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FTM Solo Fun in Washroom

FTM jerks it in bathroom.

Let me start by saying, I am FTM trans. This story is based on my body. Post op top and pre-op bottom. If you don't like the way I refer to my body parts then don't read it. If you don't know what an FTM is, you should look it up before reading this story. Thanks and I hope you enjoy. 

I can feel the heat and the throbbing of my clit as it starts to swell. It's getting wet. I'm horny again. That's nothing new, I'm always horny thanks to the testosterone. But the feeling is overwhelming now, I need to do something about it. 

I excuse myself to the washroom. I barely get the door locked before I'm fumbling to get my belt buckle undone. My pants and boxer briefs go down in one swift motion, bunched up around my ankles. I sit down on the closed toilet seat and spread my thighs and legs as wide as I can considering my feet are basically tied up. I can see the wet spot in my underwear. God, I'm already so wet. 

My head tips back, mouth open wide, and there are low moans escaping my throat (I hope no one hears). My hand feverously works my cunt. Its swollen to twice its regular size and its sopping wet. 

I'm so horny I barely know what to do with myself. All I want is to be bent over and fucked raw but that's not an option right now. So I slide one finger down past my clit and into my tight pussy. Slow at first, picking up speed as I go. One finger isn't enough though, so I slip a second in. Mmm. I hook my fingers. I imagine they are the head of some cut rock hard cock, hitting my g spot. I move my other hand to my clit and rub it while my other hand continues to finger fuck my pussy. 

But still, I have this insatiable horny feeling. This isn't enough. I slide my ass down and off the toilet seat. Now my back is resting on the toilet seat, I'm looking down at my pussy as I continue to finger fuck and rub it. I take the hand that was rubbing my clit (it's quite lubed up from doing this) and slide one of my fingers slowly and gently into my asshole. Ohhhh godddd!

Now I feel good and full. I continue to work this one finger in my ass as two of my fingers on my other hand pound my pussy and hook my g spot. I can feel the orgasm building. I remove the one finger from my asshole, insert it and a second finger into my mouth.

I suck on my fingers, the whole length of them, until they are nice and wet then I return the pair of them to my ass. I groan as they fill my ass, I can feel myself stretching around them. I work both hands in and out of my holes. 

I feel the orgasm overwhelm me, I tremble and cum all over my hand. I slump over on the seat and my hands slip out of my pussy and ass. I can feel the cum seeping out of my clit, the seat is wet with it, its cold but it feels nice at the same time. My pussy flutters. I give it one final rub. I bring my slick fingers to my mouth and lick all of the cum off of them. I'm still horny but this will have to do for now. I clean myself up, pull my pants back up and compose myself.

I can still taste myself as I open the door. Mmmmm.


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