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A Shocking Surprise

Natalie gasped at what a huge member I had as she stood in front of me
I lay sleeping in bed, dreaming. Dreaming of the girl that hated my guts - Natalie Harvey, who thought she was god's gift to men. I could see her in my dream vividly - long, glossy, black hair, perfectly round bosoms, slender figure with a silver dress on. She was winking at me and showing her leg.

I felt myself begin to breathe heavily as I saw in my dream Natalie was touching herself and then lifting her fingers to her mouth.

Suddenly my eyes burst open when I felt something strain against my duvet cover and felt a draft coming in. I tried pulling the duvet up again but it wouldnt move.I glanced down at what it was and I almost screamed at the sight of a huge dick that had grown out of my body. My left hand touched the tip of the penis and my body shaked a bit with pleasure and a bit of sperm shooted out from it.

I sat up and got out of bed and looked at myself in the mirror - I had huge round breasts, curvy but slender figure with a fully erected dick the size of a tree branch stared back at me. I sat on my bed and closed my eyes thinking of Natalie. Her image came to me and my left hand held my penis and I began to masturbate.

Suddenly the door burst open and Dad walks in on me toying with my new dick and balls.

"Oh, sorry, kiddo," he apologised, then quicking stepped out the bedroom. He opened the door and peered round and his huge eyes nearly popped out their sockets at my dick.

"Vicki, what's happened to you?" he asked, his eyes staring down at my hand round my dick.

I shook my head as I started masturbating again as a sexy image of Natalie came to mind. "I'm so horny, Dad," I moaned, my hand moved up and down on my shaft fast.

"Here honey, allow me," he said, stepping into the room and took my dick in his right hand and began giving me a handjob. "You have to do it quite fast. How's this?"

 I swallowed nervously as it felt absolutely wonderful been given a handjob by my Dad. "It's good. Very nice." I gasped as his hand moved faster up and down making my breathing heavy. I was hotting up all over. I knew what was coming. A few seconds later I let out a cry of pleasure and I shooted out sperm all over my Dad's hand.

Dad stepped away "honey, im off to work now, you sure you'll be OK now now you know how to masturbate?" he asked concerned.

I nodded "thanks dad," I replied smiling.

He smiled back and then turned away and left the room.

That night I wore a slinky black dress and wore my red hair down over my shoulders. I grabbed my bag from the chair just as the doorbell rang and ran down the stairs and opened the front door and it was the taxi driver.

I was at a crowded club ten minutes later and there were hundreds of pretty girls all over the club. I swayed my hips and then I saw her - the picture of beauty coming towards me - Natalie.

"Hi Natalie," I said, with a smile.

"Hi," she said. "Who are you?"

"Vicki," I replied.

Natalie looked me up and down and then up against with her arms folded pushing up her huge bosoms that made a feeling sexual arousal grow. "You're staring, why are you staring?" she demanded.

"Sorry," I quickly replied. I noticed she was wearing a tight, sexy, red dress, which made the arousal stronger. When she turned her head away I glanced down and saw to my horror a small bulge sticking out from my dress. I needed to do something fast as the more I stand there in front of her the more the arousal will grow. "Excuse."

Natalie watched as I dashed to the toilets and stared down at myself the bulge getting bigger by the second,

"Vikki," I heard her voice call out from behind me. "Are you OK?"

I turned around and I heard a loud gasp in shock as Natalie stared in shock at what a huge member I had straining against the black dress.

Natalie's face turned from shocked to a huge grin. She grabbed hold of my left arm and shoved me into one of the cubicles and followed me in then locked it.

I didnt know what to think and when I was about to say something she silenced me and ordered me to turn around which I did. She unzipped my dress to the bottom and pulled the dress off and let it drop to the floor. I felt embarrassed and put my hands over the large bulge in my panties.

"No, its OK," Natalie assured me with a smile. She took my hands away and pulled the panties down then pulled up her dress and then tiptoed out of her panties. Natalie grinned mischievously at me and took hold of my dick in her mouth sucking trhroughly.

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