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Another Halloween Party. Part 2

As I rode the elevator to the girls room a million questions crossed my mind. First and foremost was what am I doing? I had just received the greatest blow job in the world from a lovely female dress as a harem dance. The fact that I was sitting in a booth in a nightclub and her friend was watching intensified the feeling.

As one of the stunning ladies worked on my cock her friend kissed me passionately and urged me on. That should be enough for anyone.  Afterward when it was revealed that this sexy lady dressed as a harem dancer was actually a man I felt no disgust, I was curious. I received an invite to their room and I accepted and was now biding my time. The girls had requested that I wait for an hour before joining them. I began to question myself as I waited.

During the years I spent performing on the road I had encountered many different lifestyles and I never judged anyone for living the way they wish. Now I had seen members of the TV, TS and TG communities before but none of them ever looked like Mandy and  I never had any desire to hook up with any one of them and there had been multiple offers.

One hour later I was heading toward the bank of elevators. Now I knew I should take off but something else had a hold of me. Was it the fact it was Halloween night and there was a full moon?  Was it the amount of the powerful liquor I had put away? Maybe it was a combination of all of these elements.

The elevator door opened and I walked down to their room. My knock was answered by Terri, she bade me to come in and I received a long sensuous kiss as soon as the door closed. I was delighted she had not changed out of her Halloween costume.

"We didn't think you'd show," she admitted.

"I said I would," I responded.

"We figured that once the liquor wore off you would run," she answered.

"Does my showing up entitle me to ask a question?" I asked.

"Sure, go ahead and ask."

"Are you a guy too?" I inquired.

Terri responded by tugging her harem pants down and revealing a tiny thatch of hair between her legs, this was no guy.

"So is Mandy going to go the whole transformation?" I asked.

"She is not sure. The boob job was first and she is happy with the results," Terri stated.

"How does she hide them at work?"

"She works from home," came the response. "Now enough questions."

She then took me by the hand and led me to the door of the next room. She knocked softly and was told to enter. There stretched out on the king size bed was Mandy.

She was on her side and I had the clear view of her leg though the splits of her pant legs. Once again I could not believe that this was a man. Terri placed her lips against my ear and whispered.

"Do her and then you can do me," she said softly.

As I approached the bed Mandy slipped of it and stood beside it. I slowly wrapped my arms around her and placed my lips on hers. I didn't flinch when I felt her tongue enter my mouth. The kiss ended and I took a step back and drank in the sight before me.

"You like my tits?" she asked.

"Very much," I responded.

Staring me in the eyes Mandy responded by slowly unsnapping her top and tossing it aside. The most perfect set of b cups that I had ever seen were now revealed. I ran my hands over these soft warm globes of flesh and allowed my thumbs to gently flick her erect nipples. This was done amid Mandy's soft moaning.

"I want you so bad," she confessed. "I have never wanted anyone this bad."

Her small hand slid down the front of my robe and gently rubbed the budge of my hard cock that was pressing against the fabric.

Terri came across the room and helped me slide the robe over my head. I now stood before Mandy in just my boxer shorts. Mandy took in the sight before she stepped forward and began planting soft kisses on my hard nipples. As she did this Terri slipped behind me and slowly tugged my shorts down allowing my raging hard on to spring free.

Mandy gently stroked it for a second or two before she backed toward the bed and then mounted it. She turned her back to me and got on her knees. She then slid the see through harem pants down just enough so her ass was exposed. Meanwhile Terri had produced a bottle of very expensive sex lube and began to liberally apply to my shaft.

When she finished and stepped aside I approached the bed and mounted it kneeling behind Mandy. I placed the head of my lubed cock between her butt cheeks and stopped at the the opening of her little pucker.I paused there for a second before I began to slowly began to push myself inside her.

A long sustained moan escaped her lips as I did this. She glanced over her shoulder at me with her eye filled with passion. Even this close she still bore no resemblance to a guy.

"Fuck me baby. Fuck me good," she begged.

I pushed myself inside her a little more and was rewarded with her begging me to fuck her again. I began a slow rythmic pace of moving my cock in and out of her. I ran my hands across her slender shoulders and down to her silky arms to her tits where I rubbed and squeezed them. My hands eventually wound up on her hips and I used them to steady Mandy as I continued to fuck her tight ass.

Terri had taken up a place on the floor next to the bed so she could watch all the action. One of her hands was under the waistband of her pants and I could see the movement of it against her crotch. Her pretty face was flushed and her lips were sightly parted as she rubbed herself and stared at the show on the bed.

Now I have had done anal before with a number of girlfriends and it was good, but not this good. And none of them were as into it as much as Mandy was and I never had an audience before. Finally I felt the familiar feeling of my approaching orgasm and I told Mandy that I was going to cum.

"Fill me. Fill my ass with your cum," she moaned.

I increased the speed of my thrusting and a second later I filled her ass with my hot sticky fluid. She issued another sexy moan and so did Terri, I think we all finished at the same time. I withdrew my shrinking cock from her back door and for reasons I can't explain I held her close as she floated down from her own orgasmic high.

I looked over at Terri who was on her back and panting for air. On her face was a look of total contentment. She eventually got up and led me to the bathroom on the suite next door. She invited me to shower and to come back when I finished. Ten minutes later and clad in one of the hotel courtesy robes I returned next door.

Mandy greeted me as I entered with a hug and a kiss. She was wrapped in a silk robe and there was still no trace of a man in her features.

"That was the best ass fucking I have ever had. You were great," she confided.

"You were fantastic too," I replied.

A second later Terri exited the bathroom clad only in a tiny black thon that she had worn under her harem pants.  She took me by the hand and led me to the bed pausing long enough to grab a condom that was on the night stand. A few minutes or so later I was deep in her hot tight pussy. I glanced over at Mandy who was in a chair and watching us.

Her/his hand was under the silk robe and based on the movement I saw was jacking himself off as I fucked Terri.

Terri crossed her silky legs across my back and held me in place.I lowered my head and kissed and sucked her extended nipples in between kissing her lips. I don't know how long we were at it until Terri began to moan a little louder.

"Oh yes, yes. Fuck me baby," she repeated several times.

Finally I felt her internal muscles grip my cock as her legs tightened across my back .A second later her whole body shook with an intense orgasm. Now I was still as hard as a rock as I wasn't use to wearing a condom, I had not needed one in awhile. When Terri discovered I was still poised for action she removed the condom and called Mandy over.

As Terri pressed her bare tits to my chest her mouth found mine. As she kissed my lips and sucked on my tongue I felt the bed sink as Mandy mounted it.

"Finish him, baby," she said to Mandy.

Once again Mandy was licking, kissing and sucking my shaft. It wasn't long before I felt the familiar tingling in my balls. I announced that I was going to cum and she removed me from her mouth. She proceeded to jack me off while planting tiny kisses on my head and I exploded on her pretty face. We got cleaned up again and I redressed in my Monk's robe.

Drinks were fixed and we raised out glasses to toast a great Halloween night.Before I left I was given their phone numbers written on piece of note paper.

"if you think these costumes are sexy you should see out collection of lingerie," Terri informed me.

"We love dressing up all sleezy for someone that appreciated it," Mandy added.

As I walked to my car I placed the slip of paper in my wallet. I was pretty sure this was the first of many evenings with my new friends.

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