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An Office Party I'll never forget

They tricked me, now look what they`ve done!!
I've worked for a large insurance firm for twelve years.I`m their top salesman, every year -salesman of the year. Am I cocky... you bet.I`m the best salesman, and everyone in the office is lucky to have me there. Now the ladies there always look so fine, and I get my share of skirt with most of them. Oh sure, they catch me once and awhile dating three or four of them at the same time.They`re females, they` re lucky that I` m willing to spend some money on them so I can get what I,and more sex. I really don` t care that they may get hurt,it`s all in the game ,baby. They just need to get used to that,I`m a guy with lots of needs.

This had gone on for every year that I was there. The only thing that I liked more than chasing skirts was gambling. Even though I was making a ton of money, I seemed to have this huge gambling monkey on my back. Our Christmas Party was coming up in three months and I was looking forward to seeing all of the hot babes there and getting lucky, big time. Still ,right now I needed to come up with some large cash to feed the gambling monkey. I had mentioned this to Christy in accounting while I was trying to hit on her. She told me the next day that all of the girls in the office had pooled $25,000. if I would take a bet and go through with it. This was too good to be true. Those stupid girls think that I would walk away from a bet like this." Ok Christy,I`ll bite,what`s the bet? " I said. She pulled me close to her and said that I had to go to the Christmas Party just like every year. But this year ,there would be a twist. I would attend it not as Steve, the super stud salesman, but as Kelli ,the new girl in advertising." I nearly fell off my chair laughing." So let me get this straight, you want me to cross dress, and you'll pay me $25,000.Your on !! " I said. She then got a wicked look in her eyes, and proceeded to tell me "Oh no, you won` t just cross dress,you`ll go to the party as a woman"."Honey ,what the hell do you mean" I barked back to her." We found a special school that you will attend, and when you've graduated and attended our Christmas party, then the money is yours." she said with a giggle. She added" Oh and don` t worry ,I got a paid leave of absence approved for you for the whole time that you are gone"."A three month paid vacation, and this bet, these girls are more stupid than I thought laughed to myself." Ok honey,you`ve got a bet, but what happens when I win... what do I get" I barked back to her." Why Steve,you`ll have unlimited screwing with every member of the opposite sex here .No one will be able to resist you forever" she said with a huge smile. I thought to myself for a minute, and then thought that this was the best win-win I had ever been offered."I`ll do it" I said, and with that she had me sign several contracts and had two other girls from accounting come into the room to notarize them.

The girls then walked me out of the doors to the elevators, and downstairs a black limo was waiting to take me to school. The girls then returned to their offices, and the next day, there was a memo from Christy to all three hundred employees stating that I had resigned. The next two months flew by, with some strange rumors. Several male employees had said that they received phone calls in the middle of the night. They said that they hear a very feminine voice begging them to help HIM. They said that this woman kept repeating that this was Steve ,and the girls had tricked him into this horrible school. The feminine creature was sobbing, saying that HE had undergone operation after operation, giving HIM breasts, a vagina, a new face, and a new voice. He said that they had grown his hair, pierced his ears, and HE had to attend classes every day on how to learn his new gender, along with loosing forty pounds.

Obviously, ever girl in the company, laughed out loud at these ridiculous rumors, and soon they died down. Another month went by, and there was a buzz around the whole company that the Christmas Party was tomorrow every guy in the company was going to meet a new employee. Her name was Kelli Ann Snow, and she was going to take a spot in advertising. Christy had said that the girls in Human Resources had interviewed her for the position, and she was well suited for it. A memo went out stating that everyone should make Kelli as welcome as possible.

This year` s Christmas party was held in a very elegant hotel ballroom, with all of the girls setting a dress code of tux for the men, and elegant dresses for the girls. The party started at eight, and everyone was having an excellent time. The band was wonderful, and the dance floor was filled. There were six bar stations, so that everyone could get a drink... and often. All of the girls noticed how drunk all two hundred of the men were, while the girls stayed sober, waiting for the big moment, and it arrived. All of a sudden the band stopped, and Christy took to the stage. She said that she would like to introduce the newest employee in the company. Pointing to the two front doors, two girls in HR flung them open, and Christy announced "I` d like everyone to welcome not only our newest employee, but someone who is finally gotten what she has always deserved !!! Let` s welcome for the first time... Miss Kelli Ann Snow".

I had no choice but to walk into the room. Every girl was smiling at me, knowing that I had to fulfill the terms of my bet. They were smiling also, because each and every girl knew what they had done to me at "school" .As I entered, there was a hall of mirrors that the girls had forced me to walk by.Before,I would have seen my dapper self in the mirror. What I now saw horrified me. There I was, a stunningly beautiful blonde, in a little silk black dress, black silk stockings, and four inch patent leather stiletto heels. As I walked I felt the grazing of my skirt, brushing against my little lace panties. My walk was graceful now, my hips had filled out with the hormones that I was fed daily. Gone was my familiar bulge between my legs. My little lace panties hid more of what they did to me. I woke up one day in the "school" only to find myself in an operation room. One of the nurses said that I came through with flying colors. They had given me a full sex change operation, and now my new plumbing" Would get so much of workout " she exclaimed !!!!!

As I saw more of my reflection, more of what they had done to me in "school" came back to me. I now had a very feminine little turned up nose, full pouty lips, and big beautiful eyes. My hair had grown out quite rapidly, and was now styled very full and long, with bangs that framed my soft ,doe like eyes. Long silver chandelier earrings hung from my pierced ears. The neckline of my little dress plunged to show off my new cleavage, and full pert breasts that I still hadn't gotten used to the feeling them jiggle with each step I took. My steps were noticeably shorter now, as the daily doses of hormones removed the male muscle of my body ,and gave me a small frame, thin feminine arms and hands, and a pair of killer legs that everyone couldn't keep their eyes off of. The back of my dress, and the lace panties beneath them contained my ass ,that had now filled out to a little plump heart shape that wiggled when I walked.

All of the humiliation that I had endured would finally be over tonight. I would attend the Christmas party, collect my $25,000. ,which I would now have to spend much of it to reverse all that had been done to me, and have unlimited screwing with the opposite sex in the office for good. I had won, again over these stupid broads. I strutted over to Christy to demand my three months pay, back commissions, and my $25,000 winnings, which all tolled would add up to over $100,000.As I walked up to her, she was laughing with a large group of girls. I thought to myself I` d get the last laugh from these bitches. Looking over the group, I quickly thought to myself how perfect this bet would work out, and how much I was looking forward to nailing each and every one of them, over and over again, never hearing one protest. That was the bet.

Christy was one smokin` hot girl, and I was going to enjoy her first, and often. I walked up to the group, and as I did, Christy asked the group of girls if she could excuse herself for a few minutes." It seems that there is a little matter that I should discuss with Miss Kelli Ann Snow'' she said to the group of girls who had now broke out into a roar of laughter." Sure keep laughing, I may look hot now, but wait till the old Steve is back",I thought to myself." OK Christy, pay up ,and don` t cheat me out of anything" I said in my new feminine voice.

Christy then asked me to follow her. As we walked out into the hotel lobby, a shudder went through every part of my body. Here were all the men in the company, guys who I had been friends with for years. We used to exchange glances and shared jokes, and were best of friends.Now,these men, my old friends were looking at me differently. They were looking at me the way I had always looked at women, eyeing them up and down.Suddenly,I was being checked out, my legs, my ass, my wiggle, my breasts. I overheard several of them as Christy and I walked by exclaim to each other" Would you check out that smokin` hot fox !! Debbie and Carrie in HR say that Kelli Ann Snow wants to screw everyone of the opposite sex in this whole company, over and over again"."MY GOD WHAT DO ALL OF THOSE MEN THINK ",I thought with horror. Where would they ever get that idea. Then I heard my own words, as I had said to Christy that day." BUT WAIT ,I DIDN'T MEAN IT THAT WAY",I blurted out to Christy as we walked along. I wanted an answer from her ,but she only asked me to keep following her. We came to the end of the hallway, where it dead ended into two very large doors. A sign by one of the doors said PRESIDENTIAL SUITE. Christy opened the door and lead me into the room. A huge oval bed with red satin sheets dominated the center of the room.Everywhere,there were rose petals, and large colorful floral arrangements. Near the bed, was a large bar filled with silver buckets of iced champagne, and crystal champagne fluted glasses .Soft jazz played, while a gentle wiff of perfume was delicately introduced into the air.

"Now ,Miss Kelli Ann Snow, by the way that became your legal name the day that you signed all of those papers" she said softly." Now you have won the bet fair and square" she giggled." All of the girls in the company chipped in to reserve this beautiful room for such a lovely girl ,who` s wish begins tonight, and will last forever. She wanted to have unlimited screwing with every member of the opposite sex in the company, all two hundred and three. No man will be able to resist you, Miss Kelli Ann Snow" she said with an evil laugh."Oh,while you were always calling us stupid bitches behind our backs, we weren't so stupid. In the papers that you signed were clauses that you would be responsible for all of your "schooling", to include all of your operations. Unfortunately all of your three months pay, your commissions, and your $25,000 that you had earned,didn`t cover the bills. Your bank accounts have been emptied,your401 was used, your BMW was sold, along with your big condo.Fortunately,one of the girls of the company deeded you a small condo near our office, and another girl` s father, donated a new pink Honda Accord to you. Several of the girls wanted to be sure that you are treated just the way that you had always treated them.First,we got rid of ever stitch of your old clothes,suits,shirts ,shorts,pants,everything!! You are so lucky to have all of us girls on your side !! We replaced all of those old clothes with new skirts,dresses,blouses,andstilletto heels. All of your dresser drawers are brimming with sexy new teddies, silk panties, and lace bras in beautiful bright colors and of course, black and white sets as well. You have pantyhose in every color and some very pretty black lace patterns as well. A full makeup area is set up for you with your favorite foundation,blush,mascara,eye shadows and lip gloss. Every thing to help you show up to work as the fox that you are now. All this to help your transition into the girl that you see before you.You`ll begin work next week in Advertising, and I` m sure you'll fit in well "

Standing in the suite, looking at the reflection of how they had transformed me from Steve Price into this stunningly beautiful girl with the pouty lips, sexy eyes, shapely hour glass figure ,and gorgeous legs reflecting back to me in the mirror. I was had been beaten at my own game, and all of those years of skirt chasing will now be directed at me. My thoughts were interrupted with Christy`s statement as she walked out the door" As I said,you`ll start to work on Monday,but enjoy our Christmas gift to you". As she walked out the door, I saw several men were already lined up wanting to give this new girl the beginnings of her Christmas wish.

Here was my old friend Mike, walking in the door, telling me how hot I looked tonight.My God, didn`t he recognize me? Of course not, all he saw was a babe in the bedroom." Oh No please don` t " I begged him."That`s what you all say. My good friend Steve Price used to laugh as he banged `em into the mattress" he hissed. In a matter of moments Mike had parted my panties and with a mighty thrust I felt his huge cock ram into my virgin pussy.

As Christy was walking down the hallway, Miss Kelli Ann Snow` s screams began. She thought to herself, "Well I guess the new girl in the office is getting broken in by the men. To bad Steve isn't here to be part of it ".

(8 hours later)
I woke up in a fog, my head splitting, and a strange feeling between my legs. I had the strangest dream, that I had been with my friend Mike, but we weren`t out chasing skirts together, instead he was chasing me !! Looking at my surroundings, I began to piece things together. I was in a very large bed in a very nice suite in a hotel. Tossing the covers off me revealed what I had hoped was just a nightmare. I was looking at a gorgeous body of a woman, soft, long legs, beautiful hips, and lifting up a pink silk teddi, revealed a perfect little pussy. "Oh my God, that`s MY PUSSY !!!! " "And these are MY legs, and MY hips, and my Breasts !!! "

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