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My New girlfriend.

i met my new girlfriend in a club.

I awoke with a smile and looked beside me on the bed. She was still there. Her naked body was something to behold. She had the cutest baby face I had ever come across. She had full soft breasts and a flat, toned belly. Her crotch was completely bald and she had a thick nine-inch cock. My ass was still sore.


It was a lovely day and I spent it in the park. My friends and I had played football and joked with one another. The topic under discussion was the new club that had opened in town. It was an LGBT club and most of us were bisexual. We talked about going there together and seeing what all the hullabaloo was about.

Before we parted to go home, we talked about meeting up that evening dressed up to the nines to go to the club. I made it clear that if I found someone I liked and they liked me, I would be ditching my friends to have fun on my own. They all laughed.

I got home and had a long relaxing bath. I love my baths and always have lots of bubbles. I took the chance to jerk off, cumming all over my chest. After my bath, I had a nap.

I awoke fully refreshed and chose a smart but casual dark jeans and button up shirt to wear. I left the house to meet up with my friends, two of which had chickened out and not turned up.

We went by car to the club and had to wait half an hour before we were able to get in. Inside was a sight to behold. Girls in sexy outfits, guys topless, and even some transsexuals that did nothing to hide their cocks. My friend went right away to a topless guy and within a few seconds they were making out.

Me, I like to be more subtle than that. I milled around for a bit before I saw her. She was gorgeous. She had cute, baby blue eyes and a cute button nose. Her lips were small and looked so kissable. The rest of her body looked great too. She wore a blouse with no bra, her nipples clearly visible. She also wore leggings that were so tight I could clearly see the outline of her large cock. I got instantly hard.

We caught each other's eye and seemed to gravitate towards each other. We stood in front of each other, both of us smiling like a pair of Cheshire cats. She slid her arms around my neck and I slid a hand around her waist and on her ass. We danced together in time with the music not saying a word. I stared into her blue eyes as she looked into mine. Her smell was intoxicating, a mixture of tropical and mango, mostly mango.

She leant her head forward and our lips touched, it was electric. At first, the kiss was soft and sensual and before I knew it, we were making out like our lives depended on it. Her tongue was long and slid into the back of my mouth tickling my tonsils. We were so close that I could feel her cock rubbing against mine.

I could not help myself and as we kissed I slipped my hand into her leggings and grabbed hold of her hard cock. She moaned into my mouth, encouraging me to jerk her off. I pulled away from our kiss and pulled her cock free from her leggings. I could see people around doing naughty things to each other so I guessed it was okay. I gave my new friend a peck on the lips and got to my knees in from of her. She smiled down at me as I took the tip of her huge cock into my mouth.

She held my head as I started to suck her, gently fucking my mouth as I sucked. I gently jerked the base of her cock as I slurped and sucked hard. She whimpered, grabbed a handful of my hair and started to fuck my mouth. I loved that she was starting to get aggressive and could tell that she was generally a top.

She pulled me up and put her rock hard cock back into her leggings. She took my hand and led me over to the bar. She pushed me against the bar and from behind pulled down my zip and pulled out my cock. She kissed my neck as she started to gently jerk me off. She ordered two Long Island ice teas for us as she kept on stroking my cock. As our drinks were being made she whispered naughty things into my ear that made me want to cum right then and there.

"You are so hot baby. I'm going to let you take me home tonight where we will make love all night long. I am going to let you suck me off again and then I am going to fuck your ass so hard. I can't wait to fuck you and cum in your butt."

I just groaned as she had me pinned against the bar. Her hand slid up and down my cock with ease and we made no effort to hide what was happening. She carried on jerking me off even when our drinks arrived and with great skill paid for them by opening her bag and taking out money with one free hand.

We both took sips of our drink as she jerked me off and dry humped me. I sipped on my own drink as I tried to concentrate on her hand still gliding over my cock.

"Tell me when you are close, I want to swallow your load."

I grunted that I was close and she turned me around. I watched her get on her knees in front of me and start to jerk me off hard. She took the tip of my cock into her mouth as she jerked me off and with a grunt, started to shoot off into her mouth. She quickly took my full length into her mouth, sucking me hard. She swallowed all my load, looking up at me with pure lust in her eyes.

She stood up and she kissed me passionately, letting me taste my own cum. She put my cock away and zipped me up. I watched her down the rest of her drink.

She took my hand and led me to the exit. I smiled as she led me out to the car park where she led me to a shiny black BMW and climbed in. I climbed in beside her and she started the engine. I decided to be naughty and pulled her leggings down a bit and pulled out her cock as she drove. As she drove I wrapped my hand around her cock and jerked her off hard. She groaned as she drove and after a minute she had to slap my hand away.

We arrived at my place and we practically ran upstairs to my bedroom. I don't think I have ever stripped so quickly and was naked in seconds. She had stripped too and pushed me back on the bed. She lay flat on top of me, her breasts and hard cock pressed against me.

We made out passionately as she moved her hips against me. Our cocks rubbed against each other as she moved her hips slowly.

She pulled away from me and with the strength of a man flipped me over onto my belly. She started to kiss my back, licking and kissing all the way down to the crack of my ass. Her hands spread my butt wide open and I felt her tongue slide into my back passage. She moaned as she sucked and lick my ass, her hand gently stroking the underside of my cock. She knew exactly what she was doing and I could tell she was loving it as much, if not more than I was.

"I'm going to fuck you now honey."

Still lying flat on the bed, I felt her gently push her cock up against my ass. Now like I said I am Bi, I have had a cock or two in my ass before, but she was huge. As the tip of her cock slipped past my sphincter, she pushed hard and ploughed her whole cock deep into my butt. I felt it go all the way inside and screamed from the sheer shock of her length.

I felt her ease herself down on top of me, laying down flat with her legs either side of mine. She used her legs for leverage and started to slam her huge cock in and out of my butt. She whimpered and groaned and I joined her in a chorus of pleasurable noises echoing around my bedroom.

As she fucked me, she spoke in a quivering voice. "Your ass is so tight. You feel so good and I can't wait to cum in your ass. You're going to be my boyfriend, right? We are going to fuck like this every day."

I groaned my yeses as she kept pulling her cock almost all the way out my ass and then slamming it home. I was loving it and my cock had never been so hard.

I felt her pull her cock nearly all the way out. Her bulbous cock head, pulling against the inside of my ass. I felt her nearly stand up and pull me up by my hips. I got onto all fours and felt her sink her cock all the way back in. She pulled me up so up on our knees and she started to fuck me once more. She had one hand on my chest, pulling me against her and another slid over my cock.

As she fucked me, I pushed back against her and slid my hand over her ass. She started to pinch my nipples as her hand started to jerk my cock.

Our bodies were hot and sweaty and she seemed to gasp for air. I pulled away from her, feeling her cock slip out of my ass with a pop. I turned around and sucked hungrily on her massive cock before she pushed my head away.

"Honey, I need a break. Your ass and mouth are just too much."

I laughed and pulled her close. We kissed slowly for a minute or two till I pulled away. I smiled at her and tapped her cock, watching it bounce up and down.

"Would you like some cold water babe? I could do with some." She nodded. "Okay, I'll be back in a sec."

I went downstairs and got two bottles of water from the fridge. I was surprised how sore my ass felt. She had fucked me good.

When I returned, she was sitting on the edge of the bed stroking her cock to keep it hard. We drank our water hungrily and she looked at me with an appreciative look.

I told her to lay back on the bed and slowly straddled her lap. She groaned as I started to bounce on her lap. She grabbed hold of my cock and started to jerk me off as I bounced on her lap. She looked up at me with sheer lust and I knew she loved fucking me. I loved getting fucked by her and told her so.

"Fuck, I love your cock in my ass. Please fuck me hard. I love it."

She seemed to get her wind back and literally lifted me up. She pushed me down so that she was standing on the side of the bed and I was lying back with my legs in the air. She grabbed my cock and started to pump it hard and fast. As she jerked me off, she fucked me hard. I groaned loudly and knew I would not last long. Her strokes were calculated, squeezing my cock with every up stroke and gliding down easily on the down stroke. Her fucking also seemed calculated, pulling out slowly and slamming back in as hard as she could. I was in a state of sheer ecstasy.

I groaned and my ass tightened around her throbbing cock. I could not hold back any longer and shot my load right there in mid stroke. The way she was holding my cock my first shot landed right on her chin and then some on her breasts. She squealed in delight and milked my cock for every last drop.

She smiled down at me and lifted my legs so they were on her shoulders. I knew what she was going to do before she did it and braced myself. Her hands grabbed hold of my thighs and she started to slam her cock into my ass hard and fast. She started to grunt in her cute feminine voice and knew she was close.

She was closer than I thought and started to whimper in a low guttural sound. She seemed to pause mid-stroke and then pull nearly all the way out. At first, I thought something was wrong, but then she pushed my legs down and climbed on the bed shoving her cock deep inside my ass. Her face was less than an inch from mine as she let out a sigh. Her eyes glazed over as I felt her cum flood my ass. Her body shook as spurt after spurt filled my ass. I pulled her head closer and kissed her slowly. We made out as she slowly started to slide her cock back and forth inside my ass.

I felt her cock fall out of my ass as she collapsed on top of me. We made out slowly and I held her close. It wasn't long before she fell asleep in my arms.


I awoke with a smile and looked beside me on the bed. She was still there. Her naked body was something to behold. She had the cutest baby face I had ever come across. She had full soft breasts and a flat, toned belly. Her crotch was completely bald and she had a thick nine-inch cock. My ass was still sore.

Her cock looked delicious and it had dried cum stuck to it. I leant forward, taking the tip of her massive cock into my mouth. I started to suck it, rolling my tongue over her pee hole.

She stirred. I decided it would be a terrific way for her to wake up, to a blowjob. I sucked hard, spitting on my hand and moistening her whole cock. As I sucked her, I jerked her off and soon she was groaning in her sleep.

She awoke with a start and sat up. I carried on sucking her as she got to grips with where she was. As soon as she seemed to realise what was happening, she grabbed my head and forced her cock further into my mouth. She whimpered and soon she was spurting her cum into my mouth. I didn't swallow it all. I wanted to share. I climbed up the bed and kissed her passionately. I pushed her cum into her mouth with my tongue and she took it gratefully. We kissed for what seemed like an age before she rolled us over and smiled down at me.

"You are so fucking hot. I have never felt the way I do about you with anyone before. We seem to have a great connection and I love the way you make me feel. I’m not just talking about the sex either, the way you make me feel as a woman."

I kissed her and looked deeply into her eyes. "I love you, I love being with you, holding you, kissing you, sucking you, and getting fucked by you. I would love it if you were my girlfriend."

She smiled. "I AM your girlfriend and next time you can fuck me. I can't wait to feel your cock in my ass."

We stood up and I led her into the bathroom for a shower. It was the start of a wonderful relationship.

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