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A story about a mysterious change and how it changed the life of two people forever.
The sunlight practically burned my eyes as I slowly woke up. I blinked several times and closed them again for a moment. I felt like crap, way worse than I should have. Last night the guys and I had gone to the bar drinking but I thought I had kept it under control since I still had to drive home. Apparently not though, otherwise I wouldn't have felt like this. I felt foggy and numb, yet I could still feel the ache throughout my entire body. I also had one of the worst cases of cotton mouth I could ever remember.

Finally I rolled out of bed and began to zombie my way to the bathroom. I stopped for a moment to lean up against the wall. I felt like shit, maybe it was the flu or something because I know I didn't drink this much last night. After taking a few breaths I felt a little better and continued towards the bathroom. The numb sensation was starting to fade away, as were the aches but my body felt weird, and that is when I realized what the tickling sensation halfway down my back was.

Even as I reached around to grasp at the long dark hair my brain finally started working enough to realize what the sensation of weight on my chest was. My eyes opened wide in comprehension, body frozen in mid stride. I stood there for a moment staring down at the magnificent pair of breasts underneath my white t-shirt, in my hand was a fistful of long, luxurious dark brown hair. Another second went by as my mind whirled, spinning faster and faster until suddenly I broke into a run down the hall. My balance was off and I careened off a couple of walls. It wasn't because I had ever been clumsy before, I just wasn't used to the weight bouncing up and down on my chest.

Finally I get into the bathroom and shut the door to get to the full length mirror behind it. I froze in utter terror as I beheld the beautiful woman staring back at me. She was short, maybe 5'4" with a curvy figure, great tits, round hips and a narrow waist and long hair reaching down to the middle of her favorite type of woman. I screamed and then suddenly clasped both hands over my mouth as the scream that came out was the high shrill panic scream of a woman. I turned away from the long mirror and leaned over the sink, hands gripping the edge.

"This isn't happening" I said in a shaky soprano voice, "this is impossible, nature doesn't work like this". A dream, thats what it had to be, I just needed to wake up. I stood up straight, trying not to notice how my breasts bounced and swayed under my v-neck undershirt. The undershirt was way too big for this fine figured woman in the mirror and one side had slipped down off my shoulder to reveal some of the magnificent cleavage. I shook my head to clear my thoughts and steeled myself. One hand came up swiftly, striking the side of my face. It left a burning red mark and yet nothing happened. The beautiful woman still looked back at me from the mirror. I gulped and did it again from the other side.

"Well this obviously isn't working", I muttered aloud. I stood there staring at my apparent reflection when my cell began to ring. I opened the door to the bathroom, and peered around like I was making sure no one was around, which made no sense since I lived alone. I felt my cheeks begin to heat as I blushed in embarrassment. Then I hiked up the enormous boxer shorts which had begun to fall down off my round, smooth hips and walked to the kitchen. I stared at the caller ID on my cell. It was Jakob, a friend from work. I got a glass of orange juice as I waited for it to finish ringing and go go voice mail. The juice tasted good, and I still felt like I hadn't had anything to drink in days.

Finally I picked up the cell and listened to the voicemail. "Hey, Tom! Have you fucking seen what's going on, its insanity", he yelled excitedly into the phone. "The whole worlds gone fucking nuts, people are just fucking gone, and strangers showed up in the middle of the night. They had to call out the fucking national guard in some states because of the riots, its bizarre. Turn on the news and give me a call." I stared at the phone as I listened to the message again on the speaker trying to make sure I had heard him right. I deleted the voice mail and set the phone down. I bounded over to the couch, diving onto it and spilling a little juice as I went for the remote.

I hit the power button and the big flat screen flickered to life. I spent all morning looking through the channels, my mouth hanging open, shocked at what was going on. It wasn't a fucking dream and it wasn't just me. People had been changed all over the world, not everyone but so far they were saying about 1 in 28. That was still a ton of people, no wonder there were fucking riots everywhere. Not everyone had changed sex though, most people had just changed race. There was one story about a KKK guy that had been turned black during the night and rushed to the hospital after being lynched by his former friends. Some people they interviewed were crying, others laughing and joyful. Some terminally ill patients had just inherited brand new bodies that weren't sick.

One thing that was constant though, no matter what channel I changed to was that no one had a fucking clue as to what was going on. Finally, after hours of watching TV I realized I had to pee. I gulped and went back to the bathroom and pulled down my boxers. I closed my eyes when I saw my cock had gone missing. I new it...I could feel it was gone before this, but until I looked it was still there in my mind. I took a deep breath and stepped out of the boxers which were pooled around my ankles.

I wont go into details, but it was weird peeing like a girl the first time.

I needed a shower. Not that I stank or anything, I just needed something to help me unwind. I could feel it in the space between my shoulders, that group of muscles that bunches up and gets knotted when you start getting really stressed. I pulled off the too huge t-shirt and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror again.

"Jesus", I whispered "I'm hot". Now, I've never been particularly vain, and I don't like people that are too focused on their looks, but in this case it was completely warranted. I was hot, smoking hot. The occasional freckle dotted my otherwise flawless fair skin. That was they way my previous body was, except even I could tell my skin had never been this good. I turn and looked over my shoulder. My ass was heart shaped, perfect and perky. Looking at the front again my breasts were full and round. I wasn't sure but if I had to guess they were at least a d cup.

I reached up and cupped them in my hands. They felt really good. I had always been a breast man, but this was just too weird. I touched my nipples too. They immediately got hard and I dropped my hands as I blushed. The aerolas were large, a couple of inches across at least and nice and pink. It was like I had transformed into my dream woman. Talk about irony, I had turned into the woman I had always wanted.. This was too much, I looked away from the mirror and got into the shower. The hot water felt good, and I was able to relax.

Like I said earlier, I had never been vain and I don't like people that spend a ton of time fussing about how they look, but I must have spent 20 minutes trying to wash all that damned hair alone. Finally I began to understand why girls seemed to take such long showers. I also explored my pubic region. The hair was short, curly and dark brown just like on the original me, but instead of a cock there was the slit of a vagina between my legs. I touched it a couple of times and the shiver that went up my spine told me I had found the clit. That was enough exploration for now.

I didn't own a blow dryer, and I had no idea how girls wrapped their hair so after the shower I let the wet mass of hair hang down over my shoulders as I looked through my closet. I had been a big guy, 6'2" with broad shoulders and a barrel chest. Nothing I had was even close to fitting this curvy little body of mine. I finally selected a non-descript black t-shirt with a smart-ass quote on it.

“Well fuck me sideways, this isn’t going to work”, my words dripping with annoyance. I pulled at the t-shirt, adjusting it this way and that, pulling it tight and letting it loose again. My perky round tits stood out, pulling at the material of the shirt. My nipples were uncomfortably stiff, they felt chilly and they easily visible through the material of the t-shirt. I had always thought that was sexy as hell, but not so much when it was me who was nipping out. I finally decided to layer up and put another couple of shirts on.

Then it was to pants…pants…fuck. They were all too long and too big at the waist. Initially as I was trying stuff on I left my boxers on but they bunch up in strange ways because there was so much material and rubbed uncomfortably against my sensitive pussy. I took them off and settled on a pair of khaki cargo shorts that looked more like really baggy capris on me because they were so long on me.

Even with my full, round hips the shorts kept wanting to slide off which wasn’t going to work. I finally took a belt out and threaded it through the loops. It was way too big as well, so I tied it in a knot. I looked ridiculous, but I was dressed; this wouldn’t work as a solution though. I went to my computer and sat down, I needed to look up women’s sizes. I spent a couple of hours looking at different catalogues in how to size myself up. I got out a tape measure and stripped naked again. From what I could figure out I was a 34d bust, 23 waist, 36 hips.

Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me, hehe. I finally understood that song.

Armed with that information I drove down to the mall. It seemed strangely quiet. I was wearing dark glasses that were a little too big for my face as I went in, trying to be discreet. There weren’t many people around but when I went into one of the department stores. It was library quiet, and most of the people shopping for clothes seemed to be avoiding eye contact. I guess a lot of other people needed a new wardrobe. I got a few hundred dollars out of the ATM guessing that the clerk probably wouldn’t accept my card.

I started out with underwear, and somewhere along the lines I actually really started enjoying it. At first I went for the granny stuff, something comfortable and simple but the more I looked, the more I got to thinking that I didn’t like it. I had always been curious about what it would be like to be a woman, and now I had the chance so I figured I would live it up. I started looking at the thongs, and the bikini cut panties. I even picked up a couple of sexy bras. God I looked good, I was blushing as I admired myself in the mirror in my sexy thong panties and push up bra. This body was like a wet dream come true. I breezed through the work slacks, jackets and blouses picking up a few that I think looked alright (Monday at work was going to be weird).

Then I found myself looking at dresses. I smiled to myself as I went through them. I picked several out that were fun, but one in particular stood out. It was very racy, emerald green and strapless with a hem that barely came down to mid thigh, and a low front. That combined with the push up bras I found made my cleavage stand out proudly, full and sexy. Later I found some heels that I would have once called stripper heels, but right now I couldn’t help myself. I looked fucking amazing, even though they were a pain in the ass to walk in. I paid for everything and left the store wearing my sexy outfit. Hey, don’t judge. Who knows how long this was going to last. I needed to figure out what it was like to be a woman…for science.

I walked around the mall with my bags, even going so far as to pick up a purse and a little clutch. I noticed some of the guys staring at my chest, or watching me as I walked. I blushed every time I noticed. I never knew it was like this when I ogled a woman, but I really liked it.

I left the mall and dropped my stuff off in the truck. I saw that I still had a hundred bucks or so in cash so I decided to walk around town. I walked for about thirty minutes when I found myself in front of the adult store on Brooks street. I paused and decided to go in. I felt my face flushing red as I wandered around, noticing the guys looking at me. I had been surprised at how much I liked being ogled in my outfit, but I hadn’t really thought about sex.

That made me stop in my tracks. Was I still straight? Did I still like women? Wait, if I was a woman and straight that would mean I liked guys, so was I a lesbian? I stared blankly into a glass case full of vibrators thinking. That was when I had an idea; I went to counter and handed them enough cash for a fistful of tokens, then I went into the video booths in back. I felt all the guys watching me as I walked towards them. It was strange, it felt like more than the usual ogling.

It was a small room, more like a closet with a flat screen that spanned the width of one wall, a little control panel underneath it and surround sound with a simple chair in the middle. It was kind of creepy; it smelled of disinfectant and I was a little hesitant to sit down but I did it. I took a breath and put some tokens in the control panel. Hundreds of videos were available and I picked one at random. It was a woman on her side being fucked from behind. She was sexy, as if someone had designed her to be a porn star; but as the camera pulled away and more came into view that wasn’t what held my attention. The big cock ramming in and out of her was what grabbed me. My breath caught a moment, I was panting as I watched him ram her. I felt my nipples stiffen, growing incredibly sensitive. I even felt my pussy moisten as he fucked her.

I leaned back in the chair, watching. I finally pulled my dress up and slid my hand into my panties, rubbing my pussy lips. It was amazing…so intense, so sexual. I panted and moaned softly as I watched. The video came to an end and I poured more tokens in. I found a video of a black guy fucking some petite blonde. I lounged in the chair, legs spread over the arms rubbing my pussy as my chest rose and fell. I heard breathing that wasn’t my own and I looked to my left. Someone was watching through a little peep hole. I almost said something but went back to watching the video and rubbing my pussy. I watched a third video, playing with my pussy as the men in booths to either side of me watched, and yet I hadn’t climaxed.

I was charged, burning with need. I was so horny I was practically shaking. I cleaned up using wipes from a dispenser in the room and walked out. My skin was flushed and hot. Men were watching me as I left. I went home, I knew it wasn’t good and I had to get my self control back. After a few hours the sensation subsided. I spent the rest of the weekend adjusting to my “condition”.

Monday came along and I went in to talk to Andy in human resources. That was beyond awkward, but we came to the decision that it was best for me to take some of the vacation I had saved up so I could get used to it. Only a couple of others had had the change happen to them, so the company wasn’t hurting as bad as others for people. It was almost harder walking out than it was walking in. I could feel everyone watching me, whispering.

I spent most of that week at the house. I went out once for groceries, and it was actually kind of enjoyable. Men would look at me, stare at my breasts or just watch as I walked by. It made me feel sexy, feel special. That was the day I decided I was going to go out and be around people instead of holing up in my house like a recluse.

I put on the emerald green dress I really liked and drove downtown. I got out and parked, then walked to a bar down the street. It was a total dive, but it was evening now and it was packed. I walked in with my hips swaying, heels clicking on the wooden floor. I was finally getting a hang of walking in heels and I was really enjoying the looks it was getting me.

I sat down at the bar and ordered a coke. I was already so horny I wasn’t sure how good my self control was going to be so I figured it was best not to add alcohol to the mix. I spent the night dancing, hanging out, sitting at the bar and flirting with guys all night. It was an incredibly thrill whenever I would catch one of them looking down my dress, or “accidentally” bumping into my as they passed by. A couple of times I even felt their hard cocks in their pants as they brushed me. It was then that I knew I wouldn’t be happy just flirting; I wanted someone to take me home.

Eventually, an older man sidled up next to me. He smiled and I smiled back, his charm and magnetism was intense and I felt my pussy immediately moisten. My face reddened at the sensation of my body reacting so strongly to his presence.

“I don’t normally stop at dives like this, but I’m glad I did tonight”, he said. I gave him my best demure look and replied, “why would that be?” He laughed at the flirt and nodded to me. “You’re one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, I’m not sure why, but I’m drawn to you.” I blushed at the compliment and went silent for a while.

Like I said he was older, easily in his fifties but he was easily six foot, with strong shoulders, and a good physique. Not an athlete mind you, but someone that definitely kept themselves in shape. He had that peppered look, black hair with spots of gray and just enough stubble to have that masculine unkempt look without actually being anything but neat and well groomed.

I took a sip of coke and licked my lips before talking again. As we chatted I realized he was definitely the one. My body was aching with desire as we talked. I was clumsy for a woman, but after 28 years of being a guy I knew what they liked. I touched him hand as we laughed, gave him glimpses of my cleavage, purred when he finally decided to kiss me. It may have been clumsy for an actual woman, but it was definitely working. He was into me, and finally asked if I wanted to leave with him. My answer was an emphatic yes. I giggled a little as he walked me outside, my arm through his. I was shocked when we came up to a brand new Mercedes and he smiled at me.

He opened his door and let me in. Then he got in and we drove. As we went along we talked, and flirted and before long his hand was on my thigh. I was breathless with excitement and anticipation, but also with a little bit of fear. I was worried what this meant for me…I wanted this, so badly but I was always into women before. What would it be like to be the woman? What would it be like to have a cock ramming into me instead of being the one doing the ramming?

I blushed as I realized his hand had slid further up my thigh, under my dress to brush against my thong. I squeezed his hand between my thighs and leaned over, reaching between his legs to rub his cock. I had never touched another man’s cock before, so I was nervous when I did it but to my surprise he liked it, and so did I. He grinned at me and we were quiet for the rest of the ride as I gently played with his cock through his pants.

Finally we arrived at his place and I was shocked to learn that I apparently had pretty good taste. The entire place was surrounded by a white stone wall 10 feet tall, covered in vines. He had a security guard let us through the gate and we drove up the long driveway to his enormous house. I gawked at it as he got out and came around to open my door. I stepped out gracefully (or as gracefully as I could manage in these heels). He took my arm again and we went in. It was palatial and we sat down on couch that at first guess would cost roughly as much as I make in a year. He sat down next to me and we kissed. Gently at first, playfully, like we were teenagers. As the moments ticked by we became more passionate, burning with desire. Our hands began to roam and he found the zipper to my dress. He undid it and slid my dress down expose my bra. Then he pulled me up onto his lap. I gasped as I felt his hard cock pressing against my panties through the material of his pants. He unclasped my bra and then tossed it aside as he began to grope my tits.

We kissed and made out until finally I was curious…I stood up and he watched me hungrily. I stripped my dress off the rest of the way and stepped out of it wearing nothing but the stripper heels and thong panties now. My face beet red, and suddenly feeling very shy I looked up at him. He stared at me like a kid unwrapping an enormous birthday present. Our eyes met and finally I got up the bravery to take the next step. I kneeled down between his legs and unzipped his pants, then pulled down his underwear. His stiff cock practically sprung out at me and I gasped, sitting back a little bit.

He laughed, “do you like what you see baby?” he asked hopefully. At first I was shocked, maybe a little repulsed because of a lifetime of heterosexuality, but as I stared at it, that moment passed. This was another man’s cock, but I was drawn to it. I wanted it. I reached out gingerly and let my fingers glide along the soft skin of his shaft, teasing the head. I guess I just needed to get over the fact that I wasn’t physically a man anymore…and once I got past that I found that I really, really wanted his cock

I let my hand slide down to his balls, cupping them playfully as he moaned. The sounds he made excited me. My pussy was dripping wet, but I wanted to taste his cock first. I leaned forward, closing my eyes as I licked the head gently with my tongue. He moaned, further exciting me. The taste was salty, but very good. I opened my eyes and took the entire head into my mouth, sucking on it like a hard candy. It was much thicker than I had realized, it was difficult to get my mouth around it, but I had plenty of motivation. I reached down between my legs and rubbed my clit through my thong while I sucked hungrily on his cock.

He moaned, breathing hard. “More baby, God yes that feels good. You give great head!” I looked up and gave him a quick puzzled grin. It was my first time, but thinking back on my own experiences I suppose it’s not so much technique that matters for the guy, as much as it just feels really, really good. My grin widened as I wrapped a small, soft hand around his thick shaft. My fingers barely touched together as I stroked up and down on his sexy cock, jerking him off. I purred, “Say please.” Smiling to myself. “Please God, you’ve got me so hard” he answered in a voice that told me he was in that place where there was a very limited supply of blood going to his brain.

I leaned down, pressing my face to his cock and slid my tongue up and down the underside of his cock. Then taking it in my mouth again, tickling the hole with my tongue and beginning to slide his cock deeper into my mouth. This was the tricky part, I had never sucked a cock before, but I figured while I was doing it I would go for the gold. Sliding it in and out of my mouth faster and faster; taking it deeper with each stroke. I heard myself moaning with his cock in my mouth, though it was muffled by his hard shaft. He reached out and took a handful of my long dark brown hair in each hand, using it like handlebars to guide my head. His hips began bucking. He was fucking my mouth, and I was loving every second of it.

I have no idea how long that went on, but I have to admit I was impressed by his stamina. Finally; without warning, he pulled my head up. I was nowhere near done with his cock and I was panting, licking my lips wanting more. A little bit of spit dripped down from my mouth to run down my nearly perfect cleavage. He stood up, pulling me along with him because he still had a fistful of my hair. He led me around to the back of the couch and bent me over it. I dutifully allowed myself to be led into position. I panted, squirming and wriggling my ass.

He gave it a few playful spanks, I yelped and begged for more. He surprised me when he literally tore them off my body. I couldn’t help but scream, though I looked over my shoulder and giggled afterwards. His eyes bored into mine, and my giggle quickly died. It was a powerful moment, a moment of being connected to another human being. “I’ve never been with a woman like you before”, he said with a voice full of lust and energy. I replied “I’ve never been a guy that was like you either.” Hey, it was true.

He pressed the head of his cock to my dripping wet pussy, and I moaned. Oh God, here it comes I thought to myself. He rammed his thick shaft into my virgin pussy and began to pump hard. I screamed and gripped at the leather of the couch with white knuckles. He pulled back on his fistful of hair, arching my back as he fucked my tight pussy. I moaned and panted as he thrust into me. I could feel his pulse in his cock, I could feel it throbbing as he moaned, getting ready to squirt into me. The thought of protection hadn’t entered my mind, and it continued its absence. I looked up and could see my tits bouncing and swinging wildly.

My eyes widened as a strange sensation pulsed through my body. I screamed, “I’m cumming! Aaahhhh!” I screamed again, and again. My whole body quivering and shaking. I hadn’t been able to cum on my own in the porn shop, but with his thick cock pumping my pussy I came hard, over and over. After the initial explosion of sensation I felt what could only be described as aftershocks rocking my body. My nipples were so hard they hurt, my pussy growing sore from his fat cock pounding it.

Finally, I felt him begin to cum. His thrusting quickly slackened, and I thrust my hips back to make up for it. My pussy was pulsing around his cock and milking it. He came and came until it began to run down the inside of my thighs. Afterwards we laid on his expensive couch, him massaging my breasts as our combined juices mixed inside me. I smiled, glowing with satisfaction. Later, I thought about the fact that we hadn’t used a condom and I didn’t care. It had been worth it.

I eventually told him about the fact that I wasn’t originally a man. It didn’t matter because he had originally been a woman before the big change. Six months later, we were honeymooning in the Caribbean on his yacht. My belly was huge since I was pregnant, but it didn’t matter. He loved how big my tits had gotten, I still looked good in a bikini, and I was getting very, very good at giving head.

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