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A Night At The Movies. A rewrite

There is a first time for all things.

It was an older but well-maintained movie house that the owners had managed to recapture the opulence of the theatres of the 40's and 50's. They also decided to try an experiment and open on the weekends and show the old horror movies of years past. What with flat-screen televisions and surround sound systems many homes boasted it was a risk.

The risk paid off and people flocked to their establishment on the weekends to see the old horror movies as the audiences saw them in the days gone by. I had heard about it and soon became a regular to the Friday night showings. I loved horror movies especially the old black and white features despite owning many of them in my own collection.

The price of admission, as well as everything else, was what they were twenty years ago. On this particular Friday, I noticed that were a number of couples as well as number of singles scattered throughout the house. I chose a seat in the middle of the centre row and waited for the first feature to begin, that's when I saw her coming down the aisle.

She was maybe five foot two with a slender frame. Her short dark hair framed a pretty but pale complexion and my first impression was that she was one of the Goth children that favoured these showings. She was dressed simply in short black skirt that showed of her well-shaped legs covered in tan pantyhose.

Her most prominent feature were her breasts that pushed against the fabric of her black satin blouse. It was an effort not to stare as she took a seat at the end of my row and settled in. Despite my best efforts not to stare, she caught me. She favoured me with a smile as our eye locked for just a moment before I quickly turned my head.

Soon the theatre lights darkened and a cartoon started. I was surprised when I saw her stand up and move towards me and took the seat next to mine.   

"This way you won't get eyestrain staring," she said with a smile.

I apologized and introduced myself.

"I'm Dan."

"Fern," she responded.

The cartoon held no interest for me or her so we chatted. Her perfume seemed to envelop as I leaned into her so we could keep our voice low. Fern's lips were covered in the deepest shade of red I had ever seen and her blue eyes twinkled as we spoke.

"Horror movie fan?" she asked.

"Big time. You?" I responded.

"Yep. This your first time here?" she asked.

"No. I've been coming for a few weeks. You?"

"I'm a virgin," she responded.

She caught herself and laughed at her statement.

"I mean this is my first time," she said when she stopped laughing.

She crossed her legs in an effort to get comfortable and I couldn't help staring at the nylon covered knee. I felt a stirring in my groin when a daylight scene revealed she wore black high heel ankle boots. Thankfully the cartoon ended and the theatre was plunged into darkness before the first feature started.

I was relieved that the bulge in my jeans was hidden. We ate our popcorn and sipped our Cokes and only made small comments about the feature on the big screen. Intermission arrived and we both headed to the bathrooms and snack bar before returning to our seats.

As the second cartoon started she leaned into me and placed a soft hand on mine as she whispered in my ear.

"That must be awfully uncomfortable," Fern stated as her eyes went to the obvious bulge in my crotch.

"A little," I responded.

"And just staring at my tits got you that way?" she asked.

"That and your great legs and ass," I admitted.

"Then it's only fair that I do something about it," Fren commented.


"Yes, really," she answered.

Then without warning, she placed her soft lips on mine and we commenced to gently suck each other's tongues. I twisted in my seat and placed my arms around her. She did the same and pushed her satin covered breasts into my chest causing my cock to grow harder. 

"Are you feeling brave?" she asked as she ended the kiss.

"Yes, Why?" I asked.

"Unzip and free him," she answered.

I was too excited to worry about being caught or seen. I undid my belt and unzipped my jeans as the cartoon ended and the second feature started. It took a little effort but soon hard manhood poked through the front of my jeans. Now, I won't lie and say I was blessed with a monster size cock, I was just about six inches.

I could see Fern's nipples pushing against the front of her blouse as her small hand encircled it. She placed her head on my shoulder as she commenced to gently move her hand up and down on my shaft.

"Now, isn't that better than keeping him stuffed in your jeans?' she whispered.

"One hundred per cent better," I responded.

She continued to jack me off for the longest time until without warning she stopped.

"This may be enough for you but not for me," she whispered.

Fern managed to slide out of her seat and was soon kneeling in front of me and pushing my legs apart. My eyes grew wide and heart skipped a beat as she directed my cock toward her sweet red lips, She commenced to kiss and lick the head before she slid it into her mouth. Once inside her mouth, she used her tongue on the shaft and head before she slowly slid it out of her mouth.

Now I had received blow jobs before, but they were nothing like this. By the light of the big screen, I could see her tongue run circles on the head before it disappeared into her sweet mouth again. Each time she did it she seemed to allow it to go deeper. Soon I felt her full breasts against my thighs.

Now unlike my other buddies, I can't last for hours and it didn't take long before I felt my orgasm approaching.

"Fern, I'm going to shoot," I managed to say in a whisper.

Fern didn't stop. My warning only increased the speed of her kissing and licking and before I knew it I let loose in her mouth. I second later she returned to her seat. I could see her chest heaving in the dark as she attempted to calm down. She excused herself and headed to the lobby.

I managed to stuff my still leaking cock back inside my jeans before she returned. She had retouched her makeup and brushed her hair and I detected a hint of minty freshness when she kissed me again. I cupped her satin covered breasts as we kissed and I longed to see them sans clothing.

I ran my hand over her nylon covered leg and with each run, they pushed her hem up her thighs as I inched closer toward her crotch.

"Stop," she commanded in a forced whisper.

Being a gentleman I halted just as a daylight scene lit the interior of the house. I stared in disbelief at the outline of a hard cock under her tiny black panties.

"You're a dude?" I exclaimed struggling not to raise my voice

"No, I'm not," she responded.

I felt repulsed and sickened by the knowledge of sharing tongue kisses with another male and having him suck my cock. I withdrew my arm from around her and sat there staring at her. I could see no trace of a male in her face.

"I guess I should have said something," she admitted.

"That would have been nice," I answered sarcastically,

"I'm sorry, You were so good looking and I felt such an attraction that I didn't say anything. So was it all that bad?" she continued.

"No, but you're a dude," I repeated myself.

"No, I'm not," she repeated.

Fern pulled a card out of her purse and handed it to me before she stood up and left without saying another word.





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