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Finding mother part 2

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Nana gets more of what she wants
I stood out of bed naked, took Nanas hand and followed her to her bedroom. Her bed was huge and the room was very feminine with rose walls in a soft light and a lovely sense of perfume. Nana went to the bedside and turned on a lamp. She sat down on the bed and crossed her legs looking at me with a beautiful smile.

"You are so sweet," she said while stretching out a leg letting the tip of her red high-heeled shoe sliding up and down my inner thighs. I was feeling awkward standing there naked. And my cock was now rising to the teasing touch of her shoe. Nana looked at my stiff cock and said:

"Oh, I'm sorry, mommy is being naughty. But I can't help it. I've missed you so much, sweetie." She looked at me with love in her eyes. But at the same time her thong was playing with her soft red lips. I was so confused about all this. Part of me wanted to stop this right now. And part of me wanted to let go and just ... let go.

"Now come to bed, sweetie, you need your sleep," Nana said. I climbed into the bed and under the sheet. Nana left the room. I could hear her high heels in the bathroom. Lying on the bed I had a hard time believing all this was happening. And I had a hard cock troubling me.

Nana came back with less make up but still adorable. She sat down on the bed and took of her shoes. Still in her stockings and nightgown she climbed into the bed next to me. She took me in her arms, kissed me softly and placed one of her legs between mine. Gently she rubbed her leg against my cock. The feeling of her soft nylon leg was shear heaven.

"Yes, baby, mommy likes it to," Nana whispered knowingly while she kissed me with a deep sensual kiss and her nails gliding up and down my back.

I was going to come in a second and apparently Nana sensed it. She changed her position lying on her left side with my cock in her mouth and her nylon feat caressing my face. She pressed one of her feet against my mouth. I spread my lips and began licking and sucking her painted toes through the thin nylon. Softly my hands caressed her lovely ankles and calves. Nana was licking me with such delicate desire, like she knew every sensitive spot on my cock and balls.

Then I came and my whole body was exploding while Nana swallowed and sucked all my sperm. She continued milking and sucking me for minutes. She kept on kissing and cuddling my cock and my balls with enormous hunger and lust. She whispered words I couldn't hear. But it sounded like sweet words.

It was such a wonderful feeling. I was more relaxed than I have ever been. And then ... I fell asleep with one of Nanas beautiful stocking feet between my lips sucking her painted toes and Nana kissing and cuddling my cock.

When I woke up the next morning I was alone in the bed. I could hear Nana humming from somewhere and I could sense the smell of bacon. On the bedside beside me was a dark blue wardrobe. I looked around for my clothes. They were gone.

I stood up, put on the wardrobe and followed the sound of Nanas humming. And there she was. In the kitchen making breakfast. And what a sight she was. She looked like a mother and housewife from the fifties. And very very adorable and sexy. She was wearing a purple full-skirted dress with a narrow waist. Her legs were covered in sheer tanned nylons wit seems, and to complete it all: A pair of five inches high black velvet stiletto shoes.

Her red hair was a bit different than yesterday. She had a classic updo hairstyle. Her to much make up was back and the lips were dark painted red. Yes, she was stunning in every detail.

Nana looked at me with a coquette smile:

"God morning, sweetie, did you sleep well?"

"Yes, thank you, actually better than ever. How about you?"

"Oh, mommy had her beauty sleep alright," she said while giving my chin a light touch with the tip of her fingers. She took a basket with bread.

"And happy birthday. You will have to wait for you present," she said on her way into the living room.

"Thanks, Nana, but you shouldn't give me any present." Nana looked at me with teasing eyes and said:

"But yes I should. And I will."

She looked dashing. I was enjoying looking at her walking into the living room. Her stilettos enhanced the beauty in her perfect shaped nylon legs. Her voluptuous body, her legs, and the way she was walking were such in synch with her mature sensuality. I was like being in love. Or was it lust? Or was it both?

"You are looking wonderful," I said.

"Well, thank you, you are so sweet. But today I'm wearing thighs. Not an everyday thing for me you know. I love my girdles too much. But tights can be practical and under certain circumstances ... hmm, useful."

"You still look gorgeous." Nana looked at me with a dreamy look and said:

"Yes, don't I? ... well, come, sweetie, come and have breakfast."

"Eh, where are my cloths?"

"I thought I would clean them. Now come and have breakfast."

I went into the living room and sat down at the dinner table. It was very nice with eggs, bacon, bread, yogurt and fruits. Nana sat opposite to me and poured the coffee:

"Now, sweetie, your cloths will be ready for you after you have had your breakfast and a nice bath," she said with a firm voice. She didn't eat anything her self. She only had coffee. She seemed a bit anxious.

I had some bacon and bread and some yogurt. Nana looked at me:

"Now look at you, silly thing, you have yogurt all over your face." Then she stood up, took a napkin and was going to wipe my face but then stopped and looked at me:

"Oh my my. It actually looks like sperm," she said with a little giggle. She bended down and very slowly licked the spot of yogurt of my face. She licked and kissed my face with such eager and lust. She licked my ear and whispered with a husky voice:

"Have you ever tasted sperm?"

"No I haven't."

Nana opened my wardrobe and grabbed my now stiff cock with a firm and gentle hand. She bended down on her knees and took my cock in her mouth. Her thong and lips were smoothly teasing the tip of my cock, licking my pre cum, and her hands and long nails played softly with my balls. Then she suddenly stooped and stood up, she bended over me, and licking my ear and caressing my cock she whispered:

"Would you mind tasting mommies sperm and lick her clit?"

"No I wouldn't but ..."«

"But you are a bit nervous, sweetie?"


"I know, sweetie, but I think you are ready now. The way you licked mommy's toes last night was so wonderful. And that's why I'm wearing thighs. So you can give mommy pleasure through the lovely soft nylon. It will be more easy for you that way, don't you think?"

I took Nanas face in my hand and kissed her deeply. Our thongs were melting together in an endless moment. Nana softly kissed my lips and then stood up standing with slightly spread legs in front of me.

"Please, give mommy pleasure, baby," she said while she took my head and very gently guided me down on my knees. Kneeling in front of her I slowly pushed my head up under her skirt. My hands were on her soft bottom covered in sheer nylon. My lips and thong were kissing and licking her inner nylon thighs.

Nana was breathing heavily and she eagerly pressed my head further up. I was in almost total darkness under her skirt. I found her clit with my mouth and I licked it and kissed it through she soft nylon. Thinking back this was one of my best moments in life going into new territories and just trusting.

Her clit was not big and not small. It was sweet, hard and lovely. I pressed my head into her crotch and my hands were softly teasing and caressing her bottom and legs. Slowly my thong and my lips kissed and licked every part of her clit. I could feel the moist pre cum through the nylon. I sucked it while my hand and the tip of my fingers gently touched and embraced her clit, feeling the lovely shape of it. Nanas legs were shaking.

"Oh, baby, this is so fantastic. This is so right. Mommy loves you so much," she whispered with a heavy breath holding my head firmly to her crotch.

Then she came. I didn't take long. And she came with a firing load of sperm and spastic movements in her body. Her nylon crotch was covered in sperm.

"Please, sweetie, lick it all. Lick mommies nylons clean and nice," Nana begged pushing her crotch into my face. I licked her. I licked and sucked all the sperm from her nylons. I had it all over my face. I was so aroused by this. I was totally giving my self to Nanas clit and sperm with an enormous pleasure and lust.

Some of Nanas sperm was on her legs and ankles. I kissed and licked it all with a great hunger.

"Oh yes, mommy likes that so much," she whispered with sighs of pleasure.

Lying there licking Nanas sperm from her calves down to her ankles she suddenly stepped aside, looked at me with big eyes breathing heavily:

"My goodness, and we have only just started. Sweetie, look at mommy." Nana unzipped her dress and took it of in a smooth sensual movement. She stood in front of me and unfolded her hair. Her long red hair danced down her shoulders. Standing there in a purple corset, tights, her long legs and her stiff clit covered in nylon, the stilettos and her beautiful dark red hair - she was a goddess.

Nana came closer to me in a graceful walk. Bending down and kissing me with a deep and loving kiss she whispered:

"Sweetie, this was so lovely, mommy needed that. Did you like it or did I scare you?"

"Nana, I loved it."

"And you love mommies clit and her sperm?"

"Yes ... I really do."

"And you love mommy?"

"Yes I do." Nana licked the sperm of my face and lips with her soft thong. She pressed her thong into my moth and kissed me soft and crawlingly with her sperm. Nana slowly pulled out her thong and looked deep into my eyes:

"Yummy, taste better than yogurt but not as good as your sperm. You know, sweetie, that mommy loves you so much and she wants to make you happy."

"Yes I know."

"And you want to make mommy happy?"

"Yes, I want to make you very happy."

"That's my sweet pie. Now, mommy needs to get out of these thighs and be pretty for you in her lovely nylons and garter belt. And then we are going to celebrate your birthday, just you and me. Would you like that, sweetie?"

"Yes ... mother."

"My sweet sweet boy, you don't know how much I have missed you."
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