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A Shocking Reveal

A Shocking Reveal

Well this is a surprise
My gorgeous girlfriend just dumped me. She said she was sick and tired of me never wanting to get married. We went out for a year, but I’m in no way ready to commit to one girl for the rest of my life. No fucking way I told her.

She told me if there was no ring there would be no relationship. Just like that she looked me straight into my eyes and walked out of my house and out of my life. I’m just devastated. My girl was the horniest thing on the planet. She loved to have sex all the time and gave me the most incredible blow jobs you ever had.

I must be a fool to let this bitch out of my life. There is no fucking way I’m going to get married. I’m only twenty-five years old. I have my whole life to get married and have kids. Although, I’m really going to miss her pussy. She had the sweetest pussy you've ever tasted. She shaved her muff and her pussy lips were just so perfect. I loved to eat my girl out.

I’ll miss her long legs. She was like five foot six inches tall. She had the most gorgeous legs you ever saw. She would wrap those babies around my hips and I would fuck her pussy so damn hard. I would fuck her in so many different positions. She was like into yoga, so she was very flexible.

Like I said, she loved sex. I would pick her up and she would wrap her legs around my waist. I would just fuck into that sweet pussy of hers. She loved to be fucked doggie style. I would slam my cock deep into her cunt, while holding her curvy hips. The bitch even liked me to slap her round ass. She was such a good fuck.

Her name was Jackie and she let me fuck her tight little ass too. I would spread her buttocks and put my seven inch cock into that little rosebud. She loved to get her ass fucked. I’d pull her blonde fucking hair and plow right into her tight anus. The girl loved sex.

My girl also loved to give me blow jobs. Jackie had the most beautiful red lips. She would wrap her lips around my cock and slide my rod deep into her throat. She would massage and rub my balls. Sometimes, she would even slip her finger into my ass and rub and massage my prostate. I’d come like a faucet into Jackie’s mouth. She loved come. She would drink my come like lemonade. She was very kinky too.

One time we were really drunk and high. Jackie thought it would be really funny, to have me come into the ice cube tray. So I did. I came into the little boxes. Jackie then poured water over my come and she put it into the freezer. Then when they were ready, she got on the bed. She started to masturbate and she was sucking on my ice cubes that were made of my sperm. It was so fucking hot to watch. She was like fingering her cunt and eating my sperm. What a hot little ride.

I’m almost getting sick thinking about her and all the fun we had. I refuse to get married right now. She’ll come back to me I know it.

Now I am going to tell you about the most fucked up night of my life. I was feeling so down on myself about Jackie leaving me. I went out to my favorite club and I sat there getting really fucked up on tequila. I must have had half the bottle. I was having the time of my life.

The hottest little lady walks in. Holy hell she was gorgeous. Even better then Jackie. Well she was like five foot seven inches tall. She had the best breasts you've ever seen. I think she was like a 38D. I love breasts too. She probably weighed like a hundred and thirty pounds. She was hot. I got up and moved next to her.

“Is anybody sitting here? May I sit down?”

“I don’t think so. Please sit down.”

I sat down and I’m like drunk, but I start to look at this beautiful chick. She had on a black dress. The neck line was sweetheart shaped. Her breasts were definitely filling out into her bra. She had on stockings with black heels. She looked so good. She had blonde long hair and blue eyes. A real Barbie doll. Just beautiful I thought to myself.

“I’m Kevin, and who might you be?”

“Nice to meet you, Kevin, I’m Holly.”

“I’ve never seen you here before. Are you from around here?”

“I’m new to the area. A friend from work told me about this place.”

“Well I’ve lived here my whole life. It’s a pretty great town. There are lots of clubs and bars.”

“Can I buy you a drink?”

“That would be so nice. I’m drinking Alabama Slammers.”

“Bartender, please give the lady an Alabama Slammer.”

The bartender made Holly her drink and gave it to her. I continued drinking the tequila. I was so bombed, but I wanted to bring Holly home with me.

“Are you dating anybody? I just broke up with my girlfriend.”

“No, I was seeing somebody, but not for a while now.”

“Well, then it is my lucky day, Holly.”

Holly just smiled at me. She was such a knock out. She was as pretty as Jackie. She had an amazing body in that dress. I was getting more and more turned on while we were talking and drinking.

“Would you like another drink, Holly? How about a shot?”

“I’ll take another drink. Let’s have a kamikaze.”

“Hey Jack, get Holly here another Alabama Slammer and two kamikaze shots.”

The bartender brought the drinks over, and we clinked shot glasses and drank them down fast. Holly was slurping down on her other drink too.

“Holly, do you want to dance?”


I took Holly’s hand and we went to the dance floor. It was a fast song, so we just danced together. She had a really nice body. When she danced, she had the best smile and those tits just moved all around in her bra. I was starting to feel like I was in love. Well, at least enough love to fuck her.

“You dance so good, Holly. You’re such a beautiful girl. Can I give you a kiss?”

“Thanks so much. A kiss would be nice.”

I leaned in and gave Holly a kiss. She was a really good kisser. We danced about three songs and we kissed several times. After a while, we went back to the bar.

“Holly, do you want to maybe leave and go back to my house? We could have some more drinks and get to know each other. I hope I’m not being to forward, but you are such a nice lady. I really like you.”

“Okay, Kevin. Let’s go. I really like you too.”

We left the bar and I hailed a cab down. Luckily, I don’t live too far from the bar. Holly and I were just talking and kissing. I paid the driver and we walked into my house.

We got into the house, I grabbed us a few beers and we sat in the living room. By this time I was totally drunk. I couldn’t even see. Holly and I started to kiss and make out.

“Holly, let’s go into my room and we can undress and have a good time together.”

I took her hand and we went into my bedroom.

Holly started to undress me. She took my shirt and my jeans off. I wasn’t wearing underwear, so my cock just sprang up. Holly got on her knees and worked my seven inch cock down her throat.

“Oh, Holly, that feels so good. Oh fuck, yes. Take it down deeper. Oh God! That’s it baby.

Holly worked her mouth up and down my thick cock. She bobbed along, taking my thick cock deeper and deeper into her throat.

“Put your finger in my ass, Holly! Rub my prostate, baby!”

Holly slipped her fingers into my ass. She rubbed and massaged my prostate, while she was slurping and sucking on my thick prick.

“Oh fuck! Damn girl, you suck cock good.”

I picked her hair up to watch her suck on my big, thick, prick. She sucked cock as good as Jackie maybe even better.

“Take it deeper down your throat, Holly. Oh fuck! Damn girl, you can suck cock. Where did you learn how to do that?”

Holly was taking my cock deep into her throat. She was cupping and massaging my balls. She was sucking my cock like a hooker.

“Oh baby, I’m going to come in your mouth. Here it fucking comes. Holy fuck!”

I came in Holly’s mouth, and she just drank my come right down. Just like Jackie did. After that, she came to the bed and we kissed deep and passionately. I helped her off with her dress. I removed her bra and took out those beautiful tits. I sucked and played with her enormous jugs. She was just beautiful.

“Put your cock between my tits.”

I put my cock between Holly’s beautiful tits and she held them and slid her tits up and down over my cock.

“Oh fuck, girl. That feels so fucking good. Keep sliding your tits up and down.”

Holly worked her squeezed tits up and down my rod. It felt so good. She’d licked my head when my cock got in line with her mouth.

I went to take her panties off, and that is when I got the shock of my life. Holly had a cock. I couldn’t believe it.

“Wow, what’s this? You’re a shemale? Well, holy hell. I never was with a shemale before. How kinky this will be!”

I was so drunk and I wanted this girl. I had never sucked a cock before. But I wanted her.

“I hope you don’t care that I have a cock. I assure you, I know what to do with it.”

“I don’t care. I just want you.”

Holly and I kissed, and I played with her big tits. I wrapped my hands over her cock. She had an eight inch cock, so it was a little bigger than mine. I’ve never jerked off another cock before. The thing was, Holly was a woman in all aspects aside from her cock. I really wanted her, so I worked my hand up and down over her shaft.

“Oh yes, it feels so good. Stroke me faster.”

I moved my hand up and down fast over Holly’s cock.

“I would love if you sucked my cock. I sucked yours. Suck mine.”

I was so damn drunk, Holly stood up, and I put her cock in my mouth and bobbed along her eight inch cock. I never sucked a cock before. But I wanted to be with her, so I just did it. I gagged several times, but it wasn’t too bad.

“Oh fuck! Here it comes.”

Holly shot her sperm into my mouth. I swallowed it down. It didn’t taste too bad. I'd already tried my own come, so it just tasted like that kind of.

Holly and I just rolled around over the bed. We both were jerking each other’s cocks off and kissing really deep and passionately. She was so pretty. I was thinking I would let her fuck my ass. Why the fuck not. She's so beautiful.

I got some lube out of my drawer and handed it to Holly. I got on my hands and knees. She put the lube all over my ass and over her cock. Holly slid her eight inch cock into my ass.

“Oh fuck, it kind of hurts.”

Holly put some more lube on and then she put her cock into me. It didn’t hurt now and then she started to thrust herself deep into my ass. It kind of felt good. I had never had a cock in my ass. Holly was this hot woman and she had a cock. I was totally digging it. It might have been the alcohol, but for now I was loving it. Holly fucked me for a while and then she came into my ass.

After that, I passed out, and when I woke up, Holly was gone. I had a horrible hangover the next day. I had a great time with Holly, but I realized that I was going to ask Jackie to be my wife. She is just too good to pass up.

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