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A Lost Night

A bachelor party holds more than one surprise.
The party at Trevor’s had been a new experience in so many ways, including the money he gave me afterward. I would have done that and more for nothing just for the opportunity to have that much sex, that many times, in so many ways. Of course, the envelope full of cash didn’t hurt my feelings either!

Trevor was on chat the very next day. His genuine concern for me was something totally new and I liked it. We chatted and talked everyday that next week. One evening he asked if I was interested in having another party. I remembered fondly all the fun of the last one. Of course I was interested!

“Well, this is a little different,” Trevor said.

“How different?” I asked.

Trevor explained that a college buddy of his was getting married and wanted to have a bachelor party. He felt it would be wrong to have sex with another woman but since I only LOOKED like a woman ….

I smiled to myself. Yes, I understood now. Would I be the girl at his bachelor party? I told Trevor I would be more than happy to oblige. Trevor began telling me some of the details but I wasn’t listening. I was already shopping in my mind!

I found a slinky red velvet dress with enough spandex to really hug my curves. I decided to wear my tight black corset under it with sheer black lace top stockings and black patent leather ankle strap heels. I bought an auburn wig that was three or four inches past my shoulders and a tiny lace g-string panty, just big enough to hold my ‘things’ in place.

Trevor picked me up on the big night. I walked down the sidewalk from my apartment sexy and confident, and Trevor noticed! When I slid into the seat next to him he was noticeably turned on and even proud to have such a sexy woman next to him.

“There’ll be a lot of rowdy guys there tonight” he began. “You’re okay with that?”

“Oh sure. I’m sure everything will be fine.”

I guess I had been too excited in my preparations to ponder much else but really, it’s not like he’s going to force me to have sex with him. That’s WHY I’m going to this, after all.

We got our destination and stopped outside. It was far enough away from neighboring houses that the music was playing loud and the sounds of boisterous male voice could be heard above it.

“I’m not going to be able to stay,” Trevor said as he opened my door. “Just ask for Bill and I’ll swing back in a few hours, okay?”

I gave him a tentative nod and started toward the door now a little unsure. I rang the bell and in a minute the door opened. An inebriated smiling young man stood holding a drink.

“You must be Samantha,” he said in a slight slur. “I’m Bill, come on in.”

He stepped aside and I stepped in. Bill took my hand and led me past the gaping mouths of the other men there and into the living room. I could hear lewd comments and catcalls as I walked through to the living room and the hubbub of party noises quieted.

“Hey everyone! This is Trevor’s friend Samantha. She’s here to entertain us … and especially ME!” Bill announced. His announcement was answered with whistles and cheers. “Somebody get this girl a drink!”

A drink was in my hand in seconds. Nervously I took a long drink followed by another one. I could feel the effect in no time, partly because of the strength of the drink but my light supper wasn’t helping either. I finished the first drink and another replaced it. All the time I was talking, maybe even flirting, and noticing the fairly obvious bumps and brushes and even the more bold squeezes of my butt cheeks. It was all getting me very flushed and very horny!

As I finished the second drink (quickly replaced by a third) Bill asked if we could go into the bedroom. I nodded and he took my hand, leading me through the crowd to a darkened bedroom. Here it was at least quiet enough to talk.

“I wanted to ask you if you minded me filming this,” Bill started. “It's a first for me, maybe a last too and I’d like to have it on video.”

“Oh no, I don’t mind. Trevor likes to video parties. I think it’s pretty hot,” I said.

Bill turned on a small light on a table next to the bed and then I could see the tripod and camera. He started it and came over to the bed where I was sitting. I reached my hand out and caressed the bulge in his pants. He unzipped his fly and I pulled out an already erect seven inch uncut penis. As I bent down and kissed it I could see faces beginning to gather at the doorway to the bedroom.

I took him partly into my mouth and sucked gently, leaving a little of my lipstick on his shaft. Bill unfastened his pants and pushed them and his underwear to the floor. With a single move his shirt came off and he was standing naked in front of me. I sucked him deep into my mouth and he groaned. A few more deep sucks and Bill stopped me.

“I don’t wanna cum to fast,” he said. “Why don’t you lay on the bed?”

I scooted up onto the bed. Bill guided me to the headboard and I put my head on one of the pillows. He straddled my chest and guided his cock to my mouth. I opened it and let that lovely meat slip inside. I could feel his balls rubbing against my velvet dress as he face fucked me. The sensations were heavenly!

“Will you let me tie you up?” Bill asked. Without a thought, I nodded. He leaned forward and found cords attached to the headboard and tied my wrists with them.

“I don’t want to cum in your mouth,” he whispered. “I want to fuck you.”

“Yes, I want you to fuck me! Whatever you want!” I moaned. I was so hot I just wanted him inside me anyway he wanted.

“Can I tie up your legs then too?” he asked.

“Yes! Anything!” I panted.

Bill climbed off me and went to the end of the bed. He pushed the hem of my dress up and I lifted my hips to help him push it past my ass. I noticed that all the while our private bedroom had gotten much more public. What had started as faces in the doorway had turned into a regular gallery. Men were on either side of the bed watching, laughing and drinking. Bill quickly lifted each of my legs and secured them with more cords just at my knees. I lay on my back with my dress up, my stockings straining at their garters with my thighs by my hips and my bare ass lifted slightly off the bed.

Bill knelt between my legs holding a bottle of lube in one hand and his erection in the other. Seeing my tiny panties, he grabbed on to them and pulled them to mid-thigh. He lubed himself and me and wasted no time. He was between my cheeks and inside me in one stroke! I gasped in surprise and Bill just smiled. He started pounding into me hard, almost hurting me until I relaxed. Here is a man who loves to fuck, I thought. He’s found the right ass then. I lay back on the pillow to enjoy but was interrupted.

“Here, honey, suck this,” an unknown man demanded as he put his cock in my face.

“Why not?” I thought and sucked him into my mouth. Other cocks quickly appeared. I could see the bed ringed by naked men with hard or semi-hard cocks.. The cock in my mouth was replaced with a different one, then yet another. All the while Bill was pounding my ass hard until he suddenly groaned long and loud and stiffened inside me. The heat of his cum shot into me, distracting me from all the sucking and fondling. Bill pulled out and stood up.

“Okay, who’s gonna fuck her next?” he asked the room. Immediately another man was kneeling between my thighs, cock in hand. With a quick swipe up the slick crack of my ass to lube himself he pushed full inside me. I gave a groan from the sudden pressure. The men around the bed gave a quick cheer and then went back to taking turns at my mouth or just masturbating themselves above my face.

The second squirt of cum in my ass came quicker than the first. I felt the slippery prick slide out of me along with a little cum and again another man stepped up to replace him. I found myself losing track of the cocks in me … another shot of cum in my ass, another pulled out and shot his cream on my pubes and dress. Each fresh hard cock squeezed some cum out as it went in and I could feel the wet goo oozing down my ass.

The men surrounding my face began cumming too. I swallowed all I could of the cum in my mouth but more and more men were just masturbating and shooting their cum towards my face. One after another I felt hot cum shoot over my face and the head of a cock spread it across my lips, cheeks or in my hair. With my eyes closed to keep the cum bath from my eyes all I could do was feel the sex being given me over and over. It was a strangely erotic sensation to be in the dark, tied and being covered and filled with hot load after hot creamy load. With the alcohol in me, it started to be kind of surreal.

After a while, I really couldn’t tell how long, the fervor began to quiet. Cumshots on my face were less frequent, then stopped altogether. My sticky ass now oozing man juice was given a rest as the men became more interested in drinking than fucking.

“Okay you guys,” I heard Bill announce, “I think everyone’s had a turn. Let’s go back to the other room.”

With my eyes still shut tight, I listened to the crowd of drunken and sated men shuffle off. Still tied tight to the bed and now blinded by the bath of cum over my face, I could only wait and see what would happen next.

I felt a towel begin to wipe away the cum on my face, softly and gently. When I finally dared open my eyes it was Trevor’s smiling face proudly looking down at me.

“Looks like you were the life of the party,” he whispered as he continued to wipe me clean. He stopped and began untying the cords holding up my legs. As my legs were freed I stretched them first one, then the other and let them rest on the bed. My dress, my stockings, my thighs and pubes were cool, wet and sticky and the scent of cum was everywhere.

“I was scared at first, Trevor. There were so many and I was so helpless,” I began to explain.

“And then?” Trevor asked.

“It was, well, it was kind of like a dream. Almost like a fantasy … and so incredibly HOT!” I said as I thought back on my experience. “I’ve never had so many cocks and so much cum! I’ve never even dreamed of anything like that!”

“So are you ready for one more?” Trevor teased. He’d finished untying all the cords.

“Oh god no! Now I need a bath!”

“I thought you might need a change of clothes,” he said. “Why don’t you go clean up?”

I nodded and got off the bed. The bathroom was just off the bedroom and I undressed and stepped into the shower. Slowly the stickiness slid away and the pungent scent of male sex was replaced by clean scented soap.

I stepped out and toweled off. Trevor had left a clean, slightly more conservative outfit on the stool. I began to dress thinking how concerned he’d been, how considerate. I emerged from the bathroom and smiled at him. He knows what I want, I thought, even before I do.

The party had calmed down considerably with many of the guests gone or passed out. Bill thanked me and thanked Trevor with a sly wink and then walked us to the door. As we started for Trevor’s car Bill called to us.

“I’ll send you a copy of the video!”

I blushed when I remembered the camera next to the bed. Trevor shouted a ‘thank you’ and we got in his car.

“I forgot all about his video camera,” I said.

“I didn’t, Samantha,” Trevor said smiling. “I was holding it for the best parts!”

Now I KNOW I blushed and I smacked Trevor in the arm.

“I can’t wait to see the whole thing,” he said with a grin.

As we started to drive away, I smiled to myself.

“Neither can I!”

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