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Female for a day 2

Johanna has the baby and settles into her new life except something goes wrong.

  As Bill and I drove back from the doctor's office I sat there in silence thinking about what had just happened. My name is John and up to a couple of days ago I had been a 24 year old guy. I had a fetish about what it would be like to have a set of female boobs and that is what got me in trouble. My friend Bill works at a drug research lab and provided me with a new drug that was being tested to increase a woman's breast size. That's all I wanted it to do to me, but when I used it my whole body had changed, not just the size of my breasts. Oh they had changed too, they were now large 38D's but my genetic makeup had morphed into a female complete with a vagina and reproductive organs. I just had to put these to use and had gone out and had a one night stand with a cute guy I had picked up in a bar. We had unprotected sex and I now find myself in my present state, pregnant.

Bill drives us back to his place and we go in and sit down on his couch. He asks me if I need anything and I smile and say no. I do know we have to talk.

“Bill,” I say, “We need to talk. This is a big mess I have gotten myself into, but I think you need to accept some of the blame for not knowing what that drug would do to me.”

He nodded and said, “I'm so sorry John, or maybe I need to accept Johanna now as your name. I want to help you anyway I can.”

I looked at him and decided to go ahead and tell him what I wanted. “Bill, here's what we have to do. I have decided to have the baby. I hope the doctor is right, that I will change back into a male after I give birth. I can't go back to my old job, or live where I used to. I am going to move in with you, and we will pretend to the world that I am your new girlfriend who just happens to be knocked up and you are doing the right thing. I need someone to help me through this and you are the one.”

Bill thought long and hard about this and finally agreed. I quit my job and moved in with Bill. I had to go out and buy a whole new female wardrobe and of course some maternity stuff for when I got bigger. Bill let me have a spare bedroom and I settled in. He worked at the lab during the day and I spent my time learning about pregnancy and what to expect. Being born a male I knew very little and the more I read the more I knew why guys were so lucky.

We settled into a little domestic routine. Bill would come home from work and I would usually have dinner ready. I even made him take me out for dinner now and then. To everyone that saw us we were just a young couple out on the town. Since we were already friends we laughed and had fun. We even on occasion run into some of his friends and he would introduce me as his girlfriend. He would tell me later that some of the guys would make comments to him as to how hot I was and how lucky he was to get me in bed.

I processed this thought through my brain, my now female brain. I had female hormones pumping through it and my thought process was changing daily. The thought of being in bed with Bill didn't turn me off. In fact it was turning me on. After a few days of thinking it was all I could think about. I was still very early in my pregnancy and hadn't started to show yet. I decided to start wearing some sexier things, especially around the house to see if Bill had interest. When I noticed the occasional bulge in his pants I knew it was working. I wasn't sure when he was going to make his move, but I hoped it would be soon.

One night when he came home late I could tell he had been out drinking with some of his buddies. I am sure they had been discussing sex from the look in his eye. I was wearing a cut off t-shirt with no bra and a pair of thin tight cotton shorts with no panties on. I was in the kitchen putting some things away and Bill went to the fridge to get another beer. When he turned around I dropped something on purpose and bent over to pick it up. I knew he was looking at my ass as the tight shorts rode up it and my bare tits were very visible too. When I stood back up I looked over my shoulder at him and smiled. That's all it took. He crossed the room in flash and grabbed me from behind. His hand went right under my shirt to fondle and squeeze my big tits. I could feel his cock press against my ass and it was very hard. He grabbed me by the waist and bent me over the kitchen table. Not wasting and time he yanked my little shorts right off and undid and dropped his pants.

I didn't even get a chance to see his cock before I felt it pressing against my exposed opening trying to get in. Even though this was only the second cock that has tried to enter my pussy I knew what size it was. Big, this was a big one. With some effort Bill finally got his cockhead in me. I knew that it was bigger then the other one. He slowly pressed forward, groaning from the feel of my tight pussy. I was very wet and this made it easier even though he was really stretching me. His glans finally touched the entrance to my pregnant womb and he started to stroke. I was in heaven and I knew this was going to be my favorite position to have sex. He hadn't said anything, just the sounds a guy makes as he's banging away. I was having one orgasm after another and was still amazed how much better this felt then only having one as a guy. Finally I felt him swell up and stop just for a moment. His cock erupted in me and with each blast he would pump it as deep as it would go. He shuddered with his final spasm and collapsed on my back. My legs started to shake a little and he raised up and pulled his tool from my pussy. He leaned back against the kitchen counter as I stood up to face him.

Smiling I slowly walked to him. I felt our juices run down my thigh as I did. I grabbed his face and pulled it to mine. I kissed him deeply as he pulled me to him crushing my boobs between us. He led me back to his bathroom and into his shower. We cleaned each other exploring as we did. After drying off I crawled into his bed with him and from now on it would be my bed too. We couldn't get enough of each other bodies. Some say pregnant women can get really horny and I sure know I was.

As time went on and I started to show more Bill told me he loved me. He wanted to marry me and raise the baby as his. We would be a family. This really touched me and I knew I loved him too. No thought about my old life crossed my mind. This is how things were supposed to be. I accepted his proposal.

As weeks turned into months I was getting bigger. Not just my stomach, my boobs were getting huge. This is where all this started, me wanting big boobs. Well now I had them. I had to be an FF cup. They were getting hard to manage but Bill said he loved them and couldn't get enough of them. One night in bed they were really sore and felt funny. Bill was rubbing them and bent forward to take one of my now dark nipples into his mouth. As he sucked on it I felt something happen. A warmth spread of my boob and moved down to the nipple Bill had in his mouth. It felt like it went right on out the end of it. Bill suddenly let go of it and sat up. My nipple was dripping some fluid and he had some in his mouth. I was starting to lactate getting ready to nurse my baby.

We went to all the Lamaze classes and even though we watched some videos of women giving birth I was still unsure how a baby was ever going to come out of me. How on earth could my pussy stretch that far? I was going to try the natural way, but I was scared.

I was starting my ninth month and was big as a house. Bill and I went to the Courthouse and got married. He promised me a church wedding after the baby arrived. All I could do was waddle around the house and if I sat on the couch I almost couldn't get up. My due date was fast approaching and I wanted nothing more then to get this baby out of me.

One night I got up to pee and when I sat down on the commode I felt a big gush of fluid come out. I knew this wasn't pee and when I felt a cramp I knew what it was. My water had broke and I was in labor I woke Bill up and we grabbed the prepacked bag I had and went to the hospital. They got me in a birthing room and after checking me over confirmed I was in labor. Nothing left to do but wait.

After about 12 hours I was tired of waiting. I wanted this out. I was sweating and sore and in no mood for any bullshit. A nurse checked me and said I was fully dilated so it wouldn't be long. It hurt so bad but I had made it this far with no drugs so I was going for it. The baby had moved down and it was time. The doctor cam in and positioned himself between my legs. Bill stood next to me and helped me breath and start to push. Unbelievably I felt the babied head crown at the entrance to my pussy and the doctor told me to push one more time. I did and felt the head come out of me and with the doctors help the rest of my baby slide out into his arms. I leaned back totally exhausted and then heard my baby's first cry. I was so happy I started crying and so did Bill. We had a healthy baby girl.

After the cleaned her up and I had gone into a private room the nurses brought her to me and tested if she would latch to my nipple to breast feed. The bond was immediate and I knew I was a mother. I stayed a day in the hospital then was discharged and Bill drove our new family home. We had converted a spare bedroom into a nursery and we settled into our new life as parents. The first couple of months were tough. Bill was working and I was the sole source of nutrition for our baby girl. She was hungry all the time. I would wake up in the middle of the night and my boobs had already started dripping just from the sound of her cries. I was producing a lot of milk. I was so full sometimes that I had to ask Bill to help relieve some of the pressure. He was more then glad to drain my engorged breasts of their sweet milk. Of course when I was up to it this lead to some much needed lovemaking when we could get the chance.

We were so happy, the perfect couple. Our daughter April was growing like a weed. On her first birthday she started to take her first steps. Soon I knew I would have to wean her from breastfeeding even though I would miss it. About six months later I made the move. She did better then I did. I was weepy and emotional as my milk dried up. My boobs shrunk some but were still bigger then when I first got pregnant. Bill loved them and especially loved how they would flop around as I rode his big cock.

It was a few weeks after my milk dried up that I started to have some strange dreams. After Bill had abused my pussy with his big cock I would drift off to sleep and the dreams would start. In them I was back at my old job sitting at my old desk. I also wasn't a girl, I was back in my old male body. Sometimes in the dream I would be in a bar. I would be looking at the women and I would feel my cock get hard. These dreams continued for about a week or two and I didn't say anything to Bill about them. I figured they were cause by some hormone imbalance. If they keep up I would see the doctor.

One night I was having a very vivid dream. I was back in my male body and I had been to a bar and picked up a hot chick. We went back to my place and I was fucking the crap out of her. She was a knockout with big boobs and I was plowing her from behind. Her pussy was so tight and she kept telling me how great my cock felt in it. I could feel my cock start to cum. The feeling was so intense it woke me up. I was sweating and my stomach was cramping. I got up and went into the bathroom while Bill was fast asleep. I went to the sink to splash some water on my face and I looked in the mirror. Looking back at me was not the woman I had become, but it was my old male self. I stood up and stared at my crotch where back in their place were my cock and balls. My chest was flat and I needed a shave.

I walked out of the bathroom and across the hall to the nursery. My baby girl was fast asleep in her crib. So this wasn't a dream. I had really changed back into a male just like the doctor said I might do after giving birth. What would Bill do? What would become of our family? I sat in the den waiting for him to wake up. He came in all sleepy eyed and said good morning. After rubbing his eyes he stopped dead in his tracks and stared at me. He had to sit down and couldn't speak. I started to explain about the dreams I had been having and then how I woke up in this body. I told him that I had forgotten about the possibility of changing back and that my weaning of the baby off my breast milk must have signaled that my body was able to change back.

He asked me what I wanted to do. I had my old body back and I could go back to my old life. He said he could accept that and he was willing to keep April and raise her as his own. He loved her so much and he also said how he loved Johanna and would miss her forever. I started to cry. I didn't want this now. I didn't want to be back in my old male self. I wanted my family. I wanted to be a mother to my child. I wanted to have more children with Bill.

When I told him this he came over and sat next to me. He said that the researchers at the lab had refined the breast enlargement drug. The tests they had done recently showed that it would make permanent changes. They still had only tested it on women but so far all of the test subjects had grown bigger boobs that stayed. I asked if I was hearing him right. If I used the drug again I would change back into a female and it would be for good. He said that yes all signs pointed to that, but it would be risky. It didn't take long for me to agree to do it. I told him to bring home a dose of the drug for me.

I waited all day for him on pins and needles worried if I had made the right decision. I took care of April and when he got home he showed me the syringe of the experimental drug. We ate dinner and after putting April to bed we went to the bedroom and I got ready. I went into the bathroom and injected myself with the drug. I knew it would make me sleepy so we went to bed and in the morning we would know if it worked.

I had a restless night. I dreamed about all kinds of stuff. I was a man, then I was a woman. I had more kids and grew old and gray. I woke up before dawn and was sweaty and nauseated. It was dark and I made it to the bathroom and turned on the light. There before me was who I would be forever. I was a woman. My body had changed back into a female. I covered my face with my hands and laughed and cried. I turned this was and that and saw that my body was back to its normal female shape. Bill must have upped the dose some because my boobs were as big as ever. I had my pussy back and after rubbing it to make sure I knew what I wanted.

I crawled back into bed and slide up against Bill's sleeping form. I pressed my big tits against his back and reached around him to stoke his cock. He woke up and hesitated for a moment then turned over to look at me. When he saw that I had changed back his arms went around me and he pulled me close. He said he would love me forever. I kissed him rubbed my pussy against his growing cock. He fondled my big tits as I stroked him to full attention. Rolling on top of me I spread my legs and drew him in. As he entered me I arched my back and moaned. He kissed my neck as he started to pump in me. I held on tight and wrapped my legs around him. He was taking long deep strokes. I loved this man and wanted him to never stop. His cock felt so right in me. Our orgasms were fast approaching. I wanted to come at the exact same time he did. I felt his cockhead far up inside me, pressing at the entrance of my womb. It started to somehow get bigger then it's already huge size. He thrust hard into me and as I felt him shoot my orgasm explode in my head and my pussy. He cried out as a huge load went far up inside me. My pussy muscles contracted milking more out of him and holding him in me.

Things finally slowed and we held on to each other until the sun came up. I heard the baby cry and I smiled and got out of bed to go check on her. I was her momma and this is how it was meant to be. Of course over the next couple of weeks Bill and I made love all the time. So, It wasn't a big surprise that I turned up pregnant. My ovaries were functioning and a new baby was growing inside me. Bill was overjoyed and I smiled at the prospect of going through pregnancy and birth again. I was good at it and was sure we would have lots of kids.

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