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My High School Reunion

I couldn't believe my luck when the gorgeous Melissa George sat on my new penis and I was inside her
I was a twenty nine year old beauty consultant from South London but a couple of years back I flew to LA and had my female reproductive parts removed and replaced with male reproductive parts because I didn't feel or like having periods and the thought of getting pregnant, giving birth. It felt strange and hurt at first but I got used to it. My friends were supportive but my family didnt like it so they stopped speaking to me.

I received an invitation through the post to a high school reunion at her my school and thought she'd go.

The night of the reunion and I arrived outside the tall building in a long black limo and stepped out wearing a long, red dress. My long blonde hair was down in pretty curls. I walked into the crowded hall full of old high school students and glanced around at the laid out buffet on the tables where people were chatting, laughing, drinking and eating. I walked on over to the table of white champagne and took a glass and sipped it.

"Hello, Jessie," said a female, silky voice from behind.

I turned around and I nearly dropped the glass to the floor. Standing in front of me was Melissa George looking drop dead gorgeous in a silver dress and her long chestnut brown hair curled around her shoulders. "Hi, Melissa," I said. Don't get turned on, don't get turned on, I thought. But my eyes seemed to lower down from her face, neck, shoulders, to her breasts where they stared there awakening a sensation down in my new region area.

"How you been?" Melissa asked.

"Not bad. I'm a beauty consultant now, You?" I asked.

"Hairdresser," she said. "Wow, you look fabulous. I wouldn't have recognised you if I hadn't spotted your name tag." She leaned in closer and I could smell her sweet perfume of flowers. "I have to say I'm a little turned on by you," she laughed at my shocked expression. "I'm a lesbian. Don't suppose you're into girls?"

"There's something different about me too," I said. But before I could say anymore, the sensation down in my groin got stronger making my penis grow a bit. I took her by the hand and we rushed out of the hall, up a couple of staircases where we stopped to take a breath. I watched Melissa lustfully as she bent over and I could see right down her dress as she caught her breath. My penis grew and grew until it was sticking out of my dress.

Melissa gasped in shock but that soon became lust. She rubbed it and got down on her knees and pulled up my dress and took my long, hard dick inside her mouth.

I was in heaven.

I sat down on the stairs and she sat down on top of me and I thrust inside her wet pussy. My balls banged against her thighs. I couldn't believe I was having sex with the gorgeous Melissa George. I felt my her lips on my nipples as she sucked and teased them with her lips. My hands grabbed hold of her buttock cheeks and thrusted harder and harder.

We both groaned out in pleasure. The thought of someone hearing or coming turned ourselves on even more. I turned her over and took her from behind- doggy style. My body quivered as I came and I collapsed on top of Melissa. All hot and sweaty.

Melissa got up and sorted out her dress and so did I. We walked casually back down to the hall smiling at one another.

At that moment I knew it wasn't a one off. It was the start of something.

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