is new. Oh my fuck, hell yeah. One of my favorites. One of your favorites. And one we can both love,” she adds while creating a pile of toys.

As she lays the last toy down, she looks back at me. The bulge in my briefs is now a fully erect tent with a small wet spot at the tip. She giggles and licks her lips while sliding her hands down her body to her hips.

“Are you just gonna sit there or are you going to help me?”

I snap out of my trance and start to stand up.

“No, wait…”

I pause in my tracks.

“I’ll come to you.”

I sit back down to watch her walk over to me. My eyes are locked on her tits jiggling under the revealing dress. She sits back in my lap and brushes her nipples against my face before leaning back and looking down at me. She tosses her hair and pouts her lips.

Before she can say anything, I reach up and pull the bottom of her dress up just above her hips. Her smooth pussy looks shiny in the contrast of the small patch of hair just above her hidden clitoris. She moans as I lock in on the small cross-shaped patch.

“If you could do anything, absolutely anything, to my body right now; what would you do?” she seductively asks.

She slides her body up to the tip of my tent and uses to rub herself open.

“I would-”

“Hold that thought,” she adds.

She twirls her hips around on my tent before quickly getting up. My dick throbs underneath the fabric as it jolts out streams of precum. She smiles at my pain before walking back over to the couch on the other side of the room.

She sits in the middle of the couch, directly in front of me, with her toys to the left of her. With the bottom of her dress pulled up, her pussy is opening in front of me. She reaches over and grabs the pussy pump out the pile. She pulls her dress up a little more while spreading her legs. She attaches the pump to herself and winks at me.

“Say when.”

She begins pumping the squeeze bulb. I am locked in a staring match with her pussy as her lips get fluffier and puffier. When my dick can’t take the suspense anymore, she smiles and continues pumping.

“When,” I blurt out.

She stops, looks down at her pussy, and gives herself one more pump. She tosses the pump to her left and rubs her new swollen lips at me. I lean back in my chair to get a hold of myself. She sees me fighting my urges back and grins.

“Something wrong?”

“Not at all. I’m just trying to enjoy the entire show and not pass out before it’s over.”

“Good boy,” she adds while reaching over for another toy.

She pulls out a bracelet looking toy with some wires connected to it.

“Know what this is?” she asks while putting the bracelet on and putting her middle and ring fingers in the two finger pads. “This is the Hello Touch; one of my favorites.”

She turns the bracelet on and it starts humming. She moves her hand down to her pussy and uses her middle finger to rub the vibrating tip over her clit. I can tell she uses that toy a lot because her fingers instinctively know where to go. Her ring finger begins teasing her tight hole as her middle finger continues it suggestive assault.

She lays her head back on the top of the couch and moans as her middle slides down her pussy to join her ring finger. Both play just on the edges of her cunt before rubbing up and down her slit. Her curvy body curls and twirls as she pushes herself closer and closer. Her moans get harder and interchange with groans.

Her free hand caresses her breasts as her back arches and bends. She begins rocking her hips into her hand as her vibrating fingers gently break the entrance to her honey spot. She flicks them on the rim of her hole until her body jumps. She slides her hands up to her clit and rubs on it in big circles until her legs begin twitching.

She nearly closes her legs but opens them back up to see her pussy as she begins cumming. She rubs her clit until she arches her hips off the couch and her legs are completely shaking. She screams out in pleasure as her pussy shines and drips on the edge of the couch.

She slouches down to catch her breath while removing the bracelet and finger pads. She throws the toy over with the pump and sighs at me. I am completely zoned out and just staring at the juice shining on her pussy. She rubs her wet lips before flicking some of her juice in my direction.

“What should I use next?” She rummages through her toys and pulls out a lavender pump. “How about this one? It’s new. It’s called Thea Clitoral Pump. It sucks and vibrates my clit at the same time.”

She puts the suction over her clit and sucks it on. She gets her clit nice and tight in the cup and turns on the vibrator. I can’t see how good the cup is sucking at her clit, but I can hear and see the vibrator at work. Her pussy is quivering ever so slightly as the soft vibrations heat her clit back up.

She pulls the straps of her dress down and then the top of the dress. Her jiggle tits bounce out into her free hand. She’s squeezing and pinching one of her nipples while her free tit jiggles freely as her body begins riding. She turns the vibrations up, making her legs jump. She plants her heels into the carpet and opens her knees as wide as she can.

My eyes are locked onto her jiggly thighs as she rocks around. She moans harder as she pumps the bulb more to suck her clit harder. Her body tenses and she squeals as her clit pushes against the cup. She releases her nipple and grabs the edge of the cushion she’s sitting on. She looks directly into my eyes as she turns to vibration up to full blast.

Her moans and groans turn to screams and muffled squeals as bites her lips. Her head falls back and her eyes roll into the back her head as she begins cumming. She pulls on the cushion and screams silently as the cup sends her spiraling. She groans out loud as her orgasm forces her to pull the toy off her clit.

Snatching the suction cup off pulls her clit so hard that she screams louder than before. She quickly begins rubbing herself through her orgasm while avoiding her clit as much as possible. Her whimpers and moans echo in the room as she tosses the pump over with the other used toys. My stomach tightens as my cock throbs for its release.

“I really like that toy,” she says, rolling her eyes. She waits for me to respond, but I’m stunned at the sight of her juicy lips. “Good boy, stay quite.”

She sits up more and looks over at the pile of unused toys. As her hand rifles through the pile, she focuses on how hard my dick is throbbing under my briefs. The once small spot has turned into a huge patch of slimy wetness. I struggle to keep myself from stroking away the tension as she pulls her next toy out.

“How about something familiar?” She rubs the end of the massager up her lips before patting her fully exposed clitoris with it. “The Vibe Rite Cordless seven Speed Massager; the one I use every time I’m thinking about you.”

She loves over exaggerating her teases, usually by involving me or one of my girlfriends. But just because they're exaggerations doesn’t mean it doesn’t make the show hotter.

She turns the massager on its lowest speed and teases her clit back into the mood. She lets it hang just above her clit, barely touching the tip. As her pussy softens and relaxes, she begins rubbing the massage head on her clit. She moans and sighs as the massager gets her warmer. Her head leans back and she licks her lips as the hums get louder.

She puts her feet on the edge of the couch to open her knees more. With her legs fully spread out, her pussy is wide open and shaking under the pressure of the vibrations. My dick throbs harder with each of her whimpers as she grinds the massager around on her clit. She puts her hand on the head of the massager and presses down as she turns up the power.

“Let’s skip a couple speeds,” she moans while moving the button two more clicks.

The massager hums louder and she giggles and moans as the waves of vibrations rush to her clit and spread through her body. Her free hand softly shakes until she wraps it around one of her tits. Her other tit jiggles with her body as she begins rocking with the toy. She licks her lips and squeezes her tit harder as the button clicks two more times. With only one speed to go, her body is already starting to tense.

Her knees spread even more until she’s doing a split and screaming. Her hips come up off the couch as she squeals while continuing to grind the massager into her pussy. The last click goes off and sends her into a frenzy. Her hips buck up and down and her eyes roll into the back of her head as her mouth opens, but no sound comes out. Her feet slip off the edge of the couch and she collapses.

She keeps the massager against her pussy while slowly turning the machine down one speed at a time. When the massager cuts off, she sighs and lays it in the used pile. She runs her hands through her hair and closes her eyes to feel the last rushes of her orgasm washing through her. Her legs swing side to side as her the cool air blows over her slippery pussy lips.

I lick my lips and finally give in to the urge to stroke myself. I slide my hands under my briefs and stroke until I feel a massive stream of precum shooting through my shaft. My entire body tenses and I gasp as the sensation intensifies.

My gasp gets her attention and she looks over at me holding my dick.

“If you’re cumming…” She lies down on her back while looking over at me. “You won’t get to see the rest of the show.”

I let my body calm just enough to respond, “I’m not cumming.”

“Take you hand off your dick,” she commands.

I slowly pull my hand out and put it back on the arm rest. She leans up and opens her legs so she can reach for a new toy. She pulls out a long dildo that she gladly shows is huge even by my standards. She turns back toward me and lays the dildo against her pussy. The sheer girth is wider than the width of her lips.

“Before we get to my big black friend here…” She slides the bottom of her dress all the way up and pulls the dress off before tossing it at me. “Now that’s better.”

Her body glistens with light beads of sweat and pussy juice as she poses for me. Her flat, tight stomach looks incredible under her bouncy tits. The black dress did give her body a very sexy contrast, but her naked body is far sexier. She plants her heels into the carpet again and opens her legs to me, showing off the massive black dildo.

She reaches down and grabs the base of the dildo to rubs herself with it.

“This is the Jumbo Jack Man O War. It’s ten inches of thick, black dick capable of stretching me to my limits. Two heavenly inches thick, and flexible enough to reach every depth I could ever dream of reaching.”

She bites her bottom lip as she arches her back, pushing her tits forward as she begins parting her lips with the massive toy. As it starts to stretch the edges of her tight hole, she lays back and puts her feet back on the edge of the couch. The toy slides its massive head into her, making her gasp as more makes its way into her depths. In my mind, the thick black toy is replaced with my dick and I can feel her tight grip. She whimpers and sighs as the base of the dildo touches her lips as she realizes she’s stuffed.

Her pussy is swollen with dildo and looks as though it’s going to explode.

“Holy shit, I didn’t think I could do that,” she cheers.

She slowly begins working the toy back and forth. Her pussy making slurping sounds around it as her grip sucks every inch of the toy. She reaches down and uses both hands to help push and pull the dildo in and out of her tightness. She lays back more on the couch as she picks up the pace and begins rocking herself.

Her soft tits bounce above her bulging stomach as her pumping continues to quicken. She begins throwing her head around and screaming as the toy continues stretching her as it gets deeper. She suddenly grabs the bottom part of the shaft and holds on for dear life as she begins slamming the dildo into her pussy. Her free hand reaches up and grabs the top of the couch for stability as the ravishing intensifies.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!” she screams as her pussy explodes.

She continues fucking herself through her orgasm as her body trembles out of control. She rolls around the couch and squeals as she pulls the dildo from her now gaping pussy. Streams of juice leak out onto her thighs as she lays the dildo with the other used toys. She closes her legs and whimpers while just looking at me with exhaustion in her eyes.

“You’re fucking loving this aren’t you?” she asks out of breath.

I simply smile at her and nod my head yes. I use my eyes to signal for her to grab another toy and she smiles.

“Ha, you come pick the toy.”

I get up and walk over to the end of the couch where the toys are. I look through the pile and find one that I know she likes. I reach down and grab the long beige dildo before showing her the next toy. She sighs and laughs while taking it out my hand.

“Excellent choice. Now go sit back down,” she adds while using her heel to kick me towards my side of the room. “My big Dick Rambone; sixteen point seven inches of hard dick.”

She sits back up and positions herself back in front of me. Instead of resting her feet on the edge of the couch, she puts bends her ankles behind her head. With her pussy fully exposed, she begins rubbing the tip of the sixteen inch monster up and down her lips. Judging by the size of her gaping hole compared to the mass dildo nearing it, this dildo is thicker than the jumbo.

She licks and sighs as she begins pushing the object inside herself. Her pussy stretches to an enormous size as the large rod slides in deeper and deeper. The pressure building in her pussy is so much that she has to hold onto the dildo with both hands just to keep pushing. Her sighs quickly turn to moans as the last few inches rest outside her pussy.

If I had to guess, she’s stuffed with about twelve inches of a dick that’s wider than her wrist. She holds the dildo inside herself as she stretches and enjoys being full like that. Her eyes roll into the back of her head for a second before she closes them and bites her bottom lip.

“Oh my god, I love this dick,” she whispers out loud.

I lick my lips and sit up more as she begins pumping the massive tool up and down. Her body rocks back and forth as the toy pumps softly, but fast. Her lips grip around the shaft like her hands, and the sounds follow as her juices flow. Her moans and screams get harder as she stares me in the eyes while trying to keep up the pace.

Her arms begin shaking and slowing down as her screams stop and her head pushes against the back of the couch. She quickly pumps her pussy a few more times before snatching the dildo out and releasing a small amount of squirt. The drops splash on her pussy as she brings the dildo up to her mouth to suck her juice off of it.

She licks the shaft up and down and takes as much as she can into her throat before she gags. After getting every drop of juice off, she lays the toy down in the used pile while sliding her legs from behind her head. As her feet hit the floor, she sits up on the edge of the couch and her legs shake violently. She moans as her orgasm continues rocking her until she falls back on the couch.

She looks up at me rubbing the hard tent of my briefs and laughs. She looks over at the small pile of toys left to show off and bites her lips while deciding which one to use next. She looks back at me and fingers me over to her.

“Bring the chair.”

I get up and pull the chair closer to her until she tells me to stop. I stop the chair about three feet away from her as she reaches over and grabs a really long toy.

“Sit,” she commands.

I sit back down just as she reveals the nearly two-foot, black double dick.

“Holy shit,” I whisper to myself.

“I know how much you love watching girls cum on big fat cocks, so…” she smiles at me. “This is the Extreme Double Dong. It’s twenty-three inches long with the perfect amount of veins; just enough to stretch me.”

She leans back and opens her legs in my face. She wastes little time in teasing her pussy with this dick. She slaps her lips open with the shaft and before she can finish whimpering from the pain, she shoves three inches of the rod into herself.

“Oh, look at my pussy stretch.”

We both look down at her pussy as the rod slides deeper and spreads her wider. The massive dick is lunging out at me as she reaches deeper levels. The veins slide into her so perfectly, my dick throbs more precum out; wishing it was burying itself in her. She licks her lips one last time before beginning to pump herself softly.

She tries pumping hard and fast, but her pussy is too stuffed at the moment. She twirls the dildo around, stretching her wall even more until they’re loose enough to handle a hard fucking from this huge toy. I can hear her pussy farting and squealing as it takes a massive pounding. She strokes the higher end of the dildo like a dick while fucking herself with the other end.

I feel my dick hardening to the point of extreme pain as it aches for its own release. She sits up and pushes her tits towards me while pounding away at her pussy harder. Her round tits jiggle and bounce underneath her sexy face as her orgasm approaches. Her mouth hangs open and she screams in my face as her pussy leaks juice onto the couch. She leans back on the couch and uses one hand to fondle her tits while continue to push herself toward an earth-shattering orgasm.

“Oh shit. Shit. Shit. Shit!” she screams as her eyes roll into the back head.

She tosses her hair around and bites her bottom lip as she continues pumping. Her eyes close and she falls onto her side as she slowly stops slamming the dildo into herself. She slides the dildo out while whimpering and moaning as her legs twitch. I groan as she moans while we both recover from her orgasm.

She tosses the dildo over to the used pile and smiles back at me.

“Take off the briefs,” she barely commands.

I’m so absorbed in the thought of fucking her, I nearly tear my briefs as I pull them off. My slimy dick springs free, and it wastes little time in shooting a stream of precum from my tip. The stream lands on the couch next to her legs and she squeals as it nearly lands on her.

“Some one’s happy to be out,” she says to my dick. “Well since you’re free now, how about a real close-up show?”

She reaches over and grabs the last dildo. It’s long, but not as long or thick as the others, but it’s clear. She moves over into my lap and sits with her back toward me. My dick is positioned perfectly in between her legs, and she uses that to her advantage. She softly grinds her soaking pussy up and down my shaft while softly tit fucking and sucking the toy.

“This is my eighteen inch Jellie Double Dong. I love the way it jiggles in my pussy, don’t you?” she asks while sliding the dildo down to her pussy.

She lifts her hips out of my lap and hovers her pussy over my dick just long enough for some of her juice to drip down on it. As I get the urge to ram inside her, she places the jellie in front of her cunt. She leans against my chest and slides the dildo inside herself. We both moan as her pussy swallows inch after inch.

She moans and arches her back a little as she feels my breath on her neck and shoulder.

“Control yourself back there. No touching; just watching, maybe.”

I lean my head back and listen to the sound of her pussy squishing as she begins fucking herself. Her body bounces against me with each thrust. The smell of her hot pussy and sweet perfume fills my nose as I squeeze the armrests to stop from touching her. She grunts and groans as she lets her body bounce wildly, to tease me even more.

I can see her soft tits bouncing on her chest as I look around to see her pussy getting pumped. She wraps her left arm around my neck to give me a full view of her body as she continues thrusting. Her moans and whimpers echo in my ear as she leans her head against mine. She opens her legs more and puts them on either side of mine while using more length to fucking herself. She starts rocking and swirling her hips around as the dildo starts landing hits on her G-spot.

Her whimpers turn to screams and her moans to groans.

“Shit. This feels so fucking good. So fucking good,” she cries out.

My dick throbs underneath her as her juices drip down and splash on me. Her hips buck and dance so hard that they begin bouncing against my dick. She squeals and smiles as her orgasm brings her closer to my dick. I hold onto the armrests more as her eyes close, and her screams turn to high pitch squeals and shrieks. She continues pumping her pussy as her legs quiver and her body tightens. Her soft tits jiggle like jello as she cums above me harder than before.

She pulls the dildo out and small drops of squirt splash onto her thighs as she collapses in my lap. She falls centimeters from landing on my dick and she laughs as she realizes it. She looks back at me and grins.

“One last toy, baby.”

She sits up and reaches over for the toy while tossing the dildo on the couch. To reach the last toy she has to get up and bend over, so her ass is positioned perfectly in front of me. Her thick, tight meat wiggles in my face as she grabs the toy. She lingers in front of me for a while, watching my eyes follow every jiggle of her ass until she turns around to look at me.

“Be honest,” she suggests. “How horny are you, on a scale of one to ten?”

She sits down in my lap, facing me while teasing the answer out of me. She pushes her breasts in my face, making sure to rub her nipples over my eyes.

“Twenty,” I respond.

“Twenty?” she giggles. “That’s kind of low.”

She reaches down and grabs my dick for the first time; ever. She strokes a couple of beads of precum out before raising her hips up. She sits down on the head of cock and twirls her pussy around on it. I immediately feel my balls tighten and my load readying to fire. Just as my orgasm starts to erupt, she lifts off my head and moves back over to the couch.

“Don’t cum. If you cum, the show stops,” she reminds me.

It takes everything I have to stop myself, but I force my orgasm back down. She smiles and laughs at me as my eyes roll into the back of my head. My body jolts and I groan in pain as she moves back over into my lap. She puts her knees on either side of my thighs and leans her body against mine. Again, I struggle not to touch her, or grab her hips and ram my dick into her cervix.

“What’s that toy,” I ask.

She leans up and smiles while showing me a rabbit.

“The Total Ecstacy Triple Stimulator Vibrator; a force to be reckoned with.”

She rubs the toy over her tits and down her body to her slippery pussy. She grinds her pussy back and forth on my spasming dick while displaying her body for me. She sits the toy down next to me and grinds her body against me. I grip the armrests harder as she gives me the most intense lap dance I’ve ever gotten. She slides her pussy up and down my shaft while rubbing her tits in my face. She ends her little dance with a big kiss while stroking me hard and fast until I groan inside her mouth.

“Remember,” she adds as she puts a finger over my mouth to stop me from talking.

She reaches down and picks the toy up again and continues her teasing. She pushes the probe inside her pussy and turns on the vibration. I can feel the vibrations traveling through her body and into mine as she softly pumps herself a little.

“It doesn’t just vibrate.”

She turns the rotation on and the probe spins inside her. I can tell it rolling right over her G-spot as her moans immediately turn to squeals and whimpers. She wraps her free arm around my neck while biting my forehead. She begins rocking her body into me as she holds the toy perfectly so that it’s teasing every sensitive area.

I can see her clit shaking as the sound of the vibrations and rotations gets harder. She squeals as the new intensity shakes through her. She holds onto me harder as she gets closer to cumming. She kisses me again while moaning in my mouth.

She looks down at her pussy and turns the speeds up again. Her thighs are quivering and her tits are trembling in front of my face. She leans back and sits on the back of her legs to use both hands to handle the toy. She’s posed perfectly in front of me as her stomach tightens and she groans out in pleasure. She begins bouncing and screaming louder as she adds more power to her toying.

Holy shit. Oh, my god, this feels so fucking good. Ah! Ah!” she whimpers in a trembling voice.

Her entire body shakes and vibrates as she gets closer to cumming. Her eyes begin rolling into the back of her head as she nearly falls over. She leans back against me and screams in my face as she lays her forehead against mine. She moves her right hand around my neck and squeezes me as she turns the toy on full blast with her left. She digs her nails into the back of my neck and cries out in shrieks as her pussy begins exploding.

“Ah! Ah! Oh fucking shi…” she cries out. “I’m cumming. I’m cum…” she leans her head back and screams out loud. “Ah shit. Ah!

Her body bucks back and forth as she groans and grunts her way through an orgasm. She continues holding the rabbit inside herself as she rides her way through the most intense orgasm I’ve ever seen her have. She lets the toy go and it falls out into my lap as she reaches over to wrap her other hand around my neck. She plants her lips against mine and continues moaning in my mouth until her orgasm begins to subside.

“I’ve never seen you cum so hard,” I respond to the sight of her.

“That’s because I have never cum that hard,” she responds out of breath. “I have to fuck myself on top of you more often.”

“Please don’t,” I add.

We both laugh as she continues rocking against my body. She kisses me one more time before climbing out of my lap.

“Put the chair back before you go.”

“I know.”

I move the chair back to the other side of the room as she begins collecting her toys. I throw her dress back at her as I begin putting my briefs back on. She gathers up her toys and walks out of the room as I remember where I put my clothes.

“See you on Friday,” she asks.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

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