Full Court Press

By Tammy_Nguyen_77

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Damn, a whole fucking basketball team at one time.
Five years ago when Morgan was Matt, he was an all-state High School basketball player. Today Morgan had a fantasy, but it might be a little dangerous for her to try to pull it off. Morgan was really proud of how feminine she looked, and until she took her panties off, most people had no idea she's been born male. It had always been a turn on for her to catch a guy she'd brought home by surprise when they removed her panties and found she had a bigger cock than they did.

Most of the time guys were a little shocked, but were willing to try something new because Morgan was so hot. Every once in a while however, a guy just couldn't handle it. He'd think that just being in the same room with her might turn him gay. Morgan had a pretty good sense for which guys would be more open minded and willing to give her a try than others, but she wasn't perfect.

There are guys that are not only unwilling to even consider being with a Transsexual but, would be very upset at even being propositioned by one. Some might even get violently upset. It was always in the back of Morgan's mind that if she played her game of surprise with the wrong guy there could be unpleasant consequences.

Today those consequences were in the forefront of Morgan's mind. She was at the gym, playing basketball with a group of guys and they were all clearly flirting with her. There were five main guys vying for her attention. Derrick was a six-foot-six, two hundred fifty pound black guy, with huge muscles, an even bigger ego, and lots of attitude. Morgan figured that if he didn't have the biggest cock in the group, he sure thought he did. Tyler was the six-four white guy, with a nice body, and an easy going demeanor. Jeff, the other white guy, was pretty average. He might have been a shade under six feet, trim toned and athletic. Ron, the ball hog, was five-eight, maybe one seventy, with an absolutely ripped body. Morgan thought that Ron may not have the biggest cock in the group, but he was probably going to be the one who knew how to use his. If these guys were into it, she had special plans for Ron. D'Wayne, the point guard, was the runt of the group. He was five-seven on a good day, and kind of dumpy, but Morgan thought he was pretty cute.

It had always been a fantasy for Morgan to take on several guys at once but, these guys gave her a moment of pause. When Morgan was Matt, she was not only an all-state basketball player, she was a very good second baseman, and a decent backup quarterback. She had been around athletes and locker rooms, and she knew how macho athletes thought. All of them weren't homophobes but, of those who were, discovering a cock in what they thought was a girl's pants could be a serious problem. Morgan thought the smartest thing to do with these guys was to be up front. If they were into it great, if not no harm done.

When they had finished a game, everyone was taking a break, and Morgan was sitting in the bleachers with the guys. They were all hitting on her so she decided that it was now or never, and she might as well just go for it. Morgan screwed up her courage and stated, "Guys, I'm going to throw something out there, if you're into it great, if not I understand." The guys thought she was going to suggest some kinky sex act, so they weren't quite prepared for what came next. Morgan untied the drawstring to her shorts, reached in and pulled out her cock.

"Oh Shit!" all five guys yelled simultaneously as they scattered in different directions. They were keeping up quite a commotion as what they had just witnessed sunk in.

"What the fuck!" yelled Derrick as he paced circles on the basketball court. No one could believe what they had just seen.

Ron came back over, sat a few feet from Morgan and said, "Damn baby you're a mutherfucking dude!" The rest of the guys were pretty shocked as well, but Morgan was getting the sense that they weren't quite as turned off as she expected.

"Yeah...if that's not your thing, I get it," said Morgan.

"Slow down baby, we didn't say that...just give us a minute to get our minds right," said Ron.

Morgan smiled as all five guys gradually came back over to the bleachers and sat down. They started pelting her with questions about what it's like to be a transsexual. They seemed to be most curious about why she wanted to become a woman but they posed a lot of other questions to her such as; do you like guys or girls, which restroom do you use, how do you get such great looking tits, and are you going to get your weenie cut off. She giggled and explained to them that she liked both guys and girls, used the ladies room in public, and had no plans to get sexual reassignment surgery. The guys may have been flirting with a little less enthusiasm, but Morgan wasn't feeling bad vibes from them .

Now that Morgan felt the guys might be into it, she steered the conversation in the direction of getting into some hanky-panky. None of the guys had ever been with a transsexual before, so they were naturally discussing among themselves which one of them was going to take the plunge first. Morgan halted the conversation when she spoke up and revealed her fantasy of wanting to be with several guys at the same time.

"Whoa baby, I don't know about that," said Derrick.

It took a little convincing, but Morgan was able to get the guys to give it a try. They all decided to go back into the locker room and shower area for a little privacy. The thought of doing a group sex encounter in public was enough to turn Morgan into a sex crazed bitch in heat, but the guys were still a little nervous. If anyone was to wander back into the locker room and catch them getting it on with a chick with a dick, what would they think. A flash of Morgan's D-Cup tits quieted some of the nervousness.

Back in the locker room Morgan figured the guys needed a little help to loosen up. She put on a striptease dance for them, disrobing and grinding herself against each of them, to get them hard. The guys all seemed a little hesitant to remove their clothes so Morgan got the ball rolling. Morgan was completely naked when she started grinding her sexy little apple bottom against Ron’s cock. Nervous or not there was no way Ron was going to be able to keep from getting hard. The way Morgan was dancing on Ron’s pole would drive anyone wild.

Ron gave in to temptation and removed his shirt, revealing his rock hard chest and abs. Morgan happily removed his shorts, revealing a very rigid 8 inch hard on. Morgan dropped to her knees and went to work. Morgan knew she had to put on a good show to get the other guys to join in. They were just watching now, but as Morgan was slowly and passionately slobbering up and down on Ron’s throbbing cock, the guys got more and more turned on.

Ron was having the time of his life. Morgan was deepthroating him with lots of slippery spit. He didn’t seem to care much that Morgan had a dick, she was giving one hell of a blowjob. Out of the corner of her eye Morgan noticed Jeff had a bulge in his shorts. She took Ron’s almost ready to explode cock from her mouth, smiled at Jeff seductively, and motioned for him to come over.

“Fuck it,” Jeff said to himself as he quickly threw off his clothes and joined in the fun. Morgan gave Ron a nice slippery handjob to keep him happy as she too Jeff’s seven inches of manhood into her mouth. Morgan made sure to get his cock well lubricated with spit before she returned to Ron’s throbbing erection. Morgan alternated her sweet lips between the two boners for a few moments before turning to Tyler and asking, “Don’t you want to play sweetie?”

Tyler was still a little nervous. His dick wasn’t on hard yet, but he decided to go ahead and take the plunge. Tyler removed his clothes and joined the group. Morgan could tell he had a nice sized cock. He was a good five inches dangling limp, so she gave Ron and Jeff a good deepthroating to get them well lubricated before ordering Tyler to stand in the middle.

Morgan could barely believe it. She was about to suck three guys dicks. She didn’t want Ron and Jeff to cum yet so she gave the both a slow sensual handjob as she too Tyler’s flaccid penis into her mouth. She decided to only suck the tip at first to get him warmed up, then she would feel him get hard in her mouth. It didn’t take very long at all to get the bloodflow rushing into Tyler’s cock. This really had Morgan turned on, feeling a cock grow in your mouth, the head throbbing as you suck it, was driving her nuts.

Morgan was feeling the stiffness grow between her own legs, and she needed some relief. Alternating sucking three dicks at thee same time was hot, but it was time for more. She turned to Derrick and D’Wayne and said, “What the fuck are you two clowns waiting on, an invitation...Get your asses in here. They looked at each other, unsure as to what to do when Morgan finally stated, “Look, one of you fuck me in the ass, and the other one suck my cock.

Derrick and D’Wayne were a little surprised, but they didn’t want to miss out on the fun so they removed their clothes and joined the group. Since these guys were really all novices, Morgan took charge and set things up. She positioned D'Wayne, the smallest guy, underneath her to suck her cock. She had Derrick, the biggest guy, behind her, to fuck her in the ass. She had Ron and Jeff on either side of her, to jack them off, and Tyler directly in front of her to suck his dick.

“Damn, a whole fucking basketball team at once,” Morgan said out loud before taking Tyler’s dick back into her mouth. Morgan was feeling sensations she’d never experienced before. D’Wayne was a pretty good little cocksucker. He was really getting into it, slobbering on Morgan’s cock like a pro. The tip of her cock was swollen and throbbing in his mouth, but not all due to his dick sucking. Derrick was working with a legitimate ten inch cock, and he was sliding it bareback in and out of Morgan’s tight ass. Morgan could feel him stretching her little asshole to the limit as he filled her with his manhood.

She was having a hard time, concentrating on the three dicks she was trying to suck at once, but Morgan was determined to keep her focus. She wanted to taste some cum today. Little D’Wayne sure was making it hard. “Fuck,” Morgan thought to herself. He was trying to suck the cum out of her as if her dick was a straw. Morgan’s legs were trembling from that sensation alone, but the feeling of Derrick’s long hard throbbing meat deep in her ass was almost too much for her.

Morgan had to concentrate. She wanted to taste some cum right now, so she concentrated on Ron. He was more than ready to finally get his nut. Morgan had been teasing him for a while now, backing off just before the explosion. She wanted his seed in her mouth now so she went for broke. She deepthroated him like wild, almost gagging herself. She completely coated Ron’s dick in slimy gooey saliva. She gave his balls a gentle squeeze, when suddenly she tasted his salty sperm explode in her mouth.

She immediately turned her attention to Jeff. The combination of saliva, and now Ron’s slick love juice on her tongue felt like heaven to Jeff. She didn’t want to waste time, and massaged his balls vigorously as she sucked him like a lollipop. Morgan had to make him cum right now. D’Wayne and Derrick were ravaging her, she was going to cum soon. Jeff’s cum tasted sweet as it erupted into Morgan’s mouth, so much so she swallowed every drop before turning to finish Tyler.

Ron and Jeff were spent, but they couldn’t resist sucking on Morgan’s tits as the dangled seductively. Meanwhile Tyler was enjoying the pleasures of Morgan’s eager lips and tongue. All his nervousness had long since melted away. His cock was slick with shemale saliva and the sperm of his friends. His legs were shaking as Morgan was barely able to keep from gagging from taking his dick so deep in her mouth.

Morgan was determined to hurry up and make Tyler cum. Derrick and D’Wayne were so into it, she couldn’t hold out much longer. Her whole body was ready to explode, when suddenly Tyler exploded in her mouth. Morgan was so surprised that she couldn’t help but spit it out. She felt like she was going to throw up but she was able to hold the vomit in at the last second. She looked down at the huge puddle of goo beneath her and saw why she almost vomited. That had to me the biggest pile of cum she’d ever seen. There was no way she could have swallowed all that.

Now that three of the guys had ejaculated Morgan was able to concentrate on her own pleasure. D’Wayne was jacking her off vigorously as Derrick was assaulting her asshole. She was so close when she heard a loud slap, and felt a stinging on both her ass cheeks.

“C’Mon baby, bust that nut,” said Ron.

Ron and Jeff were smacking Morgan on the ass trying to will the orgasm out of her. “Smack... smack...smack,” the guys were slapping her ass hard as Derrick fucked her. Morgan was moaning like a whore, she wanted to cum so bad. All the guys were staring at her cock, eager to see the sperm erupt from the tip. Suddenly D’Wayne felt something warm slash onto his face.

“Oh shit...dude she came on you,” screamed Ron as Morgan ejaculated on D’Wayne’s face.

“A honey this fine can cum on me anytime she wants to,” said D’Wayne as he put the tip of his finger into some of Morgan’s cum and tasted it.

Derrick was still pounding Morgan’s ass like a madman when Morgan felt his warm cum explode inside her. Everyone was pretty worn out but Morgan noticed that D’Wayne had a pretty significant bulge in his shorts. “Oh you poor baby,” said Morgan. “Let me take care of that.”

The smallest guy D’Wayne had a respectable seven inch dick, which Morgan eagerly commenced sucking for him. By that time Ron had regained his erection and decided that he needed to sample some of Morgan’s tight ass.

For the next couple off hours each of the guys took turns, getting their dicks sucked, fucking Morgan in the ass, sucking her dick, Jeff even took the plunge and let Morgan fuck him in the ass. The rest of the guys weren’t ready to take that plunge yet, but Morgan figured she had time to convince them. She’d definitely be seeing all these guys again.

To be continued...