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A Night At The Movies. Part 3

I receive a late night call from Fern.

On my ride home, I could not believe all that had happened this evening. The evening had started out at the movies where I met the stunning Fern, We exchanged glances and she moved from her seat to the one next to me. We shared hot kisses that got me as hard as a rock.

Fern convinced me to unzip and allow my manhood escaped from its cotton and denim prison. She then gave him the greatest blow job he had ever received. Afterward, when I started to run my hand up her nylon covered legs she stopped me. When a daylight scene on the big screen illuminated the theater I noticed the outline of a hard cock under her shorts.

I was angry and sickened by the fact that I had kissed another male and that he had given me a blowjob. We had mildly angry words and she left after giving me her business card. I too left the theater as I was no longer in the mood for horror movies. Then it happened.

I began to think about Fern on the ride home and later while in the shower. Recalling her pretty face, trim body and full breasts I grew hard. I told myself that she was a man dressed as a lady, but the erection remained. I commenced to jack off in the shower as I recalled the greatest oral sex I had ever had.

An urge that I could not explain had me pick up the phone and call her, she invited me over. I found her dressed and looking like a Victoria's Secret model and once again we shared hot kisses. I then surprised her by sliding my hand over satin panty and rubbing the small penis that she had kept hidden.

We then commenced to jack each other off. I was no long sickened or revolted at the fact that I had another man's small penis in my hand. Then at her request, I emptied my load on her breasts. She then sent me home promising me that this was only the beginning.

I had just entered my apartment when my phone rang, it was Fern.

"Hey, babe," she said after I answered.

"Hey. This is unexpected," I responded."What's up?".

"I'm stretched out on my bed in my garter belt, nylons and heels thinking about you," she said in soft voice.

In my mind's eye, I could see her long shapely legs covered in the filmy nylons and the silky black garter belt holding them up, I could also see her stiletto heels.

"No bra or panties?" I asked.

"No. I took off the bra so I could run my hands over my tits. and down my hard flat belly. I then removed my thong to allow my clitty into the air," she continued.

Again my mind was able to envision her running her hands over her magnificent body and I began to get hard.

"I then slowly ran my hands up each nylon covered leg from ankle to thigh. By the time I finished my clitty was so hard that I took hold of it and began to slowly masturbate. I just wanted to share it with you," Fern commented in a forced whisper. 

"Thank you for sharing," was the only clever thing I could say.

'Help me to cum," she requested.


"I want to hear your voice telling me to cum," she moaned.

So I commence to urge her to finish.

"Come on pretty girl, let me hear you cum. I want to hear you moan my name as you finish," I repeated.

Her soft sexy moaning grew longer and louder. No girl I ever dated could moan this well and just the sound of it drove me up the wall. I was so excited that I managed to remove my dress jeans and boxers and grabbed a hold of my hard cock.

"I took my pants and boxers off," I told her.

"Are you hard?" she asked between moans.

"Very hard. I'm jacking off while listening to you," I informed her.

I was rewarded with another moan from Fern at this revelation.

"I wish I was there to rub its head over your hard nipples," I told her in a soft voice.

"I wish you were here so I could kiss and lick it before you shoot on my tits,"Fern moaned.

This was my first phone sex and I was enjoying it. I seemed to have the talent to say the right thing to elicit a response from Fern.

"Oh Dan, I'm cumming. You and your sexy voice and hard cock made me cum," Fern moaned into the mouthpiece.

"I'm cumming too. You and your sexy nyloned legs and heels combined with your sexy moaning had pushed me to the edge." I told her.

"Then cum on my tits," she begged.

I repeated her name a few times before I lost my load on my belly.

"I just covered your hard nipples with my cum. Can you feel my warm fluid running down your tits?" I asked.

Fren's only response was a long sustained moan as her orgasm arrived. we lay there for the longest time just listening to each other breath.

"That was the absolute best," she finally managed to say.

"This was my first," I informed her.

"Well it's not going to be the last," she informed me. "Talk to you soon."

As the phone went dead and I hung up my receiver. I wondered what else Fern had in store for me.



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