A Story About Summer

By cdbottom2

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I hope you like this story, I have wrote it by request from a friend.
I wrote this story by request from a friend and I hope you will enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. J

My name is Summer and I am a transsexual. I have a B cup chest and my hips are a size 30 and I have an 8 inch cock and I love to be a naughty little whore.

It was the summer after high school for me and I was waiting for my admission letter from college to arrive. Eventually it did but it wasn’t very clear as to if I had gotten accepted or not so I decided to take a visit to the college to find out.

I decided to dress a little slutty to help get my admission interview with the dean. With that, I put on a school girl skirt that was short enough to go just past my sexy hips with a pair of panties that said fuck me on the ass end. I then put on a pair of black stockings that went right up to the thighs and added a sexy pair of black pump heels. Finally I put on a tight and nearly see through blouse with a black bra underneath so that it was easily seen with the white blouse. I kept the top few buttons undone to show off my bra and tied the bottom in a knot to show off my sexy tummy and my slutty tattoo on my lower back.

I decided to put on a few accessories such as some bright red whore lipstick and red nail polish and mascara that I put on nice and thick to give that extra seductive look that would make a hundred guys and girls want to cum up and fuck me. I grabbed my purse with a few condoms and lube in it and left for the college.

When I got to the college I walked my way up to the deans offices giving my sexiest walk, wiggling my hips making my heels click on the tiles the whole way there. When I got to the door I opened it and found there was not just the dean but his 2 assistants as well. I sat down and we began to talk, they told me that I had not been accepted because I was one credit short of the required amount to be accepted by that college.

“Oh please is there anything I can do? I really want to go to college and I’ll do anything to get in.” I begged and wiggled in my chair.

I caught him and his assistants looking me up and down then they looked at each other and smiled.

“Well Summer there is something you can do to convince us admitting you.” He said with a devious grin and a soft, sexual tone in his voice.

“Wha-, what do you mean by that sir?” I ask sheepishly but deep down I am hoping its something naughty. God I’m a whore.

They get up and completely surround me in my chair. They take out their cocks and start stroking them. I blushed and looked at them and measured them with my eyes. The head dean’s cock was 10 inches long and as black as he was, the first assistant Dan had a nice 9 inch cock with veins running up the sides of it. Finally there was Chris who was only 6 inches but his cock was really fat! I looked at it and I’m sure he had to be 6 inches around.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I pounced on the deans cock and stuck out my ass taking it my mouth and moaning and panting like a bitch in heat. I licked from the base of his balls all the way up his shaft as I looked him in the eyes never breaking my gaze. Dan and Chris joined in to and I grabbed there cocks and started stroking them hard as I ran my tongue all around the black cock in my mouth. The dean grabbed my head and started forcing me down deeper onto his cock. It went down my throat easily and I didn’t even gag. I’ve had a lot of practice sucking big cocks and deep throating them all the way. I just love the feeling of a man thrusting his big hard cock down my throat and using it like his personal cum dump.

I started moaning and tasting his juice as I took the full length of his cock over and over down my throat. I could feel the other 2 cocks in my hands getting hotter and drooling all over my hands making them wet. It made me so horny I actually pulled their cocks closer to the deans and took all of them in my mouth. First just one at a time and switching to get each one of them until eventually I started taking 2 cocks in my mouth at a time and stroking the last one. I took out my cock and started stroking as well as the dean’s cock in my hands while Dan and Chris violated my mouth.

I begged for them to fuck me and make me their little whore.

“You are a whore, and I’m going to enjoy reaming out that asshole of yours you shemale slut.” The dean hissed.

He grabbed me by the hair and pushed me onto his desk and on my knees. Dan grabbed some nipple clamps and ripped out my tits from my shirt and clipped them on hard over my nipples. Meanwhile, Chris took the head of a rather large lube bottle and stuck it into the opening of my ass and squeezed the entire bottle into me like a lube enema coating my insides for a cock that was so long it could come out my mouth.

Then the dean lined his cock up behind me and shoved the full 10 inches deep into my ass making me moan and almost cum right then and there. Then before I could finish my moan, Dan shoved his 9 inches into my mouth and fucked my mouth as deep and hard as the dean was fucking my ass. I moaned louder and swallowed the cocks from both ends like a good little whore. Chris got a paddle and smacked my ass hard on each cheek calling me a slut with each slap all while pulling on my nipple clamps.

“You want into college little whore? You have to earn it just like anyone else! You are going to suck and fuck our cocks dry when ever we say so. You are our bitch now and we are going to use both your holes to raise money for the college and you will not see a single cent of it.” The dean moaned and hissed while pounding my ass hard, deep and slapping his balls hard against my taint.

Dan pulled out his cock and slapped on my face long enough for me to answer.

“ Yes! Yes, I’m your little whore, I will become your slut to whore out to the college. I’m a dirty little bitch and I want to be used like one day and night with no rest! Ah ah ah ah oh god mmm.” I moan as my body is brutally pushed forward by the intense anal fucking I get before Dan takes his turn and shoves his cock in my mouth.

His cock was so fat I had to open my mouth almost from out of it’s hinge just so I could take it all in my mouth and I could taste his salty precum oozing from his tip. Suddently I was pushed to my side and onto my back. They switched positions and Chris shoved his fat cock into my ass. I felt it strech my asshole but instead of screaming from pain I moaned and begged for him to fuck me deeper and ruin my ass with his cock. The dean jumped on my chest and poured lube all over my exposed tits. He put his big black cock between them and started fucking my tits while holding them together by the nipple clamps and with one hand.

“How do you like that Summer Whore? You like being treated like the public pussy?” The dean grinned deviously and smacked my tits while fucking them.

My eyes were rolling back in my head and I could only agree as I grunted with each thrust into my ass. I leaned my head back over the edge of the desk and Dan took his 9 inch cock and started fucking down my throat. My mind completely stopped as I lost myself in the ecstasy and just moaned as I took their cocks.

They continued for another 10 minutes before they came filling both my holes and coving my chest in their thick hot cum. I rubbed my hands all over my body and tasting the cum. My cock was throbbing hard and I wanted to stroke it but they stopped me and tied me up with my hands behind my back and my legs firmly secured into a spreader for my feet, keeping them open.

They bent me over the desk again and started smacking my ass, all three of them hitting my cheeks one after the other.

“Tell us what you are summer!” one of them yelled.

“I’m a slut! I’m a slut! I’m a slut! I’m a dirty little whore that loves cocks and has to stretch my holes so I can go to college because I can’t do it any other way.” I cried as tears of joy ran down my face and my eyes rolled back into my head as I had a small orgasm with each smack on my ass. All I could think of was how I was such a little whore for being so turned on by this.

They started taking pictures of me and clipped a little tag on my ear that had a little pink heart on it.

“Summer here is the deal, if you want to be accepted into the college you have to be our prostitute. The college needs money and I think you are the best way to do it. Therefore, you are going to be whored out to suck and be fucked by big cocks and since you’re a tranny you will not have any problem satisfying our female clients as well. That clip on your ear proves that you are the school whore and you will refer to me as big daddy and Dan and Chris are daddy to you.” The dean commanded.

I submitted to his will like a good little whore and they spent the rest of that day training my holes.

It was a week later when the semester started and I had my first customer. I went to the dean’s office to get the information. Since I was now his little whore, I decided to dress a little slutty and put on a miniskirt, tight black panties, heels and a black belly dancing top (no bra of course).

I walked into the deans office and found him already stroking his big 10 inch cock to full erection. I walked up to him like a good little whore without being told to and got down to my knees and started sucking his cock as he told me what I was to do. His cock tasted so good in my mouth, I lapped around his head and sucked on it hard as I stroked him and making him precum more and more until he finally filled my mouth with his hot thick cum.

“You’re a good little whore Summer, you are going to bring in lots of cash for the college.” He said with a smile and a satisfied look on his face.

I decided to wear a tight pink mini dress with matching heels and nylon stockings. Underneath I wore black panties that read “loves cock and pussy” on the back and front with a matching see through bra. I got to the student’s apartment and knocked on the door. He opened the door in a towel, I guess he had just gotten out of the shower when I had arrived. He was a fairly fat looking guy but who was I to care, I knew fat guys had big fat cocks and that’s all I really cared about. He let me in and told me to strip off my dress. By the time he said that I was already half way done and on my knees.

“I’m such a naughty little slut, and this is going to be fun.” I thought to myself.

He pulled off his towel exposing his 8 inch long, and 7 inch around cock. I instantly got horny and dived onto his cock taking it as far in my mouth as I could. I worked my way from his cock onto his balls until my head was completely between his legs and I was licking his asshole. I twirled my tongue around inside him and stroked him hard before I went back onto his cock and sucked about half way down. He grabbed my head and forced me down making me gag and slobber all over. By now my cock was throbbing and I could only stroke my cock.

He continued to fuck my throat like he was raping it for 15 minutes before he finally came. He pulled me off his cock and held my head back as he shot rope after rope onto my face. Before I could even enjoy it, he threw me on my back and sat on my face. I licked his hole over and over lapping around his hole with the tip of my tongue then plunging deep inside him as far as I could go. I could feel him playing with my tits as he cut my bra off of me as well as my panties. He bent down and started sucking my cock as he pushed 3 fingers deep into my ass while calling me a little cock hungry sperm slut.

I loved licking his ass, it tasted almost as good as his cock and cum going all the way to my throat. Then I heard a woman’s voice and another body sit on my shins. I could feel her warm lips wrap around my cock and slowly start to bob on my cock. Then she started to tickle my balls and slip a finger in my ass with the man. It felt too incredible, I couldn’t hold on anymore. I came filling the woman’s mouth with my cum.

They both had gotten off of me and I stayed on the floor panting. I could hear them talking but I didn’t care what they were saying because my orgasm was so intense. I watched as the man got between my legs and started to lube his cock. I knew what was coming and lifted my legs high in the air onto his shoulders and pinched my nipples, twisting them hard until they were erect.

“Fuck me you hot bag of cock, I want you to stuff that fat sausage of yours into my tranny pussy.” I moaned and begged.

He pushed his cock head into my ass as I felt a pop and held it there. I stared to wonder if I had bitten off more then I could chew but soon didn’t care as the thought of such a big cock plunging into me made my cock hard once again.

I felt the woman get down on her knees just behind my head as she grabbed my hands and held them up over my head. Then I heard a metallic click like hand cuffs as she sat on my face and rubbed her pussy all along my lips. I started to click her pussy hard and shove my tongue deep inside her and swirled it around rubbing her g-spot as often as I could and nibbling her clit whenever I got the chance and was able to breathe.

A sudden pain shot into my ass and I knew it was that fat cock of his going all the way inside me. It was very painful at first but once the fattest part of his cock had gone inside it felt wonderful, almost like having a warm throbbing butt plug inside my ass that was going in and out of my stretching hole. I kept licking the woman’s pussy and tasting all of her juices until she was sopping wet.

“Now I’m going to ride that big cock of yours.” She said with a moan.

She got off my face and turned around to face me before sliding down onto my 8 inch cock. She rode me hard as the big cock plunged into my ass.

“Oh Summer I love your cock. Give it to me! Oh oh oh mmm.” The woman moaned in ecstasy.

“Summer your ass is so tight, oh fuck I can’t wait to cum inside you and fill you up like the cum dump balloon your pimp said you were.” The man said while ramming his cock inside of me harder and faster then before, giving me his full length with every thrust.

We fucked like that for what seemed like an hour, by then I had lost all of my senses and moaned louder. The woman’s pussy squeezed my cock hard, and every time that fat cock thrust into me it made my hips jump and thrust harder into the womans pussy until it became second nature and I could no longer control my body movements. However, I no longer cared. It wasn’t long after that that the woman began to scream, she lifted off my cock and rubbed her pussy as she squirted all over my body soaking me in her juices. It felt wonderful to be covered in her warm cunt juice while my ass was stuffed full of a fat cock.

I guess seeing that was too much for him because right after she came, the man shot me full of his cum giving me the thickest and biggest anal cream pie I had ever had. I did feel a little ripped off because I wasn’t able to cum however I wasn’t about to stop there anyway and neither was the woman.

Seeing that my original client was now exhausted and needed to rest, I turned my attention toward the woman and smacked her on the ass hard.

“Hey bitch have you ever been fucked in the ass by a big tranny cock?” I asked her smiling and licking some of the cream pie from my ass from off my fingers.

“No but you are not the only dirty little whore here.” The woman laughed and got a bottle of lube.

She applied the lube to her ass and all over my cock before getting onto her knees with her ass facing me. I rubbed the head of my cock onto her hole and slide right into her as deep as I could. She moaned and I could tell that she loved the feeling and it wasn’t her first time being fucked in the ass so I thought I would get a little naughty with her. I started pounding her slapping her pussy with my balls and pulling her back hard onto my cock. I started moaning like a whore along with her as we both got louder and louder like a couple of newly wedded lesbians sharing a double dildo.

I smacked her ass repeatedly until she got red and plunged 3 fingers deep into her cunt and rubbed her g-spot until she was close to an orgasm. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and grabbed her hands and forced her back by her wrists onto my cock deep, rocking into her and pushing the full length of my cock in and out of her as we both came. Her pussy juiced flowed onto the floor while my hot cum filled her ass, at the same time I could feel the cum in my ass suddenly force it’s way out as well as every muscle in my body tensed up.

After a few more rounds we all passed out and the next morning they gave me the money and I delivered it to the dean.

“Are you happy with what I got for you sir?” I asked the dean.

“Yes Summer, you did a good job. You are my best slut and I’m glad your ass can pull in this much money.” He said smiling.

“Well if I am your best slut do I get a reward then?” I asked him with a little giggle.

“What did you have in mind?” He smiled and looked at me up and down with cum still running down my thighs from the night before.

I rolled him back from his desk and pulled my panties down as I bent over the desk. “I think you know what I want you massive cock stud.” I moaned and winked back at him.

I love being a dirty little whore and I hope you will enjoy me as well.