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My Boss's Shocking Secret

Some secrets never stay secret forever.
Sylvia Watson, a twenty six year old young journalist, walked over to her desk at the New York Times and sat down in her chair and sighed. She placed her bag on the back of her chair when an Asian guy in a dark suit came over to her.

"The new boss is in the office," he whispered. "Her face is like thunder. Where have you been? The first meeting with her was half an hour ago."

"My alarm went off late," Sylvia replied, she pushed a long strand of blonde hair off her shoulder.

The door to the far end office swung open and a tall, slender woman in her early forties stood in the doorway with her arms folded. She had long brown hair and wore a yellow sleeveless dress and black heels. Her face was like thunder. But she was a beautiful woman. She stared right at Sylvia.

"You," she pointed her index finger of her right hand at her. "Come with me," she ordered, then spun on her heel back into her office.

"Oo, looks like someone's in trouble," said the Asian guy.

Sylvia rolled her eyes at him as she stood up and walked towards her boss's office and walked in closing the door behind her. She saw her new boss in her black leather chair with an annoyed look upon her face.

"You wanted to speak with me," she said, but her voice came out nervously.

"Do you know what time it is?" Her boss asked. "You should have been here like everybody else an hour ago!" her eyes were blazing with fury. But they dropped down to notice what a lovely looking young woman stood in front of her. Especially in that silky white low cut blouse. "Never mind," she sighed. "My name is Ms Anderson, but just call me Emma. Could you please close the blind on the door."

"Sure," Sylvia said, then pulled down the white blind on the door.

Emma pushed back on the chair and stood up then walked round the desk and leaned against it placing her hands on it. She gazed lustfully at her employee's breasts. She felt her body beginning to get hot with excitement. Emma walked up to Sylvia and pushed her into a corner.

"Erm, Ms Anderson, I'm not into girls," Sylvia said.

"Am I not attractive?"

"You are very attractive woman but I'm not into women."

Emma leaned forward to whisper in her ear, "I make you a deal. You sleep with me and you keep your job and if you don't.." she grinned at her evilly.

Sylvia turned to her angrily, "if I don't you'll fire me, is that it?"

"You can kiss your journalist career goodbye." She smiled. "What's it gonna be?"

"I'll sleep with you," she said flatly.

Emma grinned with delight and clapped her hands together. She leaned forward and began kissing down her neck. "Take off your blouse," she whispered seductively.

Sylvia pulled her blouse out of her black skirt and began unbuttoning it while her eyes were on her boss. When she took her blouse off, she gasped in shock at what grew out from her boss's dress.

Emma pulled up her dress and revealed her deep dark secret. She had a man's dick and balls. A very big one. She pulled down her panties and tights down her legs and had her secret on full display ready for action.
"Please don't tell anyone," she said. "Keep undressing," she cupped her left hand around the shaft of her dick and began to move up and down on it.

She didn't know what to think or do as she continued to take off her clothes. She closed her eyes as she did as she heard her boss masturbating faster over her. Sylvia stood in her black undies now and opened her eyes and was shocked to see her boss moving her hand rapidly on her hard dick like a guy jerking off to porn. As she watched, she felt all of a sudden hot and felt a stirring of arousal down below. Was she getting turned on by her female/male boss jerking off to her.

Emma moaned and gritted her teeth together from screaming out as she came. Her semen came shooting out and hit Sylvia on the chest. She stepped closer and kissed her and placed her right hand on Sylvia's pussy that was hot and was beginning to get wet. Her hand went inside Sylvia's panties and fondled her pussy making her moan out.

"For someone who wasn't into girls sure is hot and wet," Emma commented, grinning wickedly. "Let's get rid of these," she peeled off her knickers. Hearing Sylvia's moans of pleasure made Emma's dick grow very hard again. "You want me?" she whispered.

"Yes," Sylvia said.

"Say you want me deep inside you."

"I want you deep inside me."

Emma took Sylvia's arm and led her over to the black massage chair and got her to get in it and she did. She pressed a button to straighten out the chair. Emma took off her heels and tights and panties then climbed on top of her.

"Suck me," she said, lustfully.

Sylvia rose her head up and took Emma's cock deep in her mouth and moved it up and down. She felt her boss's hands on the back of her head pushing her to go deeper. She heard Emma's moans of pleasure.

Emma pulled out and then guided her cock to Sylvia's dripping wet pussy and without any hesitation thrusted deep inside her. Making them both gasp.

Their lovemaking was gentle at first then grew and grew with intensity making the massage chair thud loudly against the floor.

Sylvia couldn't believe she was making love to a trans sexual but it felt fantastic. She moaned loudly as she felt her boss's balls hitting her legs with each thrust. Suddenly, she cried out as her body went into spasms as she came setting off the chair that made a vibrating sound that made her orgasm again.

Emma thrusted her harder and faster and then she too came deep inside her.

Who would've thought that being blackmailed by your trans sexual boss would be so satisfying!

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