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A Hard Days Night

Long, curly, dark brown hair. Her hair stopped just below her shoulders, shimmering in the dim light. I’m talking hair straight out of those hairgasm commercials on TV. Yes, that is what I remember most, the first time I saw her.

I had been in meetings all day and was exhausted. Manual labor is tiring, but not the head pounding, wore out, limpness fatigue you get from mental strain. So I hit the first bar I saw after leaving the office. One drink, just one. You know, to relax.

Nice bar, I thought. Upscale place. The kind of bar where doctors, lawyers and CEO’s frequent. I was either too early or too late. There were only 8 or 10 people, scattered all over the place. It had lots of room, so everyone had their privacy. Except she didn’t need any, she was the only single person in the bar.

I saw her before the door closed behind me. Dressed in a business suit, smartly conservative. Dark skirt, earth-tone blouse not showing much, hose, about 2 inch heels. Probably about 5’7”, 140 pounds or so. Decent tits, from what I could see. Wide hips, nice legs. Pretty, not beautiful, but her makeup was expertly applied. She was making the best of everything she had. Nice.

I sat at the bar and ordered a 7 and 7, with a shot on the side.

I know what you’re thinking, old school. Well, fuck you. I like old school. I’m not like everyone else in this modern, convenient, cut from the same mold, world. I do everything different. I don’t think outside the box, I live there. It had brought me shit from everyone, but I don’t care. I stand out. I get noticed.

Killing the shot in one gulp, I started sipping on the drink. Sip, look at her, sip, and look at her. The fatigue faded and my cock noticed. Or rather, noticed her. I caught myself staring at her twice, forced my eyes away.

Fuck it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I got up and went toward her.

“Can I buy you a drink?” I said from 3 feet away. She turned and started taking me in from head to toe, with piercing green eyes. The color and clarity of the ocean in the Caribbean. While she gave me the “Trust him or not” evaluation, I was sizing her up more. Semi-dark complexion, maybe Italian or Greek heritage. Smooth, flawless skin tone. Lipstick somewhere between red and burgundy. Very nice.

Apparently, I passed. “Sure, I’m Mia”, extending her hand. I took it, “I’m Mark”, sliding in the seat beside her. I ordered another round of drinks. We chatted, where you from, what line of work you do, etc. Interestingly, she was a psychologist. Guess I nailed the clientele, huh?

She had a great voice; I could listen to her for hours. And I did.

The bar closed at 11, the bartender was making last round calls. Talking to her was effortless and I wanted to see where this was going.

“Would you like to grab a coffee?” I asked. “I sure would and I know just the place”. I paid the bar tab and we headed for the door.

As I started to hail a cab, she interrupted, “Let’s just walk, it’s only a few blocks” I agreed and we walked the few blocks to a nice apartment building. She opened her purse and fished out some keys. “I make better coffee than anyone around here, hope you don’t mind” Mind? Hell, this was going better than I could have ever imagined.

Entering her place, she dropped her purse and keys on a small table. Kicking her heels off underneath the table she said. “Have a seat, I’ll get coffee started”. I found the bathroom and returned to the living room, having a seat on the couch.

She returned from the kitchen a few minutes later, carrying two cups. Sitting down beside me, she handed me one. “I hope you like it”, she said. I took the cup, had a few sips and leaned forward to sit it on the coffee table.

That’s when she leaned in and kissed me. Our tongues were searching for each other. Damn, I thought, this girl can kiss. Our tongue’s dancing, nice and slow, like she was savoring the moment. I sure was! Her hands caressed my neck and shoulders, slowly but with a pulling force. Like I was going somewhere.

My hands found her breasts, damn bra. I ran my hands over them anyway. 34C’s, I’d guess. Not huge, but a lot of fun. They were firm; I had to guess they were implants. At this point, I didn’t care. Inside her blouse, I ran my hand to her back and unsnapped the bra. I came back to the front, massaging her breasts underneath. WOW! Nipples about the size of quarters and already hard. My hand just barely covered one, her skin almost electric. Velvet. Her skin was pure velvet.

We stayed like this for a while. Somewhere along the way, her hand had moved down to find my cock. She gasped, “You’re already hard!” Mia was slowing rubbing my cock through my pants. I was very hard and moved one hand down to her knee. Slowly caressing and sliding my way up her thigh, the hose ended. My hand had found bare, smooth skin. She’s wearing stockings! A quick check and I found a garter strap!

Right up my alley! God, how I love garter belts and stockings. Remember, I’m old school.

Rubbing her inner thigh, almost to her panties, she stood up, announcing, “We should take this to the bedroom”. Removing my shirt, she grabbed my belt and said,”Follow me. And leave the pants on, I want to unwrap those myself”.

Entering her bedroom, we ignored the lights. She was out of her blouse and bra before we got to the bed. She turned to sit on the bed, pulling me close to undo my pants. I could make out her breasts in the dim light coming from the other room. Perky, nipples straight out. She had my pants on the floor and eased my underwear off.

I was completely naked and she was still dressed from the waist down. I was still standing while she was sitting. My hard cock at eye level for her. Mia wasted no time, left hand on my ass, right hand cupping my balls, and her mouth covering my cock. She took it all at once, lips covering my shaft and slowly pulling back. As she pulled back, that talented tongue dancing all the way up. She stopped with the top two inches in her mouth, French kissing the head. I was in heaven. Her right hand cupped my balls tight as her mouth descended all the way down again. Slowly moving upward, that tongue dancing, stopping to massage the head.

While she was doing this, I had found the zipper to her skirt. Opening the zipper, I could see more creamy flesh and the garter belt. If I could have gotten harder, I would have. Holy God! This chick was off the charts hot!

Mia must have sensed I wanted that skirt off. She removed her mouth from me with a loud pop. Gently pushing me back, she stood, turned her ass towards me. Ever so slightly bending over, she let her skirt drop to the floor. Mia from the back was even better than her front. Two nice, big globes of ass cheeks encased in little skimpy panties and framed with a garter belt and stockings. I almost came right there.

She ran her hands across the bed, completely bending over. Holding that pose just for a second, she climbed onto the bed and motioned for me to follow. I quickly crawled in beside her, embracing her warm body, kissing her hungrily. Mia reached for my hardness and began stroking slowly; just to make sure I was still fully erect. As she did this, I went for her thighs, just above the stockings. My hands sank into her flawless flesh, as I reached her barely there panties. Sliding my hand inside them to massage her….

What the FUCK?? Penis? This is a guy?? I stopped, but Mia froze. She was trembling all over. “Please, don’t hurt me”, she moaned. A brief pause and she continued, “Yes, I was born a guy. But I have never felt like one and have been living as a woman since I graduated college. I am a woman in every way; I just have some different plumbing. Talking to you for so long, I figured you for one that would not care. Please, tell me I was right”.

After my initial shock, I didn’t know what to think. Does this make me gay? Or bi? How will this actually work? Do I need a shrink? Wait, I’m in bed with one. Freud would have a field day with this.

When I didn’t get pissed, run or hit anything, Mia guessed she should take control. She reached down, very slowly, for my cock. Wrapping her around my shaft, she started, “You are still hard and ready for sex. So, at least I didn’t repulse you. I promise you, you met a woman, you kissed a woman, and right now, you’re in bed with a woman. I can do almost everything a regular woman can do and I can do it better. You’re not gay. You don’t have to touch my penis, unless you want to. Now, if you’re ok, I will answer any question you have.”

A million questions raced through my mind. Where do I start? “I always make the woman I’m with cum first. So how is that going to happen?” I responded.

She laughed, and said, “Well, there are many ways, but I would suggest we pick up where we just stopped. Get rid of any expectations you had and the rest will come naturally”

I thought about that for a minute and said, “Take those panties off while I turn the lights on, I want to see”

I shot to the switch and hit the lights, only to turn and see her hips raised off the bed, panties sliding down those smooth legs. She threw her panties at me, rearranged herself with one leg bent and the other straight out. I noticed she was hard; and small. Her cock was fully erect, all 4.5” of it. Only as big around as a cigar tube. Neatly compact above a pair of marble sized balls.

“Is that it? That’s as hard as you get”? Mia blushed and admitted, “I haven’t had sex with anyone in 3 years. The last guy I was with beat the hell out of me when he found my cock. So, I just gave up on sex. And, yes, this is me fully erect” Wondering, I asked, “Can you ejaculate? Actually cum?”

“I cum just like you. I have never had hormones and really don’t want the surgery to remove it. I’ve seen pictures of manmade pussy. It’s not pretty. But your cock is and I haven’t had sex for so long, I’m dying to get fucked. Now, I will answer your billion questions later. Right now, I want you and that yummy cock of yours back in bed”.

I grabbed the lube sitting on the night stand (Something I missed when the lights were off) and climbed back into bed. Mia lay on her back, putting her knees next to her ears. “Please fuck me”, she said. I lubed my cock, positioned the head against her asshole and slowly entered her. As I did, I leaned forward to cover her mouth with mine.

When I was completely inside her, she started moaning. As I started pulling back, her ass closed around my cock tighter than anything I’d ever felt. I started back in and she released her grip for easy entry. But on every back stroke, Mia would tighten her grip on my cock. She was better than any woman I’d ever been with. It didn’t take too long for me to cum. Warning her of my orgasm, she moaned, “Cum inside me. I want to feel you”

Explode I did, my cock fully inside her. Wave after wave of cum was pumped in her ass. I almost passed out, the orgasm was so strong. We lay there, my starting to shrink cock in her ass, kissing and cuddling. I removed my cock and she got off the bed. “Come, let’s take a shower and grab that coffee”

I helped her remove her garter belt and stockings as we stepped in the shower. I washed her from head to toe, my hands and eyes in a strange wonderland. I washed her breasts, ass, and thighs. I even started to soap up her little cock; she braced herself against the wall as I stroked her. But she stopped me,”I cum so much better with something in my ass” She did the same to me, stopping to wash my cock and balls very well, making me hard again. “I could use that again” she whispered.

We toweled off and went to get that coffee, naked of course. We had both went soft, her tiny cock was almost not there. She suggested we finish our coffee in the bedroom.

Mia climbed on the bed, “Do you really want me to cum?” “Of course”, I replied. “Then I want you in my favorite position. Come lay behind me” Watching her ass prance in front of me and seeing her tits sway when she walked, I was hard and ready.

She lay on her left side, right knee up towards her face. “Put your cock in me” I lubed up and slid into that tight ass once again. But this time, she was playing with her cock, making it hard.

She was surprised when I reached down, pulled her cock between her legs and began stroking her. I matched the strokes on her cock with my thrusts in her ass. Every time I thrust in deep, my hand slid down her cock to her balls. When I slid out, my hand would move up and caress the head of her cock.

I could have gone all night, but 3 years worth of pent up sexual frustration came flooding out of her. I felt every pulse of her cock, every spasm. Mia was moaning so loud, I thought someone was going to call the cops, but I never quit thrusting inside her ass. Her moaning had an effect on me and she knew it. She told me, “Pull out and cum all over me, I want you to own me”

That’s exactly what I did. I pulled out of her ass just as the first stream of cum shot from my cock. It hit her ass and began running down towards her balls. Squirt after squirt, my cum dripping into her opened ass and her balls. It finally dripped off her balls into the huge puddle of sperm she had shot.

I reached down, slid my cock back in her ass, cuddling her, one hand on her breast. Mia was moving those hips as I lay there, fucking me, she was doing all the work. I never did go soft, just kind of less hard.

She rolled me over on my back, slid over on top of me, never letting her ass lose my cock, and started riding me cowgirl style. I could hear her cock slapping against her stomach when she went up; and feel it when she impaled herself all the way down.

We fucked all over her house that night. Doggie style (A favorite, since our balls would press together and I had a perfect view of that ass!), bent over the kitchen sink, scissor style, her riding my cock, facing me so we could kiss.

At 7 am, we were both very tired. Mia wanted another shower so in we hopped. Clean once again, and changing the messy sheets on the bed, we both collapsed lying next to each other.

“Did you enjoy yourself”, she asked. “Almost the best night I ever had”, I replied. Raising up, in protest, “ALMOST”? I said, “There’s just one thing missing”, as I pushed her back down and took her cock in my mouth.

Her cock was so small; I took all of it at once. She groaned. When I started licking her balls, she tensed up and grabbed the bed sheets, holding on. I had never sucked a cock before, but I don’t think she cared. Mia finally started slapping the bed, “I’m coming, I’m coming” She grabbed my head, trying not to cum in my mouth, but I just kept going. I reached under her and slid a finger into her ass. And she exploded in my mouth. Contraction after contraction, jet after jet. Her ass was tightening around my finger with every pulse. So this is what cum taste like, I thought. I just held her cock in my mouth until she came down. I saved it, pulled off her and kissed her, sharing her cum between us.

As we both started to doze off, she said, “I could get used to this…….”

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