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shemale saved my marriage

I've always been an ardent believer that a nudge can bring a person back on track, the only difference being that the most effective nudge usually emanates from someone totally oblivious to the effect they have had.

Sedgwick now believes in the existence of such powers, particularly since an incident that occurred in his life about a year ago.

The incident is based on a true event, and is best described in Sedgwick's own words:

After leaving university I was offered a job by my present employer, I accepted the job, put a deposit down on the house, and got married to Katherine.

Everything was hunky dory until a few of my personal investments went pear-shaped, Katherine's father had swindled me out of a quite a large sum of money.

Katherine's father fed her a cock and bull story, which she totally believed since they were so close. This angered me even more, since the silly old fool began to ruin my marriage.

Arguments and hostility grew between Katherine and I, friends intervened and suggested that things may improve with the arrival of a child. Katherine felt that it would be a good idea to have a child, since deep down she loved me dearly.

This option only served to exacerbate matters as my sperm wasn't fertilising Katherine. We tried patiently, but things began to get out of hand again as my drinking worsened, self esteem took a nose-dive, and felt generally depressed. It was safe to say that Katherine and I were on the verge of divorcing.

I had strong feelings for Katherine too but I just couldn't keep myself on track long enough to let things improve between us.

I was feeling lousy as my boss informed me that he was sending me to oversee the overseas project.

"It shouldn't take more than a fortnight to wrap things up," he explained, as he handed me the plane tickets and hotel reservation.

My company wanted to cash-in on a business opportunity on a remote island, I was to be the company's representative.

I accepted the trip, in the hope that this break would clear my head, and bring me back on track.

When I arrived on the island, I felt sweaty, I needed a shower and to hit the sack for a few hours.

The next morning I reported for duty and undertook the task in hand. I returned back to the hotel to find it quite deserted, just a handful of people going about their business. I asked one of the porters where the best tourist attractions were, he explained the best he could since English was not the island's official language. I set off that evening in the vague directions that I had been given.

There was a quaint little restaurant that caught my eye, "D'larosa" was the name painted on the wooden signboard outside. There were quite a few empty tables, so I decided to eat there.

I looked around as I chose a table, looking at the decor, and trying to take in the ambience.

"Hello, welcome to D'larosa, here is the menu but if you like I can prepare something special," said a strong voice, with a strong accent.

I looked around to see the woman smiling pleasantly as she handed over the menu.

"I am the owner, please relax and enjoy your meal," she added, walking off back to the kitchen area, as her flip flops made clapping noises.

She seemed to be in her mid thirties, dark black hair neatly tied back, golden brown complexion, and just slightly plump. She was wearing a dress that flowed to her knees, with her thick calf muscles on clear display. The dress had thin straps at the top which showed most of her shoulders as well as outlining her majestic bust. The smile she gave through her beautiful white teeth was very warming, pleasantly reminding me of Victoria, a beautiful young Mexican woman married to an old white cowboy in the cult TV series High Chaparral.

She returned minutes later to take my order, still wearing that beautiful smile, full of warmth, as she looked straight at me.

I began to enjoy my meal, noticing that she would look towards me from the cooking area, the large mirrored wall giving the effect of extra room.

I had just finished my meal as she came over, asking if I had enjoyed it. She asked whether it was business or pleasure that brought me there. She seemed impressed that I worked for the corporation, and coming from England. She continued to make small talk as I settled my bill, that lovely warm smile still shining through.

I paid another visit to D'larosa the very next day, again to be greeted in that splendid welcoming way.

Over the next few days, I found myself looking forward to seeing Rosa, the pleasant food, quiet surroundings, her lovely chats, and above her all her genuine affection.

One day I was getting ready to head off to D'larosa for the evening, when I decided to have a few drinks at the hotel bar first. There was an American couple there today, I hadn't seen them before. The guy seemed about fifteen years older than his partner. He was quite loud and very much in-your-face sort of a guy, whereas, she was a more professional, somewhat of an academic, judging by her mannerisms. She was stunningly beautiful, probably early thirties, blonde hair, tanned complexion, and in great shape.

Mike, the American, introduced himself and his wife Susan, as we chatted over a few drinks. Mike seemed to ask all the questions, Susan just being sociable. I bid them a good evening and hoped to see them again, as I headed off to D'larosa.

My meal there again was absolutely splendid as Rosa spent a bit more time sitting with me, in between her other duties. I settled the Bill and returned back to the hotel bar for a night cap.

I was greeted by Mike and Susan, as he asked me to join them. We had only started chatting when Mike was called to attend a phone call. Susan and I just made small talk, as she began to talk about her profession.

"Pyschosexologist,"she grinned, seeing the surprise on my face.

"Wow," was all that I could manage, as I looked towards her for further elaboration.

"It's just a posh word for helping people have better sex," she continued.

She went onto to describe her practice back in America, It was nice to learn that she had spent time in Cambridge, England, for her doctorate degree.

"You haven't had sex with your wife for a while, your marriage is on the rocks, you love wearing her knickers, and you fantasise about threesomes," she said smilingly.

"Pardon me,"I said nervously, almost choking on my rum.

She laughed, tilting her head back, looking towrds the sky, as her foot played with her white leather high heel, slipping it on and off.

"Relax," she continued, smiling, "I'm not omniscient (knower of inner thoughts), "It's what I'm trained to look for by analysing your body language, and reading between the lines."

I cleared my throat nervously several times as Mike returned and joined us again. I listened to Mike for a few more minutes, then asking to be excused, in order to go to bed.

As the days rolled by, I found myself drawn more and more towards D'larosa, I was now visiting on a daily basis and spending considerable time there. Her beautiful warm smile, welcoming mannerisms, and the big heart had made me feel so good about things, as well as myself.

It was Friday and we finished work early, and after taking a power nap, I got ready and took a leisurely stroll down to D'larosa.

The atmosphere was perfect, quite warm with a light breeze, musicians were playing a soft tune, and all the patrons of D'larosa were very friendly.

"A far cry from life back home," I quietly thought to myself as we began to engage in a pleasant chat. We settled down to drinks and some munchies when Mike and Sue arrived. There was much laughter and conversation as we downed several drinks. The evening was perfect in every way.

It was my flight back home the next day, Rosa, Mike, and sue wanted it to be something special.

"Something to remember," remarked Sue in a subdued tone.

All the other patrons had left by now, including the musicians, leaving just us four together with Rosa. After locking the doors Rosa came and joined us as she chilled out after a hard day. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of drink that she could hold.

"So did you get some good scenes on your camera?", asked Rosa in her excited strong accent.

"Nothing to write home about," replied mike in his JR Ewing accent.

"Why don't you film me fucking your wife," promptly added Rosa.

I almost choked on my rum when I heard what she just said.

"Pardon me," came the American accent as mike looked straight at her, slightly bemused. "You're kidding right?" Mike added quickly looking around.

"I'm absolutely serious," Rosa continued.
Mike looked straight at his wife, attempting to gauge a response.

"One to add to the collection Mike," replied Sue, looking into his eyes as she sipped her drink.

I swallowed nervously as Mike began to power up his camera. I had never sobered up so quickly in my life, despite downing several shots of rum.

"Ready to go ladies,"said Mike as he pointed the camera at them. Rosa's eyes were transfixed totally at Mike and sue, for the first time since I had met her, she wasn't looking at me.

Sue was standing as Rosa kissed her passionately.

"Holy shit," commented Mike in low voice, as he fumbled with the controls on the camera, making sure it was recording properly.

Rosa removed Sue's white linen dress, displaying her beautiful soft luscious tits. Rosa kissed, licked, and felt them as she proceeded to cover them with saliva.

My genitalia was on fire as Rosa worked her way down to Sue's stomach, kissing, licking, and gently biting.

By the time Rosa began to eat her out, Sue's head was tilting back, eyes closed, as she held onto the table tightly.

I thought I had seen everything, but when Rosa removed her dress, I dropped a goolie when I caught sight of her cock.

Her cock was the most beautiful that I had ever seen, elegantly poised upwards in a parabolic direction, beautifully carved with the veins visible in high definition.

"Holy mother of fuck," whispered Mike as he began to zoom in.

I was sitting there like a speechless dummy, not fully sure what to make of it all. The arousal that I experienced was unparalled, nothing that I had ever seen before. A beautifully exotic cock, that too on a beautifully homely woman.

Looking at me straight with that warm and welcoming smile again, Rosa extended her hand out to me in a mature and inviting manner. I was putty in her hands by now, I wasn't in control of my actions as I headed straight for her. Placing my hands gently on her child-bearing hips, I began to suck on her magnificent cock. I just sucked as if my life depended on it, looking her in the eye along the way.

I couldn't give a shit about being filmed by Mike, I was too far gone for any kind of shyness. I sucked until my heart was content. Rosa, sensing that she was close to coming, penetrated me with her beautiful cock. There was no pain or discomfort on my part, considering this was my first time. I caught the reflection in the mirrored wall to see Rosa rubbing her gorgeous tits, writhing around like a python. After only a few strokes I felt her exploding into me, her voice and words so beautifully filled with passion, despite them being in her own language now.

Rosa had grabbed my penis and manipulated it in unison with her own dick, as we came together. There must have been at least eleven squirts that she pumped into me so lovingly, her seed seemed never ending.

Sue was rubbing her clit with her two middle fingers, making gentle grunting noises, and stroking her nipple.

I vaguely remember Mike and Sue beginning to fuck each other as I lay in Rosa's arms, she kissed me gently, soothing me in her beautiful accent and language. I drank thirstily from her bosom as I fell asleep.

Ten months later Katherine gave birth to our beautiful baby daughter Rose, our marriage is very strong, Katherine always says that my life has changed so much for the better since the overseas trip.

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