I Love You Daddy - Part 1

By AshHabit

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As usual, I was the first to wake up. Master’s sluggish, heavy body was totally still, and since his cock wasn’t pushing into my side, I crawled out of bed and went to the bathroom to shower and shave. I had just finished my eye makeup (lots of blue eye shadow this morning, with thin tapers on the edges of my eyes) and was straightening my honey-blonde hair when he came in to relieve himself.

“Good morning, Master,” I offered as he stood there peeing, holding his thick, flaccid Mulatto cock. His eyes were sleepy and blood shot and his black hair needed combing.

“Good morning, babe.”

“Would you like a bath, Sir?”

“No hon, just get breakfast started when you’re done with your hair.”

I was done with my morning routine a few minutes after he climbed into the shower so I took some time to put an outfit together. Something simple would do, even though I was briefly tempted to put on one of my maid outfits with the built-in corset, black leggings and six inch spiked heels, which were more appropriate for parties. He’d have a bunch of other lawyers over from his firm and I’d spend a few hours cooking either stir fry with chicken, Salmon Alfredo or baked salmon with Pasta Prima Vera and serve them while they discussed whatever the latest aggravating case was. When it was drink time they usually started reaching up my skirt for my clit. The house rules say to let this happen, so I’d let them get me good and hard and maybe suck me if they feel like it while I stroked their hair. Master usually got out the camera at that point. Just two nights ago he filmed me as the entire firm gang banged me over the table.

Master only recently broke me of my squeamishness about anal sex. He’s just so big, but he was right in the end, as always. Once the pain of penetration is there, that’s the worst it will get, but what happened two nights ago was still intense. Jared, this giant Italian stud, bent me over the table while it still had several dishes and glasses on it. The scars from my breast implants were still a little tender then, so I twisted a little as he bent me over, holding my hands behind my back. When he stuck it in my whole body lit up, I could barely do anything but gasp and shout. Eventually, my hole eased up a little, and I focused on the good parts, like when he took it out and put it back in. Zach and Tyler, two of the lawyers, whipped their cocks out and started slapping my face. I sucked Tyler through my wheezes for a while, and when it was Zach’s turn, he dipped his cock in his Jack and Coke before stuffing it in my mouth. By that time, Jared had pulled out of my ass and had jizzed all over my skirt, so Tyler took over my hole and I think I screamed into Zach’s cock.

He must have liked it since he grabbed my hair and shoved his cock all the way in. Two of the other lawyers were standing next to Zach jerking off. I thought they were all gonna come on me, but something else happened. Tyler pulled out of me, came around to the head of the table and jizzed in my hair, and then one of the other two guys who were jacking off went back and pounded my ass. They all took turns in my hole and they all jizzed in my face or my hair after they were done. Master filmed the whole thing and uploaded it to his website, This morning I sat there on the bed, holding the skirt from the maid outfit, covered in dry jizz. The top was just as bad, and this was the kind of outfit you have to hand wash. It would take time, but holding it again brought that whole night back into focus. My heart pounded and I glanced into the bedroom mirror at my shaved, naked body. My hair and makeup were perfect, my B cup boobs were perfectly rounded (Master could afford the best surgeons) and my cock was starting to get hard. I love being me.

Soon though, I settled on a plain blue blouse and a black lacy skirt. No leggings this morning, since Master loves my smooth legs and feet so much.

In the kitchen I got a steak going. I would fry eggs in the blood after it was done. Just as it was beginning to look nice and rare Master came out of the bathroom. I glanced over my shoulder and saw he was in his robe with his manhood poking out. Soon, I felt his hands on my hips and he was covering my neck and ear with sweet little kisses and bites. His stubble and after shave made me giggle and wince with pleasure and he started rubbing my tits.

“Daddy if we start now you might be late for work!”

His only reply was a deep groan into my neck which almost made me drop the steak as I flipped it. I could feel his cock pressing against my skirt. Of course, this was being filmed. The whole house had the best security system with cameras everywhere, and naturally Daddy likes to be able to watch me whenever he wants. My entire life was on his website for anyone to see. The videos of me going pee or playing with myself in the bathroom got a lot of hits.

And he was so stiff. He was hard as a rock and he was stabbing angrily into the back of my skirt while he kneaded my tits and bit into my neck. I took a deep breath and reached for the eggs in the open carton nearby. I forked the steak onto a plate and cracked two eggs, amazed that my shaking hands didn't’t break the yoke or spill egg whites on the stove.

As I salted and peppered the eggs Master backed off a little. He lifted my skirt and squeezed my ass cheeks with both hands, rubbing my lace panties. I noticed him grab a bottle of vegetable oil I was using and then put it back. He slid my panties down a little bit and then I yelped with shock. I took a minute to catch my breath and I knew it was just his finger.

“Mmmm Daddy!”

He kept fingering my hole as he gave my ear a gentle kiss.

“Shush baby calm down, just relax.”His finger was slowly moving in and out. I could feel the middle knuckle enter and re-enter me and I kept biting my lip to catch my breath. I would have to re-do my lip gloss later.“Have I ever told you what a beautiful little girl you are?”

I sucked in some breath and I flipped the eggs.“Oh Daddy thank you…”

“I’m so happy I bought you, darling. It was the best decision of my life.”

“Thank you so much for buying me, Daddy. I’m so happy with you. I want to be your pet for the rest of my life.”

“You will, baby.”

He was really working his finger now and I was just getting used to it when he slipped in another. My yell made the china rattle and I started wheezing all over again.

“I want to belong to you forever.”

“You will, baby. You’re all mine and that’s how it’s gonna stay.”

The eggs were all done, so I turned the stove off and placed them on his plate with the spatula.“Your breakfast is ready, Daddy!”


I felt my panties fall around my ankles as he yanked them all the way down. Every inch of me was shaking with pleasure and I hand to put my hands on the stove to steady myself. He wrapped an arm over my belly and held my back to him and I felt his furious, rock solid cock stabbing into me. He grabbed the vegetable oil again and put it back. I could hear him lubing up behind me.

“Are you gonna put in me, Daddy?”

My only answer was another low groan as he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back.“My good girl gets a special treat this morning.”

He slid inside of me slowly, slowly stretching my hole as I shuddered and gripped the edges of the stove.“Oh god Daddy I love you…”

“I love you too, baby.”

My breath became shorter and shorter until he was all the way in, and then he just slowly worked me for a while. As he gently moved in and out he rubbed and squeezed my ass. As I got my breath back I let out a moan of pleasure and he smacked my ass good and hard, with the hand with the vegetable oil.


He did it again and my scream echoed through the kitchen. He’d spank me every few seconds to hear me yell, and then he suddenly started drilling me as hard as he could, pulling my head back by my hair.

“Daddy oh my god!”

He spanked me again.

“Oh god Daddy, pound my fucking hole!”

The heat in my belly and thighs totally melted and I started losing my balance. He held my thigh against the edge of the stove as I dissolved into a moaning, screaming mound of ecstasy. Soon, he pulled out and let me fall wheezing on the kitchen floor.

“All done Daddy?” I asked, looking up at him, his fat, slick cock still rock solid. His robe was across the kitchen floor and sweat was pouring down his dark, beautiful body. He started stroking.

“Not quite baby, I still gotta finish, so take off your blouse.”

I quickly stripped completely naked and knelt down in front of him, legs together, clit sticking up as I rubbed my titties, licked my lips and smiled up at the cock I lived and breathed for, the cock that owned me, the cock I would love for the rest of my life. I rubbed my tits and brought my open mouth as close as I could to the cock I belonged to. He was jerking with the vegetable oil and I puffed little breaths on his tip.

“Oh god baby, keep doing that!”

I let out a long breath on him and licked his tip. I inched closer and wrapped my lips around his head, sucking as I jerked my head back and forth. I pulled back and let his head go with a pop, and then he started slapping me with it, slathering me with vegetable oil and precum.

“Baby open your mouth again!”

I opened wide and he got some in my mouth, some shot across my face, in my hair, on my neck, running down my titties. I wondered how this would look on the website.

I ran to the bathroom to wash up again. When I came out, Master was almost finished with breakfast and I put a pot of coffee on.

“Do you want me to bring you lunch today, Daddy, or are you eating out with the guys?”

“Baby if you could bring me lunch that would be fantastic. I don’t see enough of you these days.”

“I’ll heat up some of the Salmon Alfredo.”

“That sounds delicious, darling.”

“I love you Daddy.”

“I love you too, babe.”