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It's the small things that count: Part 4

Brian and Rachel meet old friends and have some fun
A week has passed since getting together with Rachel. It was Friday morning, so I decided to call Carlos about last week.

"I think I should apologize to him,"
Rachel shyly remarked.

"I told you it's cool I'll handle this. But thanks honey."

It took a while, as always, until Carlos answered his phone, but eventually he did.

"Yo Brian wassup, dude?"

"Hey man. I wanted to talk to you about last week."

"Don't worry man it's cool. I went out myself and met a hot chick I took home. Damn bro you should've seen her she had an ass like you wouldn't believe it was of the hook.
" That's Carlos like I know him. Never the modest type and an ass man for sure.

"Can we meet up later?"

"Sure dude sounds good. Puzzles in an hour?"

"You know it."

I should probably let you know what the puzzles is. It's a nice bar we went to for years. You could almost call it our base of operations. It was a place we always met at and had a great time. It had a nice ambiance, awesome people and the drinks were cheap. I got dressed and asked Rachel if she would join me.

"Sure I'll join you Brian. I need some fresh air anyways."

I put on my black jeans, a white shirt and my blue hoodie. Rachel surprisingly didn't take long either. I shouldn't be surprised, though. She wasn't like the girls I used to know. She didn't need hours for her outfit or make-up. She knew what looked good on her. She decided to go out in her tight red jeans, a black top and her Monster Energy hoodie. just a casual outfit but it was amazing on her. In the bar we were waiting for Carlos when Rach started to get nervous.

"What's Carlos actually like, Brian? And what does he look like?"

"Trust me, babe you will recognize him when you see him."

It didn't take long until he arrived. Carlos, as the name probably implies, is a Mexican from San Diego, CA. He was 6'2" tall and very slender with a nice tan. He wore brown pants and a white muscle shirt with some chest hair showing. To top it off he wore a trucker cap with his black locks showing underneath. As I expected he didn't make a big effort to get done as he thought it would just be the two of us.

"Hey Brian How you doin' man? Haven't seen you in a while I missed you, skaterboy."

"Well, I was pretty busy the last couple of weeks. I moved into my new place and met someone special."

"I noticed man. Who's this pretty lady you got with you? She's smokin'."

I wanted to introduce them to each other but Rachel already reached out her hand.

"I'm Rachel, nice to meet you. I'm Brian's Roommate and Girlfriend." Carlos was very surprised I could tell. I'd have some explaining to do.

"Girlfriend? I thought you were single, Brian. How long have you been datin', dude?"

"Well, it's been going on for a while but it's only official since last week."

"I see now it makes sense. You two didn't answer because you were havin' some fun. That's my man."

Rachel got up to get us some drinks. we both took a beer and a tequila for Carlos.

"You gotta tell me where I get one of those." Carlos commented with his distinct smile.

"If I know how I'll let you know." I was thinking about telling Carlos about Rachel's secret. He was my best friend after all. He grew up having to deal with a lot of racial prejudice and racism so I was sure he wasn't gonna judge her.

"Rachel is a very special girl, you know?"

"I got eyes you know, dude? She's a fine girl and seems really cool to chill with."

"That's not what I meant though. She's different than other girls. She's got a dick."

"C'mon bro don't be messin' with me. You are kidding, right
?" Every other time I might have actually been but Carlos noticed I wasn't joking.

"Damn, man I let you alone for once and now you surprise me like this. What is it? Got tired of pussy?" Every other guy I would've punched now but this was just Carlos being himself.

"I didn't notice it at first and once I did I wasn't put off by it. In fact, I was curious and it turned me on."

"So, you did bang her already, right? How was it?"

"Best sex I've ever had."

"Alright man maybe I gotta get me a girl like her aswell who knows. It's not like you ever disappointed me. You know I'm on your side.If you think it's cool then that's all that counts."

It was a big relief to know my best friend accepted Rachel. He's always been more than my best friend he was more like a brother to me. After a while Rachel returned with our drinks but she wasn't alone. Next to her was a tall, brunette woman. She was stunning she must have been around 5'10" with long, curvy legs and curves in just the right places. The way Carlos stared at her I knew he was interested. I could tell. A lot of people would say, 'Oh Carlos takes everything that has tits,' but as his best friend I knew better. I knew he had clear standards a girl had to meet. Those include long legs, a fine ass and if she's a brunette then even better.

"Hey guys I want you to meet Lindsay." Rachel suddenly said, snapping me out of my thoughts. "I know her since our high school days and couldn't believe it when I saw her standing at the bar. Do you mind if she sits with us?"

"Absolutely not sit down and make yourself comfortable, mamacita." Carlos said with his typical Latino flair.

"Thanks guys. I like your accent by the way. I have a thing for Hispanics." Lindsey answered, trying not to blush.

"Well, seems you two are getting along just fine. So Brian, how did you and Carlos meet?"

"We know each other since our high school days. We both wanted to join the basketball team but there was only one spot open so they had us competing against each other for the spot. We constantly tried to outdo each other and in the end we were both completely done. The trainer was very impressed and threw out one guy who was gone in a year anyways and gave both of us a spot on the team. Ever since then we've been hanging around together."

"Damn man we've really been through some shit together, haven't we?"
Carlos laughed.

"I never knew you played Basketball, Brian. That's really cool."

I did a lot of sports over the years. I also tried football and baseball but ultimately decided to stick with basketball. Your turn now how did you girls meet?"

"Let me see where do I start? Ah, right I know. It was our first day in high school and we already had sport that day. We were the last two to get changed because we arrived late. So we did and suddenly she started kissing me. I was really surprised but didn't resist it. Turned out she was bisexual and still is. I thought it was interesting so we kept talking to each other."

"Now that's what I like to hear. More details, ladies."
Carlos remarked, blunt as always.

"I think we'll save those for another time." Lindsay giggled.

"So, what do you say? Should we go? We can go to our place. Rachel and I rarely have guests."

"Sounds good to me, amigo. Since we didn't get to last week."

Don't remind me I thought. I was kinda happy we didn't do the party last week. I wasn't in party mood anyways and only thought about Rachel. We took the bus back home and immediately turned on some music. I was surprised we could agree on something with all our different tastes. Carlos and Lindsay got along really well. I dunno how he did it. That's a mystery I never figured out. "It's the Latino flavor," he always said. I decided to get some drinks for us. I really missed hanging out with my friends like this. Ever since moving in with Rachel it was just me and her and nobody else. But I'm not complaining I found the love of my live and wouldn't trade that for anything.We spent the day talking, laughing, watching TV and drinking. It was getting kinda late and I noticed Rachel was getting a little tipsy. I wasn't exactly what you'd call sober as well, though.

"Alright I think I'm bringing the little princess to bed. If you want why don't you two get comfortable on the couch? You can stay here tonight. It's getting kinda late don't think you wanna be out at this time."

I helped Rachel into bed as good as I could. Once we were there she took off her top and jeans and started kissing me.

"Come on Brian let's have some fun," she said, stuttering over her words.

"Are you sure? Carlos and Lindsay are still in the living room."

I went out of the room to check on them. I heard them making out mixed with soft moans. "Sounds like they're having a good time." I thought, "Well, so can I."

"Not having to worry anymore about them hearing us I went back to my room, taking control. I took off my pants and boxers and Rachel went right for it like a starving animal lusting for prey. She took all of it down her throat, her hands gently cupping my balls. Her cock grew rock hard so she removed her panties. after a short while she climbed on the bed, getting on all fours, her ass arching upwards. I grabbed some lube, used it on her although not as much as the first time and went in. I started thrusting and she screamed and moaned loudly. It's like she was in ecstasy. Suddenly you could hear loud moans and occasional screams from the living room.

"Challenge accepted." I thought and went even faster. I felt like back in high school when Carlos and I tried to outdo each other in Basketball. Only this time there were other balls to dunk. God that was horrible imagine I never said that. I went on pounding her ass for a while until she interrupted.

"Let me get on top, Brian."

I pulled out, lifted her up, layed down and let her ride me. It was crazy a week ago this girl had never been with another guy and now she was riding me like a cow girl rode a mad bull during a rodeo. I knew this wouldn't take long. When she dropped her bra I reached right for her perky, pink nipples and pinched them.She bent over so I took the chance to suck and bite on her nipples. Her nails were digging deep in my back but I didn't care I never felt the pain. This sent me over the edge though. I came right then, filling her with my load.Rachel now came as well, shooting her load all over my stomach. She collapsed on top of me but got up again quickly, remembering we still had guests in the living room. We quickly put some clothes back on, cleaned up and checked on the two. Of course, as expected, they were fucking, too. Like a reflection in the mirror Lindsey was riding Carlos just like Rachel did to me minutes ago. It was the first time I really got to check out Lindsey. She looked like a goddess with her long legs, nice butt, big tits, definitely a D at least, and soft skin.

"She's beautiful, isn't she?" Rachel whispered.

"She is. Missing something special like you though."

So we decided to leave them and go to bed. We had to talk about this tomorrow.

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