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A night of passion takes a new turn

Gina's lover goes to the dark side

"There, I think that will work," I said to myself as I looked in the mirror.  The lacy burgundy baby doll nightie and matching g-string contrasted well with my light tan.  The six inch black patent leather stillettos finished off the outfit. My long black hair cascaded over my shoulders and down my bare back.  My make up was perfect and my long burgundy colored nails had just been done. I was smooth shaven and clean inside and out.  I had smoothed on some Victoria's Secret lotion so I smelled sweet and feminine.  Brad should be pleased with what will be waiting for him when he gets here.  

Brad had called the night before asking if we could spend some time together the following afternoon.  Since we hadn't had time together for several weeks, I practically screamed "Yes!" into the phone.  If there was something I needed it was a hard cock and a manly man who knew how to use it.  

I could hear the humor in his voice when he said, "Has someone missed her man?"  

"Of course I have," I said.  "You haven't been here to see me in weeks.  I need you." 

"I'll give you what you need tomorrow babe," he said.  "I have been thinking of what I want to do to you for weeks."

My small dick began to stiffen at the thought.  We have been having an affair for awhile and have had some pretty creative and steamy adventures. Brad is married but he has a fetish for shemales.  I have been his little secret for some time.  We role play a lot and I love being the submissive one in the relationship.  A little domination, humiliation, and lots of dirty talk makes me feel like the dirty little slut I love to emulate.  

I was waiting in the living room when I heard the knock on my front door.  As I walked across the tile floor, my heels made a tapping sound.  I slowly opened the door and Brad was standing there in all of his handsome glory.  He looked me over from head to toe and said, "Now you're a sight for hungry eyes." 

He walked in and took me into his arms, kissing me deeply and running his hands down my back to my ass.  Our tongues melted together for what seemed like an eternity.  I had missed him so much. 

He squeezed my ass cheeks hard, almost to the point of pain, and said, "I'm gonna hammer this ass!"  

"I need your cock baby," I whispered to him between breaths.  "Give it to me!"

"Oh, I'm gonna give it to you bitch!" he said as he picked me up off my feet.  I wrapped my legs around his waist as he walked me to the couch and threw me down on it.  He pulled off his shirt and kicked off his shoes.  He dropped his pants and I could see his thick cock was about to split out of his boxers.  He pulled off his boxers revealing that thick, purple headed and thickly veined python he carried between his legs.  I couldn't wait to have that cock inside me. Our sexual games often included some humiliation and rough foreplay, so I thought I was ready for what was to come.  

He sat across from me in a chair and said, "Come here bitch, suck my cock and suck it good!"  I did as I was told and walked over to where he was sitting, swinging my hips suductively as I walked.  I slowly kneeled in front of him, placing my hands on his thighs and running them slowly up and down.  Suddenly, he grabbed me by the hair and jerked my head down, causing the head of his cock to poke me in the forehead.  Him pulling my hair hurt a little.

He usually wasn't so forceful and I looked up at him, a little surprised.  "Don't look at me!" he yelled.  "Suck my cock you fucking whore!"  he demanded.  Thinking this was the evolution of our usual role playing, I obeyed and wrapped my fingers around his shaft, careful not to poke him with my nails.  He jerked my head down again and his cock went into my mouth.  He forced my head down roughly and I almost gagged as the thick round head of his cock hit the back of my throat. 

Now I was getting a little scared.  I kept myself from gagging and obediently started to suck his cock hungrily, a little afraid he was angry at me for some reason and might hurt me.  He had never been this aggressive before and had never been violent, but I was a little apprehansive.  Not knowing where this was going, I just focused on pleasing him. 

I drooled saliva all over his cock and balls.  I deep throated his cock, teased him with my tongue, gently sucked his cock and balls and ran my tongue up and down his shaft and around the head of his cock, which were all of the things I knew he liked.  He pulled back my hair to watch me work and it appeared as if I was doing exactly what he wanted me to do.  As I sucked his cock some more, he slapped me on the cheek, not hard but it did leave a sting.  

I pulled back and he said, "You don't stop until I tell you to bitch!  Suck some more!"  

Now I was more than a little concerned.  I wasn't sure if he was playing or if something was going very wrong.  I started to get up and he stood up with me.  "You're not going anywhere!" as he grabbed me and pushed me down on the couch.  We fell face down and he pinned me to the couch.  He said, "Do you wanted cock?"

"Yes, yes!" I said.  

" Now you can have it," he growled.

Brad pulled my arms behind me and I felt some kind of straps being wrapped around my wrists.  After I had been bound, he bent me over the armrest with my ass in the air and my face pushed into the cushions.  He knelt behind me and separated my ass cheeks.  I felt his hot, wet tongue begin to move up and down my ass crack and around and across my tight hole, which began to drive me wild.  I felt his tongue enter my hole as he fully rimmed me and tongue fucked me.  He sucked and bit my ass cheeks as he continued to eat out my ass.

"This is more like it," I thought.  "Now the fun begins."

My apprehension began to ease. 

I could hear Brad pull out the small bottle of lube that I kept in a box next to the couch.  He began to lube my asshole and finger me.  I could feel he had at least two fingers in me and was massaging my prostate.  He pulled my g string down to my ankles and stood behind me. 

Still bound by the wrists and bent over the armrest of the couch, I felt Brad push his cock to the entrance of my hole, then press in me.  The head of his cock popped inside and I jumped.  The pain was sharp but brief.  He slowly buried that meaty cock of his all the way in me.  I loved feeling each inch until his body pressed against my ass and thighs.  

He slapped me sharply on the ass and said, "You want my cock bitch?"

"Oh yes baby!  GIve it to me!" I screamed.

"Beg for it bitch!" he said.

"Please daddy, give me your cock," I begged.  "Give it to me please!"

"Good girl," he said. " You just had to ask nicely."

Brad began to thrust, slowly at first, then more intensely.  He kept slapping me on the ass hard as he fucked me.  As he fucked me harder and deeper, he slapped me harder, making my ass sting.  

As he fucked me, I was totally immobile and unable to use my hands.  It felt as if his cock was up to my lungs as I was having a little difficulty breathing.  His breaths became heavier and heavier and I knew he was close to blowing his load.  

Suddenly Brad pulled his cock out of my ass and shot his hot cum all over my ass cheeks and inside the crack of my ass.  Some even shot up onto my back.  He seemed to have been totally full of cum.  I only wished I could have jerked myself off and also got a nut while he was fucking me.  

Brad moved over to me and pulled me off the couch.  Still bound, he forced me into a kneeling position.  

"Clean my cock up you whore!"  he commanded.  I did as I was told, licking him clean from tip of his cock to his balls.  I could taste his cum as well as the essence of my ass on his cock as I did so.  

Once I had cleaned him to his satisfaction, he removed the straps from my wrists.  He sat back on the chair as I sat on the floor, not saying a word.  Now I don't mind playing the slut but this was different.  I felt both good and bad about what had just happened.  Something just didn't feel right. 

He looked at me with regret in his eyes.  I didn't know what to expect next.  

"I'm sorry Gina," he said.  "I know I was a little rough.  I wanted you to see me for what I really can be.  You see, I tried this with my wife and she shut me down.  I think that was what led me to look elsewhere for my satisfaction.  You have pleased me as much as anyone I have ever known, but I can see you didn't really like rough sex.  You see Gina, my wife found out about us.  I needed to see if you were into pleasing me the way I need to be pleased.  I needed to see if I could leave my wife for you.  Now I see that you can play but you do have boundaries.  I think I have to find a special someone who really likes what I really like to be safe.  I think it is only fair to move on and not subject you to my kink."

Now I understood what had just happened.  My heart was breaking because I think I had come to love Brad in an unusual way, even though our relationship was so intermittent.  I must admit I am game for almost anything, but I'm not into simulating a forcible sexual act that involves fear or intense pain.  I realized things had gone to the dark side and needed to end.

"Wow," I said.  "You could have given a girl some warning.  I thought I was about to be seriously sexually assaulted. "

"I'm sorry babe," he said.  " I really didn't know how to go about this other than to push the envelope.  Do you think we have any future here?"

"I think it would be best if we take a break," I said.  "Figure out what you really need.  Then we can go from there."

We parted ways that day and its been weeks since we have talked.  I really miss the adventures we had but there are limits to everything.  I had finally met mine.  



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