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Wife Fucked by Husband with Her Own Strap On

Husband straps on to give wife bigger cock to ride.

Making love is a fantastic thing, but, sometimes, you just want to fuck. Sometimes, you just need to get a big cock shoved inside you and ride it like you could never get enough of it. To have it fill you, to stretch you, and to pound deep inside of you.

I heard my husband wake up a little earlier than me. He got up and went into the bathroom where I heard him brushing his teeth. As he went through some of his morning habits, I slowly awoke. Finishing in the bathroom, he walked back through the bedroom and then headed out to the kitchen to get some freshly ground coffee brewing for the leisurely Saturday morning we had ahead of us. It wasn’t terribly early, but it was certainly too early for a weekend to get out of bed yet. While he made coffee, I got up and visited the bathroom, also brushing my teeth for the morning.

Returning to bed just before he did, I was not fully awake yet, but was awake enough to know I had woke up horny. It had been a long work week and as a result had been a few days since we had been able to get it on. He crawled into bed and snuggled up behind me, in a close spooning position. Pulling the covers up over us, we were warm and cozy under our covers.

He held me for a few minutes, but I think he knew I was horny. Perhaps it was just that he was too, but I think he knew I was in need of a good fucking. His hands began to wander my body, softly caressing me under my night shirt and over my panties. His left hand was tucked under my upper body and his right draped over my mid-section. His head right behind mine as he intermittently kissed the nape of my neck and nibbled on my ear lobes. It wasn’t long before his right hand had slipped beneath my panties and his fingers began to probe and explore my ever wettening vagina.

As his fingers slowly worked my insides, I got hotter and hotter, wanting to be filled, to be stretched, and to feel something deep inside of me. Something bigger than his fingers. I love my husband and he is sufficiently endowed physically to please me normally. But in rare cases, I want something more than just sufficient, I want something that is as much as I can possibly handle. That is what I wanted this morning.

My husband and I have a very creative sex life. We enjoy doing creative things with each other. This morning I wanted to be creative.

Turning over and facing him I kissed him passionately on the lips then pushed him over onto his back. Reaching down, I pulled the boxers he had been sleeping in down over his legs and of his body, throwing them aside on the floor next to the bed. I crawled on top of him and straddled him, my wet pussy matching up to his swollen cock separated only by my thin panties. I moved slowly up and down, feeling his cock against me. As I did so, I leaned in bringing my mouth right up to his ear. I whispered what I wanted to do. He was not in disagreement.

I started by tying his left, then right hands to the headboard of the bed using a soft velvety red rope that we stored in the drawer that was built into the headboard. With his hands comfortably, but securely, fastened, I continued preparing. Leaving my straddling position or a moment, I reached back into the drawer next to the bed to collect the rest of the materials we would use and laid them on the edge of the bed next to us.

I started with a black latex hood with openings for eyes, the mouth, and nostrils. My husband lifted his head as I pulled it over his head and down into place. It fit tightly over his head, leaving his eyes and mouth opening visible, but that was it. It was shiny and form fitting, hiding all of the details of his facial features behind the black latex mask. I put one on myself that was identical. Next I grabbed the latex penis gag that I had laid out. The penis gag has two latex rubber penis attached to a strap that is fastened behind the head with a clasp. One penis protrudes 6 inches outward as a dildo for one’s partner to fulfill themselves with and the other protrudes 3 inches inward and fills the wearer’s mouth. I slid the inner dildo into his mouth and he accepted it eagerly, sucking slightly on it as I put it into him. Reaching behind his head, I fastened the clasp and the dildo gag was securely held in place. The effect was a black shiny head with a 6 inch cock protruding from its mouth and eager eyes looking back at me. I looked forward to fucking this face, to riding it with my eager vagina.

I wanted us to both be fully stimulate and filled this morning. My next reach was for the lubricant that would allow the toys I had laid out to easily be inserted. Squirting a liberally amount onto my fingers, I reached down under his throbbing cock and massaged the lubricant into his open asshole. As I did he slightly raised his hips, allowing even easier access for my fingers as I rubbed lubricant into him. With a sufficient amount applied, I reached over for a thick 8 inch butt plug. With his hips raised enough to allow the plug to be inserted, I slowly slid it into his accepting asshole until it was fully buried in him up to the flange at its base. With this done, he settled his hips back to the bed and squirmed ever so slightly at that which now filled him. While this was happening his cock strained against its own flesh, a raging hard on ready for use.

But I wasn’t going to use his hard on to satisfy myself this morning. I wanted something bigger, something more, something more erotic. The last item laid out on the bed that was going onto my husband was a black latex panty with a thick, full 12 inch cock molded onto it. I wanted to be fucked by this black monster cock, but I wanted my husband to be the one fucking me with it. In addition to the sheer eroticism of being fucked by a guy, but not having him be able to feel it in his own cock, it is further erotic and ironic in this case because it is the same strap on cock that I wear at times to fuck him in the ass myself. I slid the openings of the panty over his legs and up over his body until it hugged him tightly around his waist and covered his own genitalia. Tucking his penis and balls into the latex, his own cock and balls were no longer visible. I now saw a monster black cock and black latex crotch in its place, ready for my riding pleasure.

I wasn’t quite ready yet. Knowing my vagina was going to be filled with this, I wanted my own ass filled during the process. For the next step I crawled up onto my husband’s chest and straddled him so he could watch the process. Gobbing some more lubricant onto my fingers, I then reached down to my crotch and worked the lubricant into my own asshole, sliding my fingers inside myself slightly to get the lubricant in a little deeper. With my asshole nearly dripping lube, I reached down next to us for the medium butt plug that was for me. Slowly inserting it into myself, his eyes showed his interest and satisfaction as he watched. Fully inside me to the base of its flange, it filled my ass and made me ache to have my pussy filled along with it.

Sliding forward up his chest, I raised myself up off of him and settled back in just above his chin, the shaft of cock coming from his mouth resting against the front of my crotch, where I could rub up against its length, but not have it yet penetrate inside of me. I looked down between my breasts and locked my gaze into his own eyes, his lust filled eyes. I know he longed to give me all the pleasure I could stand this morning, even though with his dildo stuffed mouth he couldn’t tell me at that moment.

I slithered up and down slightly and side to side against his facial cock. As I did, the wetness from my pussy lips coated the latex cock and made it slippery against me. I needed it inside me. Lifting myself up and sliding slightly forward again, I moved to center it over my awaiting pussy opening and let myself slowly down onto it. It felt great inside me. I began to wiggle and gyrate slowly with it inside me, grinding it inside of me and the inside gag cock grinding into his mouth between his teeth, all of this over his black sleek latex covered head.

My pace increased and I moved from wiggling and gyrating to lifting and settling up and down. As my paced quickened, I began to grind the cock more deeply into my pussy, feeling it slide in and out of me. After a while, I lifted off and turned around, now facing the opposite way, no longer able to see his face, but now with my rear toward his head. I settled back onto the cock on his face and leaned forward to the monster black strap on cock that protruded from his crotch. As I rode his dildoed face, I could feel the butt plug inside my ass bumping against the dildo that was driving in and out of my vagina. The two sides rubbing against each other inside me and creating pressure between them. Moving up and down with my pussy, I leaned forward and took the head of the big strap on in my mouth. My ass still filled with the butt plug, my pussy filled with the cock gag on his face, and my own mouth now filling with the raging black strap on cock, I was completely filled.

I bobbed with my mouth and sucked on the strap on eagerly, wetting is length as I took as much of it into my mouth as possible, slid it back out of my mouth, then licked its lengthy up and down. I was so turned on; my pussy juices were covering his latex covered face. I wanted more.

Slipping my pussy off of the cock gag he wore and my mouth off of the strap on he wore, I turned myself around and prepared to ride the raging strap on he wore. Lifting myself up, I slid my pussy up against it and began to grind it up against myself, feeling its thickness against me. My legs straddled his body and my pussy straddled the 12 inch long, thick strap on cock.

Rubbing myself up and down its length, my own wetness continued made it slippery with my juices. I wanted it inside me. I slowly guided its head to my tight and dripping pussy. Slowly, I slid myself down onto it, taking more and more of its length into me. As I did, I watched his eyes. His eyes showed his lust, that level to which he was turned on by our activities. The fact that he was turned on by how much enjoyment I was getting out of our engagement only served to turn me on even more. The big cock was stretching my pussy, filling me, and it continued until I took its entire lengthy into me. I couldn’t move quickly, I was completely filled and stretched to a level beyond regular sex. The stretching and filling of me with such a big sized cock felt amazing. I was fully turned on and wanted to ride this cock until I came until my body was exhausted or until it split me in two.

After settling a moment, I slowly began to move up and down, trying to move the entire length of the cock in and out of me. Its length allowed very long stroke movements of my body, allowing a full feeling of movement through my pussy as it was stretched as wide as it has ever been. My pace quickened as I got deeper and deeper into the fucking of the cock. As I did, the movement and pounding of the base of the strap on cock drove against my husband’s cock underneath the latex panty he wore. All the while the thick butt plug in his ass wiggled and worked inside him as he moved. I could tell his own raging hard on was being stimulated by the monster cock that I was riding that he was wearing. He was thrusting the cock up and down, using his hips to control it, his own excitement building ever greater. His restricted hands allowing him only the movement of his lower body, but enough movement to keep him fully able to satisfy both of our needs.

I leaned forward, gyrating at the same time on the strap on cock, and took the dildo cock on his face into my own mouth. As I rode the big 12 inch cock, I sucked on the dildo coming out of his mouth, bobbing up and down on his moth cock as I rode his rock hard strap on cock. I couldn’t get enough of it. I was oozing and dripping juices from my pussy, slurping and dripping saliva from my mouth, and feeling the butt plug in my ass bumping against the cock driving in and out of my pussy.

It didn’t take much of this for my body to begin to reach climax. As slid the length of the cock in and out of me, he thrust back and forth in unison with my motion. His control of the strap on giving the full effect of a real cock fucking me deeply.

My body began to shudder, orgasming out of control. I gasped as the orgasms rolled through my body. As my own body began to shudder, I could feel his own body begin to tighten. He was going to come in his latex panties under the strap on as I orgasmed from its deep, penetrating invasion of my pussy. I wanted to keep myself filled to the bring as I came and to do so I had to grasp the dildo gag cock with my teeth, holding it tight to my face, our faces tight together both filled with gag cocks as we both fucked through all body encompasing orgasms.

I fucked as long as I could, having more orgasms than I can count, sucking the cock on his face all the time. Exhausted, I collapsed onto the bed next to him. His own deep breathing evidence of his own exhaustion and satisfaction. Collecting just enough energy after a moment to untie his hands and then collapse again, he was free. Removing the dildo gag from his mouth, he then leaned over and kissed me on the lips passionately. Our morning fuck session over, we rested for a few minutes before getting up for the morning. Moving to the bathroom, he removed the items I had put on him and we both showered together, washing each other clean of all the juices we had spread across each other. After showering, drying off, and getting dressed, we both went to the kitchen to get a cup of the coffee my husband had started earlier.

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