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My new family

This story is a fantasy about becoming a daughter to a couple.
I had moved from a small Village in to the City to try to find work as there was nothing in the village or close by. I had managed to scrape the deposit together to get myself a small bedsit close to the centre of town it wasn’t much but at least it was cosy, it also meant that I could easily get out to the pubs and clubs. At 21 years of age I needed a job but also it meant that I could go out dressed whenever I wanted without anyone recognising me as a male, at least then I could save for an operation to be a girl.

I decided to go out on a Friday night so got myself ready. I first shaved my body making sure it was totally hair free and smooth, next I dried before rubbing some oil in to my skin just to give it that extra soft look with a sexy sheen. I went into the bedroom and opened my drawer taking my time to select a pink bra and panty set, which I put on making sure to pull the straps just so to make the bra fit my 34b breasts perfectly and sliding the panties over my cock making sure to tuck myself under. I opened my wardrobe selecting what to wear pulling the coat hangers across as I looked through my clothes. At last I could see what I want it was perfect just right for going to a gay pub and club after. I pulled out the denim bib dress with a rose motif across the rear pocket then choose a pink t-shirt to add to my look, I looked myself over with a huge grin knowing I would have a lot of eyes on me. Next came my earrings choosing some huge hoops. I applied my make up sitting in front of the mirror blue eye shadow blended with white, pink lips with lot’s of gloss and a slight hint of blusher on my cheeks. I felt good and was starting to look I hoped drop dead gorgeous. I took out my hair dryer and started to style my hair leaving it slightly damp to I could use my curling irons to give my long brown hair ringlets. Finally I selected some shoes deciding to wear some black strappy sandals, I had done my nails in the morning and had matching baby pink feet and finger nails.

I grabbed my bag as I left home and headed to the pub, a gay friendly place where everyone was always nice and always a great place to start a good night. As I was at the bar I noticed an out of place couple staring across at me, they seemed to be talking and looking over so I smiled before sitting at a table. The music was good coming out of the juke box and I chatted to various friends before I decided to head for the club finishing my drink before leaving.

I decided that I would go to a smaller mixed club, by mixed I mean that it was frequented by both guys and lesbians and of course quite a few transsexuals and transvestites.

I ordered my spiced rum and coke deciding to stand at the bar a while, as always the usual crowd were there and the music was getting better. There was a gentle tap on my shoulder from the lady from the pub.

“Care to dance?” she asked.

“Yes why not” I replied, before following her onto the dance floor.

We danced a while not really saying much but moving to the music in time we were sure looking good together in the mixed crowd of same sex dancers. I looked around for the guy she had been at the pub noticing he was sat on a stool his eyes fixed on us both. I guessed the age to be around the late 40’s with her being slightly younger.

“Your friend seems to be enjoying the view” I said just as the music slowed down.

“That’s my hubby Keith I‘m Cynthia” she said as she grabbed hold of me tight running her hands up and down from my waist on to my ass, her knee was grinding into my crotch and my cock felt like it wanted to escape there and then.

“I’m Kylie, does he mind you dancing with a transsexual like me?”

“No he’s fine with it.”

She gently nibbled on my ear before asking,

“If you don’t mind being dominated we just might get a fuck”

I blushed as I had never been with a woman before but wondering how Keith my fit into us fucking. My head was spinning just from the thought would he watch, did he mind even would he want to join in.

“Let’s go get a drink” Cynthia spoke in my ear breaking my thoughts.

We got to the bar and she asked what I would like to drink before Keith paid for our drinks.

“Keith this is Kylie, isn’t she cute?”

He nodded before saying hi with me smiling once again. We drank up before she wanted to dance once again.

As we danced this time with her still holding me close, she explained that she liked to sometimes be in control of someone younger and liked trans girls like me. She wanted to dress me how she would like and tie me up.

This was like a dream come true an older woman wanting to dress me and possibly in front of her hubby too I soon agreed to join them both at their home.

We had more drink before all leaving the club and getting into their car for a short journey back to there detached home just on the edge of the City.

We entered their home which was large and spacious before Cynthia said,

“You pour our drinks while I help Kylie”

I followed her up the stairs and into a dressing room,

“Don’t worry I only want to change your shoes and give you some socks to wear tonight, you look pretty good tonight anyway.”

She handed me some black Mary-Jane shoes and some long white knee socks,

“put them on” she said.

The shoes were just a little tight but the socks fitted perfectly with her telling me just to put up with the shoes for tonight.

“What do you think now?” she asked as we entered the lounge and picking up our drinks from the coffee table.

“Oh wow she’s even cuter now” Keith said with a huge grin.

She asked me to pose in front of them both before she patted the sofa so I could sit between them.

At first we chatted as she explained that they were in a domestic discipline relationship but they had something missing from it. As we drank and talked she told me that Keith was head of house like a daddy, she felt that she was mummy but at times Keith might punish her. I was now confused totally by what she had said! We chatted on into the night about how she couldn’t have children and how there relationship worked with me telling them both how I had moved to find work and to have my operation.

As the night wore on she grabbed me pulling me over her knees lifting my dress up exposing my panties to Keith. She teased my ass circling around before;

Slap! Slap! Slap!

I bit down hard on my bottom lip as her spanks got harder.

“N-n-no please I beg you not so hard” I managed to grunt out with tears now welling up in my eyes.

As quick as she started she stopped before going back to soothing my now really red backside. As she rubbed her fingers were slipping inside my panties and her finger was playing right at the entrance to my ass, I was shaking from her gentle touch before her finger pushed into me making me gasp quite hard. I tried to meet her probing finger before another entered my warm rosy bum, I was now moaning with pleasure before she stopped.

“You naughty girl did I tell you to enjoy it?” she barked at me.

“So sorry” I cried as she started to slap me once again.

This time as she finished I felt something cold on my ass before she pushed in a butt plug. At first it stretched me wide before sliding in my backside closing back down around the main bulb. It was my first ever time that a plug had been used on me which felt strange, I was getting a weird sensation from my ass being filled being over her knee still my legs were like jelly.

“It seems she likes being full, does daddy agree?”

“Yes she wants to please her mummy I think” Keith piped in.

He stood up walking around me before unzipping his flies and getting out his already stiff cock.

He forced it into my mouth fucking real deep with me getting a taste of his pre cum.

“That’s a good girl suck daddy good or I will get mummy to punish you”

I choked and gulped as he thrusted hard riding my mouth like a pussy, before he removed his cock just as Cynthia removed the plug.

She held me down tight as he replaced the plug with his cock pumping me hard, each time he came on an up beat Cynthia gave me a slap before he rammed it back hard.

“Oh god Yesssss!” Keith moaned as he pumped what seemed like gallons of hot cum inside me before he pulled out.

Cynthia pushed back in the plug before loosening her grip on me finally letting me rise and again patting the sofa for me to sit. Keith zipped his trousers back up and fetched us more drink.

Keith sat opposite on a chair as Cynthia pecked me on the cheek,

“I hope you enjoyed that?” she asked.

“Yes it was nice” I replied as I squirmed to sit comfy my backside all rosy and still invaded.

Cynthia got up and went out of the room returning after about 5 minutes before she sat she whispered into Keith’s ear so I couldn’t hear what was said. With him whispering back before she sat back next to me.

“I’m a beauty therapist and Keith is a banker, so no work yet then Kylie?”

I shook my head in reply before she said,

“We just might be able to help you then if you were interested, that’s if you wouldn’t mind dressing full time for us?” Cynthia asked.

“How do you mean?” I asked.

“You could move in with us” she quipped “we would make sure you wanted for nothing but you would call us mummy and daddy and dress as we tell you at all times.”

Now dressing full time was just a to good to be turned down and I loved the idea, but then I only dressed male for job interviews much preferring to dress as often as I could.

“You would move in as our Daughter if you agree?” Keith said as he handed us both another drink each.

“I will teach you to cook clean and so much more about dressing Kylie if you agree?” Cynthia asked once again.

She then explained how they would help me pay for my operation and buy my clothes for me.

“Are you up to being our daughter and looking after mummy’s and daddy’s needs?”

“I’ve made up the spare room for you tonight, why don’t you give us an answer in the morning.”

We finished our drinks before I was shown to my room with them just being in the next room, Cynthia fetching me a nightdress to borrow for the night.

I put on the nightdress and got into bed my mind a blur from what had been said, turning onto my side so the plug was more comfy. I didn’t sleep much that night and Morning soon came.

Cynthia entered the room

“Good Morning dear how did you sleep?”

“well thank you” I lied.

“have you thought anymore about becoming our daughter?”

I had thought of nothing but all night and my heart was ruling my head being able to dress full time really was a dream come true! I agreed to join them both as there daughter without further question. She smiled as she heard the news.

She told me that her childhood had been bad and she felt like she had missed so much of it after her parents had split and her ending up in care.

We got up and dressed and all met in the kitchen for breakfast just toast and cereal. Cynthia broke the news to Keith as we eat.

“That’s great news Kylie, welcome to the family.”

“Thank you Keith” a slap across the legs was quickly given to my reply.

“It’s Daddy Now and don’t you forget it!”

“Sorry daddy” I quickly responded.

My new mummy announced that she would be shopping most of the day and that me and daddy collected my stuff from my bedsit and give my notice that I was leaving.

After breakfast my new mummy took measurements and my shoe size with her remarking my breasts were just perfect as they were for my new role. Daddy drove me to collect my things while mummy went shopping.

We got back home and soon had my boxed things in the lounge I didn’t have much as such so we didn’t take long.

“Leave that there for now mummy will see what’s there when she gets home”

I was told to fix lunch and we talked after I had washed up for most of the afternoon.

Eventually mummy arrived with a car full of shopping which I helped her carry in.

My new mummy soon told me that everything was for me and that I should take them up to my new room the other side of there’s not the guest bedroom I had slept in.

As I walked in the room I noticed it was completely decorated as a teen room even down to the latest boy bands on the posters on the wall. I put the bags down on the bed before I heard mommy shouting for me to come back down.

“I have looked through everything Kylie, come out to the garden.”

We went outside where I could see all my stuff placed. My new daddy then set it alight which kind of fazed me that it was of no use.

“Well you’re here to stay hunny so you wont need any of it!” mum explained.

“Now lets go try some of the shopping I bought you and put it away”

As I tried on various outfits and mummy approved she explained that at home I would dress more young but if I was out with them then I would be dressed a little older. After some time she told me to put on some white cotton panties and matching bra along with white frilly ankle socks. Choosing some very tight denim shorts along with a vest with a Betty Boo motif, she had also laid out new makeup and other beauty products for me.

“Finish off putting your new clothes away and I will call you when dinner is ready” she said as she went down the stairs.

That night daddy explained the house rules and announced that mummy would be taking some time to teach me to cook for at least the next week. We then sat and watched television with me making the odd drink for us all before it was bedtime.

That night I slept well realizing that it wasn’t to be all punishment and sex it looked like I would be very happy from now on.

Sunday morning I got up at 9am with no sign of anyone so I decided to make breakfast sticking to cereal and toast with tea like the Saturday. I placed everything on a tray went up to there room and knocked before entering feeling really pleased with myself.

“We have a lie in on a Sunday Kylie without breakfast!” daddy shouted.

“Oh sorry I didn’t know.”

“Go stand in the corner till I say different nose to the wall!”

I did as I was told hearing them eat not daring to look fearing that I would be punished. After that I had to endure there noisy lovemaking before I looked but daddy soon noticed telling me not to.

Eventually daddy spoke,

“Go to the shop and get my newspaper”

He told me the one he wanted and giving me the money to fetch it for him.

When I arrived back they were both up with me helping mummy the rest of the day with chores and preparing dinner. Again in the evening we watched television before I was sent to bed at 10 pm which surprised me.

Monday I was woken up by mummy at 7am my butt plug removed having to get dressed and join her in the kitchen. I was shown how to prepare daddy’s cooked breakfast just right for him before he went off to work.

The whole of the week consisted of cooking, cleaning, washing with makeup lessons hair care and some free time on a sun bed. I earned a few slaps on the leg’s during the week and some corner times from daddy at night but no sex and no punishment and always to bed at 10pm each night with a butt plug inserted.

Friday night arrived and I had prepared dinner myself after we had eaten we watched some television as we did most night’s.

“Kylie tonight is punishment night stand before me” daddy suddenly barked in a very loud voice.

“And you can join her Cynthia.”

We stood side by side instinctively with our heads lowered to the floor. Mummy’s list wasn’t that long before he read out mine with a full week of things I had done wrong even down to going to bed two minutes late one night.

“Kylie go sit at the desk and write me 100 lines, I must not be late for bed ever on a school night or suffer the consequences on a Friday.”

I was shocked but did as I was asked while I could hear daddy spanking mummy hard hearing her sobbing quite loudly before she was put against the wall like I had been. My hand was aching from the lines but I finally finished the telling daddy straight away.

“Bring them here!”

I handed him the lines he took a glance at them before throwing them in the bin.

He ordered me to lean over the back of a chair and lowered my panties raising my skirt at the same time, I Braced myself waiting for his first spank.

SWISH CRACK! I screamed as I felt a cane across my backside.

More soon came down with me totally in tears long before he had finished! My backside was covered in welts instinctively I rubbed my very sore bum before receiving a very hard spank with daddy telling me not to. I was then also sent to the corner next to mummy after he raised my panties. We both seemed to be facing the wall for what seemed like hours before daddy broke the silence once more.

“Both of you over here NOW!

We both stood in front of him once more our heads both lowered even more now.

“Step forward Kylie I have something for you.”

He lowered my panties and attached a pink chastity device around my cock and balls.

“I have seen how you keep looking at mummy when you think I don’t notice so it’s on to stay!”

He attached a lock in place.

“Now thank Me”

He unzipped himself realizing his already stiff cock as I dropped to my knees to suck him dry. I so wanted his cum in my mouth and he wasn’t going to disappoint as he pushed my head ever deeper onto his cock.

“You better watch how she does it Cynthia as she can teach you a thing or two about how to suck cock.”

Now I felt really good as I bobbed my head up and down harder every now and then taking a breath while teasing the tip.

“Oh God yes suck it good little one I’m going to cum!”


Squirt after squirt hitting my tonsils as I gulped every last drop out of him before cleaning his cock up. He then made me kneel slightly more back from him my leg’s crossed palms face down on my knees, before he had mummy stand legs apart facing me. He lowered her panties and slapped her hard again making me look at her this time she wasn’t showing pain as his other hand was around her teasing her pussy. Her moans were getting louder as he was now playing with her clit before she could take no more screaming in a huge orgasm and spurting all over my face.

“I forgot to tell you Kylie mummy is a squirter I would say like you” Laughing hysterically

“well like you used to anyway!”

Mummy was flushed crimson at what he had said and what I had seen and I was all wet and also red with embarrassment, he told mummy to dress.

“Here’s my paddle dear your turn to punish Kylie!”

Mummy grabbed the paddle before making me lay over her knees on the straight backed chair that daddy had caned me at. Another list of things I had done wrong soon amassed before,

Thwop! Thwop! Thwop! Thwop!

A steady determined rhythm was rising on my backside as she hit harder and harder with each new stroke. Again I broke down in tears begging her to stop, offering to mend my ways or do anything either of them asked of me.

She finally stopped with me having no idea just how many I had been given, my eyes burning from the tears.

“Thank you mummy and daddy” I sobbed.

“Up to our room both of you!” daddy shouted.

Daddy climbed on the bed asking me to join him making mummy kneel and watch up as he fucked me in every possible position he could before he finally shot his load deep inside me. He then made mummy lay on the bed before he positioned me over her face making her clean his cum out of me, it was then I yelled out in ecstasy as I had an orgasm of my own.

We all lay on the bed before daddy inserted a new butt plug which took him some time to get inside me as this one was bigger than the last.

“Bed time Kylie” Daddy snapped at me.

“Night Night both I love you” a said as I went off to bed.

As I Slept I wondered what next week my bring?
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