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A different Kind of Neighbor

A new neighbor moves in and comes to the aid of an ignored husband
Being married for the past twenty-three years has been a different adventure. My wife was a virgin when we married. As we dated, she would jerk me off and would suck my cock but would never allow me to cum in her mouth, although she did like receiving oral. Knowing there would be some sexual quirks in the bedroom, I thought I could live with them since I loved her.

Our wedding day came and went. Then I realized my sex life was never going to be one that I wanted, we would go months without sex. Then when I would make her feel guilty, she would suck me until I was going to cum and then just jerk me off. Our months of celibacy turned into years. We had two kids and I always joked saying, “We fucked two times and have two kids.” Not too far from the truth there.

As I said, our celibacy turned to years. We have not touched each other for twelve years now. Not because of my doing, I would try, and would get an answer like, “Why?” She really knew how to kill a man’s libido. It would get me to just give up and say why try. The love that I had for her has long gone, and really, the only reason I stay now is for the kids.

I have to say my eyes have wondered many times, but I am not the man I use to be. As the years moved on, I have become slightly overweight, and my hair not only has become salt and pepper, it has also thinned out some. So to be honest I didn’t have the confidence in myself I had years ago.

Then our new neighbor moved into a fifth floor apartment. She was in for about a week when I first caught a glimpse of her walking into the building. She had long black hair, was about 5’9” or so and appeared to be about 135 lbs. She was striking as she walked in wearing a peach floral dress that went to her mid-thigh. The dress was a halter-top which accented her beautiful breasts and looked like they would be about a 36C.

As she walked in, I could only think to myself how nice it would be to have her as a special friend. Later she was on my mind as I jerked off relieving my sexual tension. Unfortunately something that has become all too common in my life.

A few days later, I was parking my car in the lot and saw our new neighbor struggling with some grocery bags. Thinking this would be a great way to meet her and be a good Samaritan at the same time. I walked over to her looking at her long legs as she wore a white skirt, red blouse and red heels, again looking very hot.

As I got close to her I said, “Hello, I’m Jerry, I live on the third floor. Could I give you a hand?”

She looked at me and smiled. “Oh you’re a doll, I’m Renee and I would so love it if you could help. I guess I bought out the store.”

As we walked to the elevator, we made some small talk to get to know each other. I said something about how she should have timed her return to when her husband came home and she wouldn’t need any help then. She told me she wasn’t married. I remember thinking to myself things might be looking up.

As we arrived at her apartment, she unlocked the door and invited me in. As I placed the groceries on the kitchen table I told her it was nice meeting her and… she cut me off asking me, “Do you have to leave, I could at least give my knight in shining armor a drink. Would you like a beer Jerry?”

Smiling, “I’ll never turn down a beer Renee, chuckling as I answer her.” I watched her sexy body walk to the refrigerator, as she bent down to get the beer out of the bottom shelf I thought I was going to lose it as her skirt hugged her firm tight ass.

She walked to me and handed me the beer, I complimented her on how nice she decorated her apartment. She smiled and thanked me. Renee then asked if I would be in trouble with the wife for being late as she was obviously looking at my wedding ring. I laughed saying no she is a nurse and works nights so I am usually alone anyway saying how the kids always do their own thing now that they are older. Then without thinking I said, “Not that it would matter anyway.” She started putting her groceries away as we were talking, and when she heard me say that she stopped and turned to me.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh sorry I shouldn’t have said that guess that’s a perfect example of saying something without thinking.” She continued to put the rest of the groceries away and when she was almost done, she asked me, “Since you’re going to be alone tonight, would you consider staying for dinner?”

“Oh I wouldn’t want to be any trouble, “I said.

She replied back, “Oh no trouble its noting special just going to be some spaghetti.”

I smiled and told her, “I’d love to stay for dinner; it’s been a long time since I have had dinner with a beautiful woman.”

Renee turned and smiled at me saying, “Oh your sweet thank you.”

She went to the fridge, came back with another beer, and placed it on the table next to me. I thanked her and asked, “Is there anything I could do to help?”

“No just sit with me and keep me company, it’s nice to have someone to talk to as I fix dinner”.

As Renee prepared dinner, our conversation moved from a number of different topics. I felt she was having as good a time as we were chatting, I remember thinking to myself at one point, I might have lost my looks but I still have my charm.

When she started serving up dinner, she opened a cabinet and stood there for a few seconds looking up. She then turned to me and asked if I could reach the yellow bowl on the top shelf. I walked to the cabinet, reached up, and pulled the bowl out for her. As I handed it to her, she was smiling, “Wow you’re tall, how tall are you Jerry?”

Feeling like I was something special I smiled at Renee and thank her telling her I was 6’5” tall. She gave me a seductive smile and said, “I like tall guys.” She took the bowl form me and went back to preparing dinner.

As she set the table, she opened a bottle of wine. “Oh my,” I said, “first some beers now some wine, I’ll be out of it if I don’t watch.”

Renee said, “Well we have to have wine with spaghetti, it’s the law,” laughing as she pours me a glass.

Again, my eyes check out Renee as she pours my wine, “Why Renee, are you trying to get me drunk?”

She looked at me laughing with a big smile, “Maybe,” she replied.

“Well if you do just promise me you’ll take advantage of me.” She looked quickly at me, I was wondering if I crossed the line I started to laugh and she joined me with laughter.

As we ate, we continued discussing many different topics. I remember thinking to myself how I was having such a great time, and how I so enjoy Renee’s company. Realizing how much I missed that in my life. Renee looked at me with a serious face, and asked if she could ask me a personal question. “Sure,” I said, “I have nothing to hide.”

She became serious as she looked at me and asked, “Earlier when you told me your wife works nights, you then said it wouldn’t matter anyway, what did you mean by that?”

I don’t know if it was because of the beer and wine, or just because I felt very comfortable with Renee. All I know is I found it easy to start telling her how my marriage has been sexless for the past twelve years, and was not much better before that. To be honest it felt good to finally say something to someone. It has always been something I kept to myself.

Renee had a look of shock on her face. “WOW, you must be a special man to put up with that for so many years.” I went on to tell her I am not that special, and if it wasn’t for the kids I probably would have left a long time ago since she has sucked all the love out of our marriage.

Renee then asked me, “Why you haven’t ever been with anyone else to satisfy your urges?” I told her that it has been something I have thought about, but because I am not the man I use to be, it is not easy to catch the eye of a beautiful woman.

Renee snapped at me saying, “Don’t you say that, you’re a good looking man and any woman would be lucky to share your company.” Again, I felt my chest pump up feeling good to hear a woman tell me that.

As dinner was finished Renee suggested we go into the living room where it is more comfortable to finish our wine. I told her I would be happy to clean up before we go into the living room. Renee smiled, “Oh you’re so sweet, no let it go I’ll clean up later, but you’re wonderful for asking.” Thinking to myself if she only knew I have never suggested that before to anyone.

We walked into the living room and we both sat on the couch. As Renee sat down my eyes looked at her long legs thinking to myself how nice her legs are. She brought me back to reality when she asked what I was looking for in a woman. I laughed as I responded to her by saying, “As long as she is breathing.” Her hand caressed my arm as she laughed with me, I loved the touch of another woman, it’s been too long. I figured what the hell might as well go for it as I looked her square in the eyes and said, “I see your breathing.”

Renee smiled and moved closer to me on the couch, her hand reached up to my face and caressed my face. “You are so sweet,” she told me, “but I don’t think you know what you would be getting into.”

“What do you mean I asked her?”

“I think you’re a wonderful man and I would love to be intimate with you but…

Looking at her with a confused look, “but what?” I asked her. Renee stood up in front of me, slowly unbuttoned her blouse and took it off; she reached around and undid her bra. She removed it standing there topless.

My eyes and mouth opened as I stared at her beautiful tits. “Tell me Jerry what do you see?”

I looked her over and after a few seconds I said, “I see a beautiful woman with outstanding breasts.”

She noticed the bulge in my pants straining to get out. She approached me and caressed my hardening cock over my pants. “Yes Jerry, I am a woman, in every sense of the word, but there is more to me as well”

“What do you mean?” thinking to myself, ‘where is she going with this,’ as I reached up and started to caress her tits. “Jerry, I will please you and make you happier than any other woman would, but I am not sure if you know everything about me. Jerry, are you aware that I am a she male? I want to suck your cock more than anything right now baby, but I want you to be totally aware of everything about me.”

I couldn’t move, I couldn’t say a word, I only watched as she unzipped my pants and knelt between my legs. She pulled my cock out of my pants as she caressed it. I know I should have stopped it right then and there, but it was the first time someone besides me was touching my cock in so long it felt wonderful.

“Should I continue Jerry?” She leaned in and licked from my balls to my tip with her tongue. Again I know I should of stopped it and pushed her away, but I couldn’t, I could only nod my head yes. With that Renee licked around the tip of my cock with her tongue, then wrapped her lips around my tip sand slowly took me into her mouth. Oh my god Renee was amazing as she took my 8.5” thick cock down her throat without any problems.

She looked amazing as her mouth worked on my cock. I remember thinking that I know I didn’t have a lot of experience with receiving oral, but it was the best anyone has ever sucked me. I could feel my juices boiling in my groin, and I moaned as Renee sucked my cock faster. She started caressing my balls with her hand. I felt myself going to cum and feeling it was the polite thing to do, I sighed… “I’m going to cum.” I felt Renee’s lips tighten around my cock, as she sucked me faster and harder.

With that, I exploded, filling her mouth with a huge load. Filled Renee’s mouth with my cum, she sucked and swallowed all I had to give her. Renee’s mouth remained on my cock and sucked every last drop of my cum milking me dry before she removed her mouth off my cock.

It felt so good to have my cock drained, but then the guilt set in. What am I doing? What just happened? Just then Renee stood up and leaned over to me, she was going to kiss me. I turned my head and gulped down the rest of my wine. I stood up and told Renee I had to go, the kids will be wondering where I am. I was dressing as I walked out of her apartment.

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