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Lavished By Him

An escort's first time with a sexy, handsome transguy.

I’m waiting patiently outside the nice hotel room for him to answer the door. I was told he is tall, white, with black hair and soft eyes. That was the customer’s exact description. I’ve never had a client who described his eyes as soft, so I am definitely intrigued.

My boss told me that this is a new client and that he’s never been with an escort. That is why he recommended me since apparently I am the sweetest and most patient worker that he has. His words, not mine.

So I’m not exactly sure what to expect in terms of looks when he opens the door. Most of my customers are older, with lonely, tired eyes, and they tend to be overweight, aching for a woman’s feminine touch. I can always feel their initial isolation when we meet, and sometimes it brings me to tears because it’s so overwhelming. As an empath, it’s impossible for me to completely cut off my emotions. Doing so would take away from my job, making the business less lucrative for me.

So when I see his handsome face appear on the other side of the threshold, his emerald eyes gazing intently at me, I feel rooted in place. My breath catches in my throat and my chest clenches in disbelief. This man called for an escort? I think there has been a mistake. Panic starts to swell in my chest before he smiles and makes my entire body feel like it’s on fire, being consumed alive.

“Hello, Autumn,” he says in a sexy, soft voice. “Please come in.”

I avidly stare at him in continued disbelief as he opens the door further and allows me inside. I try my best to not trip and fall in my high-heeled black wedges, and try to not focus on the palpitating loneliness exuding from him. If I had to guess his age, I’d say he’s in his early thirties, so he’s a few years older than me.

I’m wearing nothing but my black lacy lingerie underneath my faux fur coat that skims the top of my knees. Right away, I know that this man is different than the others, not in the sense that he wants to please me before he comes himself, but that his soul and mine are intertwining already, aching for each other. Which has never happened before.

“I’m going to take a shower,” he says in that gentle, calm voice that is making my heart race wildly. “Feel free to have some wine.”

“T-thank you,” I stutter as I sit down on the king size mattress, continuing to stare at him. “I’m okay, though.”

“I’ll be right back.”

As soon as the bathroom door closes, my mind starts going haywire with possible conclusions. He is into some weird fetish. He wants to worship me. He wants to dominate me. Usually, I can get a sense of what the customer wants, what his desires lean toward, but I’m drawing a blank with him. 

The shower runs for a little over five minutes before he opens the door and comes out, looking pristine and amazing in a navy blue suit and white collared shirt. I feel as if I’m melting onto the mattress, gazing at his handsome, dapper self as he approaches me on the bed. I pick up on his aura of intense insecurity and once again I am plagued by genuine curiosity. He sits down on the edge of the bed next to me and sighs before he meets my gaze.

“There is something… I have to tell you before we start,” he says in a calm and collected tone. “I wouldn’t feel right not telling you. If you are uncomfortable with it, I understand. I’ll still pay you and you can leave.” He pauses before he takes a deep breath and says, “I’m transgender.”

I don’t even blink as I continue staring at him. “You’re a transguy?”

He nods. He carefully watches my reaction, probably expecting disgust or disappointment, but I just smile and say, “That’s more than okay. You’re one of the most handsome clients I’ve ever gotten. And I’ve been doing this for quite awhile.”

His pale cheeks flush and his tense posture relaxes. “I’m happy to hear that. And thank you for saying that. I actually have… a strap on if you want to play with it. You can ride me and come as much as you want.”

“Mm.” Lust courses through me as I picture myself riding his cock and kissing him passionately. “That sounds delicious. But first I want to kiss you and grind against you. You can touch me all you want. Would you like that?”

“Yes,” he says breathlessly. “I would love that so much.”

“Good. Lie down on the bed then, baby.”

I definitely sense that most of his anxiety has evaporated, only to be replaced by lust and anticipation. He lies down on the bed as I take off my fur coat and rest it on the bed, revealing my lacy black bra and underwear. He stares at me longingly as I carefully straddle him and then place my hands on both sides of his head so that my long hair falls down, brushing his face. He shivers and places his warm hands on my hips, which sends a jolt of adrenaline through me.

“I haven’t touched a woman in so long,” he says as his lovely hands roam my bare skin. “I missed this so much. The softness, the gentleness.”

His honest, tender words make me ache inside. I bring my lips to his neck and kiss the sensitive skin there, which makes him groan and squeeze my hips a little harder. He smells so amazing, reminding me of my favorite incense, patchouli. I grind my hips against his hardness, and even though I’ve never been with a transguy before, I feel so comfortable and turned on at the same time.

And when I finally bring my lips to his own and we kiss, I confirm what I suspected from the moment I saw him; we have undeniable chemistry. He runs his hands through my hair and I feel myself getting more and wetter as I eagerly thrust against his hardness, moaning when I imagine my mouth suckling the head of his strap-on.

“I want to suck you off,” I whisper against his parted lips. “Will you let me?”

“Of course.”

Smirking, I make my way down the same way I would for a cisgender guy; I kiss my way down to him, making sure to look up at him with my big eyes before I unbuckle his belt, unbutton his pants and pull them down to reveal his long, thick cock. I moan before I gently kiss the head and lick it tentatively while gazing up at him. He groans when I wander my hands up and caress his firm, sinewy body. God, he is so sexy; it hasn’t even been five minutes and I am already soaking wet. I can only imagine how amazing it’s going to feel when I slip his cock inside of my wet, tight folds…

“God, I want you so bad,” I whisper as I lavish his cock in warm, frothy spit. “Will you let me ride your cock?”

“Of course,” he breathlessly says as his fingers run through my soft strands. “Ride me as hard as you want.”


With other men, I would be applying lube on them and on myself by now, but with him, there is no need for that. And unlike most of the clients that I’ve been with, he seems to be focusing solely on my pleasure; he keeps caressing my entire petite, soft body, not just focusing on my breasts. I love when a man touches me all over, worshiping me with his large, masculine hands. And he is doing just that, completely adoring me with his touch, making sure to gently caress my tan skin all over.

“So beautiful,” he whispers ardently. “I love your skin. I love your smell. You are perfect.”

I am far from perfect and never will be, I want to say out loud, but I don’t want to ruin this moment with him. Even though this should strictly be work, it no longer feels like it. When I slip the head of his cock inside of me, I gasp at how amazing it feels; my entire body trembles with anticipation and white-hot desire for him. I carefully sink myself all the way down his cock and I can already feel the fat, engorged tip rubbing my G-spot and I just know that it won’t take me long to come so hard all over him.

“You are so fucking sexy, baby,” I say in heat as I swivel my hips against him. “You’re going to make me come so fast.”

He seems to love my words because he moans and wraps his lean, strong arms around my small waist and pulls himself up before he kisses my sensitive nipples and gently suckles on them. A tiny whimper escapes me as I wrap my shaky arms around his broad shoulders for support and my thrusts become more insistent and greedy.

Most of my clients are men that are solely focused on themselves; they could care less about my orgasm or pleasure. But not Quinn. With his skilled lips wrapped around my taut, erect nipple and his warm, wet tongue swirling the hard nub, I feel like I’m about to pass out from sheer, exquisite pleasure.

“Bite my neck, baby,” I whisper. “Please.”

One of my favorite fetishes is to be bitten, but I only allow clients that I personally like to do it. It’s rare for me to be this attracted to a client, and with the way he is sucking and licking my sensitive nipples, I can only imagine what his expert mouth would feel like on my neck. Most men usually get excited when they find out that I’m pretty kinky, but he actually pulls away from my breasts and tenses underneath me.

He says, “I don’t want to mark you. Will that get you in trouble with work?”

I smile in consolation. “No, baby. And I would love to get love bruises from a handsome, sexy man.”

His sudden tense posture relaxes and a sexy grin claims his expression. “Very well, then. I will be happy to deliver. I’ll do whatever you want.”

Hearing those words sends more liquid heat to my slippery, tight core. I am so wet that I can hear my drenched labia smacking against the base of his cock and when he places those lips against my neck, I gasp and feel my womb tighten around him. My orgasm comes so swiftly; the combined sensations of his teeth carefully adding pressure to my pale, sensitive neck, his thick, long cock buried deep inside of me, rubbing my G-spot and his hands exploring my small body have me trembling and moaning after only a few short minutes. Until the pleasure is too intense and I feel the familiar stirring within my womb.

“Quinn, baby,” I whimper as my hands start to shake and my thrusts become primal and desperate. “I’m going to come so hard.”

“Yes, all over me,” he whispers tautly, squeezing my hips urgently. “Come all over my cock. Drench me in your sweet cum.”

His sexy, erotic words send me over the cusp of pleasure; the curve of his cock touches my G-spot and my body goes under a series of tiny tremors as my cum gushes out of me. I whimper and gasp when I feel the clear liquid trickle out of me as I continue to ride him again and when I gaze into his forest green eyes and see the dark, erotic expression flickering across his handsome face, I feel my tight womb clench yet again.

“You are so fucking sexy, coming all over me like that,” he says wistfully. “Ride it as hard as you want, baby. It’s yours.”

I do as I’m told. I carefully slip him out of me and twirl around so that I’m facing away from him to start fucking him, hard. I close my eyes and focus on the delicious sensation of bouncing up and down on him and tweaking my nipples until my sopping wet cunt can’t take it anymore and I feel yet another surge of release ripple through me.

“I’m going to come,” I whimper. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!”

A tiny scream escapes me as I involuntarily slip him out of me and I squirt all over his firm thighs. He groans as I quickly slide down his firm, sinewy body and lick up all the cum from his sexy body, making sure to look up at him as I drag my tongue up his firm inner thigh. I imagine my tongue deep inside of him as he face fucks me and the mere image makes me shiver in absolute surrender.

“Do you need something, my sweet?” he asks in a low, sexy growl.

I avoid his gaze as I plant a soft kiss underneath his navel, forcing a shudder from him. “I… never mind. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

He runs a hand through my straight, long hair and caresses my soft cheek, making me purr. “It’s okay. I want to please you. You can’t say anything that will freak me out. I’m open-minded.”

I gulp before I whisper, “ I want to pleasure you, Quinn. I want to taste you. But I understand if you wouldn’t want that.”

To my complete surprise, a grin spreads on his handsome, sexy face. “Next time. Perhaps when I’ve had some whiskey? So I don’t feel so insecure.”

Concern flutters in my chest. “I’m sorry. I don’t want you to be insecure. We don’t have to do that.”

“I would love to use your hot little mouth,” he whispers as he lightly pulls my hair. “I would fuck your beautiful face so good. We’ll do it next time if you want to meet again.”

My heart hammers in my chest violently from hidden joy upon hearing his sexy, dominant words. “Whenever you want. I will be here.”

“Mm.” He smiles as he rubs my pink lower lip with his thumb. “Good girl. I can’t wait.”

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