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It's the Small Things That Count: Part 5

Tags: trans
A new room mate moves in and causes some interesting development.
The next morning started...interestingly, lets say. I felt my cock getting hard, which was unusual since I never had morning wood and especially not after last night. I slowly opened my eyes, wiped the sleep out of them and looked down to see Rachel with my cock in her mouth.

"Morning sleepy head," she giggled, taking my throbbing cock out of her mouth for a moment. "I was up early so I thought why not give my man a treat?"

"Well, you sure do know how to wake me up, babe. Keep going. You're doing well."

"You are awake now so I think I'll save this for later."

I was kind of dissapointed she didn't finish what she started. Oh well. I'd get my shot, if you know what I mean, eventually.

As Rach got dressed I decided to check on Carlos and Lindsay. I entered the living room just wearing my boxers and saw Carlos sitting on the couch, watching TV, with Lindsay in his arms. He got up and over to me, only wearing boxers as well.

"Had some fun last night, huh? Couldn't keep your hands off her. I knew it."

"What can I say, bro? I'm weak when it comes to sexy ladies like her. Gotta tell you she knows what to do and she needed it badly. It's been four months for her I almost felt sorry."

"You are such a gentleman. Well, what can I say, I got some fun last night as well so I won't complain. Ok then I guess we'll get dressed."

With this, Lindsay slowly woke up and turned red when she realized we were standing in the door, looking at her only wearing panties. Guess she didn't want to get dressed this late and wanted to do that before anybody woke up. I closed the door for her to get dressed and went into the kitchen, where Rachel joined us.

"Are you staying for breakfast, Carlos?" Rachel asked.

"I'd love to but I gotta go to work now. It was a nice night. We sure gotta repeat that. See ya around mates."

And with that he was gone. Kinda harsh to just leave after sleeping with Lindsay and not talking to her but what can I do. That's how it was gonna be. Carlos didn't have a real job so he helped out where ever he could. Currently he was helping a friend building his house. Lindsay joined us shortly after he left and looked confused.
"Where's Carlos?" she wondered.

"He had to go to work early today. He wanted to say goodbye but you were still sleeping." I was used to covering him like this. Only this time he didn't ask for it but I thought it was the right thing to do as there seemed to be a connection between them.

"So how will we go on from here?" Lindsay asked and I had no idea what she meant.

"Oh, right I didn't get to talk to Brian about it yet. Brian, Lindsay just broke off with her boyfriend who was also her room mate. Is it ok for you if she moves in for a while?"

I was kind of overwhelmed by this. I mean nothing against Lindsay but another girl in the house might get complicated. Especially one as attractive as her. I ultimately decided to say yes, though.

"Oh wow. Thanks Brian. I can't believe you actually said yes."

She hugged me and I couldn't help but get hard. I tried to turn away but I was sure Rachel noticed this.

"Ok I'll get my stuff and then we see each other here ok?"

"How about we help you get your stuff? It's easier like this and we'll be done sooner."

Alright, off we went to get her stuff. On the way we talked a lot because I thought if she was gonna live with us I might aswell get to know more about her. Unfortunately, Rachel seemed to be somewhat jealous and she talked to me when we were alone for a moment.

"Brian, you love me, right?"

"Of course I do. Why do you ask, babe?" Of course I knew the answer.

"I see how you are looking at her. She's extremely beautiful, I know, thought but for once I found a guy who loves me more than anybody before. I dont want to lose that."

This was serious, I noticed, so I had to do something.

"Listen to me babe. You are mine and always will be. I love you more than anything and you know that. I don't want anyone but you. Sure, Lindsay is a good looking woman but I had those before and she's just a good friend to me. Nothing more than that. You know you can trust me. I won't leave you, princess." I hugged and kissed her to show what I felt. It was a deep, passionate kiss you only see from two people that are deeply in love.

"Ok Brian, I believe you. I'm sorry I doubted you."

Lindsay walked downstairs and I couldn't help but notice she changed clothes. She was wearing sandals, a short blue miniskirt, a tight white and pink striped shirt and a black belt. She really is a gorgeous girl, had to hand her that. I tried not staring too much to not worry Rachel any more.

Once we got home, I decided to take a shower because carrying all that stuff was hard and it was really hot outside. In the mean time, the girls sat in the living room to talk.

"You are worried, are you?" Lindsay asked.

"You noticed?"

"Well have known you for a while now sweetie. Don't worry. I'm not interested in Brian. He's yours. Stealing my best friend's boyfriend would be spineless. I couldn't look at myself in the mirror anymore."

"That's good to know. Thank you. I was just worried cause he is the first guy to ever completely accept me and I can't imagine living without him anymore. If you ever asked me about the true definition of love I'd say it's what we have. I've still got an idea. Remember our promise in high school?"

"I do, yes...are you really serious about that?"

"Sure, why not?"

"Ok I'm in."

So I got out of the shower and what I saw in the living room I couldn't believe. Both girls were sitting on the couch just in their underwear. I was thinking about everything that might happen now. They wouldn't really...?

"Hey Brian. Did we ever tell you about our promise in high school? Rachel and I always wanted a threesome and if we found a nice guy for that we would do it," Lindsay remarked with a devious grin.

Did I hear that correctly? A threesome with two sexy women like them? I wondered if I was in heaven for a moment.

"I thought this would be the best solution," Rachel said "I noticed the sexual tension between you two. This way, we can just get it out of the way. It's not cheating if I join you. And I always wanted to fuck Lindsay myself ever since we were making out when we met. I guess this way everyone wins. So what do you say? Are you up for it?"

Before I could say anything, Lindsay took off Rachel's thong and grabbed her cock.

"She knows about it?" I was surprised but really turned on.

The two got into 69 position and went to work. Rachel gave me a sign to join in so I didn't hesitate and walked up to her. She took off my towel, which was all I wore, and started sucking me off. She got better at this every time she did it. At the same time, I got a clear look at Lindsay's pink, wet pussy. Completely shaved and an amazing sight. I started fingering her while Rachel took turns sucking my dick and licking her pussy.

Lindsay was moaning loudly and went up to suck my cock along with Rachel. They both took turns on it and massaged my balls at the same time. I was absolutely in heaven now, if I wasn't before. It was like they tried to outdo each other every time they handed me over. Lindsay deep throated me with ease so I'd say she won this one.

 It didn't take long until I wanted more. Lindsay noticed and laid down on the couch. I gave a short look at Rachel to see if it was really ok and she encouraged me to do it. So I started fucking her pink pussy for my first time in months, all while she was sucking my beautiful girlfriends cock. She took it down all the way. This girl was definately experienced so I gave her all I had. She was moaning very loud, or at least as loud as she could with Rachel's cock down her throat, muffling her screams. First time in a while I didn't need any lube.

This girl sure gets around, I thought, but she was a great fuck.

Rachel took her cock out of Lindsay's mouth now and bent over without a word. I knew what she wanted. She wanted what her best friend was getting. With this I entered her hole, which was much tighter than Lindsay, but it was a good feeling. Lindsay went on to stroke Rachel's fully erect cock and kissed me. Distraced by us making out, I didn't even notice how hard I was pounding Rachel. I knew she wasn't used to me going this rough on her so I had to ask if she was ok.

"Keep going! I love it!" she yelled, moaning and screaming in pleasure.

I wasn't sure if she was really honest or just tried to show off but I gave her what she wanted. I pounded her hole for a while until Lindsay couldn't take it much longer. She wanted to be fucked too. I could tell.

I slipped out of my girlfriends tight ass to help Lindsay out but the girls had other plans. Lindsay got on top of Rachel and started riding her. A lovely sight seeing a hot girl on top of another. I just had to step in, fucking her pussy while Rachel did her ass. We got into the same rhythm; I went in just as she pounded Lindsay's hole. We were all completely naked at this point and the room filled with moans, screams and hard breathing. I sure had my work cut out with these naughty devils. I was first to cum, filling Lindsay up until it oozed out of her. At the same time Rachel shot her load up Lindsay's ass. We all layed down on the couch completely exhausted, our juices mixing together. Rachel licked Lindsay's holes clean and they kissed, sharing my creamy present. What a sexy sight this was.

"Wow girls, that was amazing. Can cross the threesome of my bucket list for now."

"It was your first one?" Lindsay asked.

"Yes what about you?"

"I had some but this was the best I had."

We went under the shower then, Lindsay on her own while I went in with Rachel. I decided to reward her by sucking her off. Of course I wasn't as experienced but it got the job done. She exploaded all over my face and I cleaned it off.

"Thanks for this experience Babe. I hope you can trust me now." I said.

"I always could. I just needed an excuse for this, honey. Thanks for going along with it." She giggled, looking down shyly. What a manipulator. But I couldn't complain.

And so ended yet another day in my awesome new life.

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