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Everyone Has A First Time, I Surely Did!

Two friends come of age as trans lovers
Everyone has a first time, I certainly did.

I guess that I was about 16 or so; it was a wonderful summer off from school.

Being that I lived near the water, I tended to spend much of my free time at the beach. It was a very secluded, private beach that required a quarter mile walk through wet-lands on a dirt and gravel road. From the beach, all that could be seen was trees and water; the nearby homes were obscured by a deeply wooded area just south of the wet-lands.

Where I lived was a spread out area, the homes were set far apart, and had considerable property. Unfortunately for me, most of the residents were older, settled families without school aged children. In my immediate area there were only five kids near my age, with the closest one being a 10 minute bike ride away.

I’ll call him Ronnie, for now. He was a kid of small frame build; he looked much younger than his peers, and was a full head shorter than I was. He had mid shoulder length sandy blonde hair cut in heavy shag with bangs over his eyes (yes, it was popular then...) His passion was music, his face was decidedly “soft” in gesture, and somewhat feminine. His gentle demeanor unfortunately invited miscreant’s attention.

Since I was always the “tall kid” in school, few others messed with me. I could simply swat them like a bug if they were a problem. Unfortunately, Ronnie was the brunt of much of the teasing by the bullies, so I naturally became his protector. I always hated to see anyone being picked upon. Since our last names were close alphabetically, we were in the same home-room year after year, and in many of the same classes.

We went to the beach at least two or three times a week during our summers to go swimming, playing silly kid games, or just to lay in the sun and tan. On one of our trips, we went exploring for unknown treasures along the beachfront. After nearly a half-hours walk, we came upon a wide and seemingly long creek. The tide was nearly at slack tide, so we walked along the creek to find its origin.

Most of the water had receded; the creek bottom was clay-like and squishy under our feet, quite a nice feeling to be sure. About three hundred yards upstream, we came upon an area between two sand bars that was free of water. We walked onto it and at once our feet sank down to over our ankles. The bottom was soft dark gray clay and felt wonderful under foot. We ran out to the center of the mud flat and without warning, Ronnie picked up a handful of clay and threw it at me.

Splot! He struck home with the mud, hitting me dead center of my stomach.

I feigned shock, and bent down to grab a handful of my own. Seeing that his fate was sealed, Ronnie turned to run away, but the adhesion of the clay was too much. He stumbled and fell backwards landing flat on his back in the gray goo.

Being a sadist, even at that tender age, I walked towards him smiling as I kneeled over his knees, pinning him to the muddy flat. I took the double handful of mud and deposited it on his chest, and with both hands began to rub it all over his body. He did not object at all, in fact he seemed to enjoy his fate. In short order, I had every exposed inch of his body covered in the wonderful gooey muck. All that remained somewhat clean was his face. As a last gesture, I took a handful of mud and with my free hand, pulled the waist band of his Speedos open, shoving the mud inside. Ronnie moaned in obvious sexual pleasure, something that I did not understand.

All the time that I was massaging and covering him in mud, he never moved his arms or hands to try and stop me, he just lay there smiling with a very obvious erection.

I stood up to let him go free, instead of escaping; he turned over onto his front. He rolled over and over managing to get an even thicker coating on his entire body. When he finished with his gyrations, his face and hair was caked solid with gobs of sticky grey mud as well.

“Your turn,” he said.

Without saying a word, I lay down on my back, my arms to my sides, as he repeated my work on him. He sat on my knees, and almost ritualistically applied mud to my entire body making sure that my hair and face were nicely caked with gooey muck as well. Then, instead of simply pulling my Speedos open, he pulled them down over my knees, and threw them onto the bank of the creek. For the first time, I was sexually erect and very excited. Ronnie stood up and repeated the action. His suit flew onto the bank of the creek next to mine. He lay back down on top of me and we wound up wrestling and rolling around for some time. He paid particular attention to my cock, massaging it with mud and rubbing his crotch against mine.

I reciprocated when I was able to pin him on his back. I held his erect cock in my hands and slowly ran them up and down his hard shaft, the gooey slime lubricating my movements, bringing him to the same height of excitement that I was experiencing. As I sat there on his legs, his body stiffened as he began to moan loudly, to my surprise, his cock shot a huge spurt of cum straight at my face as I bent down near to his chest. This was the first time that I had ever seen someone climax, and it excited me immensely. I did nothing to clear away the cum from my face, I just sat there looking at Ronnie. He took his hands from his side and grabbed hold of my cock with both hands. His stroking my cock had rapid results, as I began to feel the climax coming, Ronnie raised his head as close to my muddy cock as he could, making sure that he received the full measure of cum that I was about to spew forth. The results were rapid and the cum was well placed, his mouth took the majority of my climax as he held it wide open awaiting the flood of cum.

Exhausted from our play, we both stood up and retrieved our suits. Walking back down the creek to the open water, we said very little, our cocks were still rigid, our bodies caked with mud.

Reaching the water, he said, “Let’s not wash off till we get back, OK?”

I agreed, and we walked all the way back to our place in the dunes, naked and mud covered. The sexual tension was thick; it could be cut with a spoon, but at our ages, we had no idea of what to do next, if anything. We went into the water and cleaned up for the trip home. Donning our suits, we gathered our belongings and prepared to ride home.

Just before we left, Ronnie walked to me, put his arms around my neck and kissed me. I was taken by surprise of course, but it felt so good that I kissed him back with a deep soul kiss that reached to the very core of my being. Then without a further word we parted company and rode away to our homes.

That night, I lay in bed thinking of the day’s events, I was very turned on, and slowly began to touch my self in a slow deliberate manner that made me very excited. I drifted off to sleep about an hour later without climaxing.

The next day, Ronnie called me to ask if I wanted to go swimming again. I said “Yes” at once.

Donning my favorite bright red spandex Speedo briefs, I put my very tight and short jeans shorts on over my Speedo and rode to the beach. Within a half hour he arrived and walked to our favorite spot in the dunes where I had set up the blanket.

It was a secluded spot in the dunes, the steaming hot sand was clean, clear and bright white. The sun was high, and the weather was magnificent for a beach day. Ronnie said little and seemed a bit nervous, but I didn’t say anything.

I thought that he was probably trying to get up the courage to speak about our last beach day’s happenings. I certainly didn’t have any idea of what or how to approach the subject.

As I lay there on the blanket, I stripped off my tee shirt and shorts and placed them next to me.

Ronnie looked scared; I asked “What’s wrong?”

He said nothing and began to undress. His shirt and shorts came off and he just stood there mute. He just looked down at me. As I looked back at him, I saw why.

He was wearing a bright wet-look turquoise tie string bikini, a silver chain necklace with a silver heart medallion around his neck, and a matching ankle bracelet with the same heart shaped medallion. On his left wrist he wore a wide silver cuff bracelet embellished with turquoise stones. I then noticed that he had his finger and toe nails were painted a bright neon pink and that he had matching pink lipstick on as well. Looking up at his face, I noticed that his long blonde hair was cut and blown out into very fashionable shag with his bangs cascading over his eyes.

“What are you wearing?” I asked in a shocked voice.

“It’s my sister Kaitlin’s” he said sheepishly. “I need to be like this, it’s the only way I feel right.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, I don’t know why, but I feel like something is terribly wrong. I feel like a girl inside, but I am a boy on the outside.”

“I dress in Kaitlin’s clothes as much as I can get away with it, but recently I got caught by my mom. She went crazy at first, but I cried and cried, she said it was OK and later that week she brought me to see a doctor. He did lots of tests and then told her that I was a girl inside but a boy outside, or something like that.”

“Wow” was all that I could muster. “Wow”.

“Now,” He said,”I am taking all sorts of pills every day, and the Doctor gives me shots every week. They are making me feel really funny, like soft and sexy and weird inside.”

“They are sending me away to some special school in Connecticut after the Summer is over where they say I can dress, act, and learn to be a girl and they will help me to adapt to my body. It’s real scary” he said.

“Mom said that it was OK to dress like this today, and that I should not be frightened. She even painted my nails for me and helped me put on the lipstick.

I wanted you to be the first of my friends to know, because you are so special to me.” Ronnie blurted out.

I didn’t know what to say, but with all the wisdom of a teenager I said, “Let’s go swimming”.

We did. We swam for a while, horsed around, made fun of each other and generally had a great kid’s time. Getting back to the shore, we dried off and lay down to rest and tan a while. As Ronnie dried off, he touched his chest and grimaced saying that his nipples were sore and his chest was becoming swollen.

“They say that I am going to grow tits soon, my chest is already a bit swollen, and I guess its working, see?”

He moved the top of the suit aside, and for the first time, I noticed that in fact his nipples were erect and his chest was a bit pronounced around them.

He was already an A cup!

I again said” Wow, that’s neat.” A truly profound statement, for sure.

As I lay on the blanket, Ronnie lay down next to me, making sure that his right side was touching mine. I said nothing, but just lay there feeling a stirring that I had never before experienced. Eventually, his head found its way onto my shoulder and his body was snuggled tightly against mine. It truly felt good to have that closeness. We exchanged small talk, trying to avoid the obvious.

His hand eventually found its way onto my bathing suit, lying atop my very hard cock. He did nothing but keep it there for some time, gently squeezing from time to time. He then turned his face towards mine and gave me a small kiss. My body felt like a fire had ignited inside of me. Our arms quickly wrapped around each other in passionate embrace. We unlocked only long enough for him to ask,

”Can I take your suit off, please?”

“Yes,” I shook my head.

As he pulled my suit off, we again locked our bodies together. Our passions became like a volcano ready to erupt. His hand was stroking my cock, our lips locked in deep kisses as my hand was caressing his chest. He raised his head for a second,

“I love you so much; you are so special to me. Can I be your girlfriend, please?”

A bit shocked, I replied instantly, not believing what I was saying.

”Yes, I would love very much for you to be my girlfriend,” I said.

A chill went up my spine, but it was out. I had said it and without any regrets.

His eyes lit up, he started to cry. I brushed the tears away, and calmed him.

“Did you really mean it?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said, “I mean it, from now on we are a couple, and you are my very beautiful and sexy girlfriend.”

His eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. He kissed me again, and then slid down my body until his mouth was perched against my cock. He opened his mouth wide, smiled at me and began to slide my cock deep into his mouth. His tongue and lips felt like heaven, I was so terribly excited; this was my first blow job!

He continued until I was moaning and groaning like crazy. His sucking was driving me insane, Then I felt my body tense like it had the last time, Then a quick spasm as I felt my cum shoot into his mouth. He stayed on my cock sucking and sucking until I was fully spent.

He rose up and asked,”Well, do you still, love me?”

I shook my head “YES.” He threw himself onto my chest, and kissed me deeply, allowing me to taste my cum for the first time.

“Lay down, I told him.” He did at once.

I then took his position with my face against his bikini bottom. I untied the side strings and let the suit fall open. Opening my mouth, I slid his cock into my mouth and reciprocated, It wasn’t long until he came, shooting his load into my mouth. I gagged a bit but managed to swallow his seed as he had done for me.

I then laughingly asked as he had, “Well, now that we are both done, do you still love me?”

His open arms said it all.

After calming down, and regaining our composure, we dressed and made our way back home. The rest of the summer was an endless array of passions, we made love in most every way that we could think of, and as often and where ever we could dare to.

Several days later, he called me to ask if I wanted to go shopping at the mall with him. He said that his mom had offered to drive us there so we could go shopping for clothes, and just hang out for while.

When I got to his house, his mom met me at the door and told me that Roni was in his room. When I got to his bedroom and opened the door, Ronnie was wearing white knee high boots with a chunky high heel, a short white vinyl mini skirt with a wide belt and a bright red cropped top with long sleeves. He had makeup and lots of jewelry on, his long hair was blown out and long bangs were over his beautiful blue eyes. He looked so fabulously sexy that we threw our arms around each other and locked in a passionate embrace. My nostrils were flooded by the sweet aroma of the perfume that he was wearing, I was so turned on that I could almost climax as I stood there holding on to my new “girlfriend” with my cock straining to burst free from my pants. We exchanged kisses and held each other whispering sexy wished into each others ears as we caressed each others bodies like the sex starved teenagers that we were.

Sitting in the back seat of his mother’s car, we drove the entire way to the mall with our hands on each others cocks, gently massaging each other through our clothes to a building frenzy. Our day at the mall was wonderful, we shopped and shopped, and we talked and laughed and had a wonderful time. He bought lots of girl clothes to wear and made sure to try them all on for my approval and excitement.

We were so turned on by each other that as we waited for his mom to pick us up for the return trip; we snuck into the mall’s bathroom and found an open stall. I reached under his short skirt and pulled his pink satin panties down to his knees; I knelt down and took his cock deeply into my mouth. When he was satisfied, and I had swallowed his seed, we changed positions and he reciprocated. We had fantastic mutual oral sex.

As the summer drew to a close, Ronnie was beside himself, he did not want to leave, but as with all good things the inevitable was there.

I bid him good-by as he left for school that cool September’s morning; he blew me a secret kiss as he was driven away. I blew it back.

We never saw each other again.

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