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My Uncle and His Friend: a 2 for 1

Sophia's plan began to consume her, as she longed to be consumed.
I barely contained myself as I crossed the threshold into my adopted uncle’s home, just moments after I watched the gorgeous man pour all his lust onto the beautiful and buxom transgendered woman now standing strikingly by his side.

Her soft 5’7” frame oozed of the airs of the most seductive of women. Her slip half covering, half accentuating her exquisite figure. From her considerable cleavage to a hint of her ample curves, my eyes guided me down towards where her thin cloth had ended, revealing a slender pair of legs. Although, it was still the mere thought of Olivia’s most remarkable feature that kept me from realizing that almost a minute had passed since I stepped into their home.

Finally gathering enough strength to tear myself away from her body, I managed pleasantries, “This is a nice place, uncle.”

“Please, from the looks of it, you’re clearly not a kid anymore, aren’t you? Call me Victor, ok Sophie?”

“Sure, as soon as you drop the ‘Sophie’”, I said with a smile, not only knowing that I had his eyes fixated on my own sizeable breasts for that second, but also realizing that I’ve nailed that crucial first impression.

Oh the things I’d let him – or her – nail….

The next day was my 20 th birthday, so my uncle and Olivia took me to experience Zurich’s culture: a grand museum, some beautiful gardens then finally the old town, where we had the most amazing dinner. It was also a perfect chance to get to know my lovely hosts.

The couple had been sweet enough to ensure to not make the birthday girl feel like the third wheel, although they did fail to hide their sensual nature, refusing to part for any longer than bathroom break. They seemed the most innocuous of individuals, but voracity of their appetites was plastered in my thoughts.

I wonder if I could cause them to free this passion…swallowing me whole with it…

Only a day later, the idea had already consumed me. I wanted to tempt them. I wanted to feel Victor’s strong touch, to taste Olivia’s pristine body. With only a week left before I was to go back to Australia, I had no room for errors. I knew I couldn’t just settle with one, I craved for both. The problem was, I was still a self-conscious, inexperienced teenager, and that coupled with my explicit knowledge of their sexual prowess had intimidated me. Still, I had to try. I needed to try.

The next few days, unfortunately, were full of clumsy attempts at seduction. Regardless, I did enjoy the part of a young temptress, innocently making contact with Victor every chance I got. Once, I even managed to forget a towel in my room after a shower, forcing my handsome hero to come rescue my dignity, wherein I unnecessarily exposed more skin than necessary as I reached for my cover from his hand. As all this went on, I expected Olivia to somehow notice the affectionate relative to his muscular lover. I was gambling, however, that she wouldn’t take offense to it. After all, how could she? I did not know anyone that could compete with her alluring presence.

The days went by without success. I thought my plan had surely crumbled. But then this all changed on my final evening in Switzerland, when Olivia came barging in my room, as I was packing, and almost slamming the door behind her.

Had she known I had been seducing her lover? Was I mistaken to target the man?

“I know what you’ve been up to”.

“Olivia, let me explain…” I started, but before I could finish – not that I had much of an end to that sentence anyway – she moved inches away from me, close enough for me to feel her heat. My heart, now throbbing madly, I could hardly breathe.

“You see, Sophia, Victor and I are what you’d call a 2 for 1. If you want to be with him that bad, you’d have to take me too”, she explained as she placed her hand on my face, stroking me gently and moving back my hair.

Her simple words were effective and powerful. She didn’t need to say much to make me quiver. And indeed she didn’t. She took it upon herself that because I hadn’t struggled, it meant that I did not object – the thought hadn’t even crossed my mind.

Then she kissed me. Quite persuasively. I knew then the extent of my longing to give into her demands. Within moments, I was trembling as Olivia tugged at my hair, dominating me with her lips.

I offered myself to her completely; so much so that I hadn’t realized that I was now on the bed, where she gently set me down. The ravenous woman I gazed at from that window had returned and was now on top of me. I desperately wanted her. My world kept spinning as Olivia kept her lips locked with mine. Her other hand skillfully and swiftly undoing my jeans.

Our lips parted and I noticed Olivia face the doorway. “Come in”, she said. Somewhat surprised, I sat up. I knew what was coming. My blood raced such that I could feel myself breathing quickly.

The moment Victor walked in, I knew that they had me. The next few minute were precise, practiced even. “Hello Sophia”, he said, still with that undeniable charm. As Olivia moved off the bed, she slid her hand from my hair down my neck then to my chest, reassuring me, settling me back down, and distracting me from Victor’s hands as he pulled down my underwear.

I could not take my eyes off the beautiful transsexual now undressing in front of me. As she popped of her bra, baring her big juicy breasts, Victor had silently placed his tongue on my pussy. Like a bolt of lightning, the pleasure he gave shot through me, while Olivia kept my focus on her as she pressed her breasts on my face.

“I want to taste you”, I whispered into her ear. Olivia obliged, seductively dropping her trousers and revealing a modest but hard penis. Without a second’s hesitation, I placed her in my mouth, going as deep as I could while I laid on that bed. I felt her hands behind my head, which only urged me to go deeper and harder. Victor, not to be outdone, had also uncovered his very large dick and teased my pussy with it. I was now bobbing on Olivia’s cock, while they kissed each other. After which, the couple had flipped me over, bending me over on the bed, facing Victor’s sizeable, and rock-hard cock. I placed my hands on it, for there was no way I could stoke it with one. I licked its head, which he most definitely liked. Then I was surprised as Olivia started lubricating my ass.

I have to confess, this made me slightly nervous but my hunger quickly overpowered me that, again, I gave into her.

She began gently, though I could not concentrate with a large cock closing in on my throat. It was my first time to be fucked by two people at once, making me completely overcome with emotion that I gave Victor the best blowjob I could muster. My pussy felt as if it was dripping as Olivia plowed me from behind.

After a while of blowing my uncle and enjoying a good ass fucking, I discovered why Olivia had decided to fuck me through my ass. Victor suddenly grabbed a hold of me. Forcing Olivia to follow. He sat me down then lifted me up. I couldn’t help but admire just how strong the man was.

He placed me onto his large cock, making me cry out. I caught his smile directed at Olivia as he bounced me up and down his dick. It drove me mad. I could feel myself gripping him tightly, clawing his wide back as he rammed himself in me. That’s when I felt the most overwhelming sensation I’ve ever had. Olivia had managed to get behind me, sandwiching me between their stunning bodies, where she slipped herself back into my tight ass.

They were fucking me from both sides!

It was the wildest ride I could ever imagine, as they continued to support me between the two of them, not a single doubt that this wasn’t their first time. Not that I cared for integrity at this point, as Olivia whispered in my ear that she wanted to fill me up. Immediately I begged for her to. Yes, I wanted her to finish in me. I was drowning in anticipation. And when she finally did, when I finally felt her warm liquid flow in me, I felt an amazing rush and my heart leapt.

“Now”, I said, directing my attention to our strong lover, “I want you to finish in my mouth”, I commanded as I hopped down. I knelt down on my knees. His obedient girl, craving to taste his cum. Olivia knelt behind me, massaging my tits, kissing my neck, while once again struggled with Victor’s cock.

He finally showered me with that hot, creamy passion I wanted since I first saw him. It wasn’t all for me however, I had shared his load with the gorgeous transsexual still feeling me up.

“That was amazing Soph…..Sophia. I wish it wasn’t the last time”, Victor insisted as he looked down at his cum filled women.

“Does it have to be?” I teased, before I turned and kissed Olivia.

Soon after, we were grasping for each other once again, not caring for the mess we’ve made so far. After all, the bed was barely touched!

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