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A night with two shemales

Getting soft with girlfriend led him to a new, different girlfriend, and he's never be happier.
I’m an oil geologist and spend considerable time traveling to the Gulf of Mexico. . I stand 5' 10" wet, have wavy brown hair with already early bits of gray, (which runs in my family). Good genes have also blessed me with keeping the fat off. With moderate exercise I match up well against guys who power exercise once a day. My face has been described as triangular and my eyes are blue with bits of gray. I'm said to have a good personality and women always tell me they feel comfortable around me.

Until a few years ago I would have described myself as heterosexual. Now I’m not sure and don’t much care.

The place I called home was my apartment in an Art Deco building on the edge of South Beach. I came to it by accident and never thought I'd be able to afford it. But life smiled on me. The whole district is noted for its liberal, easy-going lifestyle.

This story stared over two years ago. I met my then girfriend, Faye, at one of the many bars here. After our second date she invited me a party at her loft. Faye very much personified the south Florida lifestyle. She was an innovative lover, willing to do all sorts of different things, including threesomes, though oddly enough she never invited me. Artistic, bi-sexual, politically charged and involved with almost everything progressive, Faye collected friends like others collect coins. Activists, unionists, lawyers, writers, musicians, gays and even a few trannies hung out at her loft. I liked Faye for her easy good looks, her non-saggy 36-a teardrop breasts and her quick witted sense of humor. Even so, she wasn't an easy woman to love.

Because of a tempting dish called Rhonda, I began to take an interest in trannies. Free spirited, Rhonda with her boyish figure, big tits, great legs and nice ass, gave me woodies most times she was near. I decided if she ever made a pass at me I wouldn’t waste the opportunity to try something new. It never came so I'd occasionally rent trannie porn. A lot of it was just crude, debasing and far from my idea of sexy, but on occasion I lucked into some good stuff. Here’s what I discovered from my research: One, I wanted a nice dick in my mouth; I just didn’t know when that would happen. Two, like pussies no two dicks were alike, and so three, my preference would be small, uncircumsized ones with pretty balls. I also decided I liked the look of hairless groins so began to shave my privates.

Back to Rhonda: She and Faye were cut from the same cloth so it shouldn't have come as a big surprise when they had a falling out. In the heat of the moment Faye made a few cutting remarks which she refused to take back. Rhonda never forgave her and that was the end of that. Her last words before she stormed out Faye’s door were to me. “Lover, if you ever want better than Faye, come and find me.”

Secretly I sided with Rhonda, and the fallout had an effect on me, though I wasn't quick to connect the dots.

One mid Sunday afternoon Faye was bouncing on my cock and fondling her breasts. Everything seemed fine until I felt myself grow soft. In panic I tried to think of some hot image to keep myself hard. Rhonda came to mind. I pictured my hands playing with her breasts while I sucked her dick. That worked; I stayed hard and Faye never suspected. But the problems continued and Faye and I began to fight about sex.

The day before Independence Day Faye decided to visit her family up in Tallahassee. I couldn't (and didn't want) to go; had to fly to Lafayette to one of the rigs. I was almost out my apartment door when the phone rang. The manager of the rig had a heart attack and the meeting had to be postponed. I offered my best wishes for his speedy recovery, then called my boss and told her about the situation. She concluded the convesation, "Well, you've got the weekend off like the rest of the world. Go do something fun."

Yes, but what? Faye wasn't around and as best as I knew most of my friends weren't either. Then it hit me: Rhonda. I went out and bought a new shirt, new slacks and that evening slapped on cologne and went off in search of Rhonda. I found her at my fifth techno club, the center of attention in a small crowd of mostly attractive females who occupied two tables. I ordered a Captain Morgan, leaned against the mahogany bar and watched the twenty-eight-year-old toss her blonde hair back as a man leaned over the table and said something. I could tell she was only half listening, that her eyes were constantly moving about the large, dim and smoky room as customers gyrated on the floor to the loud and latest techno beat.

I sipped my rum and wondered how I should approach. Just when I thought it might not be possible with all the people around her, Rhonda’s eyes locked in on me. She said something and the female next to her, who scooted out of the curved bench seat. On her feet Rhonda smoothed out her black silken cocktail dress with its spaghetti straps and walked over to me.

A big sensuous smile, she approached, pushed her gorgeous tits against my chest and said. “Took you long enough to get here, lover boy," even as she gave the bartender a familiar how ya doing wave. I couldn’t believe my good luck as a pile of bangles jangled from this mantrap's arm and her hand ran up and down my chest and made a shameless pass at my groin. I grinned with satisfaction and pleasure and wondered where the night might take me. “Let me guess,” Rhonda said: “You’re here because you’ve either split up with Faye or are about to. Do you need condolences or congratulations?”

I didn’t answer, was more interested throwing caution to the wind, so moved my head forward in the hopes of reaching her painted lips. She didn’t resist; better, she met my lips with her own, licked my upper lip with her tongue as she tucked further into me and ran the tips of her fingers over my groin.

I had no idea what a man's kiss would be like, but this was as good as anything I'd experienced. Her lips were inviting, firm and very much kissable. Until I met her tongue I was semi-hard but now granite-like. “Nice,” she said playfully as her fingers left my groin, “and I have my answer. Now, mama wants details. Tell me.” I did, about my decision to quit the relationship with Faye.

“Have you done it?”

“No, not yet.”

“When then?” “When Faye returns from her parents.”

The irrepressible hottie gave me a wicked smile that could only be interpreted as one thing and said, “I always wanted to do you. No better time that this to celebrate your freedom. Interested?”

Was I interested? Is a male dog interested in a bitch in heat? I very much wanted to do her. She seemed satisfied by the lustful look on my face, took my hand and in a most dainty and enticing way headed to the ladies bathroom. I kept a hand in my pocket to hide my erection as we walked past her friends who cheered and whooped. At that moment I wanted to crawl into the floorboards but Rhonda acted as if nothing was amiss.

We waited in the corridor until the bathroom door opened. Without delay Rhonda pulled me inside and locked the door. She turned, took three steps toward me and placed a hand on the back of my neck. As our mouths found each other again Rhonda’s other hand fumbled with my belt. “Get them down,” she commanded in a husky voice as she left my lips. “Mama wants fresh cock. You do clean yourself, don’t you?” Certainly I said, almost insulted. “Good,” she returned. “I hate cheese cocks. Why don't some men clean themselves better?”

How was I to answer that, poor or careless hygiene of my fellow males? I didn't, just concentrated on letting my s hirt, slacks and underwear tumble to the floor. I stepped out of them, pulled off my socks, my erection pointing to Rhonda. A t another time I might well have worried about the impropriety of where I was, the hazard of being caught in the ladies’ bathroom, but not then. Lust controlled my full thoughts.

“Yum,” Rhonda said as she moved closer, tugged on my shaft, let it go and fondled my balls. "Mama likes your naked basket." She placed soft, red kisses on my neck. Slow and easy she stroked me as her lips rose to meet mine. Fast enough a tongue entered and explored the inside of my mouth. We stayed so until I thought I would lose it. Rhonda must have guessed. She moved away, set her purse on the vanity counter, pulled her cocktail dress up over her head and placed it next to the purse. “Don’t want to get love juices on this, darling.”

Underneath her dress she wore a red, strapless bustier with underwire cups, a pink lace up at the front and garter straps for her black nylons. A red thong held her sex. “Am I pretty for you?” she asked as I licked my lips and looked at her as if struck dumb. "Can’t have you in that state,” she said as she teasingly pulled her thong down.

A thin, circumsized, wet and good-sized purple-head cock revealed itself. Her eyes met mine. "How is it so far?” she asked. “Better than I could have imagined,” I croaked as I pointed to a red rubber ring behind her balls “What's that?"

She looked down at herself, then back up at me. "A cock ring. Better for lovemaking." “

“Better?” I repeated: “for me or for you?” “Mostly me, darling, but for you too. When I get enjoyment, you get better results. Never seen one before?”


"A whole new world awaits you,” she said as she guided the thong to the floor. There was something so highly-sexual in her feminine arm and body motion, her knees together, back straight. No heterosexual male would ever do that. And she did it in heels. She held the thong out. “That’s me on it. Want to smell?” As degenerate as the offer sounded, I did, held it to my nose and inhaled her scent. It only served to inflame me.

Rhonda sank to her knees, put out her bangled arm and tugged me to her. Her crimson lips opened further and she slipped my dick into her mouth. Wonderful: my fantasies of her weren't this good. She worked like an expert, mouth and hand in tandem as she pulled me deep into her mouth and did wonderful things to me--even took my entire length. That was too much and I shot what I was sure had to be one of my biggest loads. She took it all with excitement as she stroked her own cock.

When mine began to wilt, she kissed it a final time, pulled my legs further apart, sunk lower and sucked my balls into her mouth. A hand moved between my thighs, past my balls and into the crack of my ass. Soon enough a finger found the crack of my asshole and wiggled itself in as Rhonda continued to suck on my sack. The pleasure was indescrible. Had she stayed there my dick would have hardened again and I could have emptied another load. But she rose, and offered me her lips and let me taste myself from her tongue. I loved it and wanted more, but Rhonda broke off our kiss and looked down. “Oh, lookit him; he's growing again. I think he liked what I did.” I readily agreed as I reached out and stroked her cock and said I wanted to return the favor. “No time like the present, darling,” she said and pushed down on my shoulders.

Hers wouldn't have been one of my fantasy cocks and her balls were a bit on the saggy side, but beggers can’t be choosers. I wanted to suck tranny cock and this tranny beauty was in front of me. I knew exactly what to do, parted my lips and pulled her closer. She placed her cockhead on my lower lip, I opened my mouth wider and with that the wet monster slid past my lips. My first tranny kiss earlier and now my first cock:

When I look back I think my high state of arousal had something to do with the danger, excitement, maybe the taboo of what I engaged in, you know, on my knees with a pretty sizable tranny dick in my mouth and people on the other side of the door. Whatever the unconscious motive, I gave myself over to her. I held the shaft near her ring and began to enjoy the saltiness of her blood engorged cock.

Twice I scrapped her with my teeth. The second time she looked down and said, “Oww! Lover, make a big o with your lips and keep them over your teeth.” I hurriedly apologized, kissed the offending member's head and returned to my task.

As I grew more used to it I felt her cock throb. I pulled her out of my mouth, raised it and licked the veined shaft down to her closly trimmed, but loose sack. There I palmed her balls as I sucked right and left testicle into my mouth. A final lick and I moved back to her shaft and drew the head further into my mouth. I bobbed back and forth on her cock as if I’d been doing it all my life. As she played with my hair and my saliva made her tool glisten, as her tempo increased, I heard her say “I knew it. I always knew you were a cocksucker . . . and a lovely one.”

Someone knocked impatiently on the door. Rhonda was quick to respond. “Fuck off! The door's locked. Doesn't that give you a clue?” The knocking stopped, Rhonda looked down at me and sweetly said, "Now, where we we?" A minute later she grabbed the sides of my head, stiffened her body and let go. I guess I thought her cum would be like a like mine, thick.

Rhonda shot two loads into me but they were rathr watery. Still, that didn’t deter my enjoyment; I took her offerings with eagerness; even sucked when nothing else was coming. “Oooh,” Rhonda said as her wilted cock skidded out of my mouth, “Good. So good, and I’m sure you’ll get better.” She offered that with all the confidence of the knowledgeable. “Now for your treat,” she added as she helped me to my feetand pulled me forward. I brought my face to her. She parted her lips and once more let her tongue greet me. “This is the best part," she said as I placed my hands on her backside and lewdly groped her soft and high booty cheeks, "when cocksucking's done.?”

She glanced down at my dick. “My, honey, you've proven that is a tasty sausage. Let’s see what else you can do with it.” Nothing else to say she took a few steps to the counter and reached for her purse. Inside she pulled out a small plastic tube of Eros lubricant. She put some on her middle finger and massaged the deep cleft between her ass cheeks.

Finished she dabbed more on the head of my cock and said “Faye still practices safe sex?”

“She does; so do I.”

“That’s good.”

Rhonda stopped for a second as a thought occurred to her. “So you haven’t had any partners other than her, right?”


“Then if you’re clean we won’t have to use a rubber. Now, Tommy boy, enjoy!” Her mind fully on her taske Rhonda moved to the door, spread her legs, bent and waggled her bottom at me. “Come made a lady cum.”

I wasted no time and hurried to her butt cheeks where I again let my hands run over them. My eager cock demanded satisfaction so I parted the cheeks and aimed for the entranceway to new pleasure. Bit by bit my cock slid into her until I was up to the hilt in the ass I so desired. Back and forth I moved as I held tight to Rhonda’s hips. I felt my cockhead throb faster and knew I had to stop. I leaned my chest on Rhonda’s back and hurriedly undid her lace up, let her breasts loose and cupped what I thought were probably 34-c. Nice and firm. I stroked and pinched them in as loving a manner as I could. After a minute or so I again straightened and moved back and forth into her backside.

“Oh, fuck, oh fuck,” Rhonda said as she freed one hand from the door and stroked her cock. Seconds later her cum shot out and landed on the floor by the door. As she released I gave myself permission to do the same, tightened my hold on her hips and had my first in-and-out orgasm without fantasizing about someone else.

I was still firm when I pulled out and turned her. I gave her a deep, penetrating thank you kiss. When we pulled apart she smiled at me, kissed my cheek and said, “Let’s get cleaned up. Bet you never thought you’d clean up in a woman’s bathroom.” I quickly learned that in spite of a lot of wonderful attributes, sentimentality or post coital (or whatever that phrase was), cuddling was not one of them. For Rhonda, fucking was fucking and the rest of life was, well, that.

A small line awaited us as we opened the door, but on the whole people behaved as if a man and woman (or two men to be more exact) coming out of the ladies’ bathroom was an everyday occurance.

Rhonda was too much for any one man or woman to tie her down. She brought me over to her friends and introduced me. There were a few males but the rest were either females or shemales, (interesting how the former feel naturally comfortable in the company of latter); it was hard to tell who was what; all wore dresses and skirts were between good looking and stunning and thier makeup was picture perfect.

It was apparent Rhonda was queen bee of the hive. She frowned on any hostilites; no flareups, only fun and laughter were allowed. Before the night was over I saw a lot of critters come to the hive to check out the honey. A few ladies let themselves be seduced away but most stayed behind, partied and danced. 

It was also fun to watch Rhonda bat away admirers. Before Rhonda left for the eveining I approached, threw my arm around her and said, “Thanks for taking me on.” In response and to the loud delight of the others she dramatically grabbed and plunged her tongue into me, pulled her head back and said, “Somebody had do you. Stick around, Tommy, and I may take your cherry yet.”

She left with a jock type. I got the beginnings of strirings when I imagined him sucking her asshole and finding some of me.

Rhonda might have been the queen bee but by my standards she wasn’t the best looking. A number of the other ladies might have had that title--including one named Andie in her frilly, lacy orange peel mini dress, the bottom of which wouldn’t have hidden the tip of Rhonda’s flacid cock. The subject of my new interest sat and looked quite demure as men approached and chatted her up. And why not? I thought as I took in her expertly short, dark brown, chic cropped hair with a yellow hibiscus in it. It gave her an adorable, wholesome girl-next-door look and made her seem even younger than twenty-five.

Her face was oval shaped and she had large round almond eyes under her false eyeslashes. Her fingers werelong and well manicured and I would soon discover her skin was soft. She had pouty lips but when she pulled them back they revealed large, white teeth any dentist would take notice. Size three I guessed; not more than that. She was almost but not quite as tall as me and with no visible signs of fat anywhere.

Her waist was slender and when she stood she showed off her hourglass figure. Then there were her legs; mouth watering, tanned and shown to perfection in her small and high-narrowed heels, they were--what was that word they used in film noir movies?—lovely gams, long, senusous, with sculpted ankles and supported tight adolescent thighs.

There was more: the top of Andie’s come hither dress was worn low and drew the eye to a pair of round, appealing breasts. If you saw Andie in her provocative dress your brain wouldn’t be able to decide whether to stare at her long legs in heels or the high and naughty chest that almost dared you to touch. If that wasn't enough to tempt, she also had a round, well defined ass that would have drivers at a red light stare as she walked by. I didn’t realize I was staring until Rhonda came over and said,

“Down, boy!” I laughed to hide my embarrassment and said, “Is she . . .?” The question hung in the air. Rhonda slapped my hand.

“She is, but what do you care? You liked me well enough.”

“You were wonderful,” I replied, eager to reassure her. “All you’d have to do is snap your fingers and I’d jump into bed with you.”

“Well, then,” she scolded. “She’s prettier than me and has a nicer personality than Faye.” She shook her head. “Men can be so dumb. You want to meet Andie or not?” I tried to look sufficiently chastised by her words and said, “Yes.”

Rhonda took my hand and led me over to the seated Andie. She nudged her way past two admirers as if they didn’t count, looked down at Andie and said, “Love, you and this biscuit have a lot in common. Why don’t you talk?” I could almost feel the air deflate from the two men as they turned and walked away. And Rhonda, deciding she’d fulfilled her part in matchmaking, moved off as well. Andie for her part looked up at me and moved over on the bench seat. When I sat she asked in a voice pitch the slightest bit lower than most females, “So what do you think we’re supposed to have in common?” I told her I didn’t know but was secretly grateful for the better introduction.

It took a few minutes but we found our comfort level and soon enough discussed all manner of things. I was thrilled she didn’t signal she was bored with my company. A thought crossed my mind; Faye once quoted some figure that in the larger popuation trannies were almost as rare as hen’s teeth. Not is South Beach I thought, and more than enough here in front of me. I liked it and all the tantalizing, competing smells of perfumes. Life was good.

As we talked I found out that Andie’d dumped her boyfriend a month ago after she caught him in bed with another woman. I told her about Jane and my situation. The more we talked the more I was taken by her. Her mannerisms, for example, were infinitely more feminine than Faye’s. I liked that, as well as her easy laughter. She nibbled on her swizzle stick and under those eyelashes looked out at me and said, “So, did Rhonda show you how sexy we ladies can be?” It was an easy question to answer. “She sure did, and made me want to come back for more.” In response Andie licked her cherry red painted mouth and recrossed her legs. It was all I could do not to touch them. “Ohh,” she said; “now that can be taken a number of ways.”

The time flew as we enjoyed ourselves and danced. I had to restrain myself from running my hands over her soft and curvy body as we slow danced. We closed the club down, five of us. One of the ladies offered to drive Andie home; as did I. To my delight I won out. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” Suzie joked, “and if you do, wear a rubber.”

Andie had her own condo. I learned that she worked as an assistant manager at a health spa. Liked to but didn’t need to work. She and her twin brother came into a sizable amount of inheritence. “Can I see you again?” I asked as I pulled up to the front.

“Would you like that?”

“I sure would.”

“All right; then when?”

“Is tomorrow ok?”

“Fast mover, aren’t you? Tomorrow’s fine. Call in the morning and we’ll set something up.” She asked for a piece of paper, wrote her number on the back on the state map, kissed me on the cheek and stepped out of the car. When I arrived back at my house, the message button flashed. Faye. I erased it and went to bed.

In the morning I phoned Andie and we made plans to see a movie and agreed to meet me for a four o’clock. I don’t remember much about the movie but everything about Andie. She looked wonderful in her short, yellow, babydoll dress with clear nylons or pantyhose underneath--I didn’t know which—and black heels. She smelled good too. We ate a leisure supper at a steakhouse under the watchful eye of an annoying waiter who did his best to flirt with Andie. When I at last gave him a long, withering fuck off! look he disappeared.

Back in the car Andie said, “Do you want to come back to my place for a nightcap?” “To see your etchings?” “That’s generally the way it works I’m told,” she giggled.

Her condo was impressive; lots of wood, including the floors. Expensive; furniture that was antique, restored or copies of past centuries. I poked around and examined what I could while she excused herself. Large prints decorated the raspberry walls; pillows and throws were scattered everywhere. It was hard to find anything dull of color.

She returned, her intoxicating perfume filling the room. Her hair was combed and her lips touched up with gloss. God, I thought; she looks good enough to eat. Andie fixed coffee and set out two small glasses of liquer. We behaved quite civilized, as we sat on her floral settee and drank the liquids, but I could feel my cock beginning to rise and so moved around.

“Everything ok?” she asked as I squirmed to hide my condition. I decided to take a chance. “Yes and no,” I said, “but it mostly has to do with the proximity of you--and you smell so terrific.” She patted my hand, set down her glass and purred, “Well, maybe we’ll have to find a way to make you more comfortable.”

The invitation there I scooted a bit closer and pulled her to me. She tilted her head in anticipation of my lips. Hers were made for kissing, soft and pliant. I sucked the bottom into my mouth as her tongue made its first advance. By now my pole was rigid as I brought my hand up to her breast. I kneaded it while her hand found and did the same to my crotch.

After a few minutes she wiggled from under me and said, “Before it goes further, let’s go to my bedroom.” With her chin she pointed to the big livingroom window. “I don’t want anyone seeing us.” I rose and let her lead the way. Her walk was dainty and full of everything feminine. Her chest pulled back, breasts in the lead, her hips not overdoing it but offering the sensuality of side-to-side provocation. It was almost bewitching.

The bedroom was done in blue--lilac blue she later corrected me-- with 19 th century prints and green brass art objects such as leaves, vines and flowers. The bed was a high queen-sized canopy with a variety of oversized pillows and what looked to be an expensive blue indigo quilt on top. Andie folded and set it aside. The quilt gone, her bed became a butter yellow; she clearly liked that color.

“Shall we undress each other or what?” “I know what I look like,” I said, “but not you, so I’d like to unwrap you first.” I watched as she slid out of her dress and set it on a chair. She turned and I gaped at this wonder in her satin and lace underthings--a satin, deep purple plunging bra with matching high cut panties. The dainty straps from her black lace garter belt with canary yellow trim were arousing as they traveled down to her clear nylons.

Had you asked me years ago what I thought about a transexual wearing a garter belt I would likely have said something negative. Now I think it’s sexy beyond belief. I couldn’t help myself; I blurted out, “Oh my god, Andie; I really hit the lottery. You look good enough to eat.” She licked her lips, shifted her weight to one foot and emphasized her feminine waist. “So, stop talking and start eating,” she said.

As fast as I could I drank in, committed to memory, this enchantress who stood in front of me. A noticable bulge was evident in her panties as I came close and kissed her. My hand caressed the shapely skin of her healthy inner thighs. I moved it further down and palmed the moist, almost wet fabric with her pre cum. She gulped air as I turned my attention to her breasts. 34-bs I guessed as I played with the clasp. Freed from confinement, two round eiderdown milky white breasts with small, pale areolas that encircled the tiniest upturned nipples tumbled out as I shucked off Andie’s bra. Filled with mad lust I bent, fondled, kissed and sucked.

“You like?” Andie asked. “‘Like?’” I repeated as I raised my head. “God, baby, these are the most beautiful creations I’ve ever seen.” I returned to my pleasure as Andie pulled me closer, threw her own head back and sighed. We stood there and indulged in that highly-sexed foreplay. I was almost wobbly and thought my legs wouldn’t hold me.

At last we pulled apart and she watched me rush out of my clothes. Her eyes took in my body and concentrated on my erection. “You’re ready,” she laughed nervously. “And I have a feeling you are too,” I said as I approached her and knelt. I looked up at her and smiled as I slid her panties over her hips and had my first look at her cock. I momentarily stopped, looked with the greatest pleasure at her sex, kissed her cockhead and continued to draw the purple lace undergarment to the floor. She stepped out of them and I again looked at her pretty cock, the foreskin pulled back. Well-trimmed pubic hair, cut to imitate female pubes, sat atop her cock. Cute! The cutest cock.

Andie was far from big, yet not undersized. As an adolescent in a boys’ shower she might have had some teasing, but she had enough to fill my mouth. What’s more she had absolutely perfect tight, smooth and shaved balls; they weren’t crinkly or bumpy. How did I get so lucky? I remembered what Rhonda did to me and thought maybe I could take all of Andie down my throat—something that excited me. At once I pulled her to me and stuck my nose in the small cleavage of her darling sack and inhaled. I didn’t know what to expect, Dry; they were dry and smelled nice. There was a suggestion of something but I couldn’t identify it. Later I found out: she used powder. I enjoyed myself with her balls. Each was sufficiently licked, sucked and poked with the tip of my tongue before I quit them. Andie moaned and squirmed and ground my face into her.

I moved from those two loved ones to give my full attention to a third and more important one. Chin raised, I stuck out my tongue and had my first taste of her pre cum. I licked it up, swirled my tongue around her cockhead and noticed it became larger as Andie held it by thumb and forefinger. I opened my mouth; she pulled my head toward her and slid her plump cock in. I sucked like a maniac but less than a minute later she pulled out and said, “No, no. I don’t want to cum just yet. Let’s climb up on the bed.” Fine, I thought, though I was momentarily sorry not to receive her then. I rose and begged her to keep her heels on. “Sooo sexy.”

“Dirty old man,” she teased. “Dirty old man in training,” I corrected her.

She moved away as I climbed on top of the bed and lay with my dick pointing to the ceiling. A few seconds later Andie returned with a box of tissues and climbed beside me. I turned to her; together we embraced as we stroked each other’s cock until Andie moved about and hovered over me, her nipples tauntingly dangling over my lips. She placed one, then the other into my mouth until I begged her to let me suck her tits. With that she fell onto her back and let me give better attention to her beautiful breasts. They stood more upright than natural tits, but I didn’t care. To me they were erotic, wonderful and in no time wet while her nipples stood fully erect.

I left her breasts, licked, nibbled and kissed my way down her flat stomach, past her pleasure palace to end up between her shapely inner thighs. I pressed my hard cock to my stomach and lay down. Those wonderful little shaved balls of hers once again received my full attention as I made them slick. I wiped my chin and began to make my way to the base of Andie’s shaft. In no hurry I moved to her cockhead and engulfed it as I pumped her. She moaned and bucked, pushed her groin into me and made the most delightful, tiny high pitched noises as she kneaded her breasts and tweaked her nipples. “Ooh, ooh, so good; so good.”

I don’t know what came over me but suddenly I pulled her cock out of my mouth, looked up at her and said, “Now I’m your cocksucker—forever maybe.” She lifted her head from her pillow, looked down at me and said excitedly,

“Not the time for talking. Not now. You won’t be anybody’s cocksucker if you're talking when you should be sucking.” I laughed. “Just thought I’d say,” I said and tucked her sex back into my mouth. “Babe--ee,” she said with closed eyes.

“Keep up the sucking and I’ll always have something for you between my legs.” Her cockhead throbbed faster as I sucked harder. I pushed her legs up to her chest, threw them over my shoulders and licked the salmon colored inner flesh between her cheeks, down to her anus. The adorable pink and wrinkled gatekeeper with it earthy, gamey smell, one I've always enjoyed. Andie seemed very happy with my attention to her behind. She pumped her cock and pushed her bottom up hard against my face.

Finally my tongue and jaw grew sore and I replaced them with my middle finger, returned Andie’s cock to my mouth and moments later her thighs squeezed my head and she came into my ready mouth.

If you went by first impressions then size-wise her dick wasn’t anything to write home about, but you know what they say about good things coming in small packages? When Andie released she did it with waves of thick, gooey cum that put Rhonda to shame. Four waves to be exact. In that moment, as silly as it sounds, I knew I’d never let Andie go. I managed to pull in and swallow most of her love offering but some of the overflow escaped.

When she at last grew soft I pulled her cute dick out of my mouth and moved up to join her. She licked the excess cum from my face. We lay exhaused, huffing and puffing on her bed; when we at last caught our breath she had a surprise for me. She found my mouth and became more aggressive with her tongue. I loved it and grew semi-hard as a result of her boldness. “You taste and smell like sex,” she said: “fabulous, erotic sex.”

“I didn’t know sex could be this good,” I answered as her hand found my cock.

“Say,” she said as she fondled my dick, “something’s rising. I guess we’re not done yet.” “Not unless you are,” I said. She rewarded that with a kiss. “Would you like to sixty-nine?” I let my actions speak for themselves and slid down to her feet. “Toss me some pillows will you,” I said. The pillows ready I made myself ready. Andie placed her luscious legs on either side of the pillows and put her head down to suck me. I stretched out my arms and grabbed as much of her lovely curvaceous hips as I could and pushed my face into her very private area. Mouths to erotic delights we made unforgettable rude and arousing slurping noises.

I could still smell Andie’s last offering and it added to my arousal. And her balls--exciting all by themselves; I lapped them with the flat of my tongue as I held onto her cock and milked it. I at last let it go dropped my head back and thought about the straps of her garter lovingly adhering to her hips and her sexy heels, it did me in: all woman, so seductive. I couldn’t hold back. Andie swallowed my discharge with pleasure and greed and only stopped when I begged her to.

I was done but she wasn’t. My hands reached out and again grasped her plump bottom as my face pushed into it. I kissed and nibbled her inside cheeks and drilled her anus, almost demanding it open up and let me further in. When at last my tongue grew to weak from overwork I retreated and moved up to her balls and again paid homage before I pulled her cockhead back and sucked it into my mouth. A few more pulls and I knew she was ready. Her head nuzzled my balls as she squeezed my ankles and shot more cream into my willing mouth. When it ceased throbbing, I stopped sucking and moved back to her balls. I couldn’t seem to get enough of her.

I’ve only once had someone sit on my face, but not this way and not this excitingr. As I sucked Andie’s balls she sat up, spread her cheeks wider and managed to cover my nose and mouth as she pushed her bottom into my face. Glorious! I had trouble getting full air, but this was so erotic, so debauched that I didn’t want her to leave. I sucked, licked and kissed everything I could as she wiggled around on my face until I really did have to come up for air. I slapped her bottom and she pulled up. “God, I’m hot for you,” she said in a sexily corrupting whisper. “Now would be a good time to feel you inside me!”

“What about a condom?” I asked. “You know-- safe sex?”

“You want to fuck me or not? Next time we use safe sex. Now I need naked cock.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice and hurried out from under her to place myself to her entranceway. She pressed her head into her pillow and wiggled her delicious orbs at me. I bent forward and licked the fatty inner walls yet another time until I arrived at her puckered asshole, I made it all wet and with that positioned myself behind her.

She was tight yet I slid in without causing her pain or discomfort. My hands on her hips I looked down at her hourglass figure, a world class ass that would tempt any man. I had to stop twice to refrain from shooting my load. I wanted to prolong the sensation in my dick and balls but knew I couldn’t hold out much longer.

Andie solved the problem for me. She suggested we do it missionary style. A few seconds later her silken legs were draped over my shoulders as I ploughed into her, felt her lovely breasts and let her feed me her tongue. She met me thrust for thrust and made those adorable feminine noises I’ve come to love and expect. Without warning she tightened her sphincter muscle and I was helpless, had no choice but empty into her.

But that wasn’t the end of it; far from it. When at last I pulled out of her she said, “Would you like to clean me?” I wasn’t sure I heard corretly. My eyes grew big at the offer. “Are you into that,” I said as I rolled her on her stomach and spread her legs. “Sure: why not? A lady in public; a whore in the bedroom.”

“Who said that?” I asked as I got down on my stomach and pulled her cheeks apart.

“Queen Victoria. If it was good enough for her . . .”

It smelled even better between her butt cheeks--better than before: sweat, the hint of waste and definitely cum; I even saw a bit that dribbled out of her anus. I massaged and jiggled Andie's cheeks before I pulled them further apart. I cleaned everything with tongue and lips as she let loose soft cries of contentment into her pillow and rammed her behind up into my face. When I at last finished I moved back up to her and we cuddled and kissed and fell asleep in each other's arms.

I finally left the following morning and kissed this fabulous woman in her red ruffled see-through camisole. I promised to call her. "See that you do, bud," she joked and poked me in the ribs. "I don't want this to be a one night stand." The next week I broke up with Faye. She didn’t take it well; not that I cared. Two months later I moved in with Andie and we’ve been together close to two years now.

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