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My Special One Night Stand

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Quick club fuck!
I finally decided I'd go out dressed up for the first time at the age of 17. I knew a club notorious for gays, lesbians and transgenders, and knew that if I tarted myself up enough, I’d get in with no problems.

So I showered and got dressed... a figure hugging satin black basque with suspenders attached, a matching satin black thong, and black stockings. Then I put a tight, sexy short black dress on to finish with. I chose a pair of high heeled shoes and went for a long fiery red haired wig. Once I applied some make-up, I was ready to go. I caught a quick glimpse of myself in the mirror before I left. Standing there looking back at me was a sexy, sassy redhead who was gagging for it.

I hit the club. One the way in I attracted a lot of attention from the bouncers who were apparently straight. This turned me on and one of them even slapped my right ass cheek as I walked sexily passed him.

Once inside, I soaked up my surroundings. The music was loud, there were flashing lights on the dance floor, and dark corners where I could make out guys kissing guys, girls kissing girls. I was already excited. I swayed up to the bar and got served straight away, much to my delight. I stayed in this spot for about an hour, exchanging looks, drinking several drinks, chatting to some guys and girls and drinking some more. Eventually I lost all inhibitions and spotted a sexy looking guy down the bar. I approached him confidently and introduced myself, in a soft voice, as Mel. He said his name was Stu.

He complimented me on my clothes and hair. "You look fine" was his choice of words.

Stu was a tall white guy with broad shoulders cropped brown hair and dark brown eyes. "definitely worth a go" I said in my head.

We had been chatting for a while when Stu excused himself to go to the toilet. I was so excited I decided I couldn’t wait any longer. I too went into the gents shortly after Stu.

Luckily he was the only one in there and I dragged him into a cubicle slamming the door shut behind me. He seemed shocked as I pushed him up against the wall and started french kissing him desperately. but he kissed back as I felt his tongue caressing mine.

I instantly went for his belt, and undid his jeans, pulling straight down with his underwear, to reveal a growing cock. I sank down and put his cock in my mouth to suck it. In no time it was full size. 8 inches or so being gobbled up by my greedy mouth. Stu began to moan as I licked his end and teased his big hairy balls. Suddenly he pulled me up and turned me so I faced the wall. He slammed me into the wall and pushed up against me from behind. I could feel his hard cock pressed against my ass.

He lifted up my dress and pulled my thong to one side, he then reached round and grabbed my hard cock. He knew what he was doing. He pulled me down with one arm as he sat down on the toilet lid, in one motion with the other hand he guided his cock straight into my ass. I fell down on him hard taking his entire length down to his balls. we both moaned with pleasure as With my back to him, I began riding him, stroke after stroke. We got louder as I rode harder.

Suddenly I realised, in my hazy, sex charged hurry, I never locked the cubicle door and was aware of someone standing there watching us. An old man, quite tubby, balding on top, jerking off in front of me. I was already feeling like a slut so I beckoned him over and grabbed his cock pulling it into my mouth.

As I rode Stu's hard member I sucked this stranger's penis, in the men's room.

The old man was no stallion. within minutes he blew his load across my face as I tried to lap it up, still bouncing on Stu's lap. He then zipped up and hurried away as if embarrassed. Stu was moaning loud, I could feel him cumming inside me. Then shot after shot of warm cum forced its way into me as Stu climaxed. His cries must've drowned out the music in the club, I could tell he was satisfied. I climbed off his lap and turned to him. I licked the juices from his cock until it was clean and helped him dress. I pulled my dress back down and we kissed, passionately.

We went back out into the club and we eventually went our separate ways - no exchange of numbers, just one more long kiss goodnight.
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