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Introducing... Scarlet: Part 1

Don't be shy and just stand there. Come on in... if you dare. There you go; get yourself comfortable and welcome to my world. I'm Scarlet. Actually it is Jasmine, but Scarlet has been my nickname ever since my high school days because of my crimson red hair. Many people would call me a very attractive woman if it weren't for one thing that makes me... let's say, "special". Ok, I'll stop beating around the bush—I'm a transexual. I never got surgery or anything; I was born like this. Most people would call it a genetic defect but I see it more like a blessing in disguise.

I mean, think about it. It makes me perfectly capable of having sex like a normal woman—that is, if she likes anal—and I can fuck guys and girls myself. Of course, it hasn't always been easy. In school and throughout my childhood I was made fun of if not outright bullied. It was tough never really finding real love, never quite feel like you belong. But life turned around for me when I moved to New York.

I know it's not a city for everyone but It's perfect for me. There is always something you can do and most people don't know about you if you don't want them to. And tonight would be like many nights before—an adventure for itself.

I should probably let you know, I'm a call girl. Hold your breath before you judge me; I know what you're thinking, but I'm not a cheap hooker. I am a classy, expensive escort. This job takes care of me quite well; I get enough money to put food on the table and I get to explore my sexuality quite a lot. Tonight I was to accompany a handsome lawyer to a meeting with his colleagues.

I started the evening taking a long bubble bath to get in the mood. I decided to put on some perfume for my date. You have no idea how intoxicating the nice scent of a woman can be to a man. It can release him from his free will and make him do anything you want. So, once I was done with my bath I decided to get dressed for the occasion. I decided to keep it sexy, yet classy. I put on my black lace stockings and fastened the red garter belt. Over this I wore my black mini skirt. It was long enough to not look too slutty but still short enough to give just a slight glimpse of my ass as I bend forward. I covered my C-cup breasts in a black lace bra. Wanna take it off? Go ahead, try it. It won't open, will it? It's because it's opened in the front. I liked adding a little kink to my wardrobe. A red satin blouse would finish off the outfit.

Now, it was time for make up and jewellery. Black, smokey eyes and red lipstick should do the trick. I put on my silver necklace with the heart pendant and a silver bracelet, just for the hell of it. One last check in the mirror and it was clear as crystal—I was a perfect ten. Keep in mind I was born as a girl, just with a dick; I'm not some guy in drag, so if you don't know better you'll think I'm all woman. I went out of my house, closed the door, put on my coat and called a taxi.

This is what I also liked about New York—where ever you want to go, there's a taxi that will get you there. It was a long drive, I'd guess around forty-five minutes. I took the time to think about my date. What would he be like and what would he want from me? I was hoping for a handsome gentleman that wants to show me off to his friends and later brings me home and takes me all by himself. We stopped at a nice restaurant and as I got out of the car I payed the driver and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I'm a little flirt, what can I say? I stood in front of the restaurant for about ten minutes until I met my date.

What I saw, nothing could have prepared me for...
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