Hotel Heaven

By NatureLover

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Transexual Escort takes me to heaven
I had been lonely for a while, no one special in my life, living alone had its benefits but sometimes you need to feel wanted and to really want to pleasure someone.

Searching the internet one evening, thinking about past experiences, I ended up on a transsexual escort site, searching through the different pictures and profiles, who were saying they were in my area. In all honesty I was doubtful about some of the pictures being genuine, but then I came across a link to a lady who called herself Donna, it was a whole website about her with some pictures in which she looked particularly attractive, collar length dark hair, beautiful dark eyes with a sparkle in them, her body looked good, cleavage showing in one picture where she was dressed in a dark midnight blue evening dress which hugged her figure in all the right places, she looked just like the type of girl I find attractive.

I read some reviews that were on her site, and although you never know if they were genuine, they were very positive about her and concentrated on her being patient and caring with a no-rush mentality which again suited my needs, so I plucked up the courage to ring the mobile number shown.

Donna answered almost immediately and I asked about her services and availability and although she told me she was available that evening, I suggested it may be nice to meet the following day at a local hotel I knew, where I could book a room for the night. We agreed a price and time to meet the following evening. We continued to chat about what I liked and how I may like her to be dressed for our meeting, after a little while she said she had just the thing to please me, so we agreed to meet in the lobby bar of the hotel the next evening at 7pm.

After I hung up I thought about the call, she had seemed open and honest and to have thought about the experience she provided and what I was looking for from the encounter.

The next day at work seemed like a lifetime, constantly thinking about my arrangements and when it finally ticked onto 4pm I was out of the office like a shot so I could get home and prepare myself before going to the hotel.

I had got my clothes ready for the evening the night before, so I jumped in the shower and gave myself a full body shave, before drying myself off and moisturising my whole body.

I dressed in the clothes I had put out, smart causal shirt and pants, with a little secret of my own underneath, before setting off for the hotel I had booked. I arrived about 6pm and checked in and went up to the room.

It was a really nice room; large double bed with TV in the corner, the bathroom had a big Jacuzzi bath, which looked very inviting.

I put a couple of things I had brought with me in the wardrobe before going down to the bar to get a drink to calm my nerves. I sat chatting to the barman and told him I was expecting a female friend shortly and wanted him to look after our drinks and ensure he had some champagne on ice ready for us.

Right on the dot of 7pm in walked the most stunning young lady I had seen in long time, dressed in a beautiful black cocktail dress, which finished just above her knee, but had a further split on one side which revealed more leg as she walked. I couldn’t believe my luck when I realised that this was Donna, her pictures on the web really didn’t do her justice.

I greeted her and introduced myself and led her to a quiet corner of the bar to take a seat. The barman followed us over and took our drinks order.

I was still slightly nervous, but there I was sat in a plush bar with a fantastic looking young lady enjoying a nice bottle of wine so this nervousness vanished and as the c onversation seemed to flow instantly and smoothly on the wings of her soft voice. She had a beautiful smile, stunning body and sweet scented smooth skin.

As we sat it was clear she liked to chat and laugh, but was also such a good listener
which was nice and we seemed to be getting on really well as we finished the bottle of wine.

By this time, I was sure she could see the bulge in my pants and she began to tease a little, making suggestive remarks and making sure she brushed her leg against mine. Then she touched my leg with her hand and a naughty smile came to her face, she had found one of the straps of my suspenders that held my fishnet stockings up, she pulled at it and pinged it against my leg.

I suggested that it may be time to go to my room for the rest of the evening which she quickly agreed to. I spoke to the barman and asked that he have the champagne sent up to my room as soon as possible.

We got in the lift and being totally alone for the first time, we kissed passionately, her hands moving around my back and reaching down to feel tops of my stockings, my bulge was growing and pushing against my silk panties.

When we got to my room, we quickly moved inside and gently kissed, before we heard a knock at the door, room service with the bottle of champagne, which he placed on the side table with two glasses before leaving.

Whilst the situation called for uncontrolled passion, neither of us were teenagers, we didn’t need to rush, we didn’t need to fumble, we could take our time, we had all night. I poured us each a glass of champagne which we toasted the event yet to occur and gently sipped the bubbles.

We kissed again, her lips were cold and wet, her tongue was agile, it was a great kiss. I had one hand in her dark silky hair and one on the small of her back, her body felt fantastic, she smelt great and very, very, sexy.

After a period of prolonged sensual kissing I moved to undo the zip down the back of her dress, moving is slowly down to the top of her sexy ass and then I slipped my fingers inside her dress as it sat on her shoulders and pushed gently until it dropped to the floor, revealing matching white lace underwear, stunning against her tanned skin.

She smiled at me and her eyes sparkled as they met mine, there was something very naughty about her smile, we kissed again, more passionately this time.

Her bra looked so delicate over her beautifully shaped breasts, she threw back her head so as extend her upper body and I moved to gently kissed her neck and move with a brush my of my tongue towards her shapely breasts.

I moved back to allow her to undress me, and she slowly undid the buttons of my shirt before allowing it to fall to the floor alongside her dress, she then removed my belt and un-buttoned my pants and pushed them down to the floor to reveal my black silk panties and matching fishnet stockings, that wicked smile of hers returned as she moved down, kissing my torso and passed my suspender belt towards the bulge that was pressing against the silk.

Her tongue explored around my groin, without every touching my hardness, until she moved her fingers to the side of my panties and pulled at the silk bows to release me, my hard cock springing out with its new found freedom.

Her tongue explored its length, as she moved up and down, caressing my balls before moving to take them in her mouth, sucking and massaging them in such a controlled way as she ran her finger tips up and down my stocking covered legs.

She then took my length into her mouth, expertly working it deep into her throat; it really was the best I had ever experienced.

We moved onto the bed and lay down as I admired her fantastically toned and tanned body, everything about her was perfect, even the clearly visible outline of her own hardening cock beneath her lace panties.

We lay together, caressing each others bodies, gently kissing; it really was the most romantic situation, two like minded people enjoying each others bodies.

I reached around her back and unclipped her bra and removed it and I moved down to tenderly kiss every inch of her beautiful shapely breasts, they were perfectly in proportion to the rest of her body, her nipples were clearly aroused as a sucked on each in turn, before moving down across her toned tanned torso.

As I reached her panty line, I could clearly see the outline of her erect cock, pushing against the lace of her panties, so I slipped my fingers inside them and gently removed them, freeing up her swollen member, It stood out, maybe 8 inches long, not too wide, perfect for what was to come.

I began sucking on it, licking its full length, before taking her balls in my mouth, caressing them with my tongue; I looked up from my position, across her breasts to see her looking down at me, with a big smile and a definite glint in her eye, what a sight to behold.

I moved back up her body, paying attention to each part of her body on the way, before our lips met again, her tongue moving against mine as she explored my mouth, she then rolled me over so that she was on top, before she rolled me again and began kissing my shoulders and down my back,

As she reached the base of my spine, she began to gently blow between my buttocks and moved her hands to open them up to reveal my most intimate little hole. Donna’s tongue moved to lick the full length of my crack all the way down to the base of my sac before moving back up and down, then suddenly, she plunged her tongue deep inside of me, I was in heaven as she licked and moved in and out of me.

I could feel her gently push her finger against my hole, no great force, just gently massaging until my body relaxed and allowed her to enter me. She continued to massage inside of me, until her finger was fully inside as she explored searching for my G spot. I was experiencing pleasure like never before as her expertise came to the fore.

I felt another finger enter me, widening my hole as I relaxed further and then another, I felt ready to take her cock deep inside of me, but she was not for doing this yet, saying I wasn’t ready and she would know when I was. It felt like another finger entering me, four in total as she massaged and manipulated my most intimate of areas, when she removed them, she moved back with her tongue to continue my preparation.

I was by this time almost begging to be taken, when she moved up my back, gently licking and using her finger tips to caress my sides all the up to the back of my neck and as I tingled in every part of my body, she smoothly and without pain entered me with her full length all the way in so I could feel her balls against my ass.

She began to move in and out slowly and the increasing the pace, before slowing again, altering her pace back up to fast and hard and then down to slow and gentle, each time her full length going deep inside of me, I could feel my own cock pressed between the bed and my stomach, it felt as though I would release my own cum as she continued rhythmically to work me into heights of pleasure I don’t think I had ever reached previously.

She began to groan as her own climax approached and then released deep inside of me as she slowed and then came to a stop, still hard and deep inside of me.

We lay exhausted, our hearts pounding for a number of minutes, before she withdrew her cock and I could feel her juices dribble out of me as she moved her mouth to lap them up.

I turned over to see her lick her lips to ensure not a drop was wasted before she moved down onto my erect organ. I could tell I was very close to orgasm which I am sure she realised as she worked it up and down deep into her throat.

As my own climax welled up she looked me in the eye, the sexiest look I have ever seen, her eyes sparkled against the subdued lighting as my own orgasm was released deep into her mouth as she sucked every last drop of the most amazing release I had ever experienced.

Donna moved up close to me and we were as one, coming down from the most amazing high, just gently listening to each other breath, romantically using the tips of our fingers across each others bodies as we both fell quietly into sleep.

I awoke about an hour later, Donna as lay on her back on the bed, quietly breathing; I watched her naked body, fully relaxed, her beautiful breasts rising and falling with her breaths, her now flaccid cock, resting gently against her body.

She seemed to sense I was awake and a beautiful smile came across her face as she opened her dark eyes. ‘How was that’ she asked?

‘Where do I begin’ I replied, I had just had the best experience of my life, she smiled and stretched her body.

We picked up the remaining champagne and took our glasses into the bathroom and filled the Jacuzzi before stepping in amongst the bubbles as the jets ensured the water washed over our bodies, it was a most erotic experience to lay together, soaping each others bodies with the fragranced liquids.

After the champagne was finished we stepped out of the bath and grabbed the towels, but Donna insisted that she towel me down, so I just stood there as she softly dried me, the erotic nature of the situation was clearly visible in my growing organ and I turned to her to dry her, she also began to become hard again.

This situation, romantic and seductive was too much for us, and I immediately moved down to suck on her, licking at her as she sat back on the side of the bath and spread her legs wide. I worked the full length of her before moving down below her balls and towards her anus. She smiled at me and turned around to allow me a clear view of her tight little hole, a bright pink after the heat of the bath.

My tongue began to work her, using the techniques I had learned from her earlier in the evening, gently blowing and the tip of my tongue exploring the full length of her crack, before I moved my tongue deep into her hole, she cried out with pleasure.

After a while, I moved my finger to push against her hole, and it soon allowed me to enter her and explore her internally.

Again following her lead, I massaged and entered her with more fingers until she felt ready to take me. As I moved to allow my cock to enter her, she begged me to take her, confirming my thoughts that she was ready for me, and my organ pushed deep into her without any difficulty.

I moved in and out at a slow, sensual pace as ensuring that Donna was reacting in the right way to the motion, she seemed relaxed and enjoying it as she grabbed hold of her own cock and began to work it. She groaned with pleasure we increased our speed in unison and it wasn’t long before I could feel my juices rising and then with the most amazing force being released deep inside my lover as she also released her juices into the air, we both collapsed in exhaustion and pleasure in each others arms our chests moving together.

After resting, we got back into the bath to clean ourselves up again, before drying and returning to the bedroom where we both lay looking romantically into each others eyes. This moment, I realised was the singular most erotic of my life and I had never been happier or felt more fulfilled than I did at that moment.

Donna was so beautiful and had been so considerate, sensual, sexually erotic, and most importantly for me she was enjoying our time together, she was so horny and it had seemed so natural.

We both fell asleep, me dreaming of what the morning would hold and wondering how much more erotic live could be.