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Finding mother part 1

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Nana lived next door but was soon to be more than a neighbor
Nana moved in to the apartment next to me about a year ago. She was stunning. Mature, tall and voluptuous with long red hair. Always in high heels and seemed nylons. Always with a little too much make up. And a lot of perfume. We didn't talk that much in the beginning. We would meet in the staircase and she would smile to me and whisper a little "good day".

One Friday evening I was coming home with this lamp I had bought. When I was trying to find my keys the lamp slipped and dropped to the floor and made a huge noise. My neighbour's door opened and there stood Nana with a frightened look on her face.

"Oh my God, are you ok?" she said.

"Yes I'm fine, sorry if I scared you".

"Oh, that's ok, just glad you didn't get hurt," she said with a lovely smile. I went through all my pockets to find my keys. No keys. I had locked myself out. One of my friends was keeping an extra key for me, but he was out of town until the next day.

"Well, it seems like I have locked myself out and I cannot get my extra key before tomorrow".

I looked at her. She was gorgeous. She looked like a woman from the fifties in a classic cut dress, red with white polka dots. Her legs were covered in light grey nylons with seems - and red high heeled pumps.

"Poor you, and now you have to call an expensive locksmith. By the way I'm Nana, your new neighbour". I took her hand. It was soft and beautiful with long red nails.

"Hi, I'm Markus". I noticed she was a little tipsy. Somehow it was very cute. She looked at me with a curious look. Then she smiled and said:

"Why don't you come inside? You can call the locksmith and wait here until he comes. You never now, it could talk some time before he arrives".

"Thank you, that's very nice of you".

"Please come in," she said and I followed her into her apartment. I walked behind her and enjoined every move she made.

Her apartment was amazing. Like walking into another time. Like the fifties. Only the TV and the DVD told me that this was not the fifties. She offered me to sit on the couch. She walked over to a little table with bottles of liquor.

"Can I offer you something to drink?" she asked.

"A whisky with no ice would be nice".

"I only have Tullamore Dew, not a whisky drinker my self, I'm a sherry woman".

"Tullamore is fine".

She came back with our drinks and sat beside me. The scent from her perfume was captivating. We started talking, mainly polite conversation, but by her third sherry she started to talk more about her self, that she always wanted children but couldn't have because she was not a real woman. She asked me if I have noticed that she isn't a "real" woman. I said that I had a vague idea that it might be like that. She took my hand and said:

"I'm glad you are honest, but don't you think I'm pretty?".

"Oh, you are, very". She smiled. Oh yes, she was very pretty.

She told me that all her life she has been living as a woman. Never had any surgeries or hormones. That her breast was natural given. I remember how I blushed when she told me.

"So how old are you Markus?".

"I'm 45; well tomorrow I will be 45".

"Oh, its your birthday tomorrow, well I'm 62, though a lady should never tell her age".

"Well you look a lot younger than that".

"Thank you, Markus, that is so nice of you. But I'm actually old enough to be your mom. Is your mom as pretty as me?".

"She died when I was four years old".

"Oh my God! I'm so sorry. You pour thing".

Nana got very emotional about me not having a mom. She looked at me with such softness in her lovely brown eyes. Then she suddenly had her arms around me and hugged me very close and tight. It was a bit awkward but also very nice. Actually I was very comfortable in Nanas presence and company.

Nana gave me a soft kiss on my forehead and whispered into my ears:

"I wish I could have been your mom. I would have loved that". Then she straightened up, crossed her lovely legs and looked out in the room saying:

"Sorry, I'm just so old fashioned in many ways".

"Don't be sorry, I think you a wonderful person".

Different and strange feelings were running through me. Here I was sitting with this beautiful and sexy woman who was not a woman but maybe more woman than many real women. And I was getting aroused. I looked at her sexy crossed legs in nylons and noticed that she must be wearing a garter belt. I was getting very aroused and my cock was harder than ever.

I was embarrassed by my hard on so I crossed my legs and said:

"Well, maybe I should call the locksmith, it's getting late".

"Why don't you sleep here tonight, get your key tomorrow and safe the money. You can have the guest room," Nana said.

And so I did. I got the bed in the guest room. I was so horny and wanted to wank myself when a little knock on the door was followed by Nana entering the room. She came to the bed. She was in a sexy red lace nightgown. Still in her nylons and the red shoes.

She sad down on the side of the bed and whispered:

"Forgot to tuck you in. A good mom should tuck you in". She kissed my lips very softly. As a respond my hand was on her thigh caressing her sexy legs. Nana pressed her tongue into my mouth and gave me the most wonderful and sensual kiss.

"So do you like my legs? Do mommy have sexy legs?" she whispered while her tongue was playing in my mouth.

"Uhmm yes," I sighed.

"Feel this," she said and took my other hand up to her breast. Her breast was soft, not big ones but a nice handful. Her nipples were so hard.

"Uhhh mommies nipples are so hard. Come baby, please suck mommies' nipples. Make mommy happy," she whispered with a very sultry voice.

Nana bended some more so I could reach her nipples with my mouth. I kissed them softly and sucked them gently but firm. Nana was breathing heavily. She pulled the sheet away and whispered:

"Lets see what you have for mommy".

My erection was like never before. I was only wearing shorts and my cock was filling them out to the limit. I was sucking Nanas nipples and could feel little explosions coming from her body. She gently played with my cock with her long nails not removing my shorts.

"Oh it's a nice big one. Mommy likes it. And it's all mine," she whispered and pulled my cock out from its prison. My God. The way she played with my cock was unbelievable. She knew exactly what to do and where to do it. I had a hand on her thighs, caressing.

Instinctly I moved my hand further up but Nana stopped me with her hand and whispered:

"No, not yet baby, not yet, you are not ready". Then she took my hand and placed it gently on her legs saying:

"Play with mommies legs. Mommy likes that a lot". The feeling of her nylon legs was so fantastic.

Softly Nana pushed me way from her breast and told me to lie on my back. Then she started to kiss my torso moving slowly down to my cock. She gently kissed my cock while nursing it with her nails and hands.

This was so being in heaven. She licked and sucked my cock with such hunger and in such delicate ways that is impossible to describe. And she knew exactly what to do to postpone my ejaculation. But finally when I came she sucked me to the last drop and licked my cock totally clean. She looked at me with sultry eyes:

"Did you like that?".

"It was fantastic".

"Mommy loves your sperm. Would you like to give mommy more sperm?".

"Oh yes. I would love to".

Nana stood up and stretched out her arm saying:

"Come here, baby, you should sleep with mom in her bed tonight".
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