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Daphne's Lesson Ch. 2

A bright, but arrogant young woman attends an all-futanari college with expected results.

Daphne Macron winced under the scalding water bursting from the showerhead. She pulled back her hair as the water cascaded over her neck down to her supple chest. A nice, warm shower gave her the perfect opportunity to reflect on her first creampie gang bang. Each girl’s unique scent still lingered on her skin. Alpa’s peaty juices dripped from her throbbing asshole. Holly’s sweaty pit-stained odors pressed against her body, the chubby futa’s virgin load still swimming inside her womb. Next, a cocktail of Valerie’s cum and sporty body spray clung in her hair—which she was happy to rinse. Then Daphne’s eyes bulged. She gagged on one of the rugby star’s coarse pubes became lodged behind her tongue during the throat-fucking session.

“Valerie’s so rough.” Daphne mused to herself as she parted her pink lips to take-in a jet of water. She gargled spat, then watched it splash against the drain. Steam rose and shrouded her thin body as she soaked. A tingle between her legs caught her attention. “Ugh.” She grunted. “More?!?” Daphne tightened her abs and pushed. Another glob of futa cum caught on her blonde pubes before plopping over the drain. “Those girls, I swear.” She grinned, wiggling her wrinkled, pruney pink toe in the white stickiness. “I wonder if this is Valerie or Molly.” A mischievous delight growled in her belly as she pondered. Carrying the semen of three girls made her feel delightfully dirty. Daphne was well on her way to her first orgasm. She needed quality time with her futa classmates—one feisty ginger in particular.


Mallory Wright’s cold grey eyes cut back and forth down the white-walled dorm hall. Her bright green running shoes squeaked against the hardwood floor as she power-walked past each decorated dorm door. Her roving eyes caught a door with two named spelled in pink and yellow glitter. Carmen Michaels and Daphne Macron. She stopped to collect herself in front of the door, adjusting her black backpack on her shoulder while wiping the beads of sweat from her brow. Walking all the way across campus from Dr. Jackson’s office took quite a toll. “I just need more cardio.” She muttered before knocking on the closed door.

“Just a minute.” She heard Daphne’s sweet voice chirp from behind the solid wooden door. The locked clicked soon after. Daphne’s body, clean and damp, was covered with a thick white terry cloth towel. Her thin lips straightened when she saw Mallory. “Did you bring my phone?” She asked in a stern voice.

“Yeah, here it is.” Mallory smiled as she reached inside her bag. She retrieved the phone, then with a flick of her dainty wrist sent the phone spinning past its owner and crashing on the floor.

“What the fuck!” Daphne squawked and whipped around in a blonde twister. She crumpled to the floor and manically tapped on the screen. “I swear to god, Mallory if you broke my phone--”

“Threaten me again, Daphne.” Mallory hovered over her, slinging her bag to the floor. “That message you sent me was fucked up.”

“Lighten up, Mallory.” Daphne scoffed, returning to her feet. She sighed in relief when the screen at last lit up. “Fucking Christ, it was a joke.”

“Getting me kicked out of school is not a joke, bitch.” She growled back. “I have zero family or options if I have to leave. Come to think of it, I shouldn’t even be in your room right now.”

“I’m sorry, okay?” Daphne wrenched her sopping hair from her eyes. “Just relax. Carmen’s not even here and I have no idea where she is.”

“So she could walk in any minute?” Mallory snapped and headed for the door. “Gotta go.” As she huffed away, she sighed and turned back. “But we were fucking when Dr. Jackson came in.” She looked down and scuffed her toe on the floor. “So thanks for covering for me, I guess.”

Daphne moved to her bed, a soft-looking twin bed with a wooden frame and crossed her legs. The bed flanked the far right corner of the cozy room, mirroring Carmen’s setup towards her left. “Mallory,” Daphne said in a low, husky voice, “can you come before you leave?” She loosened her towel and spread her legs, leaving just enough slack to cast shadows over her perky pink nipples.

Mallory draped her hand on the door. Her eyes lingered over Daphne’s parting legs. She had to admit, watching her classmates each take their turns dropping their loads in Daphne was a turn on. Moreover, the fact that not an hour prior she was balls deep in Daphne’s beautiful blonde pussy didn’t help her horny level. This time, no squishy sloppy fourths—Daphne was fresh and clean. Her feet pulled her towards the bed before she was even aware.

“Hey Daphne, I--” Mallory brushed the hair from her eyes and pressed her knees into the bed’s navy comforter. She cleared the nervousness from her throat. “I just want to make sure we’re on the same page. I really don’t like you.”

Daphne sucked on her bottom lip while giving her guest an eye roll. “We’re gonna do this again?”

“Fine.” Mallory sighed. She fished underneath her skirt and stretched her panties aside. “Hope you’re wetter than you started out this afternoon.” She joked. Her cock needed no more coaxing to harden—her six inches stood at attention.

Daphne fixed her eyes on the bulging pink head Mallory pressed against her thumb. She let a trail of drool fall from her lips onto her palm. Once her palm carried a healthy puddle, she applied the warm mess to her waiting clit. Her breathing grew terse as Mallory’s cock slowly kissed the dripping mouth of her pussy.

“Ah..” Daphne cooed. She laid her hands on Mallory’s shoulders and pulled herself forward. Her pouting lips widened.

They both moaned.

Then they both jumped.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!?” Daphne growled when she heard her dorm mate Carmen, fiddle with the door. With painful reluctance, she pulled herself from the Mallory and adjusted her towel. Her eyes raised in time to meet Carmen Michaels’ deep brown Spanish eyes gawking incredulously.

“Hi, guys.” Carmen Michaels was a twenty-one-year-old slender model type with a smooth olive complexion. She greeted her dorm mate and guest with her smooth west-coast accent and cat walked toward to the desk beside her bed. Her shoulder-length chestnut curls bounced playfully as she sat cross-legged in her chair. “What’s going on?”

Daphne and Mallory exchanged some awkward glares, the latter making head motions in Carmen’s direction.

“Not much. Just hanging out cause class ended early,” Daphne blurted. She turned her head. “Hey, Carmen. Do you know Mallory from the English department?”

“Yeah, Daph. Of course, I do.” Carmen chuckled. One of her tanned fingers ran across the page she was reading and dog-eared the page. She closed the book to address Mallory. “How’s Valerie?” She flashed the girl a coy smile.

“Single.” Mallory nodded. “She’s very good and very single.”

Carmen cackled. “I hear ya!” Her eyes turned to Daphne. “I can leave you guys alone for a while if you want.”

“Oh, no.” Mallory cut in. “You’re studying. This is your room. I should get going anyway.” She got up and slapped her bag over her shoulder. “I’ll see you around, Daphne. See ya, Carmen.”

It only took Mallory a few seconds to steal through the door and down the hall. Daphne settled back on her bed. She drew her knees back and sighed. Her eyes watched Carmen set up her laptop and turn it on. “Gonna Skype with Brad?” She asked.

“Yeah, a little before he goes to work.” Carmen tapped her tapered piano fingers on the keys to wake the screen. “That’s not going to bother you, is it?”

Daphne shrugged, reaching for the nail clipper on her nightstand. “Not at all. I should study in the library, anyway.” She bit her lip as the trimmer snapped through her toenails one-by-one.

Daphne could have used silence to think, she decided. The pungent, bleach smell of her classmates’ futa cum lingered in her nose despite her shower. She squeezed her damp thighs together underneath of heavy towel—She couldn’t remember the last time her parts were still so juicy.    

Maybe it’s a good thing Mallory didn’t have time to come, Daphne thought. The bitch might’ve drowned me. Daphne snickered.

“FUCK!” Carmen snapped. She slammed the laptop’s lid shut and folded her arms.

“Something wrong?” Daphne asked. The commotion snapped through her trance.

“Brad went to work early.” She sighed, wearing a painful grimace that carried as much disappointment as desperation.

“You guys are so cute.” Daphne couldn’t help but roll her eyes while she said it. Carmen’s relationship with Brad fascinated her in several ways. In all the futanari she knew, never did one had a boyfriend with such a monogamous commitment. Moreover, Carmen never seemed at all interested in sex—especially with Daphne. There was a humbling kinship between them and an obvious reason the college board roomed the two together. “So,” she segwayed, “How do you know Mallory? You guys ever hook up?”

“Oh, god no.” Carmen laughed. The air of humor relaxed her shoulders. “Mallory knows that Val and I dated back in high school.” She tilted her chin into her fist. “If you can even call it dating.”

“Ha, yeah.” Daphne laughed. “She doesn’t seem like a gentle lover.” She leaned back and flashed a sly grin toward Carmen. As she drank in her dorm mate’s shocked expression, she reminisced in the memory Valerie’s weight pressing against her—stretching her. Daphne’s folds quivered at the thought. “I’m pretty sure she wants to fuck me.”

“Valerie does not want to fuck you.” Carmen shook her head. “Why are you so interested, anyway?”

“Yeeeah.” Daphne grit her teeth. “Well, I kinda let my Independent Study Literature class run a train on me today.” She looked away. Her face burned with shame.   

Carmen smirked. “So that’s why you’re fascinated with Val. Take it from me, Daphne. Valerie doesn’t want to fuck you—She wants to brutalize you. She’d be inside you for hours on end. The only reason she wasn’t today was the other girls made her take turns.”

Daphne bit her lip, nodding. Her face burned with a cocktail of embarrassment and arousal. “I should get dressed.” She clutched the towel close to her blushing chest as she stood.


Holly Cravers clicked with her mouse with a frantic pace as she sat at her desk browsing the sexy adult gift store online. Her loins still tingled with such a pulsing force it blurred her vision. Each pink rose petal on the site’s header reminded her of Daphne’s pursed as her pussy wrapped around Holly’s throbbing meat. To make matters worse, Daphne’s flowery perfume still lingered on her body. The scent drove her crazy, but she also dreaded showering it away. Her pulse raced as she sat, squeezing her flabby thighs together to massage her hardness.

“Hey Alpa,” she whispered over her shoulder to her roommate. “Do you think Daphne liked what we did to her?”

Alpa, who stretched the length of her bed, crossed her dusky, stout legs and sat upward. “Sure, why not?” She rubbed the onset of sleep from her eyes and squinted at Holly. Blowing her load always took something out of her. “You heard Valerie. That’s what she came here for.”

“I know,” Holly made a sheepish shrug. Her face burned red with embarrassment as she looked ahead. “But what I’m asking is: Do you think she’d want to do it again?”

Alpa exhaled an exasperated breath, “Maybe. Why?” She laid back down.

Holly forced a nervous gulp down her throat. “Do you’d think she’d do it again with just me?”

“Holly?” Alpa sat back up. “Do you like Daphne?”

“Stupid right?” Holly’s face got redder if that were possible. “Look at me and look at her.”

Alpa smirked and sighed. “Just try, Holly.” Her fists found her sturdy hips. “The best love stories are the ones that break all the rules.”


Valerie rested her dirty hands on each powerful thigh as she stared down the rugby field. She took a moment to smell the wet, fresh cut grass before she dug her cleats into the loose clumps underneath. Dark, moist dirt peppered with grass clippings flew up behind her as she took off in a sprint. The wind whipped her face while she ran upright. Valerie athletic, muscular body chugged at an impressive speed. Her piercing eyes caught a petite blonde girl walking along the field from the towering dorm buildings. She wore a plain black skirt topped with a loose-fitting white blouse. When she realized the plain-dressed girl was Daphne, she slowed her pace and trotted toward the sideline.

“Can I help you?” Valerie shouted once she got closer. She doubled over and gasped for air.  

“I’m hoping,” Daphne said, looking across the sprawling green that seemed endless. “You’re pretty fast.”

“I can do 100 yards in 20 seconds.” Valerie sucked more air.

Daphne thought for a second then folded her arms with a smile. “I’m not even sure if that’s good or not. I know little about sports.”

Now Valerie stood erect. Her towering frame took a step toward Daphne. “So if you’re not a rugby fan, I take it you’re here to see me.”

“And you’re smart too.” Daphne nodded.

“Now look, Daphne.” Valerie stuck a warning finger in her face. “You wanted everything we gave you.”

“I know. I know.” She threw up her palms. “You gave me a lot. But now I want more.”

Valerie’s jaw dropped. But her disbelief soon turned to glee. Her eyes shifted as she scanned the field again. “You’re telling me I get the prom queen all to myself?” Then she cut a glare of suspicion at her. “What’s the catch, Daphne? What are you up to?”

“You don’t need to know that.” Daphne shook her head. She knew it was insignificant to hide her nymph condition from Valerie. But she trusted her as far she could throw her, which wasn’t far. “You can have me. Right now. As many times as you want. But it has to be right now.” Her voice was strong and confident. “And no more questions.”

Valerie motioned to her left, fighting to keep her composure. “Follow me to the bleachers.” Her steps were light, hoping not to seem too desperate. Valerie was ready to bust as soon as she laid eyes on Daphne on the green. “You should know what you’re getting yourself into.”

“Don’t worry about me,” Daphne assured. Her eyes wandered over the steel bleachers as she looked up. The skeletal stairs extended several stories and proved easy for the girls to navigate through the beams underneath. It had rained earlier that day and Daphne’s plain black flats began to sink into the soft ground. She stopped to read some faded white graffiti on one of the fat poles when she gasped. The strength of Valerie’s hands overpowered her, pressed her body against the beam.

“Put your hands above your head on this pole,” Valerie growled. She sank her teeth into Daphne’s neck as the nimble blonde yawned her body on the pole. “You tasty fucking cunt.” Her breathing grew heavy as she shimmed her rugby uniform around her ankles. She hocked a loogie into her palm and rubbed it over throbbing tip—wasting no time plunging herself in Daphne.

“Nnnghh! Ah!” Daphne’s cry was a blend of yelp and whimper. Her body jostled as Valerie rammed herself deep inside her guts. Valerie’s thrusts were so deep and jarring that Daphne brought one arm off the beam to clutch her stomach. The other arm still clenched the beam for dear life.

“Who’s got the biggest fucking dick that’s ever stretched you out, Daphne?” Valerie moaned. She rammed harder with those powerful thighs and hips. “Who, Daphne?” She screamed.

“Fuck! You, okay?” Daphne whined. She wasn’t lying. Nobody had come close to filling her before. Maybe Valerie’s monster cock was the answer to her never achieving orgasm. She tried her best to push back against Daphne’s thrusts. Her hand soon moved from her stomach to clit, and she rubbed the drooling hardness between her legs.

Valerie’s grunts accompanied the slapping of her balls against Daphne’s ass. As her feet sank in the muddy grass below, she tightened her strokes so as not to lose traction. But soon her cock quivered and pulsed. Her first cum was working up her swollen balls. She didn’t announce it and kept the same brutal pace as she coated Daphne’s insides.

She waited until four nice bursts of cum dripped from Daphne before pulling her rigid flesh out and flipping her fuck toy over. “I want you to watch me the next time I come inside you.” Her eyes drank in Daphne’s red blotched, flustered complexion. Valerie grinned when she returned her cock to Daphne’s battered pussy. The sight of Daphne biting her lip as the pressure overtook was enough for her to blow again. She hoisted Daphne’s leg in the air and pinned her against the beam. The sound of soggy, sopping pussy being pounded was music to the futa’s ears.

Did she come? Fuck, she’s come once already. Lucky! Fuck! She's huge! Daphne tried to focus on a singular sensation, but so many fought for her attention. Her fingers found her clit again, and she rubbed frantically. She groaned, then grinned. A delightful tingle built in her stomach. It was a pleasure! Valerie’s face came nose-to-nose with hers. The futa’s sweaty stench enveloped her, making her gag. She tried holding her breath and turning away. Then Valerie’s legs quivered, and she made one final thrust before coming again, knocking all the wind Daphne thought she had.

Daphne recoiled from the beam and laid in the least muddy patch of grass. Her pussy ached for attention. But her date had already come twice. She was thinking this was a waste of time.

“Need a break, Prom Queen?” Valerie staggered to the ground and loomed over her.

“Don’t you?” She looked between Valerie’s legs. The rock hard shaft that glistened with whiteness and trickles of blood convinced her Valerie was far from done. “Come on, then—Uugh!” She grunted as Valerie’s cock plunged back into her.

Valerie wasted no time. She plowed back into Daphne with a new horny vigor. This is how Valerie preferred her prey. Missionary position, legs wrapped around her. She slammed herself in Daphne was such force it left crimson marks on the girl’s ivory ass. Daphne’s little tits bounced inside her white blouse stained with mud and grass. As she pinned Daphne to the soggy ground, her loins fired for the third time.

Valerie’s strokes now seemed to cause her more pain than pleasure. She winced during each labored thrust. After some short, desperate jabs, she came again. Valerie repeated this cycle several times: Tender strokes snowballed into fast pumping until she squirted some meager drops in Daphne’s well-spent pussy.

Exhausted, Daphne gripped clumps of grass in both hands to brace Valerie’s assault. She was sore—more so than she can ever remember being. Even with Valerie’s monster raging inside her, she felt each glob of cum as it leaked from her teeming womb. She had given up on that orgasm an hour ago. Although Valerie still fucked her, it was a sluggish, stubborn pace that did little for her.

Valerie found herself on the verge of tears. Her sweaty brow dripped on Daphne’s shirt and she rocked herself to a painful tenth orgasm. She stopped, at last, gasping for breath while she thought. She wasn’t even sure if anything came out on that last one. “I think I’m done.” She said softly, a single tear trickled down her cheek. “My god, I’ve never been empty before.”

“Fuck.” Daphne grits her teeth and threw her head back into the mud. She spent the rest of her strength, throwing her battered pussy up at Valerie’s wilting cock. Her muscles burned as her body consumed itself. “Fucking—Fuck! Come already!” She cried, breaking into wet, messy sobs. Valerie let Daphne dig her nails into her back and she desperately tried to come, but it was no use. Dejected, she dropped back to the grass in a pathetic heap. She wiped the tears from her dirty face. She wanted to scream. Why couldn’t she come? “Can you at least help me up?” She said softly.

Valerie nodded. Her cock slurped from its hiding place followed by a bubbling cascade of cream. Daphne staggered to her feet but leaned most of her weight on Valerie’s sturdiness. “I was wrong about you, Prom Queen.” Valerie nuzzled Daphne’s neck as she allowed the girl to use her as a crutch. “You’re okay, Daphne.”


Mallory had just pulled her covers up to her neck. She turned on her side facing the wall and flipped through her latest fantasy novel. She nearly dozed off before Valerie stumbled through the door. “Where the hell have you been?” She said, turning the page before she even finished reading.

“I’m never having sex again.” Valerie sighed. She limped to her bed and flopped down. “That Daphne Macron has gotta be a nymph.”

“She told you that?” Mallory put her book down and sat up.

“Not really.” She chuckled. “But com’on Mal. We gangbanged her this morning, and I just dumped a dozen loads in her. That girl wants any cock. That much is clear.”

“Oh. Heh.” Mallory huffed. “Yeah, I guess she doesn’t really care who she fucks.” She closed her book and turned over again. “I got an early day tomorrow. Good night.” She waited for Valerie to turn on the lights before opening her eyes again. Concern churned in her belly as she tried to identify the sensation racking her body. She finally determined it was jealousy—and that scared her more than anything.

“She said she wanted to fuck me,” Mallory whispered, staring up at the dark ceiling. “What the fuck, Daphne?”


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