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Discovering Kelly's Secret

Kelly seduces and reveals her sexy secret
I knew Kelly was a different kind of girl. She stood at about five feet nine with a slender build. Her long hair encased her fair, feminine face and big brown eyes. By the way Kelly wore her red short cocktail dress, I could see she kept in shape. Her tits were about an A or B cup with perky nipples and her ass was round and firm to the touch.

After several drinks at the hotel bar, Kelly flashed her inner thighs as she caressed my inner thigh. I could tell she was ready to party but not quite ready to commit to taking the next step. She whispered into my ear that she was a different than any other girl I had ever been with. I was full of myself, and my desire to feel Kelly’s pussy swallow my cock kept me pressing her.

Kelly smiled with an evil grin as she flashed her hotel key card to me. Moments later, we were in the hotel elevator making out. Our lips pressed against each other’s and our tongues intertwined as Kelly’s hands fondled the front of my pants. My seven inch cock was pressing against the palm of her hand as my hands slipped up under her dress and molested her cheeks. I tried to get my hand into the front of Kelly’s panties, but she kept pulling my hand away.

Our bodies fumbled down the hall to her room. The moment the door clicked shut, Kelly stripped my pants off me. My shirt came off just before Kelly pushed me back onto the couch. I moaned out as she fell to her knees and swallowed my cock. Kelly was giving me the best blow job of my life. My hands ran through her long hair as my cum boiled in my balls. Every time I was close to filing Kelly’s mouth with my seed, Kelly pulled back from my cock.

I moaned out of disappointment but smiled up at Kelly as she stood over me. She swayed her hips and slowly tugged up her skirt as I watched intently. My poor neglected cock throbbed as more and more of Kelly’s smooth legs became exposed. Then she paused, holding her skirt hem just below her crotch. She looked slightly nervous as she gazed down at me. I reached out and caressed her smooth legs, making her let out a long sigh.

Then Kelly asked me how open-minded I was. I was totally oblivious to what she was getting at as I lifted her skirt the rest of the way up. Kelly’s body quivered as her panties were exposed to me. My eyes widened as I saw what looked to be a tucked back cock. Kelly then reminded me of what she had told me down at the hotel bar; she was a different kind of girl.

I was in shock, yet intrigued, as I stared at the straining cock within Kelly’s panties. Kelly exhaled deeply as she hooked her thumbs into her panties. She was beyond the point of no return, and she slowly tugged her panties down her thighs. I looked up at Kelly with a puzzled look after her semi hard shaft fell free from its tucked position. Her eyes were still filled with fear of rejection, and she looked as if she was holding her breath waiting for my next move.

Not only did I kiss a girl like Kelly, but I enjoyed her lips and tongue on my cock. I was quite confused and yet I was still aroused. Kelly’s cock was then inches from my face as I had sat up on the edge of the couch. She whispered that no one had to know as she caressed my head. I was extremely turned on and Kelly was right; no one had to know.

I reached up and touched Kelly’s smooth balls as I pressed my lips against her cock. At that moment there was no such thing as gay, straight or bisexual. My mouth opened and I accepted the head of Kelly’s cock into my mouth. The girl moaned in relief, feeling my wet lips surround her. Within a few seconds, her flaccid cock was fully erect and pressing against the inside of my mouth. My fingers fondled her balls more as I began to bob my head up and down on her dick.

I had never once imagined being with another guy or a girl like Kelly. The sensation of her hard shaft contrasted against the very silky feel of her skin. Her cock was about six inches once she was fully hard, with a nice slight upward curve. Her fingers ran through my hair and her hips began to hump my face. Kelly purred as she told me what an amazing job I was doing. Her words only aroused me more. I found myself wanting to feel her climax in my mouth.

I knew she was close, as her breathing and thrusting quickened. Kelly then told me she was going to cum. She pulled my hair and then told me she was going to make me swallow her creamy load. The tone of her voice along with her controlling hand made me moan around her shaft. I felt soo dirty as her words sounded so sweet. And then Kelly exploded. I reached a hand up and cupped her naked ass cheek pulling her into my mouth deeper.

Several strong jets of semen surged out and against the back of my throat. Kelly was grunting in a vulgar manner while I was swallowing her thick seed. The smell of her sperm filled my nose and mixed with the scent of her musk. I let her cock fall free of my messy mouth and Kelly rubbed the remainder of her leaking cum along my lips. She had unleashed a new desire from inside of me, and my cock throbbed, aching for her attention.

I stood and took Kelly in my arms. Her wet cock rubbed against mine as we kissed deeply as I shared the remnants of her seed with her. Kelly’s cock began to swell and press against mine. My hands slipped down her back to her pear shaped ass. I felt Kelly moan into my mouth as my fingers probed between her cheeks, as they were seeking her puckered asshole. The moment my middle finger found Kelly’s asshole, her legs wobbled under her. I whispered into her ear how much I wanted to fuck her.

Kelly pulled a tube of lube from her purse and tossed in on the bed. I made short work of stripping Kelly of her dress. She stood wearing only her thigh high hose, looking incredibly sexy. The nipples of her tiny tits were hard and aching to be sucked. I took her to the foot of the bed and I sucked each nipple, eliciting more of her erotic moaning. I groaned as I felt Kelly smear a healthy portion of lube on my shaft. Her hand lingered and jacked my cock, ensuring as I was as hard as humanly possible.

I pushed my kinky girl onto her back. I then pinned her legs back, exposing her puckered smooth asshole. Kelly held the comforter with each hand, ready to feel my cock inside of her ass pussy. My cock head kissed the opening of her ass. I pushed slowly, and I felt the tight ring of her anus open and tightly clam around my dick. Kelly looked so beautiful lying back on the bed. I hunched forward more and I drove a few more inches into her ass. She moaned and whimpered as my girth began to spread her tight hole.

Within moments, all seven inches of my cock was fully buried inside Kelly. My balls touched her ass cheeks as I felt her bowels quiver around my cock. Kelly begged for me to fuck her as she wiggled her ass. Her legs wrapped around me and her cock pressed against my belly as I began sawing in and out of her hot asshole. Beads of sweat lightly coated Kelly’s face and chest, and I could tell there had been a bit of pain when I first started fucking her. But at that time, a wild smile crept over her face and her legs pulled me into her embrace.

I leaned down to Kelly and we began to kiss. It was more of a sloppy lust filled make out session as I did my best to keep my cock hammering in and out of her tight boi cunt. My belly kept rubbing the underside of Kelly’s cock and I could feel she was fully hard. We kept kissing and I kept fucking.

I whimpered as I was quite close to climax. Kelly moaned for me to fill her with my seed. Face to face she pleaded with me to breed her. She wanted to feel my sperm splash inside her belly. I couldn’t hold on much longer after her pleading. I could tell Kelly wasn’t going to last either as I felt her pre cum leak onto our rubbing bodies.

I had to stop kissing Kelly, as I was right on the edge of orgasm. I held onto her shoulders, driving my dick as deep as it could go. Kelly yelled out and began shooting her second load of the night between our fucking bodies. The sensation added to my arousal as her thick creamy load was squishing between us.

Kelly’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as my cock began to erupt deep inside her. I pushed my dick deep one last time before my seed squirted against Kelly’s bowels. I came like I hadn’t cum in years. My body tingled and my balls tightened as what seemed like eight to ten strong surges of sperm rushed into Kelly’s boi cunt. We were both coated with the scent of sweat and sex as we kissed again in our state of bliss.

It was still dark out when I awoke from passing out after sex. Kelly was lying behind me with her cock nestled between my ass cheeks. Her hand was draped over my hip slowly fondling my dirty cock. Slowly Kelly ground her hips against me and I began to respond to feeling her shaft against my taint and balls. I knew where that was going as Kelly kissed the back of my neck and whispered if I was ready to go to the next level. I said nothing to Kelly, but I did arch my back and press my ass against her cock and hips. Then Kelly told me she was going to use the cum from her ass to lube mine. I closed my eyes and whimpered, knowing Kelly was going to fuck me.

To be continued….

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