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Inner Secrets


I sighed with relief as I watched my Mum get in the blue ford car with her mystery date. I grinned as it was time to light some candles in my bedroom for Alexia arriving any minute. We'd arranged for her to come round at 3pm and it was time now. I quickly grabbed up the bag of scented candles from the medicine cabinet in the bathroom then dashed up the stairs to my bedroom and placed the candles around my double bed.

I stared back in admiration at how pretty I had arranged them as I lit them. Thoughts of making love to gorgeous Alexia Osborne again made a jolt of excitement rush through my body straight to my dick making it grow very big straining hard against my designer jeans that was really uncomfortable. I tried moving my dick and balls about to try and make it more comfortable for me but I couldn't because the jeans were too tight. I groaned and decided to change but the door bell rang.

Damn! I thought. As I made my way down the stairs and opened the door where I stared open mouthed at Alexia standing there looking drop dead gorgeous in a sexy short black dress showing off her long legs. I felt my dick straining even harder as it got harder against my jeans.

"Hey beautiful," Alexia said, stepping into the house kissing me passionately before I could close the door. "I've missed you."

I wrapped my arms around her as I banged up against the wall.

"Jess, your dick is digging into me," Alexia complained.

"Sorry," I replied shamefully. I walked away.

She grabbed hold of my hands in hers and led me up the stairs to my candle lit bedroom. She gasped in amazement. "Babe, you did all this for me?" she asked turning to face me.

I nodded.

Alexia wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately again but I lost my footing and I fell to the floor with her on falling on my dick and balls. It didn't hurt just made me hornier making me lift up my hips in a thrusting motion; I wanted to fuck her so body. my hands grabbed her huge boobs in my hands lustfully.

"I think we should get rid of these," Alexia said, grinning down at me beginning to undo my jeans. "The zipper is stuck. I think your dick is too big for it to unzip," she giggled.

I laughed too.

We heard a car pull up, a car door opening then slamming, the front door opening then slamming shut. We heard footsteps coming up the stairs and then heard a loud shocked gasp making us look up.

It was my Mum standing there looking shocked.

"What's going on here?" Mum demanded.

"Mum, this is my girlfriend, Alexia Osborne. Alexia, this is my Mum, Sal," I said, I felt embarrassed at the situation.

"Nice to meet you, Alexia but I would of liked to have met you in a better situation than this but what can you do," Mum said. She looked down and started to laugh. "Oh honey, has your dick got too big for your favourite jeans? Let me help you," she bent down and held the zipper in her hand then in one quick swift movement the zipper unzipped.

I sighed with relief as my dick was free again. I pulled my jeans off to my red knickers where my dick and balls were spilling out from it everywhere making both Alexia and my Mum gasped in amazement. I pulled off my knickers and heard them gasp again.

Alexia took off her dress, bra and knickers making me feel like my dick had grown a few inches more with excitement looking at her gorgeous, womanly body. She came to me and took off my red top and unhooked my bra then kissed me hungrily, moved down to my breasts and took each one into her mouth.

"You kids are making me horny," Mum said, shocking both me and Alexia as we turned to her. She took off her jeans and we could see that her pussy was getting wet through her black knickers. Her index finger of her left hand began to rub her pussy. "Carry on, don't mind me. I'll just watch the action and masturbate."

Alexia and I turned back to each other and smiled and fell on to the bed with our arms around one another. I rubbed her soaking wet pussy and heard her moan loudly then inserted my large, hard dick inside her.

We made love hot and fast filled with passion than ever before. She sat and wrapped her legs around my waist as I fucked her. We heard my Mum groan with pleasure as well as she was masturbating herself watching us. It was weird but quite exciting.

Mum breathed heavily and moaned pleasurably as she was about to orgasm. Her body trembled as she cried out.

I felt the orgasm build up inside me as I fucked Alexia and harder and faster. I let out a cry of excitement as I released my ejaculation inside her.

"Wow, Jessica, that was amazing," Alexia said, kissing my lips.

"Sure was," Mum agreed. "That was the best orgasm I made myself have ever watching my daughter fuck her girlfriend. "So Alexia, is my daughter any good?"

Alexia turned to me and then back to my Mum "yes, Jessica, is amazing lover," she said, grinning at me and I grinned back.

Mum came over to the bed and whispered something into my ear that shocked me "fuck me, Jess."

"Mum, no, I can't. You're my Mum," I said. But thoughts of seeing her quite big boobs in her sexy pink night dress the day I discovered the truth about me made my dick come back to life.

"You see, you want me, Jess," Mum said. She took off her blue top and her boobs spilled out of her red bra.

I felt my dick getting harder. I gulped as I felt my eyes staring down at her tits.  What was wrong with me.

"Fuck me, Jess," Mum said again. She unhooked her bra and stood naked before us.

"Your Mum has a beautiful body," Alexia said, looking my Mum up and down.

I couldn't believe it my girlfriend was getting turned on by my mother.

"Fuck her, Jess," Alexia insisted. "If you won't, would you mind if I made love with her?"

"OK, Mum," I said, turning to her. My lips pressed against my Mum's and she leaned back on the bed and I got on top. My dick was as hard as a rock now and I inserted it into my Mum's dripping wet pussy making her gasp. I moved my hips back and forth on her, I was getting so hot with excitement as I was fucking my Mum. I groaned as I thrusted harder into her and I orgasmed in no time inside her and her body trembled beneath me.

"Jess, your girlfriend is very lucky to have you," Mum said, as she sat up and I had pulled out from her. She saw sperm on the head of my dick and bent down and licked it off with her tongue making my body shudder with excitement. She swallowed the bit of my sperm.

Mum turned to Alexia now who was lying flat on her back on the bed with her legs wide open. Her pussy was dripping wet. She leaned down and began sucking on Alexia's breasts and nipples making her moan. Her mouth moved down over her flat stomach to her pussy and began sucking at it.

Alexia groaned loudly and bit her right hand to stop herself from screaming out with pleasure.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing - my Mum sucking my girlfriend's pussy and it made me so horny as my dick was once again large and hard as I sat back and watched. My right hand cupped round my dick and I began to masturbate slowly.

Alexia and Mum's pussies rubbed up and down each other's as they fucked. Their clitoris' hot making them get even more excited as they fucked harder.

I masturbated harder and as they orgasmed I did as well. Sperm spurting out all over my breasts and stomach.

Alexia and Mum turned to me and licked the sperm off me.

Mum got off the bed and picked up her clothes from off the floor and winked at us "thanks for that - that was amazing," she said, she winked at Alexia. Nice meeting you, Alexia."

"You too, Mrs Wilson," Alexia smiled back.

"Call me, Sal. Whenever you ever have any problems with my daughter don't ever hesitate to come to me. I'm sure I can help you."

"I'm sure you could," Alexia flirted back. She got off the bed and walked over to my Mum and kissed her long and hard. "I'd love to do it again some time, a threesome I mean."

Mum grinned and then fingered Alexia's pussy making her body tremble with excitement. "I'll look forward to it." She kissed her and then walked out of my bedroom.

Alexia stared after her as she descended down the stairs. She turned back to me and grinned "now my lover, you want seconds?" she asked seductively.

"I would love that," I said, as I leaned back and Alexia made my dick come back to life as she gave me the best blow job ever.

That was one experience I would never ever forget for as long as I live. I fucked both my mother and girlfriend and watched as they fucked each other all on the same day. It was amazingly awesome.



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