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Angent X - Part 1

The best agent of a secret organization is asked to make a few changes for his... her next mission

He walked down the street of the busy metropolitan city… a man in a suit like so many others in a city that seemed to resemble any other of its magnitude.   At first appearance he was nothing special, a simple man on a simple walk heading to a simple job like so many others around him.   He turned towards the entrance of a large sky-rise where the doorman simply smiled and opened the door for this man… as he did for countless others during the course of the day, never asking for their names… not that he cared who they were.   With over a thousand people coming in and out of this one building on a daily basis the doorman had long ago given up trying to remember any names.   Even faces had been relinquished to the rank of having been less than important, so he just opened the door and nodded.

Inside the building in the main foyer a large globe hung and ever so slowly rotated above everyone's head, its imposing size hinted that the company which called this structure home dealt with important international issues of some sort.   Children and visitors marveled in awe at the sight, which the man in the suit paid no attention to.

"Good morning Mister Tanner," the receptionist greeted the sharp looking man in his suit as he completed his walk through the spacious main foyer of the office building.   Unlike the doorman it was the receptionist's sole responsibility to know the names of everyone who worked here and to politely, respectfully greet them as they arrived or left.

"Good morning Allison… and how is my favorite receptionist today?" The suave man promptly replied in a song-like voice, a charming smile graced his lisp as an amorous wink was cast towards the woman while he reached for his messages.

"The Boss would like to see you… right away," the buxom blond bombshell of a woman announced with a teasing smile.   The two of them had exchanged flirtatious hellos every morning for the last 7 years now and yet neither one of them had gone beyond that stages despite their obvious desires for one another.   Alas their respective jobs had not permitted such frivolous carnal encounters… her being one of company's many "creations" and him being far more than a businessman in a suit.

Tanner made his way past the reception area and towards the far elevator, not bothering with any of the people he passed along the way and who were waiting for the other, closer elevators.   The large copper engraved plaque on the doors of the elevator at the far end of the corridor had insured that no one else would even dare to try to board it.   "Reserved for Executives," and if the sign had not been enough the large muscular and armed security officer standing right in front of the doors would have been sufficient to deter anyone else from even coming close.

The security man sidestepped out of the way and the doors immediately opened which permitted Tanner to walk into the elevator without as much as having needed to say a single word.   As he entered and turned to face the opening he reached for something held in the inner pocket of his vest.   As the doors closed he produced a credit card-size unmarked black piece of plastic that he slid inside a small, indiscernible opening beneath the panel.   Immediately the elevator began to move downward despite there having been no numbers indicated below the main floor on which Tanner had stepped off of and onto the elevator cab.

The ride, despite the lack of indicators, could still be measured although roughly and seemed to take the occupant several floors down… five… maybe even 10 levels down.   When the doors opened once again another woman greeted the man in the suit, her greeting echoed perfectly the playful tone that the receptionist had used only minutes ago.

"Good morning Mister Tanner," the busty brunette offered.   Aside from the obvious hair color difference, the woman behind the counter appeared to be a perfect twin to the company's receptionist: Allison… even their smiles and the way they lustfully gazed at the man seemed identical.

"Good morning Amber… I heard the Boss wants to see me," the man replied in the same suave tone as before while he placed his hand on a small rectangular glass located on the desk directly in front of the woman.   A small beam of light scanned the man's hand and seconds later the wall behind Amber parted revealing a hidden chamber.

Without any hesitation Tanner moved around the small desk and stepped through the opening that had just appeared.

"Good morning Mister Tanner," a gorgeous redhead offered as she walked past the new arrival.   This newest woman appeared to be a perfect duplicate of Allison and Amber with one obvious exception… the color of her hair which was an enchanting bright auburn.

Tanner smiled back at the curvy woman as he took a brief moment to scan her form and sighed as she was another of the company's creation that he could only dream of being with even if only for a few moments.   "Good morning Andrea," he replied as he walked by and started down a set of stairs which led to a large room filled with several dozen computers, a white shirt technician hard at work in front each one of them.   An impressive computerized map of the world covered the full width of the far wall ahead of him, several hundred dots of various colors appeared on it, each one indicated the location of something obviously important to the company and the technicians working in this room.

"Tanner!" a large-set man bellowed as he walked up the center isle to intercept the man, "It's about time you showed up… I had Andrea call you over an hour ago."

"Boss," Tanner replied using the only name the head of this organization had been known by, "if you want me here faster you need to either send a helicopter to pick me up or move the organization somewhere other than downtown… traffic is not known for being overly cooperative even when it comes to issues of international security."   The man in the suit paused for a moment and glanced at the large map of the planet for several seconds before he allowed a sigh to escape, "we lost 2 more… no make that 3."

"That's why he's the best," a man dressed in a white lab coat chimed as he approached the pair of gentleman.

"Best or not we cannot afford to take our time in this matter," the Boss angrily uttered with a frown.   "I have sent a warning to every agent out in the field and recalled everyone that might have been somehow compromised."

"And you want me to find out where the leak came from and stop it once and for all before we lose any more agents," Tanner nodded knowingly, his status as the best agent of Division 1 having left little doubt in anyone's mind as to the role he would be asked to play on this mission.

"Briefing room… now," the Boss ordered as he pointed to the large set of windows which overlooked the organization's control center.

As the doors closed behind the 3 men the sounds of the keyboards and computers that were present in the previous room vanished which hinted to the room's perfect soundproofing… more for fear of someone listening in on the conversations than anything else.

"We know who the problem is," the Boss said as the other two gentlemen took a seat on either side of the large conference table.   "His name of Xavier Abrasky," the head of the organization announced as he pressed a button on a remote and made a photo of the person in question appear on the wall at the end of the conference room.

"If you know who he is… why not just terminate him?" Tanner inquired rather puzzled, his missions always having been filled with the highest level of unknowns and uncertainty imaginable.

"If only it were that easy," the man in the white lab coat chuckled.   "No man can get within a hundred miles of Xavier Abrasky."

"Also we need to know just how extensive his knowledge of our organization goes… termination is the final stage of your mission… learning what he knows is the primary objective," the Boss added in a deadly serious tone.

"What did Doc mean by no man*?" Tanner asked with growing puzzlement and a single raised eyebrow.

"Xavier Abrasky controls his operations from here," the Boss continued as a new image appeared on the white wall, "A small island deep inside international waters.   And before you suggest it, any stealth approach would resolve in the mission's immediate failure."

Doc jumped in with the part of the information he had already been made aware of.   "The island possesses an impressive security system… one that most country would be envious of and one that would easily detect and stop anything anyone could send at it.   Anti-aircraft missiles are ready to fire at anything that gets within a hundred miles of the island while automated gun turret target and shoot down anything that has a heat signature and size larger than that of a bird.   Helicopter, parachute or even hand glider approach are not options.   Magnetic, heat sensitive mines are scattered all around the island which is surrounded by treacherous waters filled with all sorts of truly nasty creatures… some of them I have to admit are a marvel of genetic engineering."

"That is why we need to gain access to the island from within Abrasky's organization," the Boss added as a final word before he turned to look at the puzzled man sitting opposite Doc.   "We need to have an operative inside able to move about and learn as much as possible about the man, his organization and the projects that he is currently working on."

"Doc said that no *man
could get close to him!" Tanner pointed out in a matter-of-fact way, that being the one part of the briefing he wanted, for obvious reasons, more clarification on and the one aspect that everyone else seemed unwilling to address.   "Last time I checked I was a fully qualified and recognized member of the male gender," he added suspiciously.

"The last three agents we lost were all females, and this has left no doubt in my mind that the list of our operatives has been, at least partially, compromised.   Therefore I cannot risk sending any other female agents in," the head of the covert organization explained in a rather uneasy fashion.   "If this mission is to be successful we need to send in our best agent, and to send him in with all of the assets necessary for the completion of their mission."

"And you want me to go and pass as a woman?" Tanner exclaimed in disbelief.   Never had anyone come close to suggest that he resembled even in a small part a woman, or that any of his mannerisms were in the least bit feminine… in fact Tanner had been known to be a lady's man when given less than half a chance.

"That is where Doc comes in," the Boss sighed as he lowered himself onto the closest chair and turned over the rest of the briefing to the operation's resident medical and scientific expert.

"As you know we have been working for a while now on a way of making it easier for our operatives to go places unrecognized… part of this includes a way to change the gender of our agents thus avoiding them coming up on any intelligence list.   It is easy to hide as a man or woman when the other side is looking for you as a person of a different gender," Doc explained with a level of enthusiasm that Tanner found almost repulsive.

"I have done a lot of things for this organization over the last 7 years," Tanner exclaimed, "but this is going too far.   You can ask me to assassinate whoever you want… to hang by their toes the worst of the international terrorists and dip them in Piranha infested waters.   Heck you could ask me to go and make love to the Queen Mother, but to become a woman*… never!"

"I think you are over-reacting Tanner," Doc calmly offered.   "We are not newcomers when it comes to genetics and body manipulation… just look at Allison, Amber and Andrea.   As remarkable achievements as the three of them are what we have been working on recently is far superior to them… and I might add that the procedure is perfectly safe."

"Doc and his team have been working on this for quite some time now and all of the tests have been rather impressive," the large suited man continued from his chair.   "The best part, and I am sure the one aspect that you will most be grateful for, is that all of the changes have been completely reversible leaving no traces behind of the alterations made.   Once this mission is over you will be able to go back to living your life as you have always done and please any and all women as only you wish.   I don't like this any more than you do Tanner but we have been left with no other choice.   Abrasky must be stopped and the longer we wait the more operatives risk being captured, tortured and killed."

It was clear that Tanner did not like where this had been going but his responsibilities to the organization, not to mention to the many female operatives whom he had come to be intimate with over the years, had forced his hand.   "Alright," he sighed as he rubbed the back of his neck, "let's get this over with before I regain my sanity and change my mind."

With the briefing done and over with the three man exited the conference room and into the research area via a connecting door and corridor.   Tanner followed well behind the other two men as his mind struggled to grasp the full extent of what had been asked of him.

"You will be able to return me back to my normal self after this mission is over... right?" Tanner inquired nervously as he followed the two men down the corridor.

The Boss chuckled dryly.   "This man has faced death more times than I can count and never even asked for a day to *recuperate*... yet he's terrified about the prospect of not being a *man

"Psychologically," Doc snickered back, "there is a great deal of evidence to support his position.   Genetic manipulation is the easy part, the mental ramifications of such a change are not as simple for many to grasp and especially accept."   As if he had wanted to ease Tanner's mind Doc slowed down and turned to face the man who had fallen several paces behind.   "You have nothing to fear, all of the actual physical changes will be easy undone... the rest will be done through subliminal suggestions placed in your mind which will also be able to be removed once the mission is over."

As the trio walked into one of the secured labs which had required Doc to enter is access code into the pad next to the door, Tanner's jaw dropped as he saw a wide variety of animals that would best belong in some sort of freak show in a wandering county fair.   "This is where we do the majority of our genetic manipulation testing... and don't be fooled by some of the creatures you see here, most of them are the results of some of my techs having a little fun and trying new things.   Despite the appearances of some of these animals I assure you that we know what we are doing here," Doc added as Tanner glared with fright as a six-legged dog that seemed to have scales instead of fur.

"*Puppy* here runs faster than any animal on the planet and those scales are hard enough to withstand close range gun shot fire... he's the perfect guard dog," the Boss chimed in as he placed his hand on Tanner's shoulder both as a sign of comfort and to guide him into an adjacent room.

"Here is where we do our work on human genetic manipulation," Doc announced as they walked into the next lab.   Tanner's jaw once again dropped as he came face-to-face with a woman of charm and beauty the likes of which he had never seen or even dreamt of. "Tanner... please allow me to introduce you to Steve."

"Steve?" the agent repeated in shock.

"Actually I go by the name of Samantha... at least for the time being," Steve corrected with a playful wink, his voice as soft and sensual as could be.

"Feeling a little better about what is going to happen to you now Tanner?" the Boss inquired as he slapped Samantha on her ample rear, a gesture that the altered man seemed to enjoy far more than he should have had as far as the suited agent thought.

"Alright," Tanner admitted somewhat reluctantly after a few moments.   "You guys seem to have the body part of this transformation well under control," the agent offered as he glanced over his shoulder to Steve/Samantha, her sensually swaying hips having drawn his gaze to the way she had walked away stirring a very common and natural male response.   "Looking like a woman is one thing... thinking like one is an entirely different thing.   I am guessing that you will need me to play the part well if I am to gather as much information as I can on Abrasky's operation and knowledge on ours."

"Subliminal programming is the key," Doc quickly explained.   "The primary persona is subdued and pushed deep into the patient's subconscious giving way to a new persona and attitude that we implanted there.   The process works very well and is easily reversible, allowing for the primary persona to reassert itself within a few days after the secondary persona is erased from the patient's mind."

"Sounds almost too simple," Tanner softly growled.

"The implantation of the new persona requires that the patient be completely willing," the head of the organization added.   "When the patient resists the primary and secondary personas can end up in conflict with one another which would create problems in the long-run.   There is a way to force the new persona in but this has the potential to damage or even destroy the primary persona... which of course means that the procedure would not be reversible."

"So let me get this straight... I have to be completely willing to have my mind turned inside out if I want to be able to get back to the way I was?" Tanner inquired, unpleased with the latest news.

"You don't need to be completely willing, but you accepting the mental suggestions will go a long way," Doc further explained.   "Under hypnosis your mind will be made to relax and as long as you do not forcefully fight the new persona there should not be any problem."

"Alright," the agent sighed heavily, "let's get it over with."

"The entire procedure will last about 12 hours," Doc offered as he invited the agent to follow him into what appeared to be an operating room of some sort.   "We will introduce a powerful retro-virus into your system that will immediately begin to rewrite your genetic code.   In order to avoid you suffering from any discomfort while your body is going through these rapid changes you will be placed under a mild anesthetic allowing you to remain semi-conscious, leaving you not fully aware of what is happening.   While the retro-virus will be working we will be processing with the implantation of the new persona.   By the end of the 12 hours you should wake up a completely different man... I mean woman... with all of your unique skills and knowledge intact as well as a few new assets*."

"If my entire genetic code is going to be re-written how will you get me back to normal after the mission is completed?" Tanner asked having found what he thought had been a severe hole in the Doc's explanation of the procedure.

"Relax," the Boss said as he placed his hand on the agent's shoulder once again.   "We already have your full genetic profile on record.   All we will need to do is program a new retro-virus and introduce it into your body.   After another 12 hours session in this room the mission will be nothing more than a distant memory.

The agent took in a deep breath and nodded his reluctant approval before he was instructed to undress and was helped onto the medical table located in the centre of the room.

"Now remember," Doc said as he approached with a syringe, "you need to be accepting of this new persona.   Let your mind explore the possibilities that this will offer you, don't fight the suggestions.   You will be able to explore a side of womanhood that most man cannot even begin to imagine... you will be able to know how they think... how they feel and you will come out of this a better man."

Tanner again nodded before the needle was inserted into his arm.   Within mere seconds the anesthetic began to take effect and the agent slowly felt his mind slip into a thick haze through which he could see only vague images and hear only whispers of conversations around him.

Although he felt his wrists and ankles being fastened to the table beneath him Tanner did not try to fight or even question as to the reason why he needed to be restrained, especially in such a vulnerable position.   Fearing that any questions he might have would interfere with his new persona, Tanner simply allowed himself to be placed in a rather vulnerable position, his legs having been spread towards the corners of the table.

"Maybe we should have given him a little more information about the extent of the new persona and some of the details of the requirements of this mission," Doc said as he sounded almost remorseful for what they were about to do.

"We could not risk Tanner saying no, plus the least he knew the less likely he would be to fight the programming," the head of the organization countered without a single hint of emotion in his voice.   "Proceed as planned and let me know when everything is ready."

Doc nodded and watched as the heavy-set man exited the room before he motioned for his staff to move in and begin their work on the agent whose life was about to take a drastic turn into a very different world.

Over the following hours several more shots were given to the barely conscious patient while the special headset that had been placed over his ears and eyes took care of the mental programming.   Every now and then Tanner would let out a very soft, long moan in response to the images and words that had been presented to him.   Such reactions occurred increasingly often as the process to create the new persona moved into higher gear.

Although gradual the changes in the agent's body were easily notable as his muscular mass began to give way to a softer, more alluring female form complete with firm breasts and longer shapely legs.   About six hours into the procedure the agent displayed a rather impressive set of B-cup sized breasts on his chest while his male sexual organ had decreased in size to appear as if it belonged to a pre-teen child.

On a regular basis the medical technicians would pass by the table and gently caress or even squeeze the agent's new formed breasts, noting with diligence the patient's reactions on their notepad.   By the eighth hour the agent's skin had become completely hairless and as smooth as silk, her breasts had grown to be full C-cup size and her sexual organ had all but completely vanished giving way to what clearly appeared to be vulvas.   By then the techs had begun to refer to the agent as *her
as very little of the features displayed by Mr. Tanner could be observed.

"How is our patient doing?" Doc inquired of the medical technicians as he walked back into the operating room and glanced at the shapely form strapped down on the table.

"Body chemistry is well within expected parameters," one of the techs reported, the calmness in his voice hinted that they had done this procedure several times before.   "Genetic reconfiguration is right on target but we have noted that the mammary glands are responding faster than anticipated."

"Decrease the dosage of the shots to 15cc from now on," Doc grinned as he looked at the well formed breast that the agent now proudly displayed on his chest.   "We wouldn't want him to have to deal with DDs or more on her first mission as a woman."

The techs took immediate note of their instructions and carried on with the rest of their duties until Doc continued his inquiry on the status of the procedure.   "What about the status of the persona implantation?   Have any tests been completed in that regard?"

"We simply noted the time and frequency of her moaning," another tech replied as he brought the papers which contained the data to the head physician.   "We figured that you would want to perform the tests yourself."

Doc nodded in agreement as he perused the information that had been handed to him before he dismissed all of the techs with a motion of his head.   Without having been told more everyone quickly left the room and insured that the doors had been locked behind them.   Once alone Doc leaned over his patient and stopped the program which had been altering Tanner's persona.

Still under the effect of the mild anesthetic the woman tied to the table groggily looked up at the physician and smiled as Doc spoke to her.   "How are you feeling?"

"Weak," the naked woman moaned softly, "and a little dizzy," Tanner answered in a much higher pitch voice, the sound of which did not surprise the agent and made Doc smile.

"Your body has been put through quite a lot in the last eight hours," the physician offered as he gently caressed the agent's face, her features having become that of a beautiful, sexy woman.   "The changes are not complete yet, but I wanted to ask you a few questions to insure that your mind as is it should be. What is your name?"

"Tanya," the agent replied without any hesitations before swallowing hard as if attempting to quench an immense thirst.

"Good," Doc nodded, "and I guess that you are thirsty," he added ready to test another of the new persona's specific attributes.

"Yes, very," Tanya said weakly yet ever so sensually as she slowly moistened her upper lip with her tongue, her eyes having slowly dropped from Doc's face down to his crotch.

To make her way onto the fortified island the Boss had known that the agent would be called upon to do a great many things in order to be noticed.   Abrasky's agents would need to be convinced about her identity and motives and later on she would need to gain the trust of Abrasky and his highest Lieutenants.   Having a highly developed sexual appetite had been only one of those required aspects that would come in handy to assist the agent in his… in her mission.

It had made perfect sense not to reveal all of this to Tanner for fear that it might cause him to fight the programming or worse that it would lead him to back down from the mission entirely.   Doc quickly pushed the idea that the woman tied to the table in front of him had formerly been Tanner, instead enjoying the delightful view of Tanya's luscious body, her lips almost begging to be given what the persona's programming demanded.

Slowly Doc undid his pants and allowed them to drop to the floor quickly followed by his briefs.   The physician's manhood had already begun to show signs of hardening thanks to the sensual appearance and curves of the woman on the table.   Tanya stretched as much as she could to bring her lips closer to the twitching member which seemed to grow with each passing second.   By the time Doc had moved close enough for the agent to wrap her lips around the tip, the physician's cock had already been quite hard.

The feel of the woman's lips around his swollen shaft had almost been enough to bring Doc to climax, and the sight of her enlarged breasts had not helped to ward back this feeling.   As he slid in deeper into her mouth Doc reached over and began to play with Tanya's breasts which instantly caused her to moan and increase her efforts to see her thirst quenched.

Seconds stretched into pleasurable minutes as Doc pumped his stiff cock past Tanya's hungry lips, his handling of her breasts had gone from gentle to very rough and demanding, something that the restrained woman seemed to immensely enjoy.   Soon the physician could no longer hold back and unleashed several thick creamy shots down Tanya's throat.   The shapely woman eagerly swallowed the full load making sure that not a single drop had been lost.

Spent and rather satisfied by the outcome of the test Doc took a few steps back despite Tanya's insisting lips which had done everything in their power to keep the physician where he had been.   "Sorry Tanya," Doc panted as he pulled up his pants, "but your mission preparation is not yet complete, although I will admit that so far your tests show some very promising results."

Tanya lovingly smiled at the physician as he placed the headset back while he tried his best to ignore the woman licking her plump lips in a very sexual and teasing manner.

Doc sighed and shot a quick glance at the sensual curvy woman tied to the table as he exited the room and headed out to give his report to his superior.

"Ah, Doc," the Boss said enthusiastically as the man dressed in the white lab coat stepped into his office, the physician appeared somewhat flushed.   "How is Tanner doing?"

"Physiologically the body is responding better than we had initially anticipated.   All genetic transformations are ahead of schedule.   That said, and given the extent of the genetic modifications made to his body, and that the secondary persona seems to be well in place, it is safe to say that Tanner is no more.   We have taken the liberty of implanting the name Tanya as her preferred name to respond to," Doc explain as the internal ethical debate that had raged within him about this mission faded further and further away from him.

"Perfect," the Boss chimed.   "So when will Tanya be ready to head out?"   It had been obvious that the head of the organization had wanted this mission to get underway as soon as possible, if only to safeguard the lives of those agents still out in the field.

Doc seemed to think about his answer for a few seconds.   "The transformations brought on by the retro-virus should be completed in about two to three hours.   After this we will still need to test some of the new persona's responses as well as some of the body's own physical reactions.   We need to make absolutely sure that the mind and body act as one if this mission is to be a success."

The Boss appeared a little displeased by the news that Tanya would not be able to just jump off the operating table and get to work, but the head of the secret organization simply nodded.   If they rushed too fast into this mission Tanya as well as many other agents would likely suffer an unspeakable fate, so patience and caution would have to be of the utmost importance.

Several hours later Tanya awoke from her slumber and quickly noted that her wrists and ankles had no longer been bound.   As her senses returned to her she also noted that the bed beneath her back felt different and that several layers of sheets now covered her voluptuous form.

"How are you feeling Miss?" a nurse inquired, the use of the term Miss not having bothered the agent in the least, in fact she did not even think about it as this had been the way a woman needed to be addressed.

"A little dizzy," Tanya admitted, "and I have this salty taste in my mouth."

The nurse smiled and approached the patient as she offered a glass of water which the patient readily accepted.   "Doc asked me to check up on you and to make sure that the genetic transformations are complete.   So if you feel up to it I would need for you to stand."

Tanya took in a deep breath and watched as her ample chest rose accordingly.   Somewhere in the back of her mind she felt a shock, a wave of disbelief wash over her but the feeling quickly vanished as she swung her smooth legs from beneath the sheets and sat on the edge of the bed.   Her hands rested on her slender legs for a few seconds as she allowed her head to clear a little, the feeling of the soft skin beneath her fingers not at all taking the woman by surprise.

After having gathered her thoughts and strength Tanya slid off the bed and stood completely naked in front of the Nurse, the fact that she had not been bothered by her complete exposure never crossed the agent's mind.

"Please forgive me for saying this," the Nurse said with a rather playful smile on her lips, "but you look absolutely stunning."   The woman's eyes carefully scrutinized the agent's new body and savored the delicious curves that appeared fully exposed before her.   Tanya's legs stood widely apart thanks to the ample width of her hips, her waist narrowed into a sexy hourglass form which was further enhanced by the firm D-Cup size of her breasts.   The agent's facial features had changed into that of a soft, sensual beauty which long flowing brown hair.

"Thank you," Tanya replied as she placed her hands on her hips in a rather seductive manner.   "You don't look half bad yourself dear," the teased back.

The Nurse blushed for a moment before she regained her composure and began her examination of the woman standing naked in front of her.   First she began with the basics as she carefully looked at her arms, shoulders and neck.   Everything seemed to have been in perfect order so the Nurse continued.   Since Doc had requested that all aspects of the agent's new body be tested, including her sexual organs, the Nurse gently brushed up against Tanya's breast and happily noticed that her nipples had reacted as they should.

"Are you conducting a medical examination or trying to tease me?" the agent playfully inquired, the grin on her lips indicated that she had not minded in the least the type of feelings that she had been made to experience.

"I am truly sorry miss," the Nurse added with a gentle smile as her hand gently caressed the agent's belly and made its way towards the next target in her examination, "but I must."   Tanya closed her eyes in anticipation as the Nurse's hand moved ever so slowly down until it finally reached its target.   A smile of delight graced the Nurse's lips as she felt the moistness between the agent's legs, her finger slipped inside with the greatest of ease which caused the standing woman to reach back for the bed.

"Everything seems to be in order," the Nurse grinned playfully as she withdrew from between the agent's legs, her finger tainted with the woman's excitement.

Tanya opened her eyes, smiled wickedly and quickly reached for the Nurse's hand.   The agent's hold on the woman's wrist had been firm yet gentle at the same time, but before the Nurse could inquire as to the reason for this gesture Tanya slowly, carefully brought the finger which had invaded her new body to her own lips.   "Let me clean that up for you," the brunette offered in a most sensual way as she slipped the finger between her lips and lovingly cleaned her juices off. This caused the Nurse to close her own eyes as she felt her own wetness begin to flow.

Tanya appeared most pleased by the Nurse's reactions which lead her to move closer as she ever so slowly removed the finger from between her lips.   Their eyes met for only a brief instant before their lips touched in a passionate kiss usually reserved for lovers.   So sensual and powerful had the kiss been that the Nurse felt no desire to break away from it, this allowed Tanya to pursue the goal that she had set for herself.   As their tongues tasted each other's tenderness and lust, the Agent sent a hand down past the Nurse's uniform to sample the woman's own wetness.   Once the sample had been obtained through a sequence of approving moans the finger was carefully brought back and presented to the Nurse's lips.

Hearts raced as the two women abandoned themselves to the moment, each one accepting the gifts offered by the other.   In no time the Nurse had found herself as naked as the agent with her head buried between the new woman's legs, a favor that had been immediately returned.

Doc watched from behind a one-way mirror as the two women pleased one another to repeated orgasms in a passionate 69 position.   The mission profile had required that Tanya be as comfortable with men and women in order to gain full access to Abrasky's organization.   The agent would need to be able to win favors from many of the madman's agents and sex had still been one of the best weapons in the world of international underground activities.   The physician grinned with delight as he intently continued to watch the two women please one another which proved that Tanya's new persona had been as expected.

Almost two hours later, Tanya walked into the Boss' office dressed in a rather provocative outfit, one that seemed to please the head of the organization in more ways than one.

"I will guess that the outcome of my tests was good and that you are pleased with the results," the seductive female agent teased as she watched the Boss devour her with his eyes.

"Very," the heavy-set man grinned then took a long deep breath before he moved onto the next part of the mission briefing.   "Abrasky is always looking for women to enlist in his organization.   We have been able to follow many of his agents and identify some of their favorite scouting locations.   One such location is the Venus Arena."

Tanya immediately smiled.   "Abrasky likes his women feisty does he?" She rhetorically inquired, the Venus Arena having been well known for being a place where some of the toughest women went to wrestle one another.

"You are scheduled for an amateur bout tonight," the Boss said with a rather playful smile as he imagined the agent in her new form wrestling on the stage that he had visited a few times many years ago.   "Try not to send anyone to the hospital but your goal is to be noticed by Abrasky's people."

Tanya chuckled.   "With a body like this, it will be difficult not to be noticed," she stated as she grabbed her own ample breasts and gave them a solid squeeze.

"I look forward to hearing about your progress," the Boss said as he forced his eyes away from the provocative agent.   "Good luck… to all of us."

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